A Closer Look at the "Nice Guy/Girl" in its Natural Habitat: How These Delusional People Get Their Title


I know I'm basically ripping off @ChronicThinker at this point but I just want to add myTake on this... See what I...? Nevermind.

This is not to take the piss out of anyone, but I will be very happy if it does regardless.

So let's go into the wilderness and observe the life of a nice guy, or nice girl, because those exist too. So for the sake of simplicity we will call these stereotypes "Nice Kin".

How a member of the Nice Kin is born.

Nice Kin at the start are not necessarily the stereotypical loser. They can be athletic or even considered by some to be attractive, but the way that they officially become nice kin is that they have this idea. The idea that being nice is what makes you qualified for any lover you want, and that society is wrong and should adjust to their own standards of "chivalry" or "gratitude" and it may sound humble but it's borderline Narcissistic. Believing you are entitled to anything based on "being nice" is what turns you into "Nice Kin."

The "Nice Guy/Girl". A closer look in its natural habitat. How these delusional people get their title.

So I'm going to go in depth on the psyche of these stereotypes. What to watch out for, and how they are affected and who they affect, and what type of culture they are. Starting with describing...

The Nice Guy.

A Closer Look at the "Nice Guy/Girl" in its Natural Habitat: How These Delusional People Get Their Title


A nice guy is usually a stereotypically unattractive (or at least not super attractive) straight male. Often embrace hipster or contemporary subcultures, and use them to define themselves. They have a facade of being gentle, polite, and understanding men who will treat their suitor right. In reality they are shallow, entitled, and immature man-children.

Many attributes of their character lead them to form into the nice guy they are perceived to be, and I shall list them down below.


Immunity to irony:

These types of categories mainly consist of people not looking in the mirror. These nice guys always project their feeling outward and not inward, causing their delusion.


Unrealistically high standards:

They usually worship the most beautiful or sexually stimulating woman, and usually go for the types of people who have a vision of a "league" where as Nice guys usually perceive that league as their downfall based on how attractive they are. They also tend to ignore the feelings of the less attractive women in their life and see dating these women as "settling" or "beneath what they deserve", even if they are unattractive themselves. It's the immunity to irony once again.


White Knighting:

This leads up to defending women purely based on their desire for the woman they're defending to... Show gratitude in a way. Most of them purely want sexual favors and ultimately


Obvious Facade:

Being "Nice" is their facade, they take basic human decency and act like it's their most defined character trait. Claiming that their "the nice guy that keeps getting left in the friend zone", acting like a victim, and that's he's just a calm, collective, and peaceful individual, when all he actually does is pretend to care about your feelings, making his personality rock bottom.


Sex driven:

A Closer Look at the "Nice Guy/Girl" in its Natural Habitat: How These Delusional People Get Their Title

It all leads to them constantly mentioning that they're a virgin. Personally, I'm still a virgin so I can talk about why this should never be your motivation to be kind to people. They believe that being nice is like a good deed, in the sense that you're usually rewarded for it. And the reward some of the Nice Guys expect, is sex. This is weird considering the purpose of a good deed is to not have to expect a reward. An actual good person is supposed to do things for others not expecting a reward, not saying that you should let people walk all over you, but even if a reward IS merited, Sex SHOULD NOT be that reward.


Love Driven: (this can also apply to both genders)

A Closer Look at the "Nice Guy/Girl" in its Natural Habitat: How These Delusional People Get Their Title

Now not all guys are driven by sex, but some genuinely love and care about you sometimes, but while this is true, they are also not capable of understanding YOUR feelings, and don't ask what you want. This meaning if you are not the one to be with them, something is wrong, and society is wrong, and being an asshole is their only way out of the "Friend-zone."


He WILL try to ruin your relationship:

Nice guys are extremely protective and possessive. If you say one negative thing about your boyfriend, it'll be music to their ears. This is because it gives them a way to attempt to manipulate you into believing you should date them instead and that you're in an abusive relationship.


