Women Don't Want Money, But They Want What It Can Buy

I will be honest i have never dated a woman who said "you must have money" in fact all the girls i went out with never talked about money or asked about it.... however i noticed that my friends who did have money were far more capable than me despite them asking me for advice since they dont know how to treat a woman, i also observed a lot of relationships and i came to the conclusion that : women do not want your money, however they do want what your money can buy .

what does it mean ? i just said they dont want money, which is true, they couldnt care less about how much you make a month if you can provide them with a fun time and go out with them and treat them like they want to be treated.

Women dont want money, but they want what it can buy

and i see a lot of women on here commenting how money shouldn't be an issue and you can go on cheap dates or take a walk somewhere and no need to spend money or have unnecessary expenses cause girls aren't after your money .... here's the issue :

to go on a date you need a car, a car costs a lot of money to buy and keep plus the gas, cause lets face it if you're driving a girl around it ain't gonna be cheap ... as for those who claim that a night at a guys place is more than enough, well i can assure you that having a place of your own is pretty expensive when you have no job or you dont make enough because of other expenses (a college student for example) , my friends who luck out with girls have a place and a car, that their parents pay for cause they are rich, and from what i observed having your own place is like a "free sex" ticket that has no expiration date .

Girls claim that they want a fun guy a guy who can make them happy and help them have fun, but what they fail understand (or they do but refuse to admit it) is that to have fun you need money, i have a lot of friends who are players and they tell me about their sexual endeavors and how easy is it to get some girls (who they call easy and slutty) so i asked once ... "okay she's easy but what did you do to get laid ?" and my friend's answer was :

" I took her with my car, we went to a nearby store and i got her some alcohol then rented a hotel room and had sex with her " .... basically he spent about a 100$ that night to get laid and to him that was an easy lay cause most girls require more work, well i think you got the idea .

Women Don't Want Money, But They Want What It Can Buy

of course some will say " but life isn't only about sex, some girls want something real, want a companion, a boyfriend , someone to love" and i agree with you some girls will stay with a broke guy until he is in a good shape financially but here's the issue with your theory :

1- such girls do exist but are rare if they are hot

2- usually these girls are unattractive and they have no choice but to stick around since they lack options, a broke guy whose decent is better than being alone ... hot chicks dont have that issue .

when men talk about getting a quality woman they are talking about a pretty woman who is not fat, doesn't sleep around, decent, has a good personality, caring ,loyal and basically a girl that a lot of guys want ... I don't know about you guys but i never met such a woman married to a broke guy or even dating one (unless she's very desperate ) .

even when it comes to relationships women still want to have good time and enjoy spending time with the guy and that requires money, even the cheapest of dates required me to drive 30 mins to get the girl and another 30 mins to get her home, and i needed a car and money for gas which we all know is not cheap, so no matter how you look at it , dating requires money, no need to be rich but you need money that some guys simply dont have especially if you are a point of your life that you need every cent and can afford to blow money on a girl that may or may not be interested in you .

when i see people on here calling someone idiotic for not dating cause he has no money i just think to myself " well they are suggesting cheap dates, but do they understand the amount of work done behind the scenes to go on such dates ? "

So my conclusion is that : Women do not want your money, but they do what what it can buy


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  • So...

    1. Me: Tells guy on first date, "I'm not going to date you unless you have money to support both of us and ensure I have a good time all the time. If you don't have enough money for all of that, you're not worth it. Clearly."

    Him: breaks up with me because he assumes I am a gold digging whore only after his money and not the quality of his character

    2. Me: tells guy on first date, I'm not worried about your money situation whether it's good or bad. I'm more interested in getting to know you and where this goes.

    You: clearly she's so incredibly ugly and desperate and is lying about the fact that she is definitely hung up on how much money he has. Assumes she can't possibly be making enough money for herself or them and/or cares nothing about a man beyond his wallet or will only stick around if he is model hot.

    Men: I'm looking for a girl who wants to get to know me (or at least sleep with me), not who is interested in how much money I make.

    Reality: Come on man! This is your expert analysis of money/women/men relations. DUH, you need money to do more than just basic survive on this planet. Even before you go on any type of date, you need fuel or bus money to get to work, you need a place to live if not with your parents, you need clothes to wear. You need money to eat. Who is questioning whether or not money is important in this world?

