Quit Blaming Feminism for Your Failures and Lack of Success With Women. You're The Problem, Not Them...

Quit Blaming Feminism For Your Failures And A Lack Of Success With Women. Face It. You're The Lame, Not Women.


Ever since I joined this site almost a year ago, I've have come across countless bitter and cry baby grown men crying over feminism, misandry and coming up with a boat load of crap excuses why women are horrible, can't get a date and girlfriend on and on with their stupidity.

In this Mytake I will address the real problem why many of you guys truly suck with women and how to get a woman to like you and be genuinely interested in you.

Show Respect.

Quit Blaming Feminism for Your Failures and Lack of  Success With Women. You're The Problem, Not Them...

I've seen men on GAG push the idea that women like to be treated like trash and disrespected, and that is what truly works to get attention from women and for them to be interested in a man.

I'm here to tell you smart men not to believe that lie; sure they are women that like to be treated like trash, humiliated and go for crappy loser men.

Moreover, what these bitter men who failed with women won't tell you is that those women are low quality women who deep down have little to no respect for themselves at all or anyone for that matter.

Therefore those women get a sick pleasure being with jerks, being humiliated, slapped around and told to shut up lest they get punched in the face again.

On the flip side, good quality women won't tolerate any man calling them names, to belittle them, trying to touch or slap her butt without you being her man or any of the crap some of you men think all women like when trying to win her over.

A decent woman knows her value and what she brings to the table, so to have a chance with her you must show her kindness and respect.

It shouldn't be beneath to show kindness and respect to women or anyone for that matter.

Trust me, a polite and respectful person is attractive and will find favor and good standing with people especially sweethearts of women.

Open Your Mouth. Quit Being A Coward!

Quit Blaming Feminism for Your Failures and Lack of  Success With Women. You're The Problem, Not Them...

You as a man won't stand a chance getting a date or a girlfriend if you are too scare to speak and say anything to a woman.

When you walk pass a woman at the super market, mall or gym say hi or whatever, let her know you saw her at least.

Go introduce yourself and ask her name, if you think she's cute then tell her she is cute and if she gives you a good vibe back start talking to her to get to know her and let her know you're interested in her right from the begining.

Sissies won't achieve or make it far in life. Be confident, be bold. The worse she can tell you is that she is not interested.

If that's the case then move on and find the another cool woman who might be interested in you.

Don't worry about rejection. I've been rejected by women and I rejected women. Rejection happens to everyone, so don't be a 4 year old cry baby and start having bitter and anger views towards women because a woman or several shunned you. Just move on to the next.

Be Cool. Don't Be A Creep.

Quit Blaming Feminism for Your Failures and Lack of  Success With Women. You're The Problem, Not Them...

Women are gifted with excellent intuition. Women can generally really sense when a man is really confident, is nice, has fear or it's just flat out creepy with a evil spirit around him or within him.

You must have a good and positive attitude about yourself and life in general. No woman is attracted to a man that looks bitter and angry.

When you speak to a new woman don't say inapproapite things like you love her butt or breasts off the bat.

When you give a compliment to a woman on her hair, dress or whatever say it with confidence and mean it and don't give her a silent and awkward weird look with your eyes. That turns them off pretty fast.

Hygiene, Hygiene, Hygiene

Quit Blaming Feminism for Your Failures and Lack of  Success With Women. You're The Problem, Not Them...

I can't stress enough how much women love a good smelling, well groomed and dressed man.

In My college days all My female friends loved hugging me around campus and compliment me on how good I always smelled.

You as a man have to invest in high quality tootpaste, mouthwash, detergent, cologne and deodorant. I will not disclose My amazing top notch secret cologne nor deodorant and body spray. You will have to find your own. 😛

Take a shower daily, don't smoke cigarettes nor drink a lot of liquor since they produce bad smelling toxins out of your pores and mouth.


I believe if you follow My tips you will attract and find good woman to like you and date you. So don't listen to all these butthurt, lonely and bitter men who say women nowdays are trash and dating isn't worth it.

They are plenty of cool and sweethearts of women in the world to date and marry.

P.S. For all you lonely, bitter and angry loser men, please spare your breath and energy on calling me a White Knight or whatever for speaking the truth on your failures with women.

Go to your mom basement to play XBox. 😎

Quit Blaming Feminism for Your Failures and Lack of Success With Women. You're The Problem, Not Them...
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Most Helpful Girl

  • TheFriendlyOne
    Feminism is what is making men more reserved these days and I do agree.

    When a mere "Hi" or "hello" or "have a nice day " , " you are looking pretty/gorgeous" becomes tagged as sexual harassment under the name of catcalling.

    When sex that you regret the next day turn into "rape".

