Dear Men, Women Want a Future, Not Your Money


Hi, here to upset the internet again. Also, I’m going to double-upset the internet by not allowing anonymous answers, since I’d like to hear from people who have at least one ball between their legs.

Before anyone says it, by the way, I’m not a man-hating feminist. I’m not even a feminist by definition. I just call people out on their bullshit, male and female alike. Don’t worry, I’ll make one on gold-digging whores just for you guys.

This article, however, is about the general consensus that it is necessary for a man to have a surplus of wealth and status in order to attract women. Now, what always confused me about this notion is the overall lack of outside perspective. What I mean by that, is the inability to look at regular fucking couples with average lives and incomes. The internet seems to love pretending these people don’t exist because it doesn’t fit their victimized narratives. It’s so much easier to say: “Well, I’m not a millionaire celebrity, of course women don’t want me," than it is to accept personal responsibility of any kind. Such as, I don't know, talking shit about women like they're subhumans?

Dear Men, Women Want a Future, Not Your Money

Sorry, Chuck, but it’s more than likely that you’re unoriginal or even annoying to be around. Hell, it could be that you smell like a nursing-home for all I can tell. But, I can say, it is more likely that you remind someone of a late Elvis Presley, causing them P-T-S-D due to super-fandom than it is due to you not being a millionaire.

It’s even less likely you simply don’t make enough money period, unless you literally don’t work or have no foreseeable future. Because … that’s right … most women (who aren’t on sugar-baby websites) aren’t looking for a guy with a lot of bank to buy them Gucci. They’re looking for a guy who they can have a STABLE future with. An EQUAL PARTNER.

In men's defense though, women don't always help their own cause. When you see "strong, independent feminist" women, who "don't need no man," complaining about how their dates weren't paid for or how their man never buys them gifts on non-gift-giving holidays ... it's not hard to see where some men get confused or even frustrated. I don't fault them for this, and the plethora of spoiled women online can taint your perception of women in the real world. As well, there's no denying the issue of divorces and custody battles often going in the favour of women, and while this is a separate issue, I understand issues like these can seemingly infer others. This doesn't imply, however, that all women are money-hungry whores.

This doesn’t imply however that you must have the funds to support the both of you like we’re living in the 1940’s. Provided you live in either Western (influenced) or diverse/open/whatever-preferred-term country, most adult women will either have jobs or careers, or will be in school/educated in order to obtain a career. This means most female prospective suitors are likely to have some level of personal independence outside of YOU.

What most reasonable women are looking for is a partner they can have a stable, independent life with. This typically intends enough money for food, shelter, bills, utilities, and what have you. Does this mean all women are materialistic, gold digging whores? No. It means they’re practical adults who are thinking about the longevity of your future and relationship.

Let’s be serious here: most average guys couldn’t live with a Gucci-hungry gold digger for long, right? So, is it totally unreasonable for a woman to not want to be with a guy without a job or any personal ambition? Those two things can be clear indicators of serious red flags, and these red flags are arguably similar in nature.

Mind you, you may be unemployed by no choice of your own, but how you choose to cope with this issue and where this places you in the potential future is still going to be considered. It doesn’t make a woman a materialistic, evil whore. It makes her a perfectly rational person.

Contrary to Nora Roberts novels, we don’t live in a fantasy-romance world. The people who preach love has nothing to do with physical or social attraction as well as suitability are feeding you fairy-tale bullshit that simply isn’t true. You can love someone to the bone, but if one person cannot pull their weight and act as a social, emotional, physical, or borderline financial equal, the relationship will collapse on its ass.

Does this imply there aren’t women who are gold diggers? No. Of course there’s gold diggers, and they are shitty human beings you shouldn’t aspire to be in a relationship with. Does this imply there aren’t women who DO value men who will act according to traditional gender rolls and take care of her financially? No. Women like this also exist. Does this imply that if a woman had a choice between a guy who worked at McDonald’s to a guy who worked as a CEO that she wouldn’t be swayed by his status at all? No. At the end of the day, anybody with a critical mind is going to weight their options with some sort of subjective outlook, considering what status implies in comparison, while other elements such as emotional and physical attraction also come into play.

However, even having said all of this, none of this implies there aren’t women who don’t value ANY of this at all, and who strictly search for emotional love. They may be diamonds in the rough, but they exist.

It’s not inherently wrong to consider someone’s status PERIOD, as it can be a good indicator as to what kind of person they are and what kind of future you’ll have together. This doesn’t mean we don’t have wiggle room – what matters the most is the future, not necessarily the present, and I can attest to this.

