A Tale of Two Dating Sites. My experiences with Tinder and MeetMe.

A Tale of Two Dating Sites. My experiences with Tinder and MeetMe.

I recently tried two dating sites. Tinder and Meetme. I just recently got me a new phone, a haircut, some new clothes, and shaved. So I figured I'd try to meet a lady online . Well, so far it's not going as planned.

First I'll start with meetme. I had been on the site before when it was MyYearbook. However it's really changed. There were lots of cute girls, but they weren't the ones interested in you. It was always the bots and fake profiles. Most of them were from Singapore or Malaysia, which nothing wrong with people from there, but I want locals not international. After 12 hours of attracting nothing but bots I deleted my profile there.

Tinder on the other hand is a whole different ballgame. Sure there were lots of cute girls there too. However most of them leave their snapchats and Instagram handles. Most of them however won't talk to you unless you have a dog. I personally don't have any pets. Although my family has 4 dogs, but I'm not gonna lie and say they are mine. Another thing I don't care for is people lying about their posted age. They are of legal age, but most of them say they are 23 when they are 18. They post like I'm 18 not 23 when 18 is the minimum age. Plus with Tinder they want you to get the gold or plus membership in order to get better matches. Why should I pay to meet people online that I may never have a chance with or talk to? Don't get me wrong I love meeting people but I wouldn't pay to do it.

In conclusion, I feel kinda embarrassed to say I've tried online dating. No one is genuinely interested in me. I feel like I'm kinda boring as well. Maybe dating sites aren't the problem. Maybe I'm just not a dateable guy. Either way I feel like everyone around me has found someone but I am almost 30 and still haven't .



A Tale of Two Dating Sites. My experiences with Tinder and MeetMe.
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  • Meoir34
    In my opinion, online dating rarely works out. It is very uncommon to find your life partner with online dating, unless you get very lucky and manage to filter out the bad ones. A lot of people who use online dating do so because they can't form intimate relationships in real life, so they turn to online dating. I have used it and met a lot of misogynists too, who merely use it to hurt women and get their anger out on women, who may have rejected them in the past, or they may have had an unpleasant experience with a female figure in their lives.

    I feel like it does no favours to mental health either, with the majority of men on them looking to hook-up or mess women around. I believe the best way to meet people is by getting to know them in real life by joining a group or hobby with people who have similar interests.

    Also, my other argument with using online dating, is that you just don't know who you are communicating with. Often, people pretend to be someone they are not, often someone who is more attractive than they are.
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    • I've noticed. Tinder is the worst they post snapchatnames and if you add them they are like where the hell did ya get ths.

    • Spot on with all of that, with the exception of not being able to form intimate relationships in real: I think that it's very hard nowadays to meet people and have a real reason for talking to them and getting to know them. A lot of people meet others through work, and some don't interact much with others because they're freelance or business owners, or maybe they work with only people of their same sex. It's difficult, so online dating offers an avenue to meet others you dont have the opportunity to in real life, but as you said, it rarely ever gets results.

  • Thedivinechic
    What you find in dating sites: People recently broken up with their significant other trying to take it out on other people. So, just a bunch of people looking for a major ego boost because their love life sucks or non-existent. Go to meet people in the community doing healthy things. Like church or meet up groups.
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Most Helpful Guys

  • I have had wonderful experiences on match. com and on POF.

    You can walk into a bar and strike out with every girl you approach or you can walk out with a cute girl. Online dating mirrors real life. You must present yourself well and you must have a good approach. If you don't, you can have consistent failures, and you can blame online dating. . . but there are many guys meeting girls online, dating, and getting married.
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    • TripleAce

      Present yourself well and have a good approach?
      While I do agree, but that’s not the reason why you do so well and others don’t... lol.. it’s just not haha

    • @TripleAce Why do you think I do well?

    • TripleAce

      Probably more attributed to being successful and rather and looking good... thats pretty much what women will extrapolate at a glance. They can't actually get to know you just by reading...
      so the main points are, is this man successful... and does his image look good...
      if yes and yes, then she's interested...

      and if all that is true, people will naturally gravitate to you, including women too...

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  • DazedElite
    Dude don't think your boring just because you have no luck on a dating site I've just deleted mine it is nothing but bots and fakes, when you do luck out a find a real person they talk for a day then move on its really not the best way to go, and don't worry you will find someone it's what I'm having to tell my self, chin up buddy
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  • JaneandJune
    I met my fiancé on tinder but that was after a year of not taking it that seriously and just happening upon his profile at the right time... didn’t go on a single date from tinder until him. Sometimes it’s just dumb luck at the right time.
  • Browneye57
    The vast majority of women on dating sites are there for attention and validation. Pretty much zero intention on ever actually meeting up with anyone, let alone dating.
    And the vast majority of guys are there looking for a hook up.