    When a mistaken interpretation of signals leading to an attempt at kiss when the woman turn the head away, turns into "sexual harassment"

    When the mere explanation of something or expressing a view point becomes "mansplaining"

    When the biological disability of men due to having a pair of balls between their legs, makes them sit with legs apart turns into "man spreading"

    When men putting in more efforts towards work and getting paid for the work they do, and women putting more efforts in family than work and getting paid for the amount of work they do, turns Into "Gender Pay Gap".
    FYI there is a difference between wages and earnings.

    When all men are demonized for being men or for not being women, the guys can't be blamed for being turned down by the one sided deal they are getting.


    And as far as the take owner
    Yes third wave feminism is responsible for all the lives that are being ruined by false accusation and demonizing men for being men.
    Is this still revelant?
    • exactly. and you only scratched the surface. too much hatred on men today. and one sided stereotypes. especially in the states where feminazis are rampant.

    • @levantine99
      If I could I would have kissed you RN for making me believe that I wasn't the crazy one.
      And the appreciative kiss. Not the sexual one 😅

    • sure. smooch smooch [they exchange friendly cheek kisses] lol.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • OlderAndWiser
    If I had said all of this, I would be called that idiot old guy who doesn't know what he is talking about. I haven't read the other responses but I assume you have been called some names, also. It is easier for these butt hurt guys to call you names than it is for them to go fix what is wrong in their lines. All of this once again proves the old adage: winners get results, losers have excuses!
    Is this still revelant?
    • 100% agree. 😎

    • Unit1

      Wow, @OlderAndWiser you really did predict what kind of responses you'd get. I am really impressed.
      More so they have proven your point.
      Is this some behavior pattern, that you have learned or observed?

    • @Unit1 Eh, read the things he has wrote and you'll see the point. He is just an older troll. But older trolls and younger trolls dont mix well. So now people may troll him. Not saying its 100% right, but it is the internet. It happens.

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  • ManOnFire
    I don't think feminism is to blame for everything, no. But it certainly isn't making things better either.
  • Chief16
    Lol stop.
    What do you wanna say? Disagreeing with feminism isn't disagreeing with women. Feminists don't represent all women. Show respect? For what? Respect is earned. Any guy who respects anyone without assessing their values is a doormat. Don't be one.
    • So you mean to tell me when you meet a stranger you don't show him or her the courtsey of respect? You talk and treat them like a animal?

    • Chief16

      Etiquette and Respect are two completely different things. Man is an animal by extension of that very definition. Self respect before respect. I'm not giving that person respect, I'm conducting myself as per my values and discipline. If I offer someone I don't know a hand, its empathy not respect.

    • If you're showing them proper etiquette then by default you are showing them respect.

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  • metalsucks2
    Ah yes another post bashing men and this time it's written by a white knight cuck.

    - Respect is earned not given. No one is entitled to respect just because they have certain genitalia in this case a vagina.
    - Women due to feminism think everything a guy says is "creepy" especially when she thinks that guy is attractive

    "Go introduce yourself and ask her name, if you think she's cute then tell her she is cute and if she gives "

    If a guy who is considered unattractive does that he would be considered a creep and in some cases that would be considered "sexual harassment"

    Also being nice and polite is associated with "nice guys" and fedora neckbeards and women prefer @ssholes. So being kind and polite to women is pointless.

    It's funny how men are constantly bashed and told to this and that and that we men must correct ourselves and we're generalised and categorised as creeps with poor hygiene

    I am yet to see a post or mytake telling women they must do this and that to attract men and telling women it's their fault and even if there was a post like that it would be reported by the feminists and all the women would be outraged saying the post is "sexist" followed by "not all women are like that you can't generalise"

    • *unattractive*

    • If you shower once in a while you
      A. Wouldn't be a creep with poor hygiene. You would just be a creep.
      B. If you actually DO shower daily than you wouldn't have gotten butthurt over the idea that guys need to look after their hygiene the same as women do. Shock horror.

      Respect will never be earned if you treat everyone else with none.
      Women don't think guys are creepy because feminism, women think guys are creepy because you seem to have forgotten to treat us like people not fuck toys. (Not all on both genders of course)

      Calling a girl cute during conversation isn't creepy or sexual assault. It's when you shout it across the room or with no lead up that we just think what the fuck and want to get away.

      Accept the truth. You're a sexist bastard who can't be told wrong. No wonder your game sucks smh

    • @BaileyisDarcy
      More pointless accusations. I don't talk to women, I don't approach women, I don't do the things you accuse me of doing. I also never claimed to have no game.

      Also you don't know me or how I treat people. I don't treat people a certain way because of their gender. The fact that you assume that I treat people a certain way because of their gender makes YOU sexist.

