Stop Ruining the Chances For the Good Men Out There!


Men: Have you ever wondered why women have gotten very defensive when you’re just being yourself? Isn’t it irritating when girls feel as if you’re just playing a role to get in her pants?

”I won’t have sex with you, okay?”

”But I wasn’t looking for sex... I want to get to know you.”

”Sure you do!”

This is all caused by the other two categories of men: The Pervs and The Warners.

The Pervs

This group of guys are the ones who are actively switching roles and masks in order to get into a girl’s pants.

Stop Ruining the Chances For the Good Men Out There!

The motive for him to act this way is to try and make himself feel better about getting women (not seeking to get with one woman in particular). He looks for those who are naive enough to trust him, and not smart enough to trust their own female instincts. He doesn’t care about himself or others, hence his risky and reckless behavior.

The Warners

This group of guys is called “The Warners” for a very simple reason: They warn women about the good men AND the pervs, without actually analyzing the situation. They mix the good men and pervs and place them in one single category, without even thinking about it.

Stop Ruining the Chances For the Good Men Out There!

Why do “Warners” tend to do this? Maybe because they’ve bought the falsely-based claim that men are only in it for the sex; that men are wild animals that can’t think like a decent human being. This, in turn, makes women basically avoid the types of men who seem “too good to be true.” Or maybe because they simply want the woman to believe it.

As women, we tend to ask our male friends or male users in sites like G@G, about the behavior that men exhibit. “You’re a guy, so you could probably give me some insight on his behavior.” But when Warners always spew out comments like these, it makes women not be around men. They start to reserve themselves from men, and are too careful with them.

Pervs and Warners: Don’t do this, because you’re ruining the chances of genuinely good men out there! That’s why women are so confused by men, since one man says “he’s a perv” but the other says “he’s just trying to get into your pants!” Without a second thought.


Girl: I like this guy, and we’ve been fiends for so long. He’s starting to flirt with me and he’s never done this. What do I do?


The warner only wants to talk negatively about his own gender without realizing it.

As a final note, I’d like to thank the good men who value a woman for being a person, instead of valuing a woman’s body parts over her humanity. You guys rock! Keep being you!

Stop Ruining the Chances For the Good Men Out There!
Stop Ruining the Chances For the Good Men Out There!
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Most Helpful Guy

  • FatherJack
    A large part of the problem is " media " and feminist anti-male propaganda , girls are taught to view men as inferior , sex obsessed morons ( my daughter picked up on that at the age of just 8.. enough said ) , combined with simultaneous male bashing for boys... many actually feel guilty and cursed for merely being male...

    Hence the Nice Guy TM phenomena... men are often afraid to be bold & direct ( also they fear sex assault / rape allegations as well as " male guilt " affecting them ) ... whereas the Bad Boys TM... don't give a flying one... but they are very much the minority. Many men also believe that women have no genuine attraction to men and women are offended & disgusted by any attempted approaches from men... seriously !!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Onlythisone
    A good one won't be ruined by that, they tend to know the world sucks but don't let it affect them.
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  • Huh. I expected something like "Stop passing up the good guys!" when men show real interest into the ladies but then get accused of "trying to get into her pants". But this is something different. I have never seen this before.

    Now, now. Most men in fact do want to get into the ladies pants at one point or another and it's just natural and sexual and normal this way. Pumping and dumping the good ladies however is rather unacceptable behavior.
    • Anonymous

      Most women also want to do that, but when they really like a gu (not just sexually) they’ll want to wait. Why do you think most women oblige to having sex.. lol

      but befriending her only because they wanna have sex isn’t acceptable as you say. That’s what this take is about :)

    • Unit1

      I have a severe woman deficit in my life. This deficit is so intense, that it's unhealthy. So i wouldn't know 😐

      I wish i could befriend women 🤔

    • Anonymous

      Befriending women is just like befriending a man.
      But i guess it’s different when a man befriends a woman, instead of a woman befriending another woman. Women are more open towards other women befriending them rather than a man. I used to be “one of the guys” because I thought women were more ‘dramatic’ and ‘complicated’, but then i realized it’s the same thing.

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  • Goochbreaker
    Keep telling girls this stuff LOL because at it stands the good guys are in a state of utter petrification, what is one to do in such a fucked environment? Gender relations are practically beyond repair... thank god for sites like this, perhaps we can actually heal together

  • Cosytoasty
    I hate to throw a spanner in your take, but genuinely good, dateable men are very rarely single, even if they are they don’t sit around wondering or playing the worlds smallest violin about women.
    • Anonymous

      That’s what I’m saying

    • Cosytoasty

      Is it? I assumed you were speaking on behalf of the genuinely good men. I'm saying they don't really need any assistance... the warners and the pervs are not ruining it for them really :P

    • Anonymous

      Sometimes they are. Some guys say “she thinks I’m only in it for the sex but i really want to know her” or something. It does to an extent ruin it for some good guys.

