Why Daytime Approaches are Much More Appreciated Than The Nighttime Ones

Before we get started, it's definitely true that not all of these apply to all people all the time in these sorts of situations, but more often than not, this is exactly what happens in either daytime or nighttime flirting situations.

Why Daytime Approaches are Much More Appreciated Than The Nighttime Ones

We've all had inebriated people approach us in clubs/bars/street...and not a single one of them was actually eligible for a real relationship... Why?

Because asking someone out in those sorts of situations, especially if you're drunk shouldn't count!


Well...there are certain aspects that are well covered during nighttime:

1. They could be, and 99% of the time are drunk.

2. They are probably looking for a fling, some meaningless sex, less probably anything more meaningful...

3. They're looking to cheat, i.e., potentially going behind their girlfriend's OR wife's back!

4. Who knows how many women they've hooked up with earlier that same night!

5. Their flirting usually consists of uninvited touching and inappropriate sexual innuendos.

6. They'll expect you to be inebriated too - and probably buy you drinks to help you get there...

7. All the people around are most probably so drunk themselves they won't notice if he/she tries to do something inappropriate or illegal to you.

Why Daytime Approaches are Much More Appreciated Than The Nighttime Ones

But, during daytime, most probably:

1. They'll rely on actual conversation to get you interested.

2. They'll be more upfront.

3. They're probably looking for an honest date, a potential relationship, less likely a hookup.

4. They, most probably, aren't hiding from anyone, i.e., are single.

5. They are, most probably, sober.

6. They will expect you to be fully aware of everything that's going on, since the drink of choice during daytime is usually coffee/water, not alcohol.

7. The people around you are vigilant and sober creating a safer environment.

Why Daytime Approaches are Much More Appreciated Than The Nighttime Ones

Just a little cheat sheet I thought some of you might enjoy!

Yes, these are all common sense things...but people get swept up in the moment and forget...it's our nature.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • The alcohol consumed before flirting is called 'liquid courage'.


Most Helpful Girl

  • As a completely non-drinking, inveterate party girl who LOVES dressing to the nines and going out clubbing with the girls... no, 99% of people in clubs are not drunk.
    Most people are drinking, sure — at least a drink or two — but, fewer get honestly **drunk** than don't.
    This may have something to do with how expensive the drinks have gotten in clubs lately mahah... I mean, getting honestly drunk in most clubs — or even tipsy, in mega-clubs in destination cities — would cost you triple-digit dollars!
    Regardless of the reason, though... no, most people in clubs are not actually DRUNK.


    I'll also have to disagree with the part about cheating. That's TOTALLY the sort of thing that happens mostly during the DAYTIME, on weekdays.
    ... because, I mean, think about it. That's when wifey/hubby thinks hubby/wifey is at work (or at school, or with the kids, or... some other wholesome and/or necessary activity).
    If both people in a couple have typical schedules and it's 11 a. m. on a Tuesday, then, neither person is going to "check up" on the other — or, honestly, give so much as a second thought to what the other is doing — unless either (a) she/he is a paranoid stalker, or (b) there have already been multiple violations of trust in the relationship.

    Most couples, on the other hand, are TOGETHER on weekends. Especially weekends at night.
    And if they aren't together, each person normally knows exactly what the other one is doing, and where they're going, and with whom, and what time they'll probably be back, and all that.

    I mean, sure, cheating is still POSSIBLE on a Friday or Saturday night — but, it would take a lot more deception, and a lot more **effort** in general.


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What Guys Said 5

  • Also add the problem that night-time areas are noisy like hell and it is impossible to hold any conversation.

    The only thing that CAN go down is pure visual and physical based lust. So if you are into that, more power to you! But otherwise, buyers beware...

    Night-time venues make for a great second date, though...

  • That makes sense. I never tried because i thought id be looked at as being in the way or disturbing her. All over tv and movies it happens at night, so i thought women would be more willing then because its their time to relax and be carefree.

    Thanks for the tip.

  • When I was single, I'd approach women both in the day and in the night, and it does seem like women are more appreciative of being approached in the daytime. :)

  • OK, this one is good. Just for women though, right? Even if…you don’t seem wrong to me.

  • Good kribs notes.


What Girls Said 1

  • That's an interesting take and somewhat true. I still think it mainly depends on whether or not the guy in question is a douche... If he isn't then he wouldn't do that at night even if a bit tipsy. But an interesting categorization nonetheless.


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