      Read the news, look around you men are being falsely accused of things they never did out of spite, men are being bashed online by feminazis because he complimented a woman or for simply breathing.

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  • Underduress
    I am and continue to be successful with women and my relationships with women have nothing to do with feminism. Unlike you I do not try to shift blame elsewhere. However, I won’t let this b$ht slide on this take where you completely try to decouple the destruction of feminism on society from view and turn the blame of the cause and effect onto the men that are shouldering the $ht firsthand. You are one pathetic little disconnected poc. So to keep things in perspective let’s revisit feminism as it really stands currently. Feminism was founded on the hate of man. Here are the quotes from some of the founding feminists and the genesis of your label: I feel that ‘man-hating’ is an honorable and viable political act, that the oppressed have a right to class-hatred against the class that is oppressing them. Robin Morgan, Ms. Magazine Editor------The nuclear family must be destroyed… Whatever its ultimate meaning, the break-up of families now is an objectively revolutionary process. Linda Gordon----I want to see a man beaten to a bloody pulp with a high-heel shoved in his mouth, like an apple in the mouth of a pig. Andrea Dworkin----Since marriage constitutes slavery for women, it is clear that the women’s movement must concentrate on attacking this institution. Freedom for women cannot be won without the abolition of marriage. Sheila Cronin, the leader of the feminist organization NOW----Marriage as an institution developed from rape as a practice. Andrea Dworkin----The institution of sexual intercourse is anti-feminist. Ti-Grace Atkinson----When a woman reaches ****** with a man she is only collaborating with the patriarchal system, eroticizing her own oppression. Sheila Jeffrys----- The more famous and powerful I get the more power I have to hurt men. Sharon Stone---The proportion of men must be reduced to and maintained at approximately 10% of the human race. Sally Miller Gearhart, in The Future – If There Is One – Is Female----If life is to survive on this planet, there must be a decontamination of the Earth. I think this will be accompanied by an evolutionary process that will result in a drastic reduction of the population of males. Mary Daly----Men who are unjustly accused of rape can sometimes gain from the experience. Catherine Comins----I do want to be able to explain to a 9-year-old boy in terms he will understand why I think it’s OK for girls to wear shirts that revel in their superiority over boys. Treena Shapiro
    • None of these statements have ever been denounced by any renowned feminist so they still stand as feminist’s mantra and manifesto. So you must be a complete fool to protect this by trying to shift the blame of the effects onto the men that face it. You deserve to get this fella. Now that I wasted my time on this crap po.

    • Whatever. All the women you probably been involved with are low quality garbage. I don't have that problem.

    • How does that relate at all to anything I said?

  • goddess87
    This is what I say daily. Everyday I see a man posting in an attempt to bash all women for their own failures. It's very simple: don't be a dick and don't be a creep. The only time I ever constantly hear about feminism is on here. In real life, no woman walks down the street thinking about feminism before doing any basic activity like the butt hurt feminist obsessed men do on here. They're single because of themselves so instead of learning from past mistakes they start having an unhealthy obsession with feminism which really turns them psychotic.
    • For real. I only hear about feminism on here too. Lol.. Women seem cool to me on the streets.

    • burpzzzzz

      Dear clueless woman we are dick because you treated us men like shit.

    • Djaaay

      Asker... You have been deceived , not true !!

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  • Tdieseler
    Funny, i find it interesting how you know what "loser" men do. Im not gonna stoop to your level, but i do know this... you gotta be wary of those cunts. I don't count the quality of my life according to the attention of women, and i never will.
    Matter of fact, i'd rather play on my xbox than seek female approval, because thats how people like you are created, also creating a vicious societal cycle.
    Lonely bitter angry men... apparently, you haven't dated or been with enough women... because the guys i know that you would group in that category, are the ones that have been with a LOT of women. Its the ones who haven't been with any or with a few that still have that factor called Hope.
    Im not angry or bitter, but i did choose to be alone... women are nothing but a headache i'd rather not deal with.
    I won't call you a white knight, you aren't exactly sticking up blindly... but i will call you an inexperienced moron. You can't see what they do (or try to) you just see the external. Sure there are bitter guys... but dig into their background and see why they are before you judge..

    read @cth96190 's comment, hell, even i haven't faced that, but I've seen a lot of people around me face it. Its a true thing.
    • Lol man, y'all must live in hell that y'all can't find good woman around. Smh

    • Tdieseler

      Good woman huh... you actually say that like that is something that is scattered around. The definition of Good, both for man and woman, is all according to the perspective of the thinker.
      I find a woman who is verbally and physically abusive as bad... but i know guys who think she is good because it shows she "cares"...
      SO maybe you have (or haven't) found your "good" woman, but that doesn't mean it would be "good" for another man... remember...
      "one man's meat is another one's..."

