*sigh* Sometimes I wish I was gay!


*sigh* Sometimes I wish I was gay!

Dating these days feels very unjust. But both genders say so.

Relationships are a normal desire in humans. But sometimes things are out of reach or are seemingly not even meant to be.

I am not going to repeat after Elliot Rodger or the incel members. However it will be difficult to do so without looking like one and there is no easy way of putting this here. So approach this article with a rather open mind. Thank you in advance.

I love women. I am thankful that they are on earth and that we coexist usually in peace. Many women are beautiful and kind and have a soothing voice and a soft, pleasant skin and all that and pretty much the opposite of what we men are.

Dating them however proves to be a challenge.

You could be that guy, who got rejected and rejection after rejection you wonder if there's something wrong with you. Are you ugly? Too rough? Too nice? Do your clothes smell weird? Did you say something wrong?

Or whether women even want relationships in general.

Or that suddenly they became robots.

Or that they turned lesbian.

Or anything in general, really.

On the other hand there are some ridiculous standards that quite some women have.

Who cares about personality when you can demand standards, that most men can't fit in even if they wanted to? Tall like a tree, strong like a hulk, wealthy like a businessman and even specific zodiac signs!!! Yes, you heard that right! ZODIAC SIGNS!!!

I won't settle for anything less. I deserve the best!

This is also one of the (leading?) reasons of the decline in relationships. I'm not blaming anyone but the increase in this philosophy being the decline in relationships is a fact. And facts do not care how you view, accept or decline them.

*sigh* Sometimes I wish I was gay!

The knight in shining armor may very well not exist at all. They were for the most parts filmed in scripted movies. This is no different from certain men taking porn as an example of what their expectations in sex will be.

*sigh* Sometimes I wish I was gay!

Make no mistake as it is not a secret. Rich men get the honeybees with little effort while we - the others - hardly get anything at maximum effort. It can be observed over and over again. Is that really the most reliable way to do it?

Finding matches on POF, Badoo, HotOrNot has not yielded results for me or my pals.


I do wonder how successful dating for homosexuals actually is on the contrary of traditional heterosexual couples.

If I was gay I could go and try grindr so I could see it for myself. But I also don't want to set up a show either because... well I'm simply not gay! I also do not know anyone, who is either gay or bisexual.


I would really love to believe in that and finding love but it became somewhat similar to believing in Santa Claus.

It seems too good to be true. A loving woman always being by my side and exchanging affections with me within my arms reach!

*sigh* Sometimes I wish I was gay!

The lonely nights

We can't be the only ones dealing with the lonely nights. Or can we?

The bed and the pillows are the only soft things I come into physical contact with when going to sleep. And if daydreams of being romantic and intimate with a nice lady won't drive me to insomnia due to the lack of such experiences, then the recurring depressions will.

*sigh* Sometimes I wish I was gay!

Again, women are beautiful and nice and all that and I would really look forward of having one by my side. I'd treat her like a queen because I want to be treated like a king.

But at times like these I do wish almost dearly this feeling to fade away and to become gay instead. Then at least I wouldn't deal with the missing part of my love life and can continue living happy - much like children not missing a boyfriend or a girlfriend when they are in elementary school. I can physically feel the expiration at the expense of my own health.

Thanks for reading!

Note: I do not know why GAG forces this topic into Sexuality when it's clearly about Dating.

*sigh* Sometimes I wish I was gay!
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  • RSong
    I completely understand what you're saying. I feel that way a lot, too. I have often joked about becoming a nun or wishing I were gay instead because finding anyone who wants a serious relationship is akin to searching for a needle in a hay stack. Being in a serious relationship means that both people have to face certain truths about themselves and learn to adapt together.
    I have found that when the going gets tough, most people would rather bail then try and fight for the love and companionship they wanted so badly.
    Thinking about all of that reminds me of a line from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "The hardest thing to do in this world is to live in it. Be brave"
    There is a certain fear concerning intimacy and vulnerability and most choose not to face that fear because they do not view the reward greater than the risk, which is truly sad.
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  • Ellie-V
    Umm 😐 if you believe gay people (specifically men) somehow have it easier, you’ve got another thing coming bro.

