Things I ACTUALLY Find Attractive


Yeah yeah yeah ,this trend is dead, blah blah blah I'm bored.

Things I ACTUALLY Find Attractive

But there are the few things that actually grab my attention when it comes to a women.

Some of these things are actually unhealthy for me to be attracted to, but it's the truth.

The things that rope me in are very subtle, yet

they definitely get my attention.

So this take shall be called...

7 things I actually find very attractive.


Also I'm not going to be showing pictures of girls for this because it implies that these traits are a thing of purely physical attraction.

And to post pictures of a bunch of models as examples would be against the point of this myTake.


1.) Confidence.

A smile that inspires success, eyes that are cold and focused, demeanor that oozes confidence.

Confidence is something that has always drawn me to women, determination and the will to accomplish is already impressive but the confidence behind it always gets my attention.


2.) Humility.



I know a lot of people always strut around like they deserve everything positive that happens to them. The arrogant never catch my attention, but it's obvious when that overconfidence catches up with them.


Once in a while I'll notice someone who knows their limits. Who can actually take criticism and internalize it, making them stronger. These types of women definitely attract me a little, because I've noticed a lot of people who either think they can't do wrong, or absolutely hate themselves. Finding a middle ground is very attractive to me, irrational or not.


3.) Dauntless.



I've met people in the past who talk like they are made of steel. Despite this, they shatter the minute they come in contact with stone, as if they were made of gilded glass. To me, that trait is obvious, and it is common among Narcissists.


Those who are fearless intrigue me. Not those who put on a mask as if they are invincible, but those who will not be intimidated.

Those who are actually made of steel and will not submit to stone. A complete head turner to me, and it definitely lures me in.


4.) Antagonistic.



I know this is a terrible thing... but as defensive as I am, girls who are antagonistic definitely get my attention.

I know antagonizing others is inherently bad, but I also acknowledge my limit when it comes to this. When the antagonism becomes obnoxious, then it's a head turner, in the opposite direction that is.

5.) Emotional Resiliency.



Time for more metaphors!

I've met many people whose emotions are like a house made of straw. They don't take a lot of time to build up, but they are easily blow away in a storm.

6.) Sense or Irony.



I'd say sense if humor, but a sense of irony also means you can take a joke as well. I've met a lot of people who will crack jokes about others, but will be speechless if anyone makes jokes about them.

Someone who has an ironic sense of humor is instantly getting my attention and will make me extremely interested in them. Anyone who can make me laugh instantly earns my admiration.

7.) Informality.



Formality is not one of my strong suits. Even if I'm able to put on a business casual personality, it is outside of my comfort zone. I am drawn in by anyone who doesn't even flinch at the thought of speaking with an informal tone.



These traits are not things I require of a partner, they are just things that get my attention and make me want to purse people.

If you do not apply under these, then it's not because you will never have a partner, it's because I'm weird and I find these things extremely attractive.


Wrap up

So all of this shit may sound very masculine which also makes me sound pretty gay.

However, dicks are gross, and I'll never be attracted to dicks, so there's that.

But I do not implicitly desire submissive or shy women. I do not desire arrogance or Narcissistic behavior. And while that may be unfair, it's just my implicit bias. Besides, I don't know why that would be a problem for anyone, considering I'm not really a prize to fight for.


I didn't feel like using photo lab.
I didn't feel like using photo lab.

So here, have a picture of me staring at the camera while holding my titties.


Hope you all have a nice day!

Things I ACTUALLY Find Attractive
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Most Helpful Girls

    I didn’t think that sounded masculine I’m most of those things and I don’t think of Myself as masculine -or feminine for that matter... I really don’t think of people in either way. I just think of them as they are and if as they are , is decent or not.

    Also I relate to most of these, although I don’t think I like poeple who are antagonistic for the sake of being unpleasant. Rather, willing to debate things that are unpopular and stand for what they believe - which can come across to less discerning people as antagonistic but it actually is just having convictions.

    Good lost though and I applaud leaving pictures out bc honeatly I think people end up just responding to if they think the Perone under each trait likes cute.

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    • That sort of what I mean by antagonistic, being unpleasant isn't what I value, it's just I enjoy opposition, it drives how I function, and such as it is I see it as a desirable trait.

    • Also thank you for that first part because I get a lot of people going like "lol these are inherently masculine traits" and I personally don't believe in attributing gender to what attracts me.

      I just know for certain I don't like dicks. That's the only thing I'm certain about.

    • VIVANT

      I figured that is what you meant , I just clarified how I would say what I meant but I wasn’t assuming you actually meant you enjoy people being contrary for countrary sake 😊

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  • Gentle_Jess
    this is a pretty solid list.
    I don't think he has to add feminism, but I am sure he has been attracted to many alpha and or bisexual women. I display traits of an alpha and I am bisexual and I am not on the feminism bandwagon.
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    • I don't really see how feminism would catch my attention. I'm personally a feminist, but it's nothing I Parade around.

    • I don't even know how one classifies feminism. Yes, I believe in equal rights and equal pay. Does that make me a feminist, or a rational human being?
      Or is feminism being angry and burning bras and hating men? That to me is just obnoxious.

Most Helpful Guys

  • grashopper
    The picture of the guy (or girl) is repulsive. Could you please remove him/her?
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  • Anonymous
    Finding something attractive is not same as being attracted
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  • DocilexElle
    I'm not afraid to die. I'm just afraid to live, but this past year was amazing. I think I've become fearless. I'm still willing to love and not fear getting hurt. I'm not scared of rape either. The only thing that I fear is not knowing WHEN I will die.
  • BesrkirAstrid
    I find this unfair how come guys can grav their boobs and not be called a slut or a whore, and when i do i get all sports of hate ≥~≤.
  • SomewhereElse
    That's pretty much exactly what I find attractive in other people, too. Good take!
  • xhejo
    Aren’t most of these qualities qualities that most people posses?
  • Whaaaaa
    I understood you up to the point where you whipped out dem titties, but I have no room to judge. Good take!
  • Muhammad1999
    My English isn't that bad but why I struggle understanding this take lol , great take by the way
  • Crose228
    can't tell of its a dude or a chick.
  • Reggieray
    Thank you, you provide a unique perspective...
  • Secretgardenblood
    Good take. .
  • Kayla45
    nice take!
  • LeeKenz
    Yes yes yes
  • Mikayla03
    Good take!
  • ericclayton
    Good list. I also find these things desirable.
  • samgood
    I love confidence in people, too
  • Anonymous
    Hey thanks we all care so much about this 😐
  • Anonymous
    You lookin like a pigeon.
  • Anonymous
    i doubt you even like women lol
  • Anonymous
    You forgot to say feminism
    • Being a feminist doesn't immediately attract me. It's a nice quality to have, but it's not something that immediately gets my attention.