When I met my now fiancé, he was in school, working two-to-three days a week. I was a full-time, educated woman who made more money than he did. However, he was working towards his future, very hard in fact, and was otherwise everything I wanted in a man. His lack of money or social status didn’t deter me because I could clearly see he was a great guy who wasn't just slumped on the couch, victimizing himself.

So, no, chances are, women aren’t rejecting you because you don’t have fat stacks of cash. While it is reasonable to say based on my opinions expressed here that funds and status play SOME part in long-term relationships, they are by no means the primary deciding factor when it comes to you being rejected. At the end of the day, if someone sees a future with you, they’ll take the risks with you, even if you don’t have it all right now. But if you sit on your ass, bleeding tax-payers dollars to fund your WoW addiction … don’t expect pussy to be banging down the door of your mom’s basement.

If you disagree with me, that’s fine. I don’t give a shit in truth, sound off below. Call me a dirty-chicken fucker or just express how you feel on the subject.

~ Love Jane.

Dear Men, Women Want a Future, Not Your Money
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  • bethshepherd
    I work as a life coach and relationship expert, have written for many newspapers and magazines and do this full time. Have done for more than forty years. So I have spoken to more couples or individuals about relationship stuff than most can shake a stick at.
    A lot of men fail to get women - or keep them - because of their attitude. Either they want the woman to be just there as a convenience, for sex, or they expect her to hang around until they feel like texting her or popping over, or they have no idea of romance or how to talk to her. Then when that goes wrong they say oh she did not want me because I only have an ORDINARY JOB. Or she did not want me because I have a funny eye. Or because they are short. They look for excuses to blame rather than looking at the REAL reasons - which are their attitude.
    Maybe they are mean with money, maybe they always turn up very late, maybe they are too busy to see her for two weeks, but those are things to do with their attitude not whether they have a great job or are a few inches too short.
    Yes there are women who will only date guys who have a great income, but if those women are unemployed or do not earn much themselves they are freeloaders and dreamers. It makes sense when a woman earns a lot that she will not date a guy who earns a lot less than her - not only would be he freeloading off of her, but they would have nothing in common, he would be leaning on her far too much, she would feel used, and he would be boring to her. But usually a guy is in an ordinary job looking to date an ordinary woman, so that should be fine.
    When men come to me and tell me they cannot get or keep a girlfriend/wife I soon work out why. It is always about attitude.
    The woman would not have got together with him in the first place if he did not earn enough, it would never have got off the ground.
    You also have the men who have eyes bigger than their belly. They are married or living with someone but also want a bit on the side and moan when that does not work out. Or they are very ordinary looking but want a beautiful or much younger woman - dreamers. They fail because they are trying to get someone who can get something better. The biggest dreamers are old men who tell me they have been chatting to a gorgeous young woman online and she will fly over from the other side of the World to be with them. If they send her some money for air fare. Of course SHE does not exist, she is really a young man scamming online.
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    • What about the women that do work, but they think all of their money is just spending money for their fun and the man's money is for paying all the bills?

    • Oram52

      So what's the reason in reverse? Why many women complain why they they can't hang on to a guy, or what do guys desire from women?

  • Mi2mi2a
    I have a funny story ( or sad). A man in my neighborhood, moved in about 5 years ago. Not a few months in we hear that he divorced his wife of forty years, then he remarries a new wife, a new young wife. They are happy for three years, then after his retirement his income has lessened a lot, not a few weeks in and she left him.

    He tried to get her back but she said that's not the lifestyle she was used to. Well, he got his young gold digger. And he started whining about how women are all after money, to my father. Well, what about his other wife that started with him from scratch?

    Well, fate paired and ingrateful husband with a gold digger.
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    • Mi2mi2a

      by the way, Great my! take and good job on dispelling these misconsumptions, or trolls.

    • TheUglyMan

      That guy was real stupid.

    • @lonewolffootwork

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Most Helpful Guys

  • WalterRadio
    "it is necessary for a man to have a surplus of wealth and status in order to attract women"
    It is neither necessary nor sufficient, but it is certainly an attractive trait.

    "most women aren’t looking for a guy with a lot of bank"
    That is because most women are realistic. Wealthy men have a wide choice of high quality women. They don't have to settle for "most" women.

    Now that is not true. Most want someone who can pull his weight and some of hers. The economics of today's world is that since women obtained equal opportunity, they drove up the cost of each lifestyle rung. They thought that equal opportunity meant they could climb, but they discovered that it doesn't work when everyone else also has equal opportunity; the result is that they are forced to work to maintain the relative status of a housewife of 60 years ago because other women are working.