Projection of self hatred:

A Closer Look at the "Nice Guy/Girl" in its Natural Habitat: How These Delusional People Get Their Title

This is especially true when dealing with your significant other. A nice guy will feel crushed if you reject him but still consider him as a friend, and will definitely get mad at you calling you a slut, or claiming you lead him on, or many things a man with no mental stability would say. Be prepared to get insulted, if you believe he's nice when he claims to be nice... Watch out.


Sex blaming:

A Closer Look at the "Nice Guy/Girl" in its Natural Habitat: How These Delusional People Get Their Title

Here is where all logic goes down the drain and now social issues revolve entirely around this one nice guy. If you begin dating a guy that is even remotely more attractive than him, that guy is now classified as "an asshole". He now thinks because he cannot get a girlfriend, it is because he's too nice. He now believes that girls only date assholes, and that if he becomes an asshole, he'll finally get the love he deserves ... Which is where the blatant misogyny begins.

The facade breaks: The final phase, the angry social media posts, the infinite anguish, blaming his misfortune on all women, the trucks of salt pouring and pouring everywhere as of result of the tragedy that he is stuck in "the friend zone." Claiming he's a nice guy and that the world is against him because he's too submissive, when in reality, his mask is finally off, and we get to see the real person underneath .


But remember... There's a funny thing about nice guys. Because behind every nice man, there's a nice woman who has the potential to be twice as powerful. Which leads us to...

The Nice Girl.

A Closer Look at the "Nice Guy/Girl" in its Natural Habitat: How These Delusional People Get Their Title

The Nice Girl is stereotypically an unattractive straight girl, (or maybe she is attractive) Who has experienced a lot of relationships and are usually dumped relatively quick, or are too shy to ask their crushes out. They have a facade that their a sweet innocent girl with the cruel world against her, but in reality she is a shallow, judgmental, and hopeless romantic.


Lack of support:

This might rarely apply, but the saying that girls have each other's back, might not be true with a nice girl. They may be very introverted and shy, and choose not to interact with others based objects prejudice and insecurities.


Self pity:

A stigma girls can face sometimes is comparing themselves to others based on appearance or even how expressive they are as opposed to their female friends. Or the reverse thinking "why can't I get a boyfriend, I'm so nice! I don't understand."


Obvious facade:

oh yeah, girls do it too, and even though it's less likely it's put on for sex based on biology, this girl will be a total Angel around you. And when she's around other people, she's completely vitriolic, pessimistic, and rude to others around her. She will be your best friend until the end, but will be PISSED if that's all she'll be after she's been nice to you, and finally gathers the courage to ask you out.


A Hopeless Romantic:

A Closer Look at the "Nice Guy/Girl" in its Natural Habitat: How These Delusional People Get Their Title

She see's a cute guy, and is always nice to him. Especially if he's new to a school or a workspace. She'll introduce you to all of her friends, parade you around like you've been BFF's since you came in. And without a doubt. They will also ignore other men in their life who are actually very similar to nice guys, only they're ACTUALLY nice people who are just trying to help them, or even actual nice girls who will try to convince her it's not because nice guys don't exist, and that she can't have a "bad boy."


Will try to ruin your relationship:

"Are you sure she's not cheating on you? I mean I would never cheat on you that's screwed up. I think she's cheating on you!" the whole song and dance of trying to place mistrust in your girlfriend so they can be yours. I once met a girl who begged this one boy to be her girlfriend, she cried, she claimed his girlfriend is a horrible person, that she doesn't really care about him, and put the whole victim sticker right on her chest. And I feel sorry for the guy because it worked, he broke up with his girlfriend, he dated this new girl, then she fucked him and left. Word of advice, never let feeling sorry for someone affect your judgment when it comes to that. Because she was not a victim in the slightest in that scenario.