    You have a choice as to wether you want to spend some of that hard earned money in the dating world or purely on your own survival. That's your choice whether you buy that dinner for just you or go to whatever concert. You are not being forced to do that stuff, so this whole, but women want us to have money... DUDE WE ALL NEED MONEY!! I and you need to have money whether we're dating or living on our own. It takes time, money, and effort for women to date as well, but those are choices you make. In most relationships I've been in, I've paid for dinner, dates, and activities also. I don't have expectations that men should just pay my entire way all the way through our relationship, but you're acting as if women in the dating world literally do nothing, and men do everything and have to pay for everything (if you end up with one of those girls, you can break up if you want, but you don't, and then get mad about it and blame ALL women... but a zebra shows it's stripes, believe it).


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  • I think Kanye West said it best, "I'm not saying she's a gold digger, but she don't want no broke *racial slur*!"

    Think of the long term. If you and your girl decide to have a family, the man will have to pick up the slack since the woman will be out of commission from anywhere from 4 months for maternity leave to years until she can get back to work.
    So, if you were ok as a two paycheck household family, you will struggle as a 1 paycheck household of THREE, at least!!

    So, dudes, make money, save money, get thrifty.

    • no other way really thats all we can do to make things work

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  • I don't know if I am hot. You can see my picture.

    I came from a good lifestyle. I actually did earn more than my fiancé.

    My fiancé is working class, and now we are poor. But he loves me, gives me a home, cuddles me, understands me, I can go on and on.

    BUT No money can replace him ever.

    All I want is to spend much time as possible in his arms, I don't want anything else.

    • love is nice and it is a good thing to have, but in the long run , at some point even without your love fading if your fiance remains broke you will start to wonder where you life is heading, it happened way too many times, not saying you're a gold digger at all i am just stating how humans work, especially women, women want success, and at some point if they can't have a man who is successful enough to be their equal or more they will start wondering if its a good investment to remain with the same guy.

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    • you will not like it when he stops earning that money, in theory you act all lovey dovey, in reality you won't live like that and you can't

    • Basically if there is no food or warm place to live, we will die. It won't be a nice death... very slow and painful. But to be honest I wouldn't care.

  • Sometimes I wonder if some guys don't realize all PEOPLE are looking for the best mate they can get.

    Money, Beauty, Brains, Talent, Personality, they all mean something. The more you have these qualities (Man or Woman) the more options you have and the pickier you are going to be. It's simple, don't complicate it

    • Whatever. I shouldn't have to be held to a higher standard seeing how woman can get what the fuck they want without having to do much. I don't play the stupid games with women. I should get some fucking pussy without having to jump through so many hoops. You fucking women don't see how good you have it today.

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    • guys do have their own standards, they want good looking women with very low sexual count (virgin if possible) , but not they dont care about money, rich guys sometimes end up with rich girls cause they come from noble or prestigious families and their parents set them up together its not about money its about class, they dont want their son to marry a commoner they want a woman from an equally prestigious family.

    • Are you saying this from experience? I have a wealthy family and none of the guys will look twice at a girl who isn't as career minded as them. Typically the hottest wealthy guys date models or sometimes even strippers (which make a lot of money). Plus they have lots of options of pretty wealthy women.

  • So let me get this straight...
    It's bad that women only want a guy who is financially stable enough to have his own place and a car and can afford to have some fun once in a while, but it's okay that you only want a hot woman?

    • Hot woman? Who doesn't want that of course i do, but i also dont care if she has a place, if she has a car or if she has money , so you're saying that in exchange for looking good i must pay you and take care of you, but you also want to have a career and make your own money and be equal to me mhmmmm , I don't know your theory is kinda flawed, you want to be taken care of but you still want equality.

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    • I will make this clear.
      to 99% looks are a must to have, he must find you attractive to date you no way around it, so you're saying that just like men 99% of women want men with money only? right? i mean you're saying men find looks attractive just like women find money attractive... well iam telling you and being 100% honest that i can't date a girl iam not attracted to physically which means you won't date a guy who has no money right?

    • I think you're missing my point. No, I don't think women are equally as hung up on money as men are on looks. We tend to take into account a variety of factors INCLUDING, but not limited to, financial stability. Looks, personality, intellect, etc. also count for a lot. We don't expect to get it all, but yes, a man who has none of those factors going for him is going to struggle to date just as an ugly woman struggles to date.
      My point is that you seem resentful of women for not wanting to date flat broke guys, but you really can't claim any kind of moral high ground in this situation since you're just as shallow.

  • Are you telling me men don't want what money can buy?
    Because I sincerely doubt it...

    • they do, but when dating a new girl we literally do not care about what she can buy us

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    • @mamamai thank you! Have a nice day, lovely! 😊😊

    • patting yourself on the back is the worst tactic you can use, it shows you're weak and have already lost

  • I will admit I used boys before to get what I want but that was when I couldn't afford things myself. And I did end up marrying a man without a lot of money because he pays a lot of child support but I'm okay with it because I love him

  • Wow. Hopefully not all guys think that all girls are that shallow.

