Things that steer Relationships to the nearest Exit


Here are just some example of things any of us do without knowing even, that push the ones we love away:

Things that steer Relationships to the nearest Exit

1. Overanalyse

This is one of the most common things that any of us probably ready have done. Overanalysing every single word or thing, so that you mentally break every sentence into tiny parts and this creates a totally new meaning sometimes from what was actually trying to be portrayed. This can even be why didn't the message have an emoji? why was it so short? how many texts today? I personally know, especially at the start of dating how a million things go through your mind if their still interested in you or if there's someone else, its normal but obsessing over with them isn't the solution, this just sets up confrontation and can drive your other half insane.

Things that steer Relationships to the nearest Exit

2. Your own Life

Please remember that you also have a life of your own as well as a life together. Don't just give your life away too quickly, this also refers to the obsession that I spoke about in the overanalyse example. Live your life also with your friends and the job that you have, the correct person will try to be a part of it also and do things that you enjoy. Remember you need to do things they enjoy too, its a mutual thing.

Things that steer Relationships to the nearest Exit

3. Negative statements

This isn't actual issues arising in your relationship, I'm talking about those short questions that are fired, for example: ' I bet you are going to break up with me .' As I said I'm not talking about saying this when something actually happened, I'm directing this at saying this when you're just feeling insecure. This can start many problems in your other half's head about if you still wanna be with them if you're talking about break- up.

Things that steer Relationships to the nearest Exit

4. Changing them

There is such thing as changing people for the better, but that isn't drastic as in you're telling them step by step on what to do. Changing them for better, normally happens naturally. Changing them to be someone you want them to be doesn't keep a relationship with a happy side. Encouraging them is good but acting like their mother is a different story.

Things that steer Relationships to the nearest Exit

5. Searching for problems

This is an absolute NO. If your relationship is going great, there is no need to dig deep into analysing what problems there may be. Just stay happy that you are going great, there doesn't need to be problems every single time.

Things that steer Relationships to the nearest Exit

We all make mistakes GaGers, these are common things we all do without knowing even. Of course there are many more, but I'm just shooting off a few that I can think off on the top of my head.

Feel free to comment any that you know! 👑

Things that steer Relationships to the nearest Exit
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  • anonyms483
    Yeah what u said is absolutely correct... if two couples are in LDR. Than in most of the cases there is possibility of breakup because there is always some sort of insecurity between them... I have seen two couples in LDR to break up can In LdR most of the cases u have mentioned happens whcih leads to break up between the two.
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    • These things just don't only happen in LDR tho :)

    • anonyms483

      What are your views on LDR? @soccerchick4eve

    • LDR is possible, as long as the two are committed

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Most Helpful Girl

  • mooky06
    That searching for problems part!! *pulls out hair* that is a big no no I agree. Over Analyzing happens, I feel like it's good to take have some "me time" to wind down and feel grounded again :)

    Great MyTake by the way :D
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  • Hans222
    Some nice advice again, nice job :D
  • Zorax
    Great analysis of relationships, wonderful Take 👍