What to Talk About on a First Date!

It is so easy to have a relationship anymore. We have an opportunity to meet people on the internet, at school and even on the road. But is it enough to start a relationship?

What to Talk About on a First Date!

There are some ways that you can give someone you like. The bravest people are for sure the ones who send the first message. But it is better to show some signs that you like that person first. Have some conversation to know that person closer. Don't say everything about yourself at first. Let them know you by time. Then you can arrange a date.

What to Talk About on a First Date!

If it is you who will decide on place, it is better to go somewhere that you are already familiar with. So that you will feel comfortable. Choose a place which is not much crowded to be able to hear each other well.

Don't wear things that you don't usually wear. Because at first date, people try to analyse each other. Be tidy and clean to give a good impression.

When it comes to what to talk, you can talk about something that you talked on phone before. Or you can start by complimenting. Don't always talk about ralationships as it may be boring after some time. Talk about the place you meet or the food you eat.

Always be honest. Don't lie about your ex relationships. You don't have to tell it in detail but just tell the truth. Learn their likes and dislikes. But don't tell all the things that you like. Let them discover new things about you by time.

Don't ever just stuck to your phone. Don't forget that the first impression is very important.


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  • Fuck that. It's a lot harder than it was before. Way more singles now then 10, 20 years ago. Too many options and digital technology (especially texting and social media) make it difficult and have people lazy to go out and meet people in person and just go window shopping instead. Its easy to ghost people and you don't have that spark from texting people. It takes a lot longer and you feel some disconnect, vs talking to someone over the phone or better--in person to see and hear them. And people are marrying later and focusing more on their careers and want to take things slower. I swear, if you mention "lets go out sometime!" to a millennial, they'll back the fuck up and say no. People are cowards these days and want to to take things slower.


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  • A great my take


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  • First Date? I've never been on a real one, But when I do I'll give my answer don't worry


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