    It's a dynamic combination. ;)
  • Redstang88
    Never tried Meetme, don’t know anything about it

    Tinder is probably 90% time wasters, but no you don’t need a dog to get matches.
    Most people just use Facebook to log into Tinder, and lots of people put bogus birthdays on Facebook

    And yeah, you pretty much have to get premium to get anything out of it (as a guy), but it’s what, $10/month? I spend way more money on far less useful things
    • In my experience, the extra money gets you absolutely nothing except for false hope. You might as well just take the money out of your wallet and flush it down the toilet.

  • brennanhuff
    Dating sites aren't good for most men. I wouldn't give up hope or feel bad because it didn't work for you. I never had luck with bumble or such tinder, but I'm a good looking person according to different people. I think your best chance and for guys in general is meeting women irl.
  • StarsInTheEyes
    I think you can probably set the distance of the people whom you want to come up on your page 🤔 If you set the distance, then you probably won't get international girls who are unreachable 😄
    • I thought Tinder is known for hookups though 🤔 meaning that if you're on Tinder, the chances of finding a long-term, committed partner might be small, since a lot of people might be there for short-term, or non-serious relationships, meaning friends with benefits, because of the app being known for that purpose.

  • JDavid25
    Oof yeah I feel you.. I deleted meet me a long time ago cause girls seem sooo entitled, and complain too much... I still have tinder, and get a decent amount of matches.. I went on 1 date, but while the date (it was more like hangin out) was decent, it didn't end so great.. So yeah datin sites kina suck..
  • britpop
    I honestly have never heard anyone give dating sites a positive review seems like if your female your harassed if your male you best be a rich model personally id rather go to a house pa
  • TripleAce
    Well 12 hours isn’t long enough hahah... and Yes of course there is issues with online dating but it’s a good supplement... keep at it, a nice lady will show up soon enough
  • SirRexington
    You just summed up perfectly why its sadly a waste of time to be on those sites. I've been on OK Cupid and it was trash. Tindr is mostly for fucking and POF is really lackluster.
  • JohnAlaska43
    Tender is a joke so is meet me pretty much these sites are full of fake profiles.
    a lot of the women are spammers trying to get your info.
    never found a good dating site.
  • ChiPaPa
    I tried dating sites for two years in addition to regular searching.
  • MsMusic
    I dated someone for 6 months from tinder. It ended badly but I'm on tinder again 😂😔 been on 3 dates. None have panned out
  • legalboxers
    OKCupid and POF - Met crazy people
    Meetme - psycho people
    Whisper: Nothing yet
  • Don’t give up hope :)
    ‘Tis better to have waited for love than to have never loved at all.
  • _Harley_Quinn_
    I don't think it's the actual site that sucks it's the connection and chemistry that people have with each other.
    • It's hard to tell personality online.
      I prefer the real world! Hell, sometimes that's a struggle!

  • Pulimuli
    I've met a total of one girl from tinder, we had sex and have never spoken since lol.

    Trying to set up dates with a couple of matches right now but sometimes its really hard
  • dragoblack
    for online dating, I have better luck with tinder, than i did with plenty of fish and ok cupid (i mainly get bots, fake profiles, and pushy cam girls).
    I have horrible luck with dating in real life, I get ghosted, run into those already in relationships, lesbian, those that are interested in me but i don't find attractive in any way and those just not interested, so, i have no choice but to try online
  • ashley1996
    1. Dont be embarrassed
    2. There is someone out there for everyone, just have hope and faith.
    3. Sometimes dating websites work for some and not others. My friend's mom met a guy and got married :)
  • Snakeyes7
    It’s probably because 90% of female profiles on POF and meetme and the like are bots or cam models who try to scam your credit card.
  • Giggletr0n
    I know why! Aesthetics count as that is your first impressions on dating site for most people, sorry to say that the women you liked didn't like you back over aesthetics
  • AnimalFanatic
    I found my current boyfriend on Tinder 😂 been together for 14 months. So a year and 2 months. We're doing really good.
  • front2back
    Meeting people IRL will always be better to dating sites
  • WalterBlack
    Sounds exactly like my experience with online dating.
  • CaptainSmartass
    Interesting take, dude. You should try and meet girls down the pub.

  • sasukeuchiha7
    It's better to meet people in real life than dating sites.
    Most people there are idiots.
  • BBubbles
    Depending on your location, stick to the real world.
  • Ciscoin
    Go outside.
  • Lovelygirl420
    Online dating is for whore women
    • They aren't free whores!!

    • Repa33

      Says the person with a naked woman as their pic😂 you're giving it out for free. On tinder most women at least want dinner lol

    • Would you rather have money or an orgasm? Maybe 10, who knows!

  • Triple7s
    It's not you dating sites are a joke