    Other than that, sorry about your troubles. Don’t give up.
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    • Naw I’m bi and dating men is way way way easier, but being gay comes with other challenges like being accepted in society, but comparing ease of getting dates and meeting compatible people being gay is like putting it on easy mode, women are complicated

    • Ellie-V


    • Wowgirl30q

      Wtf is he talking about?

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Most Helpful Guys

  • Wolframium
    *sigh* Sometimes I wish I was asexual. Without emotions and caring.
    Lol. Sometimes. :-D Can you just imagine, how easier it all would be?
    Lonely? Who cares? :-) No girlfriend and ugly AF? Who cares? :-) It doesn't matter. It has the same value as random rock to me.
    I wish…
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    • Anonymous

      You and me both!
      I remember being in Kindergarten and in Elementary school. Girls were literally invisible to me and out of my mind and I was not missing anything from them.

    • Anonymous

      Well, not literally but figuratively 😂

    • Tdieseler

      you dont have to be asexual for that honey.. im hetero... love women and their bodies... but no emotions n caring lol

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  • NathanV
    Dating & relationships are ALWAYS tricky no matter your preferences! Even if you like ALLL genders, things are no less complicated! & often times when you give up looking, that's when people want you! (Sure is what happens with me anyway!) Hang in there! You are young!
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  • OlderAndWiser
    If women are so choosy and have such high and unrealistic standards, how is it that most of them eventually get married?
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    • Anonymous

      Most of them get eventually married?
      I suppose that has to do with their time running out and then lowering their standards in time. But how would I know?

    • So you think that most guys who are 18-20 years old can't get a date?

    • Anonymous

      Well unless they're one of these rich kids or middle class children, which I am not. The girls seem to be mostly impressed by the superficial things.
      If you mean with cougars and middle aged women, then I wouldn't know how to impress or attract them. I have just enough money in order to sustain myself. But for dates I don't have almost any leftovers. I am still finishing university.

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  • nightdrot
    Not being gay - though, very long story, I did have one gay relationship a long time ago - I am not sure that some of your assumptions would pan out. Indeed, based on suicide rates and other factors, gays do not necessarily have it better than do their hetero counterparts. It may be that you are less interested in being gay than in not wanting to be with women.

    That said, and please know that my heart goes out to you, perhaps the problem is the way you approach relationships. This line stuck out: "I'd treat her like a queen because I want to be treated like a king."

    Note that you don't want to treat the woman like a queen because she is who she is, but only because of what it will net for you. On any given day that may not matter, but over time that probably will lead to bad relationships - or no relationships.

    In the former case, in the end, it will be about your needs. Yet love, by definition, is willing the good of the other as the other. Not for what it gets you - but for what it gives to the other person. It is - ideally - pure selfLESSness.

    Now no human being ever attains that ideal, but the fact that what you can get out of a relationship is so prominent in your own formulation, suggests that you have a bit to go in that area. Approach a relationship with the idea of what you can give - not what you will get.

    In the latter case, it is possible that the woman just does not get "the vibe" from you. They may like you, but listen to what you say when you talk with women in a more intimate way. Then remember that it is not what you want to say, but rather it is what you want the other person to hear.

    Also, keep in mind that every man or woman carries there own baggage. They have their own fears and insecurities and needs and wants. To the extent that you read those and assuage those, you will improve the chances of establishing and having a strong relationship with a woman.

    Truthfully, I write as a man who was badly hurt - I won't repeat the story here though I have elsewhere on this site - and met a woman who gave of herself to me. Who held me when I was hurting and I learned what real giving is.

    Suffice to say, we have now lived together for 11 years - we don't want to be married - and she has given me three of the most beautiful little gifts that a woman can give to a man. Those three gifts run up when I come home and call me "Daddy." It is unconditional love.

    Please don't take this as a criticism. You sound like a good man and you sound like many people in this world. Lonely and wanting to be loved. There is nothing wrong with that.

    However, love is as much about the mind as the heart and we have to learn how to do it. This article smacks of a man who has much to give, but you have to learn how to give, because the other person needs to feel safe, too, and you have to know how to do that - deeply and sincerely. I know, because I was there.