Sex Blaming:

A Closer Look at the "Nice Guy/Girl" in its Natural Habitat: How These Delusional People Get Their Title

If you date a girl that is even remotely more attractive than her, your girlfriend is now a slut, whore, snake, bitch, all of the demeaning terms that come with her being your girlfriend. They will then take to social media and say things like "just because I don't like twerking or dick riding means I'm not entitled to love, so that means I have to be a slut in order to get a man!" just pouring salt everywhere. Blaming guys from the fact that they do not want to date them is probably what's keeping them single.

The facade breaks... And they're back to square one of complaining about their loneliness.


The Nonexistent Friend Zone.

I'm just going to break down why I believe the friend zone does not exist in the slightest.

The most important piece of evidence is that if you're pursuing someone and being their friend purely with the motivation to fuck/date them, you're no their friend, and frankly you'll be lucky to still be their friend if they find out.

You are not trapped with being friends with this person.

The person you want to date is most likely to NEVER change his/her mind.

If your crush calls you a friend, it doesn't mean that they don't have feeling for you, it's because you're not currently dating and it would be ridiculous to call you anything else at that moment.

You are not trapped with this person. Your decision to stay is purely based off of wanting to be with them, which is your own mistake.


The war between Nice Kin and Narcissists.

A Closer Look at the "Nice Guy/Girl" in its Natural Habitat: How These Delusional People Get Their Title

Most people of the nice Kins opinions are left with less than dignified responses from people who are Narcissists.

An example would be if they pursue someone and the person rejects them in a Narcissistic way. Narcissists and Nice Kin are mortal enemies because they're both extremely idiotic and lack self awareness, but Narcissists don't help them understand their situation at all.

A Closer Look at the "Nice Guy/Girl" in its Natural Habitat: How These Delusional People Get Their Title

Like if a member of the Nice Kin said "Girls don't want to date me because I'm a nice guy" a Narcissist clashes with this and says "girls don't want to date you because you're ugly, gross, and short and we're not."

Or if a nice Girl were to say "Guys don't date me because I'm not a slut who likes to show skin and cleavage" a Narcissist would clash with that by saying "you're just jealous of pretty girls because you're a fat and ugly and we're not."

Narcissists will never help when it comes to this because someone else's problems usually have nothing to do with you, and the best way to deal with any situation of this category is to remain humble. It is sometimes even a catalyst for the nice kin's mindset.


By the way if you're going to argue against my points, in order for me to take you seriously (in that you read my entire myTake,) the password is "Tomato" . If you don't end your point with the word "Tomato", you are not worth my time because you did not read my entire myTake.


Wrap up.

Ultimately my point is that if you are like these people I just described, I have a message for you.

Just be yourself.

You don't have to let social psychology work into trying to find a girlfriend, if you want love, lower your expectations. Because at the end of the day, the perfect girl exists, but you haven't found her, women don't owe you anything based off of favors.

Men don't need you as a servant, and let's be honest, prince charming isn't going to come and rescue you from... not having a boyfriend.

Women and Men are not vending machines, in which you put "being nice" in the slots and expect love or sex to come out.

Being single is not the end of the world, and you should learn to be satisfied with being yourself, and stop posting memes about why you're single. Then proceed to stalk Instagram models minutes later.

Have a good day.

A Closer Look at the "Nice Guy/Girl" in its Natural Habitat: How These Delusional People Get Their Title
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Krokodyl
    Oh nice, I see that you really got fed up by these people. Well it was nice reading, I enjoyed that savagery in particular but I would disagree with one thing. I can see that you know your shit about these specimen and you described many stereotypical cases of them in most of the paragraph but I believe that those are just mere symptoms of the real problem. Your explanation of how these are born is in my opinion not entirely precise in most of the cases. You are basically saying that these people believe that being "nice" will unlock that booty for them and that is the only reason why are they being nice. But I believe that they think in different way.
    I think that this "nice guy's syndrome" as I like to call it is something like friendzone, it is mainly somehow abstract. I think that those people are just not confident enough, thex have anxiety and other problems and they are trying to approach a girl. And as a result of their anxiety the feel that they are not good enough for her so they start to behave "nice" to her in apologetic manner. And girl sees that the guy is anxious and all this and she doesn't find that much attractive so she rejects him. And then the "nice guy" is butthurt and thinks that being nice doesn't lead anywhere because girls only want assholes. But real problem lies somewhere else. Also "Tomato" 🍅
    Is this still revelant?
    • Ah! That's k you I can't believe I left that out for nice guys. I put it down as a thing for nice girls but completely forgot about nice guys. Thanks for your input. :)

