Subtle Tips for Shy Girls - Being a Good Indian.

Subtle Tips for Shy Girls - Being a Good Indian.

Just being a shy girl itself can do wonders for your love life. But if you want to use your shy side as an #advantage and appear even more desirable, use these subtle and yet obvious tips.

Don’t #change.

Subtle Tips for Shy Girls - Being a Good Indian.

Don’t try to behave like you’re bold when you’re talking to a guy you like. He already likes you for who you are. You may end up sounding rude or giving mixed signals.

You don’t have to #talk.

Don’t try to please others constantly by #mumbling anything that comes to your mind. At times, it’s better to just play to your #strength. Stay quiet and answer when required. You’ll make any guy work harder to impress you.


Subtle Tips for Shy Girls - Being a Good Indian.

Being shy doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be confident. While having a conversation with a guy about something you’re well aware of, speak confidently while making your point. A #sudden #burst of confidence always makes a shy girl more #attractive.

#Learn to say #no.

Subtle Tips for Shy Girls - Being a Good Indian.

If you don’t like something, just say no. You don’t need to #explain #yourself. It’ll make the guy #work #harder to please you because he’ll be #afraid to offend you.

Try to #relax and don’t be #aloof.

You know the guy is trying to impress you, so help him out without feeling #nervous or #awkward. Just #smile warmly during the conversation and he’ll fall for you in no time. You don’t even have to say too much as long as you smile to reassure him that you’re having a nice time with him.

#Dress in a #cute way.

It’ll accentuate your #personality. Having a shy personality may make you appear #cute and #appealing. But nothing accentuates it better than #attire and behavior. Learn to behave in a cute way all the time, and you’ll truly be a cute girl who’s worth taking a bullet for.

Ask for #help.

Subtle Tips for Shy Girls - Being a Good Indian.

You may be shy, but now and then, work your #courage up to ask a cute guy for some #help. Guys #love #assisting girls they’re interested in. It’s their way of pleasing the girl they like. So give a guy you’re interested in a chance to play the #knight in #shining #armor in your life, and he’ll spend a lot of time thinking about you.

Hope it helps. 😊

Being a GOOD INDIAN. 😊

Hope Girls stop blocking us.





Most Helpful Girl

  • Being shy is not cute. That cute, innocent, shy, school-girl thing you see going on in movies is all ACTING. Being shy IN REALITY is terrible. It's heart palpitations and feeling nauseous when you're surrounded by a group of people or approached by a random stranger; it's shaky fingers and getting your words mixed up; it's not knowing what to say, therefore looking at a guy like you want to say something, making him wonder if there's something wrong with you, mentally; it's awkward and it's cringey. That picture you have in your head of what shy girls are like is what people who are actually very extroverted and outgoing make it look like when they get on the big screen.

    • I have never related more to a comment in my life. #socialanxietyclub

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    • I've done no such thing, my good sir.

    • Agreed. Well put, I must say

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