  • what you talking about boy I dont care if he lives with his mom i don't care if he got a bad ass car or if he can buy me shit. im happy spending time in the creek or looking at stars ill be happy to walk I don't mind. pfft im more likely to go pick him up and make him lunch I don't need him seeing my famliy. hell i sit at a tuble with him and help him figure out his finacing if he wants. hell normly when i like a somone i start cooking for them a lot not sure why i just do its weird. but rather i like him or not i won't date guys or girls at all anyway

    • lol comeone you're 17 i am sure most of that is not important to you, try being a 22 years old college student with options iam sure your view will change

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    • like i said the likeness of me finding someone who wants the same life I do is like 1 in 20000. because I want to live on a homestead. meaning your ass is up feeding pigs cows chikens and what not you're working in the garden and green house you're making flour and oil you're balling the hay cutting hooves your not running to the Walmart down the street. its a lot of work. yah i know they dont know what girls want i grew up in a house of boys. i think the worst question i was ever asked was by my 11-year-old cousin latching on to my leg and saying Katie, what do girls like

    • i grew up around music my uncle used to play a lot so i can't say i notice to much about that

  • Fun fact: men also like money
    I don't understand why some guys are so obsessed with the idea that women are totally materialistic. Y'all need a better hobby.

    • they do, i do like money i need money in everyday life and when iam short on money life becomes harder... however and here's the core difference in the way we like money :
      as a man i dont care if you have money or not, as a woman how much money i make and how successful i am in my career is sometimes the deciding factor of whether you wanna date me or not.

  • It's true, to a degree. A woman wants an independent man, who controls his own life. This requires having a job and a lifestyle that fits. An independent man might have a small job as a waiter, but doesn't own a car and goes around on public transport, and still is controlling his own life. Another man might be a student and have an expensive car and money to go out on restaurants, but since it' s his parents' money, he has to explain himself and everything to does to them, so he's not independent. And to be honest, while getting expensive gifts doesn't matter at all, it matters trying new experiences together, and going on trips. Also, a quality woman might choose to be with such a man, for 2 reasons, insecurity or true love

  • No, pretty sure I want money. I want my lights to stay on.

    • i agree not sure why a lot of women claim money is not something they want, shit i haven't met such a woman yet but i hear about them... on the internet.

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What Guys Said 26

  • Women don't want to build a winning team, they want to buy a winning team. First you have to already be winning on your own, then you're good enough for a girl to want to come along and "help" you win.

    Then women wonder why men don't appreciate them above any other toy or trophy, lol. They thought that was what you were for. It's how you acted.

    • sadly the truth, at least haven't met any attractive girl who didn't do that

  • I think your opinion had quite some points to it up until assumptions were made. There are PLENTY of understanding girls who will go out of their way to date guys with no money and even pay for some things themselves as long as they feel the guy has potential and is working to better himself. Likely they are rare because they are taken or possibly don't have much themselves. But the whole "they are usually ugly or fat" is setting up a trap. It's setting a standard for certain aspects. Once you set a standard of what you want for a girl, they can also set a standard for you. Hence, why you want somebody "attractive" but the "attractive" ones want somebody with cash. It's a two way road. Also , looks are EXTREMELY deceiving. Don't rely on them ever. I have a friend who fooled several people into thinking he was a hot model just through the way he changed his voice and likely his profile pic. Also, I know a guy who never gave a girl a chance because before she was too dorky. Now he HIGHLY regrets it because now she's SUPER hot according to him. Also, the whole "fat" thing is something that can go away anyway so why worry if the personality is cool? People lose weight all the time. Physical appearances can change. Minds often don't. Choose wisely.

  • You sound like a helpless puppy. Stop crying about it. Forget about your friends' situations. You are not them. Take responsibility for your own happiness. Put some thought and a lot of effort into it.

    Cars, gas, apartments, money... Are these things helpful to have? Probably. Are they necessary? No!

    Heck the last date I went on was with a girl I met at school (around your age btw). She drove to my place, and she drove to dinner! If you can't afford any type of meal then take her to a little league game, or ice cream, or attend a free event at your university, or play a board game, or go hiking...

    USE YOUR IMAGINATION. For your own good, stay positive and get creative.

    You don't know what a girl is like... until you know her. Every girl you'll meet will be different. Stop pretending that at 23 years old you have girls all figured out. You've dated very few women so far.