    • Thank you*

    • your opinion is very interesting. i like it. in fact it is true. there are always exceptions to the rule u know. i dont know about labels. but there are actually real people who are really respectful. i guess @SketchForger was not pointing at them. i admit myself, being respectful in society helped me become a better person. some other people use it for intimidation and other reasons, sex is one of them.
      if they badly want sex, there are plenty of escort girls.
      love is something really bigger and much more important than that.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Anonymous
    This is true in many cases, but not in all cases... and not all introverted women judge everyone around them. Some of us just purely are not very social or are socially awkward. Furthermore, if I find out my crush who was usually my friend first likes someone else, I immediately support them and, even if I wish they liked me, will be their friend and want whatever makes them happy—even or maybe especially if it isn’t me. Like... I agree with a lot you are saying, but I do believe actual nice guys and girls exist and not all are looking to get anything.
    Is this still revelant?
    • The 'nice girl" thing is something I'm calling out as a facade. I believe good human beings exist, but anyone that mentions that with any grain of salt isn't really a nice guy.

    • *nice kin*

    • totally agree with you anonymous.
      putting ur friend/lover/partner 's happiness before urs.
      you see @SketchForger? nice people.. nice kin.. are cool too :-D

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  • btbc92
    "The most important piece of evidence is that if you're pursuing someone and being their friend purely with the motivation to fuck/date them, you're no their friend, and frankly you'll be lucky to still be their friend if they find out." AMEN. My #1 reason why I chose to be celibate and screen EVERY GUY who claims they want to date or is lesser extent, want to be my friend. I agree and disagree with some of what you say. Everybody should strive to be nice and kind. As a person who is often nice and kind to people, I know people don't owe me kindness. But It doesn't mean I don't expect to be treated how they would want to also be treated. I believe in that. Those are my morals. But if a person has to constantly emotionally abuse you, which torn me down as a girl growing up, then you will feel disappointment, resentment or bitterness at some point. I know because I've been there, I've done that, and I don't want to become that person anymore. And all because it wasn't my fault. But because they were selfish and only wanted what they wanted. But I somewhat understand the context of your writing.

    This sadly what I don't agree with ---> "A nice guy is usually a stereotypically unattractive (or at least not super attractive) straight male. " I know by personal experience that "nice guys" aren't usually stereotypically physically unattractive. I had really handsome men come around me and try to get me, but I saw through their facade. Looks can be decieving. Actions speak louder than words.
    • That's fair. I'm referring to the stereotype, meaning there are exceptions.

  • Logorithim
    Very good take, and quite accurate. Kind of depressing, though.
  • ChronicThinker
    • Glad you like it.

    • Also, I would like to say you definitely didn't rip me off. This is 100 per cent original.

    • To be fair I saw your myTake and I was like "hmmm" but thank you. :)