      I've dated and been with more women than i want to count... and I've only met 3 that i can classify as "good"... that should give you a little rational perspective. So unless you are one of those guys that just succumbs to the will of any woman, you too should know this.

    • Richareens

      "Im not angry or bitter, but i did choose to be alone... women are nothing but a headache i'd rather not deal with."

      Butthurt. Next, please.

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  • DanoMR98
    This is going to come of like a rant, but it's really a vent.

    It's not easy. I can't get a girlfriend or a date to save my life. It's really not a meme: if you're in the bottom 60% for being desirable, you have a lot of odds to overcome.

    I think that in regards to "today's" society, feminism has a lot to do with it. It's not the laws or the actual equality for the most part, that hinders our dating lives (those are bad in other ways, but not for dating). It's the completely suffocating culture of being complicit from birth of oppressing an entire gender. Your schooling, your social media and mass media (tv, music, news, etc), your politicians and employers, your everything being a reminder of some sort of guilt you should ave for being male. That's not the BIG kicker though.

    I'm an incel, OP. That means involuntary celibate. I've been unwanted by women for as long as I've been wanting them (so about puberty?). There is nothing worse than being undesirable. The worst part about not having sex is that you know you could never have it if you wanted it.
    I want you to know something about us incels: many of us came from feminist moms. We were raised by feminists who tried their best to make us into men who loved women and wanted to be equal to them. The reality is that our moms turned us into men that women would never want. Most of us spent a long time being liberal and open-minded and it wasn't until we took the redpill where we took a hard 180 on our beliefs related to politics, culture, society and women. It really doesn't change the fact that my personality hasn't changed, just my opinions. I still have my beta demeanor, my unassertive and soft-spoken tones, my apologetic weakness, my reservedness, the list goes on. These things make charming little boys that will grow up to be really unattractive men.

    I invite you to look through my questions history for a better understanding, but I have one quote pulled to sum up my feelings.

    From 'How to Become Unjaded?'
    "I think it's really easy to dream up some caricature of a loser, but the reality is that for most of the young men in my boat, the real shit is being unwanted and undesirable... In a way my attitude has just become hateful, passive and completely defeatist."

    Please OP, if you have a son, make sure the men who he looks up to are masculine and don't raise him to be a feminist, just raise him to be polite.
    • Look, you might be struggling, but having a poor me attitude isn't going to cut it. Be strong.

  • runescapegirl
    The social changes attack everyone. They don't elevate woman and oppress men like some may think. If I am a woman who wants a traditional family, feminism hurts me. It hurts anyone who has more conservative values. Men and woman. It is only people who want to have a secular lifestyle that think they are benefiting i:e people who aren't as interested in marriage and family but following selfish desires and many sexual partners. But even those people will be effected by natural consequences and possibly feel later regret when they realize how shallow it all was. Society as a whole is being attacked by radial leftisms, and we are facing awful social problems like your children not knowing what gender they are.

    Another problem I think is people suffer from associating with the wrong people. Usually if you date someone who is also having conservative values things will probably go better for you. Although stuff can still happen.
    • God bless you woman for speaking exactly how I feel

    • If you desire a traditional family or whatever then move to a conservative state like Alabama, Georgia, Texas or whatever if you live in the USA. There are many conservative men that are looking for what you desire.

    • Wow, so much for being inclusive of people with different opinions

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  • Phoenix98
    Your right but your wrong.

    Yes you shouldn't blame feminism if you just happen to have shitty luck when it comes to women.

    But feminism has destroyed a lot of lives and has had an effect on men in the dating world.

    I've seen women who have filed sexual harassment claims against men just for saying hello to them or even looking at their general direction.

    This isn't a simple black and white answer type of question.
    • Blake0048

      Exactly... while there is truth behind what he is saying the fact remains that feminism is a cancerous ideology and the feminists are essentially the men he is describing right now.

  • Bell44444
    Thank you for proving there are still reasonable people in the world who know that feminism doesn't actually reflect all women. I'm against feminism and I'm so tired of being painted as a part of it just because I'm female. You deserve a medal.
    • Botchie

      There's always egalitarianism. And with that movement, it's easy to reject those who aren't egalitarians because the name is a bit more gender neutral but still has the message of benefiting both women and men.

  • BrittBratt2416
    Yeah understand 3rd wave feminism is out of control, but i do see men on this site and youtube constantly using feminism as a excuse to shit on women.
    • Djaaay

      You reap what you sew...

    • Tukindz

      Probably because feminism is already used to shit on men.

  • Kuraj
    You are 31 year old beta bucks virgin who wants a woman saving herself for marriage.
    You have even less authority to give advice than the people you are condescendingly trying to give advice to.
    • I'm not a animal to be a Alpha or Beta idiot. Nevertheless, I'll whoop the living ish out of you. So shut up.

