Dating an Old Man is a BAD Idea!


Dating an Old Man is a BAD Idea!

1. By the time you're 50, he is gonna be 80

There are no issues with dating an older man. But think about it. If you have kids with him, you're gonna be ready to run outside with the kids and partake in their physically and time consuming activities. The older husband will probably want to go to bed or lounge around at home. It will take a toll.

Dating an Old Man is a BAD Idea!

2. Different hobbies/interests

There is no surprise that you may have different tastes in music genre, hobbies, and what you consider to be fun. Maybe you enjoy going out and drinking, and he enjoys staying at home playing backgammon? All things to consider.

Dating an Old Man is a BAD Idea!

3. Gap in sexual appetite

It isn't really a surprise that as we get older we may lose our sex drive. Whether it is old age or simply the inability to perform at a certain level- sex is of 90% importance when it isn't present in a relationship.

Dating an Old Man is a BAD Idea!
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  • zagor
    This is a stupid take; maybe you should have put "MARRYING an old man is a bad idea", given that the issues you present are all in the distant future. Dating, whether for sex or other fun, doesn't last 30 years. My friend had a fling with a guy who was 62, when she was 21. It didn't last long at all, but she had no regrets. Would you recommend not dating a 25 year old because his dad is fat and bald, so in 30 years you'll be with a fat bald guy? This is useless advice.