Missing The Signs With Love Goggles - My Recent Story


With this last time I wanted to date some one that I would normally not go for. Someone who would be out of my league usually. Well I stupidly got what I wanted. The prettiest and most talented girl I have in my church and what I learned was what a Diva she was. Though sadly that took me 8 months to find out.

However the signs were all there. All her social media posts were selfies. Her sister was always driving her around. She never went over to people, she just let them come to her. She used her sister as a lackey even though she was better at most things than her. She had no need to express herself and wanted you to read her mind. She loved the silent game. She expected to be treated well. She could never compromise.

All of this would have been avoided if I just hung out with her and her sister more before I dove head first in. I honestly wish that I had tried to be freinds first. However being a guy I though na I would just be put in her freindzone. Honestly if I had then I would have dated her under rated sister. Who actually would be more beautiful than her sister if she put more effort into her looks and did not dress like a tomgirl in boots.

Over all there were so many problems and issues and the worst was I realized that she just let me love her. She never put any real effort into learning about me or being with me. Goodness forbid she drove any where even though she could.

Missing The Signs With Love Goggles - My Recent Story

My advice is to start off light and get to know a girl first. Maybe just start off as a friend who compliments her in a flirty way. Keeping her mind on the fact you like her. But don't just jump in people that is how you hurt yourself.

Being in love or infatuated really blinds you and it makes you miss the big red flags in front of your face. When dating someone new always get your freind's thoughts on them before opening up your heart.

Missing The Signs With Love Goggles - My Recent Story
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  • Unit1
    Love is blind.

    "When dating someone new always get your freind's thoughts on them before opening up your heart."

    I would if I had any. But so far I have enough common sense to tell between dealing with too much bullshit & drama and dealing with some normal relationships issues.
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    • Qasim75

      yes u r right. my girlfriend used me.

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  • Anonymous
    Still, I think it's better to go through this that to not ever be in love or experience the infatuation. I never have. :|
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    • Anonymous

      Aw well you will. You might just have to meet the right person. I know that I did.
      Also I think it is better to have never loved than to love and lose cause you then know what your missing and want. Along with painful memories and heart ache.

      But still my advice is to get to know them before giving away your heart and listen to your friends.

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  • lazermazer
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    • lazermazer

      yeah jumping too fast really hits in the nuts

  • Anonymous