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  • StrangerByTheDay
    Hello dear @SketchForger ,
    i have read the whole article and BRAVO. here is ur first TOMATO by the way :-P
    @Astoriana i go through most of the comments for deeper discussions :-)
    @SketchForger , u got me questioning myself, who am i really?
    if i may, i would like to say the following about me:
    -i respect women a lot, i love them, they're my weak point, regardless of what they look on the outside. when i meet someone, my first reaction is a hand shake, even for a date or approaching a girl i like. i dont think about it, i just do it, some kind of natural reflex. good manners always.
    -i hate it when people act like they r better than others. maybe they r but it is not a reason for being rude (i say nothing and don't approach them)
    -i am a straight man, attracted to women, i like the shape of their body, the curves, the face, the eyes, the smile, the lips, fingers, voice, etc... everything about them. im not ashamed to say it.
    -i am myself always and nervous around beautiful women (yes i am shy and i get nervous a lot) when it is the first time we are meeting. being someone i am not isn't my thing as for i want to find someone who loves me for who i am.
    -i like romantic stuff. maybe too much romantic kind of person.
    -i have a weird imagination, i dream a lot, but i guess it is part of me being PISCES
    -most strangers (girls/women) i meet are not single, but it does not stop me from having a nice conversation with them and enjoy the time, even if it does not lead anywhere more than a few hours sharing thoughts.
    -yes, it hurts a lot being single. it is not a bad thing maybe but it hurts. we all need someone to share our life with. it is part of being human. is it fun to go out alone? sometimes, depending on the situation but it is always a bless to have someone to share the experience with.
    -i dont blame anyone for my single life. i understand it. frankly i am a complicated person.
    -i talk tooooo much :-P
    -i treat women with respect, not because i want to go to bed with them. my friends always tell me "u dont hav long relationships coz u don't go to bed with them ASAP"
    -if a friend has a relationship problem, i would try to help her. if the boy she is dating is abusing her, i tell her honestly what i think, but not to hav the chance of being her boyfriend. i want her to simply be happy with anyone who treats her well.
    -i respect people who respect me.
    -if a girl says no, i respect it
    in ur opinion a guy like me counts for what?
    again TOMATO dear @SketchForger :D
    • You're just a decent human being. With the side of being a romantic as well. You're not a hopeless romantic, but you definitely want value different aspects of a relationship than most would.

    • Want and value*

    • yeah, maybe @SketchForger... am sure no one would be reading a long opinion anyways :-P
      i admit it hurts when i meet an interesting girl and it does not go well. but i don't go crying about it. i respect her decision. im not her type maybe. well hope she will find her type.
      of course, going on social media and insulting her is childish. nothing to do with nice kin, in my opinion

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  • psychoticallyawkward
    Where is the love button? When I first starting reading your MyTake I found it depressing. Are there any nice people who don’t have some ulterior motive? How do you know who to trust?

    Then I got to the part about sex blaming and the facade breaks. So true!

    By the time I got to the end I was smiling.

    The password thing is a good idea by the way.
    • My first point is that them being nice is the irony, which I forgot to leave out. Anyone who claims they are a "nice guy" or "Nice Girl" really isn't nice at all.

    • Also I'm glad you enjoyed it. :D

    • he also got me questioning myself at first... :-P

  • aa180
    I find this rather offensive. It seems to me that you're saying that anyone who refers to themselves as a nice guy fits the descriptions you laid out above. When in reality, many of us consider ourselves nice guys precisely because we are the OPPOSITE of everything you put forth.

    I don't doubt that many guys are as you describe, but you didn't seem to make any exceptions and just threw this crass generalization of what a nice guy is, as if genuine nice guys don't exist.

    • Can I ask why you would refer to yourself as a nice guy?

    • aa180

      Well firstly, I don't go around proclaiming it. I only said it now to defend myself against your stereotype which doesn't describe me at all.

      I'm 23, a virgin, never had a girlfriend. I'm always extra nice to women because I have an emotional attachment to them as a whole, and I like to be a gentleman because I think that's how it should be. BUT, never have I felt entitled to sex - ever. Never did I only pretend to care about a girl or her feelings. Never did I whine or complain like a child that women don't wanna date me. Never did I play victim. Never did I display any form of reciprocity bias, apart from expecting women to be kind and polite to me as I am to them.

      I've had a crush on a girl for the last 4 years. She has a boyfriend. I've never felt jealous of him in a malicious manner, but am genuinely happy for them because SHE is happy with him (and he treats her well). I would NEVER try and interfere or destroy their relationship.