    Don't give up. Be patient and give it time. Pursue other interests and make yourself the whole man. Then keep your eyes open. There are no assurances in this life and happy endings are guaranteed only in fairy tales. However, as I can attest, they do happen.

    Best wishes.
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    • Anonymous

      Well, thanks for your input! I appreciate it.

      In regards of treating her like a queen and wanting to be treated like a king. That is exactly what I meant if you can decipher it as "giving in a relationship" and "getting from a relationship". However I put more emphasis on what I can give than on what I can get. It makes sense. This is not putting a woman on a pedestal. It is putting both on the pedestal.

    • nightdrot

      Well, I hear what you are saying - and I appreciate that it is a fine line. However, putting yourself on the pedestal with the other person - to follow the analogy - is still putting yourself head of the other person.

      Think of it this way: In an ideal relationship, the other person puts you on the pedestal. No need in your case, though, you'll do it for the both of you.

      Of course, I joke - slightly. However, it really does have to be about you focusing on the other person. If they reciprocate - magic! If not, then it is time to move on.

      In fairness, you do say that you put more emphasis on what you can give - and that is all to the good. However, you really almost have to shut down what the other half of the formula. If it makes you happy to give to the other person - that is love. If you love the other person because they love you back - it is love, but of a lesser sort.

      Love is all about the giving. Your reward being the other person's happiness.

    • Anonymous

      Makes sense to me!

  • luvstoned4him
    This is quite depressing but I just want to encourage you not to give up. Your rainbow is coming but not without its shares of struggles. I mean what man doesn't have one? Love, Jobs, Health. Life can be so unfair sometimes. Stay Strong x
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    • Anonymous

      I will. Thank you lady!

  • ObscuredBeyond
    It's a trap. It's never love, always usury, and it leads more often than not to psychosis and drug abuse. The whole "marriage" thing? Just a cover. And a desperate push to force society to accept your lie to yourself, so you won't feel as insecure about it yourself.

    You cannot dishonor the vocational destiny of another's biology, and love them truly. Mutually exclusive actions. Therefore, turning gay solves nothing, even if it means you're less likely to face rejection for casual sex.

    I have friends that are ex-gay, and will tell you that it's "not de wae." I've also lost friends who sold out to that movement, even knowing why it's built on lies and abominations, because they valued their popularity in the world more than their own soul.

    A few of them admire that I stick to my convictions, and try to rescue the lost, even when they feel it's in vain. Others go full cutthroat, betraying their insecurity over their decision by acting not like a natural, healthy alternative that merely thinks me confused; but rather by acting like bank robbers desperate to get rid of me as though I were a snitch waiting to happen. Some of the latter have even stolen things from me and threatened me, further betraying just how far from normal their psychology is.

    Now, to the point of modern dating in general: nobody wants to live for something higher than themselves anymore. And therefore, finding someone worthy of sharing a higher cause with ceases to be a thing. Instead, it's all about you. Not the cause, and not your would-be partner, just you.

    And therefore, you are never happy with anyone that isn't just like you, or that can scratch some itch of yours to some degree of satisfaction. The net result is being set up for loneliness and disappointment.

    When sex becomes the central goal, then you're even more doomed. Sex is supposed to be a tool to celebrate what's already there, not the thing to be celebrated itself. This backasswards modern mentality of sex being praised above all else means it's never good enough.

    Get these priorities wrong, and you'll soon cloud your own judgment on every other issue, leading to poor judgment across the board. It may manifest differently between men and women, but the end result is our modern dating scene - screwed up in every possible way, and both sides are guilty.
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  • Larajeanfake
    I definitely thought about giving up. I practically have lol. Your analogy of comparing love to believing in Santa Clause is exactly how I feel. I've only been in one relationship and it was very traumatic. For my first one to be traumatic, I didn't even know how an actual relationship functioned because it was so toxic. But I haven't been in a relationship since and that was about 4 years ago. Nowadays I feel myself actually getting lonely and sad about being single. I used to not care. I get asked out but usually I dont like those guys and I'm starting to hate dating beause everything sounds forced like a job interview. I have plenty of gay and lesbian friends. It seems that the gay men are more promiscuous and some are kinda sneaky about it. But my lesbian friends aren't. They're more to themselves and just date one person from what I see. I also feel the older you are the harder it is to connect to people. I think people somewhat forget chemistry and that chemistry is hard to find, almost a rarity, really.
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  • Dog19
    Women will either date a homless criminal who will abuse her or they will demand Mr. Perfect... There's no middle ground
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    • Dog19

      I'm only single because I'm fat and ugly. Dudes are pretty shallow when it comes to women and girls who aren't beautiful so dudes I know how wrong you are.

