Things I Find Unattractive When Dating


1. Nerds

Things I Find Unattractive When Dating

They disturb me when they talk and I find it annoying.

2. Bad guys ( personality) / criminal

They should be in jail ,why am I there warden.

3. Gym rats/over achiever

Things I Find Unattractive When Dating

Gym is life...gym is your life. When they try to force you to gym.

4. Druggie/ alcoholic/ emotional wreck

I should be the mess in the relationship.

5. Gamers

Things I Find Unattractive When Dating

I have no idea what your talking about. The game is Hella boring.

6. Players

Things I Find Unattractive When Dating

Join the gamers you guys like playing mind games.

What did I miss out let me know in the comments...

Things I Find Unattractive When Dating
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  • TriggeredChick
    Hmm that’s interesting.
    I mostly agree with you except that I’m a hugeee sucker for really intelligent guys. Especially guys with strong opinions, that know how to debate on a subject, and itms definitely a plus if they are good at math too, and then of course I like guys that game a lot too.

    But I guess that relates to the fact that I’m similar to what I described above.
    I’m very opinionated, and I enjoy discussing my opinions and having someone challenge them, it’s just extremely refreshing to me. I feel like I get to know the person on a deeper level while at the same time working up some chemistry from the debate. I also study maths and economics myself, so I’m attracted to someone who’s like me on that area too.

    I actually don’t get gaming at all, and whenever I try to compare a guys gaming experience with my sims 2 experience, they laugh :(( buut while I don’t understand it I find guys that game fascinating because they can teach me stuff about something I’m not very experienced with.
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Most Helpful Guys

  • sawno
    Based on these criteria you don't deserve a guy like me.
    I am incredibly loving, super loyal, love deep conversations, love to make someone smile, probably good with children, have a great career path and generally i try to life those up around me and assist those who come on my path. If that sounds like something you would like then know you already ruined it because i am a nerd at heart and i am also a gamer as a result. If you condem me based on that fact alone i am not your match, and in general i'd like my partner to be open towards my passions so you aren't mine either.
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    • ninjafemme

      And I should believe this😂

    • sawno

      Those that know me on here know its probably quite accurate, but if you believe it or not doesn't change the outcome. The point i am making here is that regardless if my statement is true is that your potentially letting great guys go because of some shallow obsessions. If you keep this kind of dating style up i wouldn't be surprised if you get to an age where you start becoming more desperate to find a partner due to your biological clock running short with most of the good guys being taken at that point. Just be open minded, see if you get along despite your differences and don't just flatout condem someone. Alternatively keep up with what your doing but know your going to limit your options.

  • WeirdoWerdo
    What do you have to be like to be a nerd just bald and have glasses? Or just be really smart? Because my eyesight is nearly damn perfect and I'm not bald nor anyone in my family. I'm fairly smart? Maybe for my age? Everyone thinks I'm really good at math while I think I'm shit at it but we are all our own worst critic
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    • ninjafemme

      Nah that's just a joke man some nerds look like this obviously not all.

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  • Logorithim
    I'd agree that these are turn-offs, but some people would like a nerd or a gamer.
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  • AuroraRoseat
    LOL. Not all nerds look like that (I'm sure you know). What do you consider a nerd? A man who talks about something that you have no knowledge or interest in?

    Still laughing at the fact that "you should be the mess". I would hope no one is the mess or becomes messy. And I understand how some women are not gamers and not interested at all.

    I found this Take to be interesting and I've said it before while doing so again, this should enlighten plenty of men how varied women's tastes are.
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  • AmerRestInit
    1) Cell phone usage
    Taking selfies, browsing, texting and making non-emergency calls when you are with someone is disrespectful even when they aren't buying you dinner.

    2) Talking about exes
    You're there to be with that person, not obsess over someone else. Also, running an ex down makes guys wonder what you'll be saying about us, and waxing poetic over him shows you really are ready to move on.

    3) Talking over the other person, changing the subject or not listening
    You're there to get to know each other, and communication should be going both ways without derailing. This is usually combined with cell phone usage, but not always. Having someone interrupt, change subjects or not know what you were saying means they not only weren't interested in what you said, they weren't interested in you enough to show you basic courtesy.

    4) Bad manners
    Being polite and respectful not only to your date, but to those around your date, is a must as we are known by the company we keep and therefore we reflect upon our date. Using cell phones or electronics in movies, cussing, or otherwise being a disturbance to others is just embarrassing. Your date should not have to apologize for you.

    5) Being rude
    People who treat others poorly to impress someone or because they feel it is acceptable not only reflect poorly on their company, they also tend to inevitably unleash their behaviors on their company once they are no longer trying to impress.

