Dear Angsty Single Moms: Let's Set The Record Straight


I know, dear friends. I'm already aware of what is coming my way, assuming this mytake is not removed. And for the record, if you honestly don't do these two things, single mothers, then this mytake is not for you. Please go pat yourself on the back and enjoy a beautiful sunset over an amazing skyline. Or something nice. Meanwhile, I'm ready.

Dear Angsty Single Moms: Let's Set The Record Straight

But someone here has to set reality straight for the single moms.

1. You know why guys are cheap on dates with you, and you feel like there are no good men, just f----boys who want to sleep with you?

Dear Angsty Single Moms: Let's Set The Record Straight

I'll give you a hint--it's the same reason my typical date would not make it on the cover of Vogue or Cosmopolitan. Because reality smacks you in the face when you go look in the mirror--your dates are a reflection of your worth, your social skills, and your effort level. Why am I not dating Selena Gomez?My value, social skills, and effort level are all not NEARLY good enough to get a celebrity or a flawless model. Maybe it could be one day, but I seriously doubt it.

Likewise, dear Single Mothers, you know why it seems like "boys are stupid" as I just heard a 23 year old single mother rant? Because you are punching at your level, and deep calls unto deep. You know where most of the cute, kind, loyal, decent guys who do good at their decent jobs are, who didn't make bitchy comments paying for the $50 casual date last Thursday?

Dear Angsty Single Moms: Let's Set The Record Straight

They're dating a girl who didn't run away from home, move in with a drug dealing violent criminal who was "exciting", have several pregnancy scares, an arrest or two for shoplifting at walmart, an illegitimate child (the birth rate is literally at the lowest it's been in the USA ever, apparently contraceptives do in fact work) and then decide they wanted a "real man" after they had 15 partners. Good guys indeed exist. They're dating good girls, and they don't mind treating her nice, and no, they didn't try to bang her after the first date like Shittavious tried on you. Good guys don't need to date single mothers, so why on earth should they? They're dating good girls, and if they and that good girl decide to have a family, they'll have that child together and raise it together. A good guy doesn't need to raise another man's child and invest his energy into the result of a girl's past fling.

I know. You thought the guy you're hating on for not still being around you was a real good guy, you saw the good deep inside him while your boring beta orbiter nice guy friends and the parole officer and your parents and your brothers were trying to tell you he was a bad person. Save it for the family court judge.

2. No, you're not the child's father and mother.

Dear Angsty Single Moms: Let's Set The Record Straight

Hate to shatter your dream, but no. You might be a crappy mother. You might be an excellent mother. You might be cruel, or you might be kind and wise. You might be the best mother of this century. But you're not the child's father and mother. You might have suffered horribly during birth, you might have been laid up in the hospital unable to walk for a week. You might be doing the best you can to teach him as much wisdom as you can get from your family, friends, life experiences, ancient greek texts, anything.

You're not the child's father, and you're delusional if you think you are. Your child is going to know it too, even if it takes a while or if they lie to placate you. The children of single parents are keenly aware of the parent they are lacking.

It's similar for guys. Let me put it like this.

Joel might be the best dad in the last 100 years. He might be the best adopted dad to Ellie that ever lived--he might be a better dad than Joseph was to Jesus Christ himself. But he's no one's mother. He literally can't be. He might try to teach his daughter or adopted daughter everything on earth. He might have great feminine wisdom. It doesn't matter. He's not anyone's mother and he's delusional if he thinks so. If you gave birth to a child, you literally can't be that child's father anymore than I could be a mother. It doesn't matter how much effort you put into raising your child, if your scorecard says 10% or 100% A+. You're lying to yourself, and your child is going to despise you when they become older and the heavy spot in their chest combines with your self deceptive bravado that you somehow were mother and father to that child.

So single moms... cool your jets. Face reality. Maybe try to better yourself. And if nothing else, stop venting at everyone when the person who wronged you and your child is in the bathroom mirror.