    "what matters the most is the future, not necessarily the present"
    I couldn't tell you how many doctors I know married a girl while he was still in school. She worked to pay living expenses. Then as soon as the loans are paid off at just over 10 years of marriage, BAM! Divorce. $10,000 a month. The only saving grace from this travesty is that the doctor gets a younger, hotter wife.

    "if someone sees a future with you"
    Most people who do not have money never will have it. Ambition and talent is not that common. Sure, find your MIT PhD student, your Stanford JD, your Harvard med, your Northwestern MBA and do well. There are just not that many to go around.

    I am wealthy and have women lining up to date me. Some are strictly in it for the lifestyle. They are easy to cull out. There are also plenty of very smart, ambitious, beautiful women who have decided that they have a lot to offer and see no reason why they should not include financial status as part of their dating requirements.
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    • I acknowledge there are women that are attracted to it. You do make good points though.

  • Browneye57
    Tldr. But you start out by insulting everyone on the forum which is a giant fail.

    Women want a future with money in it. Period. It's called 'provisioning'. They want to make sure he can support them and the 84 children she wants to have with him. So two equally dynamic guys, but one makes minimum wage flipping burgers and the other is a money manager making over six figures - it's an easy decision.

    Like I like to say, money isn't everything but it sure is far ahead of what's in second place.
    Same saying works for sex. A romantic relationship without sex just isn't one.
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    • It's not a fail, I'm honestly just a shithead and I don't deny it.

    • Browneye57

      Still a fail. Your self image is foolish. But we all realized that when you spoke. :)

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  • ManOnFire
    I agree with some it. I don't think most women are gold-diggers, but I do think many are much more concerned about a man's job, money, and life status beyond just basic concerns about their future together. It is true that a lot of women want a man who is financially or socially attractive just because they like that look, and think these things actually give him character or personality value when it does not. And ultimately this is shallow, yeah.

    A guy will still date a woman who works at Subway or the grocery store, or working two jobs, has to take the bus, is still living at home, or even renting a room somewhere. Whereas many women don't want to date a guy in those same scenarios. Men really are generally less focused on the other person's life status and situations and more in tune with how that person makes him feel. Women are more like kids in being more prone to focus on what they DON'T like or what isn't their idea of being very nice.

    I also found that little jest about a guy smelling like a nursing home to be a little tasteless and unattractive.
    • I think her post towards the women will be just as equally scathing. So I respect her for that.

    • Hannah591

      Trust me, I have dated guys who are of low 'status' and so have plenty of women. Unemployed men, men with criminal records, poor men, unattractive men all manage to get a woman.

    • @Hannah591 Yeah it isn't so much about money or looks. It's about "game".

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  • Logorithim
    This is a topic that shouldn't, as you suggest, be generalized. However, most women, including those who themselves have a good to great income, do not want to "settle" for a guy that doesn't make good money (however defined), which is oen reason why low-earning men usually have unstable relationships or none at all. That's a crucial aspect of this topic that sometimes gets overlooked.
  • passinby
    Dear women, we don't want the shit that comes with a future with you period.

    As for money your take is a ruse.

    Sex is still ok; I will still donate to/for that.
    • That's fine. If you're just down to fuck bitches I don't judge.

  • esparc
    I'll cut the shit with you here. I like you, your style, and your approach. I've been supporting myself mainly on my savings for at least 6 months now. Since I don't currently have a job (not that I haven't tried) and my savings are dwindling, what do you suggest? If I can't even support myself, how can I even consider the option of dating?
    • Well damn, thanks. Everyone else has been super pissed off.

  • Sociopathvictim
    If you want a future with us, tell the family courts to stop fleecing money out of the mans pocket straight into hers. Feminism has destroyed the natural order and as a man i fear my efforts of a stable future could be totally destroyed by a gold digger.
    • I actually have spoken out about the issues of divorce and custody battles in favour of females, in fact, I mention it in this article.

    • I did notice that and I’m glad you are aware of the biggest issues that surrounds today’s marriage implications. I am friends with a feminist and when I discussed with her the real issues of marriage and family courts she told me to change my views. When she was 18-21 she expected men to pay for her because she was poor and I always believed she was a bunny boiler. Later on this same girl accused me of sexual harassment when she remembered how we met 4yrs ago where all I had done was playfully pinch her bum on a forest trail. Without doing that I would not have met her as she was a fast walker and had headphones in her ears. To accuse a man of sexual harrasment for something so silly means she could really harm a guy in court. Even after I told her that women pinch my bum and I don’t believe it’s harassment, she refused to change her mind and when I laughed her off as being funny, she said she’s being serious. I departed friendship as I couldn’t take her seriously anymore. Thoughts?

