I Love Butch Women

Today I went for a walk. I passed a restaurant with a band playing at the front. As I listened, I saw a beautiful woman in full black motorcycle attire and helmet in hand walk over to her ride. Black Kevlar from head to foot. Pretty face. I glanced as she prepared to ride away. And then as she hit the accelerator, something happened. The front wheel caught and the back of the motorcycle lifted off the ground. She almost fell. I started to worry. "Is she okay? Will she be hit by a car?" She got off, unlocked the front wheel, said something to me over her shoulder, and rode away.

I love chicks like that. On the other hand, there is a type of chick I don't like. You know that annoying, almost drawn out croak that some straight women make when they talk. Like when they say "oh my gawwwwwd". I don't have a good way to describe it, but when women talk like they like want attention and are trying to sound sexy. There are certain ways of talking that when I hear someone talk like that, the part of me that would consider being in a relationship with them dies instantaneously.

I don't really have a good video for this, but the way these trans women are talking six seconds into this video:

Anyway, femme women's personalities are cute, but so are puppies. Like women are so adorable.

I love butch women

Omg. This one looks like a circus clown.

I Love Butch Women

This one looks cute.

I Love Butch Women

Aww... Little girls are so cute.

That being said, cute doesn't mean romantically interested. Like puppies are cute...

I Love Butch Women

But I don't want to be in a relationship with it. That's kind of how I am with women.

Wait. But isn't that gay?

No. And the reason why is because I want to fuck women.

Like her...

I Love Butch Women

Nom nom nom.

I Love Butch Women

This one I would "desire sexual contact" with.


I love butch women and I like men. And by like men I mean I would never want to have sex with one, but men can be attractive in a different way.

I Love Butch Women

Cute. Handsome. I dunno.

In my last relationship (I was only in one relationship), I almost felt like I was playing the more female role in our courtship. Like she would be like "Do you wanna go for a walk in the park?" and I would be like "sure" and then she would take me for a walk in the park. Or like we would hang out at her place normally (I guess because she didn't have a car, but still). Also, historically, a really simple way to impress me was if a girl picked up the tab. Like two women have done that and each time it was something that I liked. It wasn't even about the dollar amount - it's just something about the fact that they paid.

But yeah, I guess I am more romantically interested in men or in women who can kind of assume a certain male-like role.

I've been looking for a word for it. The asexual community has this distinction between sexual orientation and romantic orientation.

Sexual attraction: attraction that makes people desire sexual contact or shows sexual interest in another person(s).

Romantic attraction: attraction that makes people desire romantic contact or interaction with another person or persons.

I do not know what constitutes "romantic contact", but I guess you could say that I am homo-romantic or maybe butch-romantic (women who are more masculine are often referred to as "butch")

"Romantic orientation, also called affectionate orientation, indicates the sex or gender with which a person is most likely to have a romantic relationship or fall in love."


As I understand it, romantic orientation has to do with the gender one is "predisposed to romantic intimacy" towards or that one feels romantic love toward. Maybe homo-romantic isn't the right word because being masculine is more of an identity or a role than it is about having a dick, and also I'm not an asexual person so this terminology might not even apply, which is why I also included the term "butch-romantic" to imply that maybe I can love a woman, she just has to be... not

I Love Butch Women

I mean like she can be a very beautiful woman...

I Love Butch Women

I just don't really "feel anything". I mean like it's a cute person and the look is very good, it's just not for me. Also, in this second photo, she looks a little young (I'm 23 and usually prefer women who are my age or older). Like sometimes young women can look hot, but even though they look that way I would probably rather have sex with...

I Love Butch Women

Than with...

I Love Butch Women

Or with...

I Love Butch Women

I mean yes this second one is more sexy, but even though the sexiness is there I would rather have sex with an older woman than a younger one (don't get me wrong, I'll jack off to a young woman, but that's not the same as "Would you go home with me?"). In the past if a woman was more than two years younger than me she just seemed a little too young.

Dating as a butch-romantic kind of sucks because most women kind of want an older guy who will lead. Also, the vast majority of women aren't really the type I would be romantically interested in. But yeah, I am a butch-romantic (or a homo-romantic).

Also, if you think that this is some bs that I made up, let me know in the comments below.


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  • You know butch woman usually refers to a fat lesbian with short hair?

    Those examples are all classical beauties. Yes, they are still hot if you put them into biker gear...


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  • You have good taste


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  • A video of super hot trans women?
    No... lol

  • Dude, you like fake beauty, lots of make up.


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