      If that's not a nice guy, I don't know what is

    • Then you are not a "nice guy", you are a decent human being. Being a ice guy implies that you perceive yourself as unique in your demeanor, while I don't believe in that.

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  • desidoll
    Be ready for the nice guys on gag. You gonna make them mad! They are coming.
    • I'll be glad.

    • hahahahahaha
      curious myself to know their opinion too :-D
      thanks again @SketchForger for this post

    • Hypnos0929

      The problem with like this is a good guy can't defend himself against an article like this. Without knowing the guy how can any girl say that guy definitely isn't a bad guy? This article is an example of confirmation bias for both sides. A woman who believes all nice men are "nice guys" will look to this article, go to the commets, pick apart words for hidden meanings.

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  • Astoriana
    Oh god, that was savage. I loved it.

    I dearly hope someone is flipping out in the comments.
    • Well you already have a down vote, so yes most likely. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading. :)

    • Astoriana

      Oh, there are multiple people flipping out in the comments. Mostly blue accounts. I’ve taken a gander already and had a nice laugh at their general pissbabiness.

    • Yaaaay. That's so satisfying.

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  • Bluemax
    I say toMAHto...

    "This is not to take the piss out of anyone"

    "You don't have to let social psychology work into trying to find a girlfriend, if you want love, lower your expectations"

    Standards and expectations are not the same as desires, and honestly most people usually mean desires when they say expectations and standards in this case. And in most cases, that's actually terrible advice and it bewilders me why you or anyone actually thinks it's good advice. Why didn't you even breathe a hint that it might be better to actually try to become MORE PHYSICALLY ATTRACTIVE? In most cases, that's possible. And yet you didn't devote a single word to this.

    Most people CANNNOT control who they find attractive. To ask them to lower their desires is tantamount to asking them to do something impossible.

    What if they must "lower their expectations" (your words, but I don't like using them) to the point where they simply cannot be physically attracted to this person? What if they must lower them to the point where they can only find someone who repulses them physically? I know people like this. The same evolutionary forces that make people seem attractive or unattractive are at work on virtually all of us. And that can't be controlled.

    SketchForger, serious question: When was the last time you had a relationship with a woman who you found physically unattractive and could NEVER find her physically attractive? You do realize there are some people for whom that's all that's available to them? If such is the case, isn't it better to try to become more attractive?

    "Being single is not the end of the world"
    I've been around the physically disabled all my life. Many were physically deformed, and they never found love. And I'm not talking about they just went through a dry spell for a few months or a year or two. I mean decades. Lifetimes even. They would agree that it's not the end of the world. However, what they know and you seem to unaware of, is that loneliness poses very SERIOUS challenges to happiness. It does shave years off your life. This isn't just true of humans, but it's true of other primates and cetaceans as well, so I doubt it's just a problem generated by pop culture.

    P. S. Why have I met only one of the Nice Kins in real life? Why have I never met any of the nice girls you're describing? On the internet, they are legion, but in real life they are almost not there at all.
    • I'm demisexual, so I'm incapable of finding people repulsive unless they're personality traits are like that.

      You bring up a good point regarding people with physical disabilities. You mentioned that people can't help what they're attracted to, but I'm not referring to those who are specifically attracted to certain things. And it is entirely possible that it is never anyone's fault what they look like either, especially if it's a physical deformity. Are you debating me or do you want me to elaborate on certain points?

      Also I've met PLENTY of Nice girls, I'd count about 12 in total.

    • Also... Please stop replying to every goddamn comment with the same shit.

      Despite reading the myTake you managed to miss the point.

    • Bluemax

      "Despite reading the myTake you managed to miss the point. "

      No, I'm bringing up an ancillary point which you didn't address much, but I feel is important. Furthermore, it's a point *you* brought up when you said, "if you want love, lower your expectations" Personally, I don't think that's wise, given that most people can't control who they're attracted to.

