3 Signs of a TOXIC Man!


3 Signs of a TOXIC Man!

1. Inconsistency in behavior (hold-cold)

One day he is super sweet, kind and understanding. The next day he picks fights over nothing and tries to make you feel bad. This hold and cold method will play with your emotions and attempt to reel you in. He is in turn just manipulating you, and trying to control you while calling the shots. This is so unhealthy and toxic.

3 Signs of a TOXIC Man!

2. Silent treatment

When you disagree, instead of having a healthy conversation, he will give you the silent treatment and refuse to acknowledge your feelings. His idea of "fixing" things is to cut you out, until once again he will be ready to decide on his own terms when he wants to speak to you.

3 Signs of a TOXIC Man!

3. Gaslighting 101

To gaslight is to make you feel in essence "stupid". Like you have no idea what he was talking about, and that he meant something completely different. The conversation you apparently "thought" you had, never actually happened according to him. He will even go as far as to claim he didn't say something, that you know for a fact he said. This sort of word play, and technicalities that he might try to bring up, are a way of him playing games on you.

3 Signs of a TOXIC Man!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • PrincessPie
    1. Inconsistency in behavior (hold-cold)

    I've been with someone who is like that.. and i can say its one of the most confusing horrible things.. one min they're treating you lovely and kind next minute you're a piece of shit to them it is not nice.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Anonymous
    So how are toxic women different?
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    • cth96190

      A toxic woman will accuse you of rape and take the deeds to your home on her way out the door.

    • RedHood7

      @cth96190 accurate

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  • MrMysteryMan
    Whatever bad sign of a toxic man = whatever bad sign of a toxic woman.

    We put emphasis on what drives hurts us personally more, but whatever is hurtful to one gender is always going to be hurtful to the other.
  • Grosayfious255
    This is exactly everything I had to deal with in at least one woman. This doesn't seem like something a guy would do, but no one is immune to stupid behavior.
  • 10dsw
    You just described a disproportionately large number of women.
  • 3-BakersBread-3
    I'm well aware that men and women can both be this way.
  • Liisjak
    You basically described a woman. Well, at least now you'll understand how we feel and why we ditch your ass.
  • Love_Is_Eternal
    The irony is that it's mostly women who acts like this.
  • Kasee24
    Toxic Partner*** I had an ex boyfriend like this and I recognize women can be a pain took
  • ChevelleBaby
    My ex was all of the above, unfortunately.
  • PurpleTeardrops2
    This is all true
  • CorruptedDocument
    all female behaviors, funny
  • Taratara12
    My ex is so number 2
  • JustCallMeLeon
    Seem ok.
  • starbucksjr69
    I'm all of these but unintentionally
  • gangstaDaBastard
    As long he's hot.
  • Anonymous
    actually toxic people
  • Anonymous
    LOL, These are things almost every female does.
  • Anonymous
    These, especially #2, are also extremely common in women lol