Impressing a Girl-Tips, Tricks or Myths?


Hello and welcome everyone! It's your boy Hal with another take this time. So basically, I'm not gonna give you tricks but but I'm gonna bust one of the biggest myths of all time- Impressing a girl!!

Impressing a girl-Tips, Tricks or Myths?

So dear guys, if you are reading this, please understand and accept that YOU CAN NEVER IMPRESS A GIRL and that's not a bad thing, it's just how it works. You know what? All of us guys spend months planning for a way to impress a girl we love but the simple thing is that you don't need to impress her.

Impressing a Girl-Tips, Tricks or Myths?

Impressing is just a myth- actually many guys exceed the top limit of creepiness just to impress a girl. For example- They go and stalk her, try to add her on social platforms even though they don't talk to her irl. Tell me yourself- Why would a girl especially a pretty girl would add a guy she doesn't even know? Most of the girls don't. Guys also tend to like her pictures really fast on social media and all. Believe me dude, it makes you look desperate and even if you somehow manage to make her attracted to you, most of the time either it doesn't work or she is a golddigger lmao. So please don't be that guy.

Impressing a Girl-Tips, Tricks or Myths?

So the main question is what to do? Dude first of all believe that the phrase "impressing a girl" doesn't exist. Second, try to talk to her personally and don't rush the things- try to be a good friend without giving her friendzone vibes and remember, you might give short compliments but it would be better if the initial ones will be on her dressing sense and her style instead of directly on her body. For example- "Woah! I love your earings. You've a good fashion sense" is better than "You're looking damn hot" at initial stage.

Don't do something that could impress a girl. Be someone that would attract a girl❤️

Moreover, a girl should like you for you not just because you've tried hard to get her love.

Impressing a Girl-Tips, Tricks or Myths?

Let's not extend it in vain, I just wanted to bust a myth haha😊

and at last:

Impressing a Girl-Tips, Tricks or Myths?

Impressing a Girl-Tips, Tricks or Myths?
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Anonymous
    Here's the only rule you need to follow in trying to impress a girl.

    No matter what you do to try and impress a girl, you will always end up with the ass end of the deal. STOP playing women's childish games because you let pussy overpower you. When you stop allowing them to have power in having a pussy, they stop acting like entitled privileged divas and start acting like adult humans.
    Don't jump through bullshit hoops.
    Don't play their childish ego boost chase games.
    Stop being subservient lap dogs, eagerly humping their leg in the hopes they will throw you a bone. This will ALWAYS end with you being their little bitch as you watch them go off and fuck asshole after asshole who treats them exactly like I suggest.
    Because that's what they actually want, even though they say they don't.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • BackAgain
    All i gotta say is

    Meaning I don't get impressed by the basic materialist stuff, i love it when a guy is just being himself around me. Let's me know he trusts me enough to be vulnerable around me
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  • SparklingDoll
    Exactly! I don't understand why they've to impress and try to be fake. I remember what one of my guy friends did and it was soo stupid. 😂
  • kimberleylove
    Absolutely true.. the girl will like you if she feels something in her heart for you not because you impressed her
  • Browneye57
    Money is most impressive to any woman. :)

    Just look at The Donald.
  • LadyAvon
    Don't even try. Either they like you or they don't.
  • xZoeyx
    So true! Dang bro. Are you secretly a girl or something?😂
  • oddwaffle
    You are wrong. It's like going into a job interview.

    If you go in the interview with sweat pants and a t-shirt then chances are you won't get the job.

    Impressions are just that, impressions. You present yourself in the way you want to be viewed.

    It's like choosing your own approach, select your terrain and train your forces. You become proactive instead of reactive.
  • KidJrSrSrSr
    Well darn, I suppose I should cancel speedrunning Odyssey to get the attention of the ladies. Well back to writing poems and pinning for soulmates!
  • NewYear-NewMe
    Impressing her/being myself never works out. Doing what your doing might work for you but for me it hasn’t. It leads me to be rejected and/or being put in the friend zone (which I have put myself in sometimes).
    girls love me for me being myself and treating them nice
  • QueenofCups
    This is all totally true.
  • omgjassy
    Because you’re an expert now?
    • regarding what? lol

    • omgjassy

      Impressing girls.

    • read it again "You can never impress a girl"
      second, If I were an expert in impressing a girl, I wouldn't have been single😂😂

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  • evelyn25
    YES, thank you!!
  • nbbn5
    Nice take , all true
  • CT_CD
  • Sara0607
    Great take!
  • StickStickity13
    Just be yourself
  • Anonymous
    how to impress a girl dont try to
  • Anonymous
    The best thing you can do is try to impress yourself... by improving your body, mind, consciousness, and vibration every day, or when ever you can.
  • Anonymous
    Friendzone's have F'd me over!!! Can some girl tell me a way not to get friend-zoned?
    • Want me to write one on that topic?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah... be helpful!