  • genericname85
    point is if you're not willing to have sex, you won't find any guy. not a good or a bad wone :P
    • and honestly if you don't even want sex, look for friends not for "boyfriends" XD

    • Anonymous

      There’s a difference between “ONLY wanting to have sex” and “WANTING to have sex, but also getting to know the person”. Pervs are the former; Respectable men are the latter

    • Yes there's a difference but most guys genuinely don't know and find out what they want along the way.

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  • AdmiralBailey
    I'm none of these. I'm pretty much nothing but truthful with everything I throw myself into. You and I both know that I want sex. Nobody is pulling the wool over anyones eyes. We can chill and be friends until you decide to pull down those department store panties. No pressure though.
  • Take it from me. The majority of men wish they can screw all the pretty women in the world.
    • Anonymous

      Hello, Warner! This take is for you!

    • I'm telling you the 100% truth. Bastards just can't do it, but they wish they can.

      Do have any idea how many beautiful women are just in my own city of Miami, not including the whole world? Trust me, they desire all the gorgeous women, but just can't do it.

    • Anonymous

      And you think we women don’t want all the hottest men in the world? Please sign me up

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  • SouthpawPablo
    so how does a good guy get a date online these days cause i have spilled my heart and told woman after woman what im looking for and what I hope to be to someone and have not even got most any replies and most are from crazy people or women trying to hook up were like two of them (im so cute) they both said and it wasn't a bot i know a bot and then three dudes wanted me to bang their gfs and one wife so ya how the fuck can i even look for love if i can't get a date because of i am judged instantl by the actions of others im not saying dont be careful there are psychos and murders and shit like that but simply talking to someone and at least saying hi so they dont feel like shit would be nice...
    • Anonymous

      Why do you think that you deserve a reply? I think you should ask yourself what you’re doing wrong instead. You’re being one of those doormats I’m talking about; no personality, nothing to give, just being a plain old doormat. Like no thanks! Be a person with his own personality, that’s what we women want. Be yourself, don’t try to act like Prince Charming to get a girl. It won't work.

  • Jan_Classic
    Well first of all, it's hard to find a woman who can make money or even be a good housewife these days. So there's no other use of them, you have only sex. Plus somehow people forget about a very important woman's function: giving birth.
  • Pettifog
    That's one way to look at it. Another way to look at it is that people are stupid in general and have dysfunctional relationships, a lot of the time. But if they're "happy" with that, so be it. If guys are happy wrecking themselves to chase after hypergamous cheerleaders, and if women are happy getting abused by players, the world keeps on spinning.
  • cth96190
    Women are becoming increasingly paranoid because of the 24/7 anti-male brainwashing that is force fed into them via the media and the Marxist indoctrination facilities that are called schools and universities.
    The latest example of this is #metoo.
    The agenda is to drive a wedge between men and women, to destroy the foundation of Western Civilisation and to cause fewer white babies to be born.
    The anti-male hate known as Feminism has affected other races, to be sure, but they were collateral damage, rather than the primary target.
    Years ago I decided that dealing with women was far too much work and legal risk, for little to no reward.
    Consequently, I went MGTOW monk before there was term for it.
    Funny thing, once I had zero interest in dating, fucking, or even speaking to women, women began to come sniffing around.
    Women are perverse creatures.
  • MrCasanova
    Is it true? The Warners are taken over, Oh, My God the Warners are taken over! Now, every man, where I love; 50 mile radius will raise some women antenna up, at the clubs, school, cafes, bookstores and Church about trying to talk to them, the rest of civilization as we know it, will be doomed! he he he (Just kidding),. It's not new knowledge, you just have to not care about getting to "third-base," as much, dumb down your intelligence a little bit and appear sappy to get them.
  • YHL6965
    Ther problem is that this will never chance. Reproduction, in all species, is a merciless competition where it's every man for himself instinctively. These 2 profiles are kind of selfish (between males) so they don't really care about the consequences you're trying to warn them about. All they think is "Cool, girls will not go for nice guys that means more potential partners for me since they are less likely to be in a stable relationship"
  • Aguysopinion4799
    The definition of "A good man" does not exist. -_-
    Due to the word "Good" in that phrase, you have to acknowledge that everyone has different views on perfect or "good" in this world.

    It's not just girls who have this depressingly stupid illusion but guys as well seem to have this image in their heads that there is only one type of person that is perfect for everyone, the cookie cutter shape that fits all, it doesn't exist!!

    So get the idea of only TWO guy categories out of your mind.

    Just like there isn't only TWO girl categories for fuck sake!

    Why do we have to make love so goddamn difficult for ourselves?
  • Being_a_good_Indian
    The player thinks of canned lines and funny and ****y lines to use to say to a woman.

    The “genuinely good man” knows how to talk. He has taught himself to TALK.

    End result: The woman thinks that the “player” is a funny and charismatic
    guy. The woman also thinks that the genuinely good man is also a funny and charismatic guy.

