An Alternative Understanding to Light and Darkness

An Alternative Understanding to Light and Darkness

This is why darkness is not always a symbol for wrong doing - it is often a symbol for healthy forms of hostility and aggression - the same aggression that makes you punch any adult who tries to hurt your child

He ended up dating a mentally retarded woman who weighed 300 pounds from severe gluttony because he wanted to date a woman who did not have any boundaries since he did not know the difference between graciousness and a lack of self assertiveness

I've met fake Christians who tried to punish me for having moral boundaries by gossiping about me behind my back whenever I expressed unhappiness with the way people disrespected me

So when the beautiful bride says in scripture "dark am I yet lovely" I believe she is stating she has boundaries and anger and moral standards and hostilities to vice and disorder and that having boundaries against evil does not make you evil but sets the stage for you consuming health relationships

Just as the love of God is spurned when he sees abused children or sexually molested woman - God's dwells in the darkness of sorrow when he witnesses tragedies in the lives of the unfortunate

To me darkness could be a symbol for boundaries and bondage and nakedness and spurned love

The symbol of darkness is often used in the bible as a symbol for God's anger and wrath meaning if God is capable of dwelling in darkness that darkness is not always a symbol for moral vice or wrong doing

But I believe that in the bible and in other religions like ancient Egypt or Taoism - darkness is more than and not necessarily a symbol for evil

So most think of light as a symbol for good and darkness as a symbol for evil

An Alternative Understanding to Light and Darkness
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