    • martinj

      OP i think you upset the sad feminist appeasing twat.

    • Kuraj

      @martinj A 31 year old in denial that there is still some decent christian girl waiting right behind the corner for him and that he won't have to marry an expired cum bucket with 2 children who will let him fuck her maybe 2 times a year until he finds out she has been cheating on him the whole time.

      I wonder how long this doormat persona is going to last for him.
      But judging by this "advice" on how to become an ATM I guess it is going to be quite a while.

  • yucychan
    Thank you for your take. I agree. I would also like to share some comments to those who are feeling bitter over being rejected.
    Previously, when I was single, and I saw many couples on the street, acting lovey-dovey, I do feel lonely and a bit depressed. But I don't remember blaming all the guys in the world for my predicament and sulking at home. I just went ahead and do other things, things which I enjoy like going for a jog or planning for an overseas trip. I just focus on other things instead of being miserable all day long.
    Sure, I've been rejected before. I admitted to a crush that I liked him and he said he doesn't feel the same way and he only treats me as a friend. Yes, it hurts because I really liked him a lot. He might as well have slapped me on the face and it wouldn't hurt that much. However, I really don't feel any hatred nor held any malice to him, in fact, I wished him and the girl he likes all the best. And they are a still a couple now.
    I guess my point is rejections are bound to happen, you still have to move on and live your life. You can choose to live a life hating all women forever, blaming them for everything or you can choose to live a life for yourself, doing things that you have always want to do and accomplish your life goals and dreams.
    I'm not a perfect person, I have issues of my own but if I can move on instead of blaming others for every single bad thing that has happened to me, so why can't you?
  • RolandCuthbert
    This is a nice take. But a lot of men at GaG are determined to be victims, to blame their shortcomings on women or the women's movement. It is just a weird thing. Being a man used to be about strength of character, men used to be resilient. But I guess this whole complaining thing has to be effective. I guess these guys go out to a bar, see a nice looking woman, complain about feminism to her. . . and she just opens right up.

    Then they move on to the next bunny.

    • ''or the women's movement'' 7% of women in the united states identify as feminist out of thousands, only 13% overseas. Feminist isn't a womens movement, it doesn't represent them and hasn't for generations. only a small few actually follow that crap.

    • @FreedomByChoice My goodness, you want to actually debate the women's or feminist movement with me?


      Dude, find a feminist to debate.


    • thats not a debate, there is no alternative. saying that modern femis a womens movement is like saying MGTOW is a mens movement. most men and women do not identify with that and for very good reason

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  • Mishthefish
    Well written Take. All guys should pay close attention to your tips!
    • Lopezz1999

      Don't know why you have down votes, but I agree.

    • @Lopezz1999 omg I only saw the downvotes now. Why all the hate guys?

    • Richareens

      Those downvotes are from sulky, butthurt men LOL

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  • PatriarchalOppressor
    Another HeForShe dog whistle question. I've no problem gettin women. They've been easy since the 70s and women's lib. But I do have choices.

    A. Get married, give a woman enormous legal and financial power over my life, become an indentured servant, get divorced, endure the life destruction of alimony, asset division, child support (alimony++), parental alienation & false accusations (leading to perma criminal record), get sent to prison when I can't afford to make payments to my slave master, end up broke, potentially homeless and/or just another suicide statistic.

    B. Stay blissfully single & problem free, focus on my future, retire early to a life of sovereignty & adventure, refuse to give women & the state life destroying power over my future and never have to worry about some entitled she-beesh trying to destroy my very existence when she gets bored.

    Marriage is nothing but a long con. Men built and maintained all upon the Earth. Not a single structure of note on the entire planet built by women. Men were trafficked, exploited, manipulated and disposed of in all the wars for the advancement of women and the state, not women. Women simply demand control of men and their accomplishments.

    You can take the marriage job and shove it. Ain't workin there no mo.
  • JustAnotherGirlie
    Yeah he probably pissed y'all off with this post, BUT HE IS SO RIGHT. I'm tired of pussy men getting online to complain about all the women that won't pay them attention. It's 2017 - if you can't get laid with the help of Tinder/Bumble/etc then you're a lost cause. If you are good with women (meaning, you know what makes them tick) you'll be fine. A lot of these MGTOW types are clueless about women so instead of learning from female friends (that they don't have btw) they spew hate. It's easier to hate than to say, "listen, women confuse me. How do women think?" That requires humility. And acknowledging that your perspective of the world won't yield you the results you want. It's not feminism's fault - it's your ego that must die.
    • Well said m8. Well said.

    • martinj

      Men go MGTOW because we don't like women using us for money and controlling us like all modern women do.