    • Unit1

      Mate... don't associate yourself with freaks. That's all I can say.

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  • dancing_in_nebulas
    Another raw piece of truth.

    No steak sauce.

    Purely meaty deliciousness.

    Guys crying about this are most likely metrosexual diva man bitches.
    • your_ego

      Here before 10 downvotes.

    • Another bitter feminist

    • @Stephen5577 Bud, people disagreeing with ya or having an opinion doesn't mean they're a part of the bra-burning army. Relax.

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  • UnknownXYZ

    Anyway, you are attracted (not saying this is the only thing you find attractive about him) to the potential your finance has. If he decided to change his mind and tell you that he is satisfied with his life and doesn't want to work so hard anymore, how would you respond?

    Anyway, it's not that women are money hungry whores. What annoys a lot of men is that a lot of women, in the end, determine a man's worth by the money he makes, or his potential to be financially successful almost as if a guy's personality most his drive to be financially successful.

    It seems there are a lot of women who are so opinionated and judgmental on a man's level of drive, ambition and hobbies. The fact that you took a dig at those who are passionate about playing WoW trying to render that useless (won't result in getting laid) is quite telling of your mindset and how you see men in general.

    I find it kind of disappointing you ended your myTake with "If you disagree with me, that’s fine. I don’t give a shit in truth, sound off below."

    Was this a rant? Or are you so high up your ass that you consider any opposition bullshit and unworthy of consideration?
    • It is all very well saying women want a future not the man's money. But you need money to have a reasonable future. No wealthy woman is going to get together with a poor, lazy or stupid man and pay his share to live in a lovely place, which she could easily afford on her own, but only because she is smart and works hard, and no wealthy lady is going to down date and make do with a guy she has nothing in common with and she cannot talk to him about her working life and the things that matter to her. It is easy to say most women do not care, but those are the women who are happy to settle for little because they have little themselves and are used to little and have no hope of having a lot more.

    • UnknownXYZ

      @bethshepherd Is wealth and career choices the most important things in determining what someone has in common with another?

      In your opinion, should those who don't have a stable job not really bother dating for the long term until they get that shit sorted?

  • bacca400
    I'm not a woman-hater just because I point out weaknesses in women, or men for that matter. I point out problems so people can actually address them. One can't fix a problem unless one defines the problem first.

    I'm older, and I don't think most women are gold diggers, or helpless infants. But girls who claim they are liberated but then want the man to pay for every date are common, and hypocrites. That does not mean they are a majority. The younger girls are more sexist and cheapskate, so with say highschool girls, about 50% of girls just want the man do do all the work in dating. This younger group is where most of the complaints from men come from in my opinion. And this is a big reason (one of many) the younger girls don't qualify for LTR. It's because they are not an adult, they are a child that wants to be taken care of. And then these same girls just blame the men for their own poor choices and get more and more bitter. No GOOD man wants to take care of a child. A girl who won't pay for half the dates probably won't make an effort in the relationship either. Thus they don't get LTR.

    As the girls get older they lose some really great guys because the girls are so sexist, and they generally learn not to be a giant douche bag. Being liberated means you pay for half the dates or you lose the good guys. Bad guys have poor boundaries. They won't lose the bad guys. Nor will your relationship be very happy either. Your pinnacle of life achievement will be mediocrity. For many people this is a comfortable place because that means they don't have to do work to improve themselves, nor face their demons.

    I've dated older women over 35. They are much better over all. They actually paid for half the dates. They put effort into the relationship. They didn't have their head in the clouds, they were more realistic about relationships. and they actually understand men and women are different and have different needs, although sometimes they have some overlapping needs.

    I don't need or want women to buy me lots of stuff, it actually makes me uncomfortable. But I do need them to show evidence that they will actually put effort into LTR because LTR is what I want.

    But there are other problems with some of the men. They can't even manage to hold onto a job. I think these men are the ones who get rejected the most because they can't even manage to take care of themselves, i. e. they are not an adult. An adult is defined by actions, not by age.
    • bacca400

      Likewise, I reject women who don't show a history of success. This means I reject 80% of women over 35. They are still single for a reason, and one thing I noticed is they don't yet have all the basic adult skills that are needed. I make some exceptions because it's the woman's overall skills that I look at not just her money-making and money-managing skills.

    • bacca400

      OP, I like your post because it covers the complexity and subtleties of an issue.