    • AJC997


      You’re not beautiful?

  • sidsw17
    Im a straight man but have gay male friends, finding partners is easy so im told however a lot gay male people go through partners like they do water, they are very promiscious, will have many many sexual partners and a lot live the single life who just sleep around
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    • Anonymous

      Still better than not getting any woman even for just one date.

  • sageevalentine
    I feel bad for you... but I also don't. Tough love, don't give up, keep on improving and trying, I'm sure you'll get what you deserve eventually. <3
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    • Anonymous

      I'm not giving up. This is venting steam from the process of trying to find a nice girlfriend ❤️️

  • DarkAngek
    I thought I was the only one in the world thinking how nice would be to be a gay! Tried gay dating apps for once, and I was amazed of how many messages for even single hookups I got. And I am PLAIN UGLY. We men are a lot easier and a lot more straightforward I guess... Still, at 23, never done anything with either men or women. Not attracted in men at all though. I am just very ugly, always was calling that on school especially by women so I gave up long ago to even try.
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  • Ultimate_Gohan
    Being single is better than being in a relationship with someone who can break your heart or destroy ur self esteem
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  • UncleJessieRabbit
    I sympathize with you and I also find it sad.
    Frankly, I would trade today's world for a past era no later than when my own parents were younger and coming of age. As a millennial, I can't be the only one who feels that way because of what's going on?
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  • slatyb
    The same personality traits that are unattractive to women are also unattractive to gay men. So the same guys who can't get a date with a woman would be unable to get a date with a gay man.
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  • _Tou24che_l
    Maybe if everyone stops being judgmental, everyone can have a loving boyfriend and girlfriend?
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    • Won't happen. Humans are designed to be judgmental assholes

    • @Jennifer_32 it's sucks. People complain about not having a loving partner but are you shooting down everyone who tries to approach you because of a judgment (may be the person's chest, ethnicity, boobs, face, legs, job, educations status, hair, etc)

    • Poppykate

      I am going to have to agree here. The beautiful girl he has a picture of is a ‘dream girl’- an airbrushed, photoshopped vision. Where most girls are your ‘girl next door’ types. If this ‘dream girl’ is his goal, he will be leading a lonely life. The dream girl, herself, wouldn’t look like that if you knock on her door early in the morning. Lol 😂

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  • i1T2daty
    Sorry about predicament but proper verb format to use in that situation is were, not was. True of any conditional statement.
    Sorry for being such a dick.
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  • AdmiralBailey
    Women are terrible. I pray every night to wake up gay. Anybody want to be my boyfriend?
    ~Mr Bails Extraordinaire
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  • dressed2kell
    Nothing wrong with that! Despite swatting away the fundamentalists, being gay is exceptionally wonderful!
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  • GuidoThePizzaMaker
    At my age, I really lowered my standards lol
    I dont care about looks all that much
    Just looking for a woman who is gonna fulfill her role
    Too much male attention made women spoil.
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  • shephardjhon
    ROBOTS. Robots are the future. They are honestly the best solution for this loneliness.
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    • ... This comment is so sad...

    • Anonymous

      I just might end up getting one in 5 years when they get released for sale.

  • someginger
    Tbf wish I was gay, I only ever get flirted with by guys and lets face it grinder is far better for hook ups than tinder.
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    • Going into it with an open mind and let it just happen sometimes is the best thing you most likely will be happy being gay just take it slowly and maybe it might help to try out being feminine at the same time you could get your self some lingerie to wear to bed, just an extra thought help you feel more at ease about it.