Dear Angsty Single Moms: Let's Set The Record Straight
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  • Kiran04
    Queue angry single mothers in 3...2... oh, they're already here.
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  • Celtero
    Single mothers don't love their children.
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  • SweedyPie
    Hahahahaha I found this so funny. Thank you, I had a good laugh. I just had to read this out of pure curiosity, because well... I am a single mom. Now just to be clear in no way do I fall into your "categories" however I had to point out some flaws in your argument and some observations too...
    1. You assume that all girls who are not single moms are good girls. Bahahahahahaha that's obviously a really crazy fantasy you have. publicly
    2. Since good guys and good girls decide to have children together and raise them together... Hahahahahaha that had me rolling... Which planet are you from? I don't know. Planet of the apes? Do you have eyes? Doo you see what is occurring in modern society? My word. You must live in a bubble.
    3. You assume that the majority of single mothers are so because they made bad decisions. Again... Tear inspiring... Tears of laughter at your apparent (I hope temporary) stupidity. I'm a little worried you might freak out if I break the news to you that a lot of the so called "good girls" and "good guys" manage to fuck up relationships too, I mean they are human... And surprise surprise sometimes the good girls are left taking care of their children, sometimes they are widows, sometimes their partner becomes abusive. Dude, there are a million reasons why single mothers exist.
    4. This MyTake is particularly revealing about the level of intellect you posess. Maybe it might be better for you to try and educate yourself before embarrassing yourself publicly like this. Hahahahahaha
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    • you keep saying 'you assume' before yourself making a MASSIVE ASSUMPTION that he actually did not explicitly make. Just because 90% of single moms are 'bad girls' does not in any way mean that all non single moms are 'good girls', do you need a grade 1 lecture in the basics of logical thought? I don't know what you mean by point 2, most children come from broken families and that's a big part of why the world is fkd up. The majority of single mothers did make bad decisions, this is evidenced by the fact that they couldn't choose a good father figure to be their sperm donor. Your comment is particularly revealing about the level of intellect you possess, the only reason you are not publicly embarrassing yourself is because the average person reading this has as little knowledge and understanding on this subject as you have!

      I read both your response and his take and I can promise you, he is the sane, coherent, logical one here.

    • SweedyPie

      @Bluedream13 hahahahahaha thank you for another good laugh 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀

    • it's interesting how you choose to laugh rather than learn something. I guess not everyone can be smart x. x I took time to address your points individually and all you can do is laugh. It's a lot easier than tackling the info, I'm sure you know at least that LOL

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  • TayTay21
    Careful, your issues are showing. There are lots of single moms out there who don't fit your narrative at all, cute as it is. Guys will commit to girls and tell us that they'll always, always, always love us... and then leave the next month. Shit happens, dude, especially when you're busy living life. And there are a lot of hot single moms who have zero trouble getting men. Not all single moms are crackheads on welfare with three remaining teeth.
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    • My thoughts exactly..
      That guy got issues

    • He says that literally right at the beginning of this take. Calm down there ma'am.

    • I feel like you missed the first few sentences of the take. Your lack of reading comprehension is showing.

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  • BrileyCat
    fortunately most of the 9,496,938 single moms in the US won't read this .
    and you think all that fictional nonsense from video games and movies somehow
    supports and gives your mytake added meaning substance credibility and literate value?
    deep calls unto deep . huh? . more like a tsunami of your single minded irrationality .
    not just a waterfall . in contrast to that psalm . there is . trust in the lord
    with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding . Proverbs 3:5
    now you look in the mirror .
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    • Psalm 30:20 "this is the way of the adulterous woman. She eats and wipes her mouth and says "i have done no wrong."

  • AdmiralBailey
    The black male community has been talking about this since the arise of THE GREAT WELFARE SOCIETY & now niggas of other races are getting hip to this ugly BEAST known as single moms and single motherhood. Good job fellows! Oh & P. s half of children raised by single moms are raped or molested
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  • BigJake
    It's pretty obvious from reading this that you haven't dated very much, if at all, and have probably never been in an actual relationship with a real live woman. What you're missing is that it takes two to tango, bud. Single moms don't get themselves pregnant. Men make commitments and break them every day. Husbands also die and become abusers. And nearly every guy who's actually had sex with a real live woman has come close at some point to becoming a single father. That's why we're usually a lot more understanding about single motherhood.
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    • 1. Widows are widows. If I want to write a mytake to widows, it will be marked "Widows" in the title.
      2. "Abuse" can literally mean anything these days. Literally. It's even worse if you go to church.
      3. Birth control works pretty well..
      4. Funny story a few weeks ago. I went out to a bar with a female acquaintance, who makes a point of how she wants to get married and have kids and is looking for a husband. She was drunk, so was her female friend. They started recounting stories, foursomes from last month, etc, and how she was had a hookup the next day.
      Women make their own beds, and often have to lie down in them.