      "I'm demisexual, so I'm incapable of finding people repulsive unless they're personality traits are like that."

      The majority of people aren't like you then. So let's try and focus on the majority of people (and I believe they are the overwhelming majority). Are you suggesting that they should "lower their expectations" if they must, even to the point of finding their mate unattractive or repulsive? I know some people who have done this, and it didn't end well.

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  • Cosytoasty
    Whether you are a "nice guy" or a "decent person" or a "narcissist" or an outright "asshole" all falls secondary to how you look.

    IF nobody is attracted to you physically, nobody will ever get to know what type of person you are. Trust me, i know.
    • Not always correct. I'm a demisexual, so I don't experience primary attraction.

    • HereIbe

      Not true. My wife got to know me through correspondence first, then saw pictures. By then, I had reeled her in with my crassness, my coarseness, my weirdness, and my complete and unashamed lack of social graces. What can I say? She likes a challenge.

  • HereComesDrTran
    It looks like this entire Nice Guy trope has been overblown into a strawman to tear down any man who isn't a thug.

    Do you think anyone is delusional enough to think that opening enough doors for women will qualify them for sex?

    I don't think so.
    • Oh and fuck your tomato lol. You're a virgin with no experience in the dating world.

      Would you take advice from a carpet salesman on how to drill for oil? Nah.

    • Being a virgin does not imply I have no experience in the dating world. You can fuck all the women you want but that won't truly make you understand them. Though a recognized attempt nevertheless.

    • Lmao how can you say you understand women when you've never been intimate with one?

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  • dragonfly6516
    In this one article, you've described every single person that I've removed from my life over the past 4 years.

    *Slow Clap*
    • Is that a sarcastic slow clap? Im sorry I don't know. XD

    • Heh, no! It was genuine applause. I greatly enjoy your takes, because they are so true, but also funny ;-)

    • Thank you. I try to not make reading it TOO boring, and I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

  • JustaLoozer
    I think another issue for all these people is building up an expectation in there heads of a "perfedt" relationship, and when that fantasy does not become reality, instead of taking the time to make a relationship work, they decide it is hopeless, they deserve better (as they talk up the misfortune in their head, blowing it out of proportion), and look for the night in shining armor they "deserve" after several "shit" relationships
  • BlackMaleYou
    Instead conflicting "Nice guy" with a nice guy (cause u and me and any other forget to use the quotes in writing and in speech) , why not just change "nice guy" into fake nice guys? I kind of felt attacked to be lumped up in a generalisation but I'm aware u are talking about some fakers.
    Having self knowledge that u are nice or good doesn't automatically make you the opposite or shady.
    • Eh. I've established this. And it's honestly not a big deal. If you're a decent person you don't do this kind of stuff period.

    • It's necessary to change the words "nice guys". It's conflicting. I've never met a nice guy who does this. I do have friends who changed to assholes and are getting lots of chicks. No they were not fakes but whatever traits women reward in men will survive and that trait they don't reward will slowly die out. Same goes for the traits men reward.

    • Depends on how you view dying out.

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  • Sienna-Rose
    One of the most sensible and insightful takes I’ve read so far. 😊

    Love the password idea too.
    • There was this one myTake where people accused me of not sourcing my information, so I came up with a mechanism to ignore them without accusing them of not reading.

    • And thank you for reading. I'm glad you enjoyed. :)

  • JayParris
    Nice kin are narcissists in that they are obsessed with the image they project. Not the classic narc archetype, but still just as lacking in real empathy and self-awareness. They still treat their target with their best behavior and show a total lack of regard for people they have nothing to gain from.
  • cherryphi82
    Good take, the only point where I'm confused it that you first state nice "kin" are narcissists and later on you make a distinction between so-called nice people and narcissists. But yeah, spot on otherwise.
  • LMNOP123
    Beautiful post! Beautiful! This is why I don't become friends with dudes that only want to eventually date me. Which will NEVER in a million years happen. To avoid all this, "I'm a "nice" guy.", whining and complaining. I don't care to deal with it.
  • JSmith925
    Well, clearly some of us have more than one "asshole bone" in our bodies. Here is to you finding an insensitive prick who mistreats you, if that's what you really want.
  • BRAPcel
    It's not that they are nice (usually aren't anyway) it's that they don't look like chad thundercock.
    • Foiled again by Chad thundercock. An I brought that up at a certain point.