    The difference being that the “genuinely good man” is legit. He has trained himself and excelled in social mastery.. whereas the “player” did not.Stop Ruining the Chances For the Good Men Out There!
  • JDavid25
    I mean, they really ain't ruinin it for us if women know that there are good guys out there, and know how to gauge them..
  • Dim1213
    I agree stop ruining things for us guys. It's had enough to impress girls and get them to like us as it is.
  • GracefulCharm
    Well this could all be avoided if a women was smart enough to make a effort in getting the guy she liked to like him. I'm not saying she has to do this all the time, but making zero effort at all is just unfair and why women meet bad men so often.

    Majority of women won't make any effort, they will just give signals to the man they like to make a move on them. From the beginning their mindset is all about them and how the man has to work for her approval. If you are a women and you play this game which most of them do. What can you offer to the man other than being physically attractive?

    If you are attracting men with the principle of them wanting to have sex with you. Then how do you filter out the men who would really care about you as opposed to the men who just wanna fuck you and get off for their own satisfaction?
  • djmzes
    First of all , if you want to date a good man, then you first of all ask urself some fundamental but really harsh and reality check questions:
    1. " Do you deserve a good man and for what reason and what you have to offer to him"?
    2. " What is the quality of a good man for you (only you not based on society and etc) "?
    3. "What risk/effort you can take to FIND him"?

    The day you find the answers, it will be the day you find the Good man you are looking for because what is good for you is not good for someone else.
  • Coconut_Man
    So essentially a warner is a guy, stuck in the "friendzone" who is trying to cock block every other guy because he actually wants to be with the girl?😛😛
  • Marinepilot
    Women ruin it because they friend zone the nice guys and get used by the bad boys. Then have the unmitigated gall to come groveling back to
    good men when their looks are gone, they're damaged and used single mothers and have noting to offer. And expect good men to unconditionally welcome them when they are absolute scum sucking , parasitic POS's. Fuck that shit. Oh and when bad boy goes to prison they become welfare wenches and become an even bigger loser than they already were. I have no fucking sympathy for cunts like that.
  • CT_CD
    Guys only go on dates to try and get in the girls pants.
  • Sabretooth
    or, they are a a better judge of character-i'm usually always right
  • GREAT_Testicles
    Only thing I'm wondering is why the Devil doesn't brush his teeth.
  • cavmanier
    I've seen that a lot on here and I agree.
  • Listening5
    Is being a good man a good thing?
    • Anonymous

      Yes but men think being a “good man” means chasing after her like a lost puppy. A good man is in fact an independent yet respecting guy. He respects people but doesn’t let himself obsess over them

    • Listening5

      What about being a nice jerk

    • SocksRUs

      No it isn't until you want to be a provider for a single mom or woman above 30.

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  • disgustingweebtrash
    I am a good man
    • SocksRUs

      Are you getting any pussy from it though?

    • @SocksRUs No so don't be a good man, be a bad boi

    • Anonymous

      Lol if the only thing you’re looking for is ‘pussy’ then you’re not a good man, sorry to burst your fantasy bubble

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  • Revolver_
  • Nice222
    Pretty true.
  • Anonymous
    We analyse "Nice guys" to death. One foot out of place, one inappropriate comment, one compliment too many and he's history.
    Bad guys on the other hand get away with practically anything.
  • Anonymous
    I often wonder if i am a good man or not. I have not made much success in the dating world but i don't blame anyone.
  • Anonymous
    someone wanting to get into someone's pants is not just a one way street.

    id like to tell a small story i'm a little pissed about and would like to get it off of my chest if this is the wrong place sorry for being a douchbag.

    there's this girl i knew for a few years she's pretty overweight (being a little bit of a gym enthusiast she asked me to help her lose a little she's 320 pounds) she's an amazing girl loves to relax hang out play video games and is pretty much perfect personality wise. i loved her not because of how she looked but because she was perfect to me we started dating we had sex then she dumped me. she still wants to be friends and says im not a bad guy and she still wants to be friends with benefits. only reason i agree'd was because im hoping she takes me back. saying this next part will probably put me on a lot of girls shit lists but i could pull a much better looking girl than her, but i decided to give her my heart out of love for who she was and not what she looked like and she proceeded to rip my heart into tiny pieces and left me feeling cheated and... well continually used.

    don't get me wrong im not a perfect guy, but sometimes the same thing can happen in reverse and sometimes us guys value who we do it with rather than it just being another hole.
    • dont let the pain and actions of one dictate the person you are if you love with your heart do so always if you love with your eyes do so always if you love with your dick well use a condom and do so always but we can always strive to better ourselves also

  • Anonymous
    warners either
    A) like her themselves but are too pussy to say it
    B) have been brainwashed by feminist bullshit to believe that all men suck including themselves
  • Anonymous
    Sounds reasonable.
  • Anonymous
    Confusing mytake. Don't understand the main point. Are you telling women women to stay away from both types? Then how do you describe a good man?