    • Richareens

      @martinj "Luckily the fight back has begun, with rape, harassment, stalking and murder of women soaring in starts and it is no less then you deserve." Congrats fag, you're a heartless son of a bitch.

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  • Tasos96
    I don't blame feminism but you have to understand that approaching a random stranger in the street is not easy at all for most people and it's easier said than done. Plus you probably live in America where everyone is used to that happening and it's considered a normal thing
  • errorgoodnameunfound
    Dude you are fucking brave af. Much applause! Just be ready for a trolling storm though Im warning you. It's guerenteed. But you have balls bro for real. haven't gotten the chance to read it but I def will.
    • people who disagree are trolls to you? lol

    • @FreedomByChoice no no NO. I mean like literal trolls dude. The ones that will insult and annoy until they get blocked but send more minionss. They can be ignored, but they are just a buzzkill. They have nothing to contribute. Just there to annoy and nag people for negative attention. Oh and make assumptions like you just did.

    • assumptions? you are the one who is very vague with your answers lol. The people who ''nag'' here may just be giving their real opinion, and if it doesn't mean anything or have value to you, doesn't make them a troll simply because YOU personally got nothing from it. its subjective. If you dont like someones opinion, then cool but the majority of people here isn't just here to bother him, but to give insight to what he said, even if it doesn't have much rebuttal, context etc.. There is barely any, if any people here just doing irrelevant trolling. Respect the fact that people think differently than you

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  • Naydyonov
    I'd personally rather invest my money in more long term things.. rather than cosmetics..

    Otherwise you're right, the aspect you'd be forgetting is that with 3rd wave feminism the thing I think that will hinder a man's ability to find a woman isn't the fact that girls want to be treated a certain way or whatever else. But it's that if you're against 3rd wave feminist ideals as so you would be incompatible with any such woman, you'd be limiting your pool of options by 20% easily, with up to 90% in some areas I'm sure. And so when you add a few pieces of criteria such as: not a 3rd wave feminist, is logical, likes nature, likes rock. Then a man may literally find his pool of potential candidates has fallen from 100/100 to 3/100, and now he'd need to see if he even likes them.

    In these cases I understand men because I do fall under such a case myself.
    I am not too fond of 3rd wave feminists. I'm not attracted to any non white race (minus the occasional individual) and I'm not attracted to many white nationalities either. Fuck if I know why.
    I am quite radical in some of my views and women tend not to be , or they end up holding the opposite view of my opinion.
    Decently attractive.

    So even from just this my options are cut by demographics to at most 50.2% of the female population (based on 2011 demographics of Toronto). Next there are the 46-66% of voters who voted for the Liberal party, and I, would not be able to get along with such a person. So far based on 2 criteria I have now around a pool of 30/100 girls. Let's add on that now I need to find a girl who I personally find at least decently attractive, which gives me roughly 10/100.

    Essentially I added 3 criteria;
    #1: Purely subconscious preference.
    #2: Conscious political preference.
    #3: Conscious/Unconscious mix of physical desires.

    With this I've already lost 90% of the candidates at the minimum, let alone that I've never actually found a girl that has a personality that would be okay with mine, and more than a couple girls I find pretty that'd I'd date.
    Really, dating in Canada is not my thing.
  • Margillard
    Yup blame the guys why all you girls can't find any real men.
    Feminism rocks, thanks for the libereation and freedom to go my own way.
    www.foxnews.com/.../why-men-wont-marry.htmlQuit Blaming Feminism for Your Failures and Lack of  Success With Women. You're The Problem, Not Them...
  • Frosteh
    Good women have absolutely nothing to do with feminism, women who are genuinely virtuous people would want nothing to do with that toxic ideology.

    No one respects feminists because respect is earned, it's not something you get to demand.

    Go watch "The Red Pill" documentary and actually educate yourself to the harms that feminism is doing to society.
  • bloodmountain1990
    I think both men and women all of their issues with dating and each other but feminism has nothing to do with it.

    I would say online dating and the way modern dating is had ruined it otherwise you wouldn't see people openly complaining on dating sites or see older people say I'm glad I don't have to play that game any more or it'd drive me crazy.
  • HandsomeGuy500
    White knight alert. Feminism is a cancer in society and has made women crazy. I never give women any attention and always ignore them. They're just not worth it, and neither are the white knights who pander to them.
  • Louloubum
    any human being should want to make another human being feel good about themselves. you should want to show someone that you care. not everyone, there are a lot of dummies not worth the time, but if you aren't out to impress ANYONE, EVER, there is something wrong with you. just try.
  • cth96190
    Let me know if you maintain your current blue-pill position after you have been arse raped in a divorce court, lost everything and impoverished for life by child support and spousal support orders.
    Or, after your life has been destroyed by a false rape allegation.
    Or, after you have been cuckolded and a court orders you to pay child support for the bastard child that resulted from your wife's adultery.
    Really and truly, you are incredibly naive.
    Feminism has made modern Western women toxic and too legally and financially dangerous for any form of interaction to be a rational act.
    Women hit on me with a frequency that younger men would likely not believe, but I reject all of them (usually by pretending to not notice what they are throwing in my face).
    I am too old to take a risk of greater than 50 per cent that interaction with a woman will destroy me financially and cause me to spend my twilight years starving, wet and homeless. . . sleeping in a park.
    • Tdieseler

      That will never happen to him... he obviously hasn't been with one... so he can talk all this mad mess.