  • JZ909
    Personally, I think the expectation of earning a good income is higher for men, and I don't mind that (within reason of course). I think it's natural and instinctual. We are males, having sex is a couple minutes of vigorous activity and success! We have passed on our genes. It's a lot more involved for females, so I don't think it's odd that they would instinctually be more selective.

    I think issues come up with divorce. Due to their more common position as breadwinner, men tend to lose a lot more in a divorce than women. Half of everything they own, their kids, and substantial chunk of their income (in alimony and child support) are all likely to be gone. I can't imagine how painful it must be to see someone move on from you with a professional career or a new boy/girlfriend and still take your money, not because they need it anymore, but because they can.

    As a 29 year old, never married man, I have received 1 piece of advice over anything else, by far: Never get married. That doesn't just come from a disgruntled person here or there, but a systematic issue with how we end long-term romantic relationships in America.
  • Unit1
    Ja, I agree. There's nothing wrong with having some common sense and not settling for a loser, who isn't going to improve his own life situation, let alone together with a woman. Not only will that result in misery for the woman but also for the offspring. Kinda been there, done that and learned my lesson. I was blinded myself for this for some time.
    I don't blame women for being able to choose to date men of various amounts of salaries whereas we men get whatever it is, that we can get.
    That's what women CAN do and what men CAN'T do. Unless we are rich.

    "Of course there’s gold diggers, and they are shitty human beings you shouldn’t aspire to be in a relationship with."

    I agree! Gold diggers are disgusting subhuman scum! Kill them all!!!
    But for real now, as long as these harpies are staying away from me, I'm good.

    Then there are these sharks, who expect men to pay for their dinner dates or else she deems him as unworthy. Also low tier gold diggery! Disgusting!
    If paying for dates is the deciding factor, that a female will begin a relationship with the man (a few have actually mentioned this), she a low tier gold digger, who is up for sale! Men can buy her. It's not winning her heart. It's BUYING her! Cha-ching! Money, money, money!!! 💰

    "But if you sit on your ass, bleeding tax-payers dollars to fund your WoW addiction … don’t expect pussy to be banging down the door of your mom’s basement."


    You. Made. Me. LAUGH!!! 😆😆😆
    This reminds me of someone...

    Seems familiar...

    Anyway. Money talks.
  • StrangerByTheDay
    Couldn't agree with you more Jane.
    No comments at all from my side frankly, you have taken the words from my mouth, you just laid out the truth as it is.
    As much as everything you have written is true, it hurts to say women like you are rare and most people still live in "1940".
    Most people, regardless the gender are still gold diggers, I happen to live between them, no offense, Lebanese people are just like that, raised based on those stupid traditions. Can't blame them, their country and traditions.

    In my own opinion, if two people see a future together, they will certainly find a way to share the expenses that their marriage and home need, as you have mentioned. Life is getting more expensive and harder for a normal working person to cover all the basic expenses.

    Regardless who makes more money, they should both share the common expenses depending on the income, as for who has a bigger income shares the bigger part of the expense. They both work hard for their money and deserve having to spend it as they please after covering common expenses.

    Thank you again Jane for laying it out loud and clear.
  • TayTay21
    Totally agree. I don't care about money per se, though a guy has to have some way to support himself. What I care about is him, who he is, his body, his mind, his heart, his soul. Money and status... look, Mark Zuckerberg has more money and status than anyone, and I wouldn't fuck him at gunpoint, so it's not the main thing.
  • Benedek38
    Lady, your opiniom is irrelevant. Studies show that women are not willing to "date down", that is, they don't like men who make less than them. This is generally true. This is unacceptable from a logical perspective - you have your own job, and his, too, why do you need him to make more? That's not only shallow, but illogical.

    Don't believe me? Ask yourself if a woman earning 6 figures would marry a guy earning 5. 99% of the time, she wouldn't.
  • Pineapple_Boy
    How many women have you dated to come to this conclusion? Your theory sounds good, but reality... that's a whole different story. Sure the women are going to agree with you, because no one is going to admit that they value money and status are they?
    • ManOnFire

      Very true.

    • KenM9215

      the thing of this is, is that there is also nothing wrong with have a value to how much money a S. O makes or their status... it's when too much value is placed on it that it becomes a problem. I could say that about anything when it comes to dating though. I mean if you are looking for your 10/10 woman in looks, good luck. That and you'll narrow down your dating pool significantly. if you aren't well rounded in what you are looking for chances are you either won't find it, or won't be happy once you do.

      for instance, SURE I want someone who I am attracted to (and as weird as this will sound) but I allow a bit of wiggle room for looks, especially if she has other characteristics that are what I'm looking for. I just don't place so much emphasis on looks that it deters me from other aspects of a woman, unless I truly don't find her attractive.
      another aspect I'm hoping to find is an educated woman. someone who I can have intellectual conversations with. That would affect her status...

