What I Find Attractive In Women

I wasn't nominated, but that's okay, this seemed like a fun thing to do anyways, so hey, if you're reading it, cool! These are the things I think make a woman attractive!

Physical Stuff:

1: Health/In shape

What I Find Attractive In Women

This is probably a given, but if a girl is overweight, then there is zero attraction there for me. I'm not into massive breasts, I'm into women who are in shape and take care of their bodies.

2: Long, Blonde Hair

Not sure what it is about this, but I've always thought that blonde hair just makes a girl twice as attractive, and, in my eyes, makes them stand out.

Bonus Points: Long Hair, back-length or longer

What I Find Attractive In Women

3: Green or Blue eyes

Maybe starting to see a trend here? I prefer green to blue, but either are sexy in my own eyes, so it's cool either way.

4: Height

Call me crazy, I like tall girls! This might stem from me being tall myself, and don't get me wrong, I like to be able to pick her up easily, but I'm really tall, so if a girl is between 5'10" and 6'2", I think that's perfect. It eliminates all of the height differences and issues including but not limited to: Dancing, having to crouch when taking pictures, kissing, and hugs. Also saves me some neck pain somewhere along the line.

Bonus Points: Kids who go to the NBA and buy me a new house.

5: Curves

Nothing extreme here. There has to be something, even if it's just a tiny bit, in terms of breasts, and I'm an ass man, so a well-rounded butt gets me. Doesn't have to be huge, but gotta be there.

6: Toned Legs

Maybe 'defined' is a better word, but I love when a girl has legs that she's obviously worked hard on, and I think it's very attractive.


1: Confidence

This isn't about a girl being quiet or outgoing or anything like that, but I never enjoy a relationship with anyone who has to constantly drown themselves in self pity, bring negativity into my life, and expect me to give them some encouraging words. I don't need her to be arrogant, or super assertive, just confident enough that I'm not constantly hearing about what a horrible/unattractive person she is, and me have to say that I wouldn't be with her if that were the case. At the same time, confident enough to talk to me about what insecurities or issues she is having, and confident enough that she doesn't feel the need to wear a mask around me. And, furthermore, someone who has the strength to walk away from the relationship if she isn't happy.

Bonus Points: Is able to stick to her guns and disagree with something that I say, even if it is something I have a strong stance on.

2: Sweetness/Caring

This pretty much amounts to "Would you be willing to care for me if I needed it?" And, going off of that, "Do I think you'd make a good mother?" In essence, if I get sick, am I being left for dead or will she at least leave me with a comfy spot on the couch and a bowl of soup? Is she willing to listen when I do need to bring up something that's bothering me, or will she brush it off because of my normally confident demeanor?

3: Hygeine/Cleanliness

Basically just don't be a slob. If your place is not a total disaster, and you don't smell like BO, we're cool in that regard.

What I Find Attractive In Women

So, yeah, that's that! Hope you found it informative!


Most Helpful Guys

  • I'm mostly the same except for the blonde hair and tallness. I prefer red haired or dark haired women with pale sjin, eye color is optional but blue is best. I'm 6'2 and have a thing for really short women. I used to date a real short girl in highschool, she used to suck me off behind the bleachers while still standing lol.
    For serious relationships I like a girl who brings something to the table.


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  • That's all good stuff.


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