  • You do have some insight, but you haven't gone quite far enough.

    Having a car, a place, enough to buy dinner or symphony tickets is the baseline. I typically expect to pay $200 to $500 on a typical date. My high is about $5,000 and I've seen quite a few over $1,000.

    Many women don't care about where the money comes from to pay for things. They just want to be able to do it or have it. They see other women flying off for a weekend getaway and coming back with designer purses and they want that too. A very few can afford to do that themselves, but for the rest, they need a guy who can.

    But it is not so much the money, it is the power that comes with it. I have literally told someone to tear down a house that I thought was in the way, and it was done. But what they really like is for me to use my power to solve their troubles. Maybe their car payment is due tomorrow and they just spent all their money on text books. That is a problem. I can make it go away. Maybe they have a dilemma that only the power of experience can help, and no money is involved, but the experienced is usually gained during the acquisition of money.

    • you summed it up pretty well, when i wrote this take i had the same thoughts that you just described, women want their issues to go away, they want to have stuff, and for some they need a guy to do that for them... i figured this a long time a go, money is not the real the real issue is what money can get.

      a lot of women claim to not care about money and they are being 100% honest however what they do ask for in a guy is either bought using money or acquired getting that money, so if you think about it, getting money equals getting girls.

  • Men aren't marrying anymore. You girls are big now and can earn your own money. Swallow the Red Pill and the world will become clear to see.

  • Women want a big dick wrapped in $100 bills. That's what every woman wants most.

  • Of course they do - it's called 'provisioning'. They want to be assured that you can support their lifestyle and that of their many offspring.

    Guys need three things to make it with the ladies...
    1. Looks
    2. Money
    3. Confidence. Irrational confidence.

    You can get by with any two of these but all three is the most successful. So gut busy and attain as much of all three as you possibly can. :)

    • Oh, and if a guy falls on hard times, becomes injured or sick, or loses his job - if it isn't corrected very quickly they'll cheat or bail. And you'll hear them say "I deserve to be haaaappppyyyy". And even their friends and relatives will tell them they 'deserve to be haaaapppyyy'. LOL

      No, guys love idealistically. Girls love opportunistically. The burden of performance is on the man, if he fails she bails. And she may even bail if he does - they'll just decide one day they're bored and bail or cheat. Google this: hypergamy That's what women are - it's called solipsism. Or in layman terms, 'naval-gazers'. :)

  • Who doesn't want nice extras? Both sexes like them.

    • but... are you gonna refuse to date a woman cause she doesn't have a lot of money?

    • Don't hope women will try to date you, just to get your marvelous penis! :D :D :D I don't try to date women just to get their tits and pussy.

    • @Z-Spark But it all starts because a number of men try to get more pussy and tits by throwing around gifts and money instead of conquering women's hearts..

  • Actually one of the main reasons women like men with money is because to have money is to be successful. Women are very attracted to success its biology.

    • i know plenty of guys who dont even have a job but have rich parents, they have money but thats all they have

    • Yea but they exude success

  • Let me share my experience and be completly honest with you.

    First about myself. im 27, im from Argentina and live there to. I have a pretty good look being honest.

    I dont have money. or at least im always pushing what i had to reach end of the month.

    I do bealive you can date without relying on money, but you have to be smart. Thing is most guys who do happen to have money have more chances to do thing like go out, wich you can think as having more card on your deck. Not better! just more.

    I knew this beautiful girl, a cheerleader, smart also. what do i do? we started to talk. a lot. I take her to walk, pleying games on tge street. Make a girl happy it isn't about money but rather what can you do yourself to create a good time. we laught a lot! make jokes and talk about all subjects. I can't afford to take her to dinner. Here on Argentina dinner is preetty much expensive.. So i cook for her :). I can't afford many things so..

    • i had to be smart or creative. Instead of a movie i took her to knew the thather while nobody was inside (a friend let me pass) really abbeautiful thing. Insteas of a ride in a car whe went on a bus to a next city and stood by the lake all day. Instead of buying her presents i make a draw for her. and many things more.

      Of course when i have the money i love to take her out! and she know it. But when i can't we split things and thats something she also knows. In my experience.. womans valorate more the will of a men, his strenght in life and self confidence, the strength to support her and his will to build a destiny for himself rather than money.

      Now we have 4 years since im her boyfriend.

      So my advice is.. proyect a future for yourself. be strong about it, have self confidence, be fun and optimistic, be the only owner of your life and a mature person and there's no girl that won't like who you are no matter you wallet size.

      also i have a dick of 23cm... that might help.. kidding XP

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