  • Ridii
    If you think differently, you'll find that, it's quite difficult to differentiate the sense of "future" from the sense of "money".
    • You could be right. Please, elaborate further. I'm open to other opinions.

  • Dchrls78104
    Two types of females seek relationships with males.
    Real women want a future.
    Little girls want money.
  • EpicDweeb
    Raise a chorus of Hallelujahs, some meditative slow claps, and a round of applause for everything in this. I have no additional comments regarding the contents of this mytake because it simply encapsulates everything I wish guys would admit about relationships. I wish people would stop feeling sorry for themselves and would start working towards their goals instead of feeling mopy because the real world doesn't serve their entitlement mentalities.
  • i1T2daty
    Self absorption isn’t confined to any socio-economic level. Look at our Prez. He is the most needy, narcissistic public person I’ve ever known. Instead of surrounding himself with wiser counsel, he fires anyone who disagrees with him. Yet he is m1ybe the most powerful man in the world. Imagine him with his personality but with no power or money. Would he have even the remotest chance of having a fulfilling lobe life or set of friends.
  • VaIiant
    I love all the men saying women won't date a guy with a low paying job because they want financial stability. Yes, women want a man who will provide a FUTURE- stop bringing up how men will date a woman with an equally low paying job, when I see the same users talking about how they'll only go out with "hot women". Kettle, meet fucking pot.
  • Jonny317
    Women instinctively like to know that the man they're with can support their children. It's an instinct. If you have a job and are working hard, with goals and plans for the future, if you're generous and supportive (not suppporting them but supportive) you will do fine. If you righ and stingey, poor because you have no desire or drive to do better, or consider all women gold diggers, than it's not ggoing to work out.
  • lernulo
    I think you are mixing many variables, it would be easily discarted as psychological experiment :P.

    I agree with women looking for statibility point, since she is looking for a life together, so if she is looking a for a date night it has no so much value.

    So, the first variable to evaluate this seriously must be, which relationship are we studying?

    Second, personality, there are women who prefers money over other values, like beautiful, or confidence, or intelligence, but it defines HER PROFILE, not the profile of all the women, so, if we want to study this seriously we must prepare a data output with the topics of what she prefers if she only would choose one, and say:

    - Big amount of money
    - Great confidence
    - Big intelligence
    ... etc.. (Everything Big, it's really important, I'm a man)

    So we would have the other variable, what are her preferences.

    And after, we would need the data of the woman who answers, to being able to stablish some relations between preferences and tangible charasteristics.

    After allll that, we could say seriously what are we talking about.

    ( I wanted to say that Iḿ going to start some polls in that way, so as to get some of the work, because I'm interested in this issue)

    Got clear about how much information we need to answer how much the money matters, Ill say something to men who doesn't seem themselves atractive.

    Value perceived almost never is real value.

    On histories there is only a princess (Belle) who can surpass that distinction, 1/50+, its a very likely proportion of how many women/men are going to be able to see who you really are, and not who it looks you are, so being able to transmit who you really are, is something important too.
    • This is what happens when someone into either programming or some other IT area / data analysis / or maths... which are all very rational.. starts talking about dating. 😅
      (Which just might be extremely irrational activity. ;)...)
      But don't get me wrong I agree with this (to certain degree).
      Point is, there are different people out there and everyone has individual preferences and what they put on the first place of importance. I wouldn't say I trust statistics either. There are people all over the world on this site and we well know that different countries/cultures/ societies have different sets of values they care most about. That creates a mentality to which we are more or less exposed to and raised within and which contribute to our personal system of values and helps shaping our individual charachters too. So, pools won't work that way because to a girl from America and to a girl from a less materialistic society, (e. g. ex communist countries), same things mean different.

    • lernulo

      @Intuitiongirl "pools won't have value"
      I agree with that, I only wanted to point out how irrational that idea was, may be I have passed a bit writing.