    • BRAPcel

      I wasn't responding to your thing, I agree. Just making a general statement on the topic.

    • Ah I understand. Just letting you know.

  • lord_chilled
    When you expect or demand sex/relationships for being what you call " nice" then you aren't nice, period.

    Such people are narcissistic idiots.

    They shouldn't be associated with actual, nice people
  • LegateLanius
    Groovy baby, yeah. And just to show that I read it, tomato. Nice take.
  • John_Doesnt
    The reason women make %15 less than men? Because they love it when a rich powerful guy treats them like crap.

    FACT! I'm a scientist!
  • Chaoseverywhere
    Ok, I'll be myself.
  • WeirdCinderella
    I've already met a guy who had the caracteristics of the nice girl. In worse lol
  • FinalVow
    I like the take tbh I generally refer those people as user friendly not nice kin. I should point out that I am a nice guy (not that kind) I am nice for 1 simple reason I don't like it when people feel bad. though I am not sure if that fits under the take above lol. I always felt really bad when someone else felt bad so I tried to cheer them up unless they didn't want it. It is sad to see that people being nice for the sake of cheering someone up (and not expecting something in return) is disappearing. at least it seems that way because as you pointed out the user friendly people are becoming more and more common. *definitely deserving of a standing ovation*
    • My point of this take was to establish that "Nice Guys' or "Nice Girls" are usually not actually nice when they refer to themselves that way. They purely crying cases, and pure salt. You'd be considered " a decent human being " because the title "nice guy" implies that you believe you are rare and don't actually want to spread positivity, you just want to use it as something unique about yourself.

    • FinalVow

      why thank you very well said.

  • QueenofCups
    Wow. This is so totally on point.
  • NewYear-NewMe
    Being “nice” doesn’t entitle you to having a girlfriend or boyfriend. You got to also know how to attract them with humor, lifestyle, etc.
  • FantasyGeek05
    Internet nice guys get on my nerves
    Makes me wanna slap them with that purple dildo from saints row
  • Hungry_Shark
    Enough with this nice guy nice girl drama.
    Nice my Take by the way.
  • SlavBoi
    i don`t consider mysefl as a nice guy but many people do, now i know why
  • Lamp_of_Truth
    Nice people are great. You can make fun of them but can't ignore them.
  • Nature_Lover
    Nice guys and girls are always the best.
    They are at least not sluts or hoes.
  • VaIiant
    Lmao spot on about the girls. Great Take.
    • Lol I didn't want to leave them out. Wouldn't be fair. Thanks for reading. :)

  • Belgie
    Brilliant take. Tomato.
  • Emma_240302
    Lol this take is impressive 😂
  • terincvd
    This is possibly the best My Take I’ve read yet.
    • That's very flattering. I'm glad you enjoyed reading it. :)

  • Pastuccid
    I love this take
    • I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for reading. :)

  • Very true. Nicely done
  • CT_CD
    Great myTake
  • CoffeeWC
    I love this one
  • Tomblebee
  • sodaa_popp
    Longest take I've ever read all the way through.
  • White_Widow
    Good take
  • Revolver_
    You basically ripped off @ChronicThinker
  • Never_Back_Down
    I dont appreciate sluts.
  • RedRobin
    Nice take
  • Salmon4056
    I'm nice because of Christ. Lol
  • disgustingweebtrash
    I agree, I think most of them are ironic though
  • Nina12346
    Nice mytake ! tomato :p hehe