What I Find Attractive in a Woman

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Having been nominated by @ChronicThinker, here is my list...


This is personally the most critical personality trait of all, for me. I've noticed over the past year, that people who lack empathy all seem to share the same shitty identikit personalities, and there is simply no bigger turn off to me than a person who is unable to consider other people. I don't want a relationship with a person like that, and I wouldn't be friends with one, either.

What I Find Attractive in a Woman


Again, this is really key for me. I probably don't need to go into any more detail about this, but I'm going to. I don't measure this by degrees or book learning. Some of the sharpest people I know haven't been to university, and some of the biggest sheep have.

What I Find Attractive in a Woman

Sense of Humour

This one is frequently mentioned, but who wants to be in a relationship without laughter?

What I Find Attractive in a Woman

Her Own Interests

I think every girl should have her own interests, and that she should feel absolutely empowered to pursue them. Some of which I might even feel inspired by her to take onboard myself.

My interests

At the same time, I want her to be open to some of my interests, too. We don't have to share everything, by any means, but it's nice to both be able to enjoy some of the same things.

What I Find Attractive in a Woman


She has to be able to hold her own in a social situation, stand up to me when I'm in the wrong, and be confident enough to dress sexily. She also has to have good self esteem, and to know and appreciate her positive qualities. There are no positives to insecurity.

I don't want to get home to some shrinking doormat. I want somebody who challenges me, both inside and outside the bedroom. No pushovers.

What I Find Attractive in a Woman


She has to have a nice smile and nice eyes. I like a lot of eye contact. I like a nice healthy tan on a chick. I'm an ass man, in a big way, as those who know me will already be aware of. She should have a good posture and be into fitness - I like the woman I'm with to turn heads.

What I Find Attractive in a Woman


This is my concession to superficiality in here - she gets a pass for shark week, but other than that, I want her to wear thongs. If you see that as controlling, then so be it. I don't care.

I nominate @BronzedAdonis and @VaIiant to do this. And @Astoriana, just for a giggle.

What I Find Attractive in a Woman
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