    • lernulo

      the idea "women only want money"

  • AlphaGhost
    Well I know someone that want to be with a man,
    Handsome, Successful (doctor), with inherited shit money and really LOYAL person (almost everything)
    Did that make her Gold digger?
    No cuz She can provide the same to the man and She is doctor (my G. F) too, Man live in dream land too cuz prince only marries common constructor in dreams only.
  • Gedaria
    Firstly. I totally agree on the ANONYMOUS part , why do that are you frighten someone might know who you are when asking a sensitive question. Sadly a lot of them are in the stupid section...
    I like your take on women but with my experience of being married twice and 4 daughters , its amazing how different it can be. My first wife stayed at home looking after the family when they were young and use to give her an agreed amount each week. It always made me laugh when we were out, if she bought anything it was always the cheapest ,. But when I paid it had to be the best , I know she put it down to being thrifty.
    Later on when they were all at school she went back to being employed , which brought in more wage than mine, but she still wanted her money from me. It was the first time in 10 years of marriage we had an impasse. So we split all the bills down the middle opened a new bank account and paid into it our share. I fact the set up worked so well it gave us a holiday once a year out of it.
    Second wife we set this up from the start that was the only thing that came from the first. She was she was a PA to the boss of this publishing company , I didn't know what country she would be in from one week to the next. The one rule we did have we always had the week end together. It worked brilliantly for 4 years then breast cancer came and died in 6 months. In all of 7 daughters from the 2 marriages all of them were self supporting of them selves...
  • Rbryers
    You act as if there is a real difference. If so explain yourself in 5 examples. I'd like to hear where money doesn't come into play when building her precious future.
    • I never said it had no play, my suggestion is that every ounce of woman that you either don't receive or takes interest in you is for the sole purpose of money and money alone. Sure, every adult person wants another independent adult person, but this doesn't suggest they are all hookers looking for shoes and handbags.

    • Rbryers

      Bull$hit.. But I hear'ya.

  • NerdInDenial
    For your information, anonymous users can still post an answer. Anyway, I’m not sure why you had to predicate your opinion with you not being a feminist. Money, power, and fame attract women. These qualities make it easier to attract women. Women desire to be taken care of; they want a man to secure funds when they get pregnant and produce offspring. It’s human nature. Men don’t care what women do because it’s not their wealth that attracts men; it’s physical beauty.
  • Edanurus
    The problem is the ones who are the princesses who want a guy for their money are the loudest. same thing that puts men as dogs.

    Great women aren't rejecting guys based on money, but they never say why so we have to make it up as we go along to improve ourselves or our (ugh) game.

    Seriously I think most guys think more about what they did wrong and how they can do better than they do about actually approaching a woman, and thats there downfall.
  • SilverRain92
    Not all but a lot of women, especially in my country like rich guys who can buy them expensive goods, flight tickets to exotic countries and a new car or buy a flat. Some women told me directly that they are interested in men because of gifts, money and sex men can offer. Though it's good that there are good women who don't look at men as at a wallet. But nobody knows whether they majority or not. I don't judge anyone, but I just prefer being a realist and being careful with women.
  • Astoriana
    I can just imagine this whistling over these little chucklefucks’ heads as they whine to their mamas that no one wants them.
  • OldS0ul
    I think women aren't focused on money, they are focused on stability. You don't necessarily have to be rich, just show that you are able to take care of yourself and having a stable job and having your own things show that.
  • SomeoneBlue
    I actually have a post about a girl who I thought is a gold digger, you think you could check it out? I will send you the link through the invite friend thing. If you read one of the comments, it explains more deeply because I have had a convo with a guy through the comments. Haha
  • LittleSally
    *expecting all the MGTOW bitter comments*


    But, on a serious side, yes, obviously, you make a great point. Sometimes obvious things still have to be pointed out - especially in a community overrun by people who've given up.
  • Landshrk0068
    I agree with you, but living here in Malta, the playground of the Eurotrash rich, I can go outside right now just before midnight and find 1000 gold diggers in less than hour.
  • Aki6000
    I'm sure most men saying this are just having a laugh and don't actually believe that. However that said a small minority of women are like that and they can be difficult to spot when your mind is clouded by your attraction to them. I suspect some have had bad experiences and overexaggerated a little.
  • mr_mxy
    This article... actually really helped me out a lot with my insecurity. I tend not to trust people as im worried id get cheated on. While wealth was one of my worries being sexually satisfying is another big worry for me. But this my take actually did help me a little so thanks.
  • Dargast
    I guess some of it may be true. People really shouldn't care that much about the lives of other people, but.. well its the internet, so a lot of opinions being made with controversial ones going viral easier.
    Generalising people is just retarded, period.
  • monkeynutts
    Fat stacks of cash make them stick around when the going gets tough, Because women are practical, some these guys might have a point some of the time, maybe sometimes they have to stop crying in the corner of their living rooms too. So to answer your statements, you are sometimes right too.
  • Smellyoldjockstrap
    Would Megan Markal have married Prince Harry if he'd been a construction worker or a longshorelongshoreman? Hell no! Women are nothing but a bunch of greedy gold digging whores. I dispose women as people, but, I quite like sex, I hope this project to croscross a Siri with a sex doll works,
  • Loser94
    Well i've been Enlighted thats for sure and now i've realized that no matter how i act or look i'll never have anyone cause even though im graturated had a good job for 3 years it dosnt matter since i dont have any self ambition and no independence as well as no confidence to move myself
    • Astoriana

