Are Girls Weird or Is It the Guys' Fault? Some of My Interactions with Girls


I am a college student, often stared at and checked out by girls and a lot of eye contact, female classmates, previous colleagues at my job and girls i meet through friends seem to like me a lot and always compliment my height and looks adn cool interesting personality, sometimes stranger girls approach me or hit on me (not often though) .

Are girls weird or is it the guys fault ? some of my interactions with girls

iam gonna present some of my interaction with some girls from a very objective standpoint and i want to hear your opinions on what went wrong :

1 - she was very cute, works at an icecream shop, 18 years old 7-7.5/10, always would stare ,hold eye contact and get nervous around me, added her on fb, talked for over a month, asked for her number twice and despite being very receptive and always talking to me a lot she refused to give me her digits, i got bored and stopped messaging her, a week later i hear she got engaged .

2- met on a dating app, went out like 8 times, sometimes messaged each other, despite letting me touch her all over, and acting/wearing slutty outfits she told me that she doesn't want marriage and doesn't see herself having sex before marriage, needless to say i never messaged her again, before telling me that whatever we were doing went on for months .

Girl 3 - very sexy and beuatiful with a slight touch of makeup easily 8.5/10+, always would stare at me at college, hold eye contact, check me out and act like just the two of us existed, even smile sometimes, couldnt find her when i looked so i added her on fb, talked for 2-3 days, she seemed nice and receptive, second time i was at college and she was as well, i asked to meet her she asked where i was so she could come .... last time i ever hear from her, saw her a couple times after that, and she unfrieded me on fb .

4 - acted like girl 3, seemed very interested, easily 7.5/10, friends noticed and told me to talk to her, tried talking to her for two weeks but couldnt find her, so i added her on fb, spoke to her twice, lots of laughs, shared some food pics, talked about education and the holidays, a day after our second conversation she blocked me on messenger .

i can think of more but these 4 stand out everytime .

Are Girls Weird or Is It the Guys' Fault? Some of My Interactions with Girls

Now after you have read that (hopefully) what are your thoughts ?

Are Girls Weird or Is It the Guys' Fault? Some of My Interactions with Girls
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  • kixxxxxx
    I experience this everytime.. girls are so weird but what I figured out is that there is lack of physical rewarding + game.. When I talk to girls over internet it never works out but when I talk to girls on the internet and meet them too, always works out. (BUT THAT'S ME). If your game is on point, try as much physical meetings as possible or connect in a way where it's not desperate like facetime or snapchatting or something. Hope that helps anyhow.
  • windknowsmyname
    Pffhu, girls, they never do nothing wrong.😒. Dude i know how you feel and what you go through. You know its like.. its like they want to keep you around until they find someone better or something better then your just an after thought.

    About a month ago. I recently had let go a person who showed signs they liked me or was clingy. But she told me she didn't anything serious and liked another guy. Buuuut she blow up phone, we talked and get good laughs in 5 ta 8 hours everyday, and more. Nope, she crosses the line when has no end goal even as a friend. What mean is shed want me act like her loving boyfriend while in the friend zone.

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