  • "I know. You thought the guy you're hating on for not still being around you was a real good guy, you saw the good deep inside him while your boring beta orbiter nice guy friends and the parole officer and your parents and your brothers were trying to tell you he was a bad person."

    Thank you..
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  • Bluedream13
    it's really sad seeing the responses below from women... such a hive mind lol. Thank god I am constantly reminded that not all women are this stupid... <3 you know who you are if you're reading this
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  • colonthree
    damn i'd say that's even too harsh. you sound mad

    But take note nonetheless, everyone else. single mothers really aren't very attractive to men for the most part. I say this on behalf of myself and most guys i know who I've talked to about this subject- "single mom" is a big red flag for us
  • zagor
    You're kind of neglecting all the single moms who WERE married, and whose kids DO have a father who is involved with their lives. My friend married a woman with two kids, 7 and 9 at the time, whose ex was involved with the kids and was on good terms with her, and gets along very well with my friend. This friend loves the kids and is perfectly happy about never having had to deal with diapers and crying babies.
    • If i want to write a mytake to divorcees, it will be marked for divorcees not single moms.

  • ThoughtCriminal
    Great take. Single Moms are only good for fuck n' chucks.
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  • monkeynutts
    Harsh mate, ripping into single mums, you gonna beat up on homeless people tomorrow. 😁you might be right some of the time though.
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  • Anon-ymous1
    Why would this Take get removed.
  • Anonymous
    Not sure why you wrote this, prehaps you have lots of time in your hands.
    I am a single mom not by choice. I fought nail and tooth to keep the family together. While he was sexting other women in front of me. He called his mom I was going crazy. She told him to take the kids away. Till this day, I still don't talk to her. She wants to be my friend and bitch to my daughter why I don't even say hi to her.
    I have no choice but to be a single mom. Since he kicked me out calling me crazy and changed the locks and took all the money we had a share account.
    Mind you, I am a well educated and successful and financially got him secured.
    He gives me no child support, he makes double than me. I made him a millionaire.
    At the end of the day, when he has the kids, he cried yelling at the daughter due to frastartion and called me. I told daughter to go wash her face and clear her head while i calmed the dad...
    Now he knows how to care for the kids better after lots of calming talks to how to work with kids (since I am the mother and a teacher) while I got kicked out and started all over from $0.
    I am now still successful. The 2 children are doing very well.
    My pain remains as a broken home will never be a complete home.
    Single mom or not is not important. Family is
    If there is no coutry, there is no home.
    If there is no home, there is no self.

    I try my best to create harmony with him so that my children can grow up to be as healthy as possible even though i suffer through the pain of a broken home.

    I dont know other people's story, nor do I care. I care to take care of myself and my children since I brought them to this world. Through suffering, is the joy of their success as well as mine.
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    • Okay this part I would love details. "He gives me no child support, he makes double than me. I made him a millionaire."

      Did you have a great business idea? You had inheritance he took? You worked hard and he took your life savings?

    • Anonymous

      My family is in some business. After we got married, we worked on it. We share accounts. He changed all the codes. We also have our reg. jobs
      His mom taught him to take kids away after he locked me out and called me crazy that i should not be with kids. Law here is if the parent gets one extra night, then the other pays. So he made sure he got the extra night.
      And being nice that I don't have to pay him since I am not with kids 51%.
      I gave up the court system after I learned that 40% 51% share nonsense...

  • Anonymous
    Many single moms are not single by choice; They found themselves in that situation due to the death of the father or, more commonly, because the father was a deadbeat POS who didn't want to take responsibility for his shit.

    But as much as I despise those loser dads, I despise mothers who CHOOSE to be single mothers every bit as much. The studies and statistics show clearly how badly fatherless children fair compared to their counterparts who are raised with a mother AND a father. Fatherless children are at much greater risk of all sorts of ills, like suicide, depression, drug abuse, crime, poverty, social issues, low self esteem... the list goes on and on.

    It takes a huge toll on society, and we have feminism to blame for much of it.
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    • 1. Widows are widows, not single moms.
      2. Thats what happens when you sleep with POS guys.

    • Anonymous

      1. Some widows are moms, some are not. The ones who are moms, are single moms who are also widows.

      2. True, but it's not always clear up front that a guy is a POS.

    • 1. Divorcees: a woman who was married and divorced. May or may not have kids.
      2. Widow: someone who's spouse died or was killed. May or may not have kids.
      3. Single mom: a woman who had a child out of wedlock and is not married.

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