      The most important relationship you will ever have is the one you have with yourself. If you’re disappointed in the way your life has turned out so far, then change it. You’re not dead yet. That’s the only time it will be too late.

    • lia_98

      @Astoriana i hate it when guys complain, deadpan, its so unattractive. its also really shallow an annoying, instead of manning the fuck up and going out to try and find a significant other they sit an wallow in their self pity. straight up... just get off your ass

    • Loser94

      @lia_98 thanks

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  • MaxieS
    I think women should learn to make future for themselves and not depend on a partner for stability. If a guy sees that you're on the same wavelength, then a happy couple it may be
  • coolbreeze
    Nice mytake. A person can view it many different ways. Woman and men look for different thing's when dating and being in relationships. To each their own.
  • Felinegirl
    I completely agree with this take.

    I am studying medicine, doctors get paid well and I'm not a big spender. I don't need a guy to earn a penny, I need him to be a person I can be happy with.
  • Nik1hil
    you are scary, and the guy whom you marry will be the luckiest one, yet he will be a fool and think his marriage as a bad decision..
    i hope he understands that you are a spearhead and know how to harness your blazing efforts in a relationship
  • NYCQuestions1976
    All this is true... but it's also true that women love money and power... even when they have money and power of their own. Just look at Beyonce and Jay-Z. He looks like he got hit in the face with a bag of nickels, he hasn't done anything talented in over 15 years, AND he cheated on her! Yet she's still with him! There's many more examples like them.
  • SketchForger
    That's sometimes why I reject women, because I don't have anything figured out for myself so I'm not ready to keep up with their career plan, or worse, have them expect me to have a plan for the future.

    I'm an animator, so unless I have enough money saved no can do.
  • TheUglyMan
    Men are in competition with one another so women will obviously target the wealthier dudes and get to know them instead of the poorer guy. Also status gives women information on the guy so they can preselect the men they wanna date.

    With all due respect I think you need to acknowledge hypergamy, competition in the dating world and the fact that women are seeking the top dudes they not looking for some ugly loser living in an apartment working a boring job that gives him no status.

    Unless you are super lucky or good looking poor dudes will be single for life that's just how it is some guys don't make the cut.
    • I mean, yeah, some definitely will. But you also have to consider the type of women you're referring to. If you use super hot chicks will have the pick of the litter; regular women... not so much.

    • TheUglyMan

      Even regular women want top men too. What regular women would pick a poor dude with no status over a wealthier one with status whether she's a super model or not same standards are applied. There are many dating methods these regualr women can use to find the man they wish especially if they still young. In dream land you are correct but I live in a harsh Californian reality. The system is simply against us poor ugly dudes admit it sista.

  • ScaryCool
    I don't think women are out for money.

    I will say however, that some women want extravagant fun, a lot, and that itself requires lots of money. As someone in college working part time, when I see a girl goes on tons of vacation trips it kind of out me back some because while I'd like to Perdue her, I'm worried shed want to do all those things and when I show that I can't, I'm deemed boring. Like I feel im an outgoing person who is up for going places and trying tons of new things but going to Las Vegas every couple of months or going on a cruise, even though I'd love to, wouldn't be very feasable just yet.

    But still all that aside, I never assume women are out for money. If hope people aren't that simple minded lol
  • StickStickity13
    I agree, what happens is a decent sized population of women are very money and materially obsessed. Men focus on this and ignore the plenty of women who don't care. Genuine women, the ones you should want, will not put great emphasis on money. Even myself as a man, I expect a woman to be somewhat financially independent. I understand a woman expecting the same.
  • J4Zzi3
    I'm not saying its wrong. stable life = better?

  • Truthandlove2584
    WOMEN ALSO WANT FINANCIALLY STABLE MEN! he doesn't have to be a billionaire but he has to be financially stable! no fuckkboyz here!
  • Nathaniel1316
    I read some of this not all of it, too long and not attention grabbing, but I really just wanted to comment cx have a great day