  • FakeName123
    You are correct at stating that feminism isn't the cause for a lack of individual failure of plenty of guys with women.

    Doesn't change that feminism is a cancer nonetheless. Still - self-responsibility is a great thing to have.
  • Yayeet
    Correct, feminism isn't to blame for guys' unhappiness. It's to blame for girls' unhappiness.
  • samsmoove
    Wow I don't think I've ever seen such a pussy on here before. Congrats white knighty you get an award
    • Yeah, whatever. Go back to the zoo.

    • go back to the zoo? what is that supposed to mean? your self righteousness makes me sick

    • samsmoove

      Go back across the border dummy

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  • IHateBeingaMan
    ya, as always, us guys are always the ones who easily get called cowards, which makes me filled with anger and resentment because its impossible for a woman to get called a coward
    • Tdieseler

      Cut they always play victim quickly and inciting the wrath and actions of male SJW's.

    • @Tdieseler a quote I love about life, reality, society, is that men either sink or swim in life, women basically float

    • Tdieseler

      riding on the coattails of whatever or whomever will have them. very true quote. Im gonna write that down.

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  • ayylamo
    I see myself as a semi-successful loser. I've never dated or had a girlfriend but I have a lot of money, and earn a lot of money at my job.
  • TheFlak38
    What does all this have to do with feminism?
    It's like saying alpha males love feminism and only beta male losers hate it. Wrong.
    And by the way, yes, women love to be abused. As long as you treat them right afterwards. When I mouthfuck my woman while holding her nose and then finish on her face I quickly get a towel and wipe her face. And she loves it.
  • Norsie
    Honestly, I would rather play ps4 after a long day of work and come home to nothing. I have stopped dating for 3 years because i would rather do something useful with my life.
    Great myTake but there is truth to girls being part of that failure. Feminism is a shell of what it used to be and because of this people manipulate it to their own advantage. Guy's don't ask out girls anymore because they are afraid of being accused of sexual harassment. And girls don't go out anymore on dates because they just want to have fun and fuck dudes, drink party and live in their own little fantasy.
    Women are selfish and you are white knighting to compound that belief.
    • How the hell a guy is going to ask a woman on a date and she accuse him of sexual harassment? I don't believe that at all unless the guy is pestering her a lot after she said no to him.

    • Norsie

      Hmm soso you'd be surprised. Happened to one of my friends while we were at a bar. Crazy girl maybe but the general thought behind it aligned with selfishness. My boy wasn't pushy at all.

    • What happened at that bar is a isolated incident. That chick was probably drunk or incredibly stupid or your friend said something sexual to her. Either way trust me no woman is going to the police and report sexual harassment becuase a man ask her on date just one time.

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  • ATuairiscean
    Everybody has their own recipe for success - I say just be yourself and see what happens - Don't say "Do this and you will get laid" or blame other things for failure
    • if his true self is a basement dwelling xbox playing socially awkward creepo, not much will happen. be yourself is realy a terrible advice to those men whose selves aren't going to attract anyone... .

  • zagor
    I don't blame feminism. I blame a lot of blown opportunities and my OCD.
  • DonRomeo
    you're absolutely full of shit. Like you say, masses of normal guys out there are being affected by this misandric society, and the evidence is there to see every day. Blaming normal people for a political situation is the sort of thing that would come from an overprivelidged shit-for-brains like you. you're a joke, and have no place in this community, which is about reconcilliating gender differences. And that requires an adult understanding of the societies we live in, not some pop denial that defends the status quo. And this is coming from someone whos probably slept with more women than you have.

    Full. Of. Shit.
  • Vincisomething
    This is giving me flashbacks about that weeb on Tumblr who got all pussy because he was ignored at the maid Cafe lol.

