Cold weather might be as essential as sunlight is

I'm a little more friendly than I was just a few weeks ago. Not only that but people I meet are more friendly. For the past 3 days EVERYONE I MEET has been laughing uncontrollably at what I say. It's not even jokes, it's just how I speak.

I heard that even wolf packs largely disintegrate in the summer months and in the winter months is when they all live close by together. I wonder if humans could be similar.

According to ChatGPT, the emotional parts of the brain get larger during winter. Who knows though?

It would explain why all the greatest artists and musicians and posts have lived in either northern climates or in mountains and shit though.

I heard that Napoleon, the greatest military mind AKA persuasive person to ever exist, loved to walk outdoors in the snow and talk to strangers before he was famous.

The optimal place to be is where it's cold enough to inspire deep artistic thinkers but warm enough to support a large population. If that's true, it explains why Germany, France and America have been so blessed. Whereas Russia hasn't been, until they took over Ukraine during the USSR, the bread basket of Europe.

It explains why Scandinavia and Britain have never had many great artists in comparison to mainland Europe. Their populations have never been large enough. that's why the vikings were a thing, they simply needed more land. You could think of the British red coats as a type of viking. It was the same spirit in both of them.

Then how do you explain all the black artists in the US? I think they're literally mentally ill/unbalanced. Most of them grew up not getting enough sunlight. Because their skin tone was meant for africa.

So, white people have an increased risk of skin cancer, and black people have an increased risk of mental illness. And like it or not, mental illnesses can help artists be more creative. That's because bipolar people, just for example, go through highs and lows. During the lows the brain becomes hypersensitive to neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine. So the highs are really really high. That explains Kanye West's 'insane' creativity nicely.


Back to the benefits of cold weather.

1. You age less quickly. Especially your skin. The body expends a lot of energy on upkeeping collagen, one of the hallmarks of aging is wrinkles. Which is a direct result of the body's inability to keep collagen healthy. It gets looser and looser. If you lived for long enough, maybe to 150, your skin would start ripping off just by touching an object.

2. You get better sleep. Body temperature is what triggers your brain to release melatonin. If your body temperature is too high, you'll end up with insomnia. Not only that but you'll have poor bloodflow to your extremities. When your body is forced to adapt to a change in temperature (preferably cold, not hot, for the reason mentioned in point 1), you get better bloodflow.

3. Your mental health improves. I'm not sure if it's due to improved bloodflow to the Brain or what, but there is evidence that cold exposure makes the emotional/social part of the brain larger.

Cold weather might be as essential as sunlight is
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