Dream Crusher: True Love

If you came here to get advice on love and to be told not to give up, well I got good news for you...

This is not the post

I am here to talk to you today about true love. ❤️

You know that relationship stuff, dating that Disney shit.Dream Crusher: True Love

Just kidding about the Disney stuff.

I hear this all the time. Person says they are a good guy/girl and that they still haven't found true love, or maybe they're not looking for true love, but found someone who they feel doesn't truly see them for them even though they want something serious deep down inside.Dream Crusher: True Love

So so here is the truth....

The world is not going to change for you just because you decided one day you want something serious.

If you were screwing around and Good Jill/or Gentleman Jack were there and you didn't notice them until now, the world is not going to stop just because you decided not to sleep around anymore.Dream Crusher: True Love

Now wait a minute

This just doesn't go for people who sleep around this goes for Good Jill and Gentlemen Jack as well.

Just because one feels that they are a good person or would be a loyal partner doesn't obligate anyone to want a relationship with you.

Its not just about entitlement it's about the real world. There are plenty of people out there who are assholes but have a loyal partner who they are in a relationship with.

If you think about it too much it will make you go crazy

Think about yourself first no matter what because only you know what you can put up with.

Truth is no one owes you an explanation as to why they would leave or why they don't want to be with you

And the truth is no one is obligated to date you, but that doesn't mean it's ok not to put boundaries. I mean walls. Dream Crusher: True Love

I mean- never mind.

So love yourself first, even if you find true love always love yourself more than the other person.


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  • True love is all about your level of consciousness. The more unconscous that you are, the more confusing and dysfunctional what you think true love is. Because what you think it is, will be confused with something completely different.


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  • My mom would agree with this. Especially that last bit.


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  • This is obvious :) ;P

  • I agree with always putting yourself first

  • it was beautiful


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