    I "knew" this one prick who would neglect me on this joke he called a "date" and had to use the bathroom at a very convenient time so I ended up paying for him. I had no impression that it was a date and anything else he called one was no running errands and pulling me along. It was all a huge joke. When I finally cut him off, he sat there wondering what he did wrong, feigning innocence. And those fake dates weren't the worst he did. Moral of the story? Don't take women for granted just because u think you snatched one up. And don't be that useless piece of garbage who uses the bathroom right as you're about to get pay and then act offended that a woman paid for you. You're just embarrassing yourself
  • ElisAllTheWay
    Amen. Let's not forget about the social freedom real feminism has given to men and women alike.
    • martinj

      You are ridiculously deluded, feminism has destroyed male social freedom.

    • @martinj you mean to slap a girl's ass? Or maybe you mean the newly found freedom you're just recently gaining to not have to live up to some ridiculous expectation of manhood that afflicts way too many men- oh wait, that's still thanks to feminism.

    • Giacomanzo

      What kind of freedom? To express feelings? That's gay as fuck

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  • Tiffanyishere
    Who are you to say these women who do these things are low quality? everyone is different, some might consider the good quality women you listed in your opinion total bitches and prudes.

    Some of what yo say is true, but you have your faults. You are self righteous.
  • *steps down from the high and armored horse and removes helmet*
    Sire. I'm a white knight too. And i surely appreciate ye advises to get myself one of these maidens. I thank ye.

    Nice tips. I will keep them in mind.
    • Unit1

      Also i never even heard of feminism or feminists until i joined girlsaskguys. Never even met a feminist in my life. I have no idea where many people live with such dramatical circumstances.

    • usa uk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pI7pAsvqPAk I think has them to Australia maybe more places I think sweden dunno anywho enjoy the feminist cringe complication

    • Unit1

      They call us white knights dude 😂😂😂
      For just loving or respecting women.
      Like women don't deserve it or feminism advocating against having respect for men ,😂😂😂
      The gender war is a thing on the internet.

      Time to go training and train our jousting skills. Also i think i will patrol if i got some time left afterwards to see if maiden in distresses need our chivalrous assistance against those foule misogynists bandits.

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  • Goochbreaker
    Feminism is fucked, and I'll never date a feminist, idgaf if I spend my entire life without pussy IT'S NOT WORTH PUTTING UP WITH THAT SHIT NOTHING IS
  • Cosytoasty
    Ahh, I see GaG's finest men and women have shown up this one lol.
  • Bananaman177
    Personally, I think feminism and MGTOW are controlled at the top of the pyramid by the same group of people.
  • Pyrofox
    The real women guys actually want dont affiliate themselves with this corrupt group. As so far they have done more harm than good.

    As to the Mytake grammar could be improved. But thats something almost all of us could do. As no one is perfect.

    Neat to see your opinnion but I disagree on multiple points. Feminism is the new way of saying bias is blinding someone. As it seems a lot of the radical feminists have claims leading towards the need to point EVERYTHING out and then not do anything to actually change culture. But complain about events when they come around.

    Its in a sense like the present day US president. Complains and says they will do something but rarely ever something actually happens.
  • freedombychoice23
    @errorgoodnameunfound well you talk about a ''storm'' of trolls like its a common thing for the majority of answers to be troll comments, the problem here isn't with my reading but the fact that you cannot admit how intolerant you are to the ''storm'' of other comments and when you got called out on it, you had to nitpick and find that one rare comment that had no substance to it.
  • RedVulcan
    Hang on a sec. Smell?
    Ladies, to what extent does smell actually matter when picking out a guy? I'm pretty nose blind/uncaring when it comes to girls.
    • A LOT. If you smell like shit then who, let alone a potential partner, is going to want to hang around you?

    • @BaileyisDarcy So true! Some people have really bad mildew smells or smell like cat piss because of their sweat chemical makeup- smell really matters!

    • burpzzzzz

      @BaileyisDarcy A lot you women smell like strong perfume that I can't even go near you. I have to fucking hold my breath.

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  • JustWorthlessMe
    Good article... except for the fact that looks mean everything to women... if you're not attractive, things like personality, honesty, and sense of humor mean nothing. Claiming otherwise is just shameless sucking up to the ladies here.
  • 10dsw
    I feel like your message is also coming from an angry and butthurt point of view but I do agree.

    I have gone on at least 100 first dates in my life time and the word "feminism" has never been brought up, 99% of girls happily paid for themselves on first dates (I screened out the obvious gold diggers)... and any other points commonly brought up on G@G. Also militant feminists are rather easy to avoid.

    ** On a side note... in a way I'm liking traditional feminism... apparently there are now 4 educated women for 3 educated men which makes hooking up very easy as an educated man **

  • MackFreeze
    Good take man! Thought it was needed to be said!
    • martinj

      16-17 are the worst feminazi arse suckers, mass euthanasia needed

    • MackFreeze


      What bro, I don't like feminists.

  • Lumberman53
    True but people need a way to excuse their pathetic states. Of course that's not to say that I don't have an issue with feminists. I do but for other reasons.