    6) Entitlement
    Expecting everything without having earned anything is disrespectful of the other person. If someone takes the time to do something for you without strings attached, either take it gratefully or don't take it.

    7) Flirting with other people
    If you are with someone, be with them. I actually had a girl I dated in my early twenties go sit with another man who she did not know, and then chase me down to ask me why I walked out.

    8) Expecting a ride home on the first three dates
    Until you get to know someone, you are looking for reasons to weed them out. Nothing is more awkward than sharing an after goodbye forever ride home in the same car.
  • thestarbreaker
    I kind of have to agree with you on all of these points. Obviously no one wants to date a player or an abusive person but also nerds and gamers tend to be very socially awkward, emotionally unstable, lack confidence and they idealize all the stereotypical negative personality traits way too much and wear it like a badge of honor
  • ChurchOfIron
    Pffff. Fine. We gym rats don't need girlfriends. The gym is our girlfriend.

    Damn, you would hate me. I'm a bad, nerd, gym rat, ex druggie, gamer, and player. lmao.
    • Nades


    • @Nades His music is terrible, but he's hilarious. :P

    • Nades

      This is totally me tho. Like I hit the gym everyday sometimes overtrain there. Whenever I sleep I think about going to the gym. Srsly it’s become an addiction and I’m only 18 lmao

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  • RetroAlpha
    It sounds like you don't like men. I have been shades of all of those, as are most of the men I know, from say 15 to 50. Better go buy yourself some toys...
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  • kespethdude
    1, 2 and 3 contradict each other.
    5 is the most petty of all.
    4 & 6 I kinda agree with.

    You pretty much eliminated all guys here, you might as well declare yourself undateable.
    • ninjafemme

      Well it's what I don't like can I help that no.

  • redpanda_
    'nerds' are probably the nicest men out there. They'll go out their way to make you feel special, to help you out if you need it. I'd take a nerd any day.
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    • not really, most of them tend to be "nice guys" in disguise. You can be nice and normal and polite and not be a nerd

  • demonics
    >Various medical professionals
    >Still plays Donkey Kong
    >Works out
    >Surrounded by hot nurses, NP's, and MA's

    Well shit guess you're screwed with me and my friends.
  • Eternallylucky
    lol... your preferences will change in hte next few years
  • Thot_Exterminator
    ya cunt, I'll bet 99% of the guys on this site are gamers are nerds. Don't be so against a guy thinking about something besides YOU!
  • zagor
    May we assume then that you are a lesbian? Or asexual?
  • AdmiralBailey
    I don't like girls who can't differentiate between their, there and they're
  • RedRobin
    Nice take
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  • LegateLanius
    What's left?
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    • ninjafemme

      See my other myTake.

    • ninjafemme

      Someone said artists I agree don't like them either.

    • *Finally all guys have there own attraction. I couldn't list everything.*
      This particular statement seems to contradict what you wrote here.

  • abundantlyrich
    Lol ok gymrats are scary
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  • Secretgardenblood
    Nice take
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  • Iron_Man
    Interesting take
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  • BigShaq321
    Hmmm... I agree with most of these.
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  • TheNephilim
    Interesting myTake.
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  • SirRexington
    So basically you are asexual then?
  • deugeul74961
    Count me out of all this
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  • worldscolide
    Thats ok us nerds and gamers dont want you anyway.
  • laughinglad999
    nice take
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  • hindril
    Well, I guess I am out. hahah.
    • ninjafemme

      Either 4 or 1.

    • hindril

      Kinda a mix of 1 and 5, but also a mix of many things. I hate drugs, I only drink once in a great while like it has been about 10 months since I had 1 beer. I'm not a player. People say I am too nice, and I don't go to the gym though I have a membership. lol. I do almost everything that is helpful.

    • hindril

      by the way, I might be smart, I'm not blind and I have hair and no beard. lol

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  • Stripper4u
    I’m all of these.
  • Skali9119Liska
    I think I’m not of them but not number one 😕
  • kojikurac
    So what do you like? :p
    • ninjafemme

      See my myTake..

    • kojikurac

      I have found it
      Not my cup of tea :D
      I wish you the best of luck

  • Kelly6
    My husband is a player lol
  • Guanfei
    Well, no date for us.
    • ninjafemme

      I forgot about this myTake which one are you. Let me guess gamer.

    • Guanfei

      Nerd and gamer.

    • ninjafemme

      Okay... and you also didn't match my physical myTake if I remember correctly...

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  • Anonymous
    I'm 1 and 3.
  • Anonymous
    Hmmm? Wonder what categories are left?
  • Anonymous
    Bad guys turn a lot of women on unfortunately. They mistake their deviant behavior as alpha. They enjoy the challenge of “changing” him. Otherwise good women fall for this stupidity.

    It’s insane how much action guys on parole pull.