    • someginger

      I have tired stuff but nah at most am BI but just not attracted to mainly traits

  • BrittBratt2416
    Homosexual men are extremely promiscuous and tend to have a lot partners under their belt. Their relationships do not last as long either. You choosing that lifestyle to avoid loneliness is not a good idea and will most likely making you even more lonely. Just focus on yourself and try bettering yourself as person, stop trying to force love into your life and let it happen naturally. Everyone faces rejection at some point in their life, it hurts but you can't let over come you to the point of giving up.
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    • NathanV

      That's an overgeneralization really!

    • Wowgirl30q

      @NathanV that's statistics

    • @NathanV It's not, we have evidence of this due to the 80's aids epidemic when tons of young to middle age gay men were dropping left and right due to the disease. The disease spread like wild fire among them cause gay men had tons of sexual partners that they couldn't even pinpoint when they actually got the virus. It was so bad that they had to close down gay bars were they often up hooked up. Yes, there were cases of the disease spreading due to sharing drug usage with needles and bad blood transfusions but with gay men it was mainly the cause of their lust and promiscuous lifestyle with one another. We still have gay men catching this disease to this vary day.

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  • John_Doesnt
    Try this code: Up, Up, Down, Down, Be-Gay, Be-Gay, Start
    That should unlock the cock-sucking level.
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    • Anonymous

      Instructions unclear.
      Got my dick flaccid now. Something didn't go right.

    • Anonymous

      That Still didn't work. Did they patch it or what?

  • RolandCuthbert
    Dude, if you want to get better to at dating women, it is possible. You just have to come up with a strategy, then practice, practice, practice.

    You guys feel like you are so cut off. That you are so alone and no one has been through what you are experiencing. The point is, you are not cut off and many of us have gone through the same things. There is a way out of this forest. But you have to be willing to open yourself up, become social and work at it.

    Too many guys here think they can take some kind of pill and that would make everything better. It just doesn't work that way.

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  • Smegskull
    I would love to be gay. To not be afraid of #metoo so I could ask someone out. To be able to get drunk and have sex with a partner without it legally counting as rape. To not fear the bias family court system if the relationship doesn't work out. To be able to argue with my partner without being made to feel like a bully. To be able to satisfy my partner with less than half an hour's work.
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  • Browneye57
    Why, so you can get fucked in the ass? Or suck some dude's cock?
    Dear god. Quit whining and just be the man you want to be. Quit fussing about the women - they are what they are and you're not changing it. You have to learn how to play the game if you're gonna win at life.
    • Anonymous

      I never said, that I give up.
      You make it sound like I'm yet another Elliot Rodger incel.

    • Browneye57

      Ah, well, it seems YOU did that. ;)

    • Anonymous

      Don't worry. It's a normal part of the journey in dating.

  • Pete_twenty_two
    Reading this really makes me appreciate what I have. Hang in there guys, a few years ago I was in the same boat.
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  • buttcrackjoe
    Great varieties of pornography at our fingertips and an amazing assortment of sex toys have all but eliminated our desire to “settle for less than perfect”. We are much pickier these days for a long term mate. Also our survival is no longer dependent on the traditional family structure. For better or worse.
  • Tdieseler
    "If you ugly in the straight world...10 times out of 10 you are ugly in the gay world" - (i forgot who quoted it, one of Katt Williams friends)

    Dude... this Take pretty much encompasses EVERYTHING most men (boys) think when they are starting out. I remember a long time ago when i thought this way...
    "I just want one to love"
    "Id treat her like a queen"
    blah muthafuckin blah... but nice guys always finished last and the jerks got first dibs...
    so i became a jerk... and was that way for quite some time... now i just dont give a fuck. She's in or she's out.

    YOUR problem sir is that you want to serve HER... she wants a MAN... and you are being a woman. You want her... Go Get Her. Thats pretty much as simple as i can put it.
    Its just that for me... women just irritate me in general... but if i want em... best believe... im gonna get them.

    Im just mad that you posted this anonymous. see... still hiding... rather than standing loud and proud.
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    • shi-shi

      You sound hella rapey just sayin

    • Tdieseler

      @shi-shi i appreciate your opinion. I was only repeating what he said.

    • shi-shi

      no, the stuff that was your own words

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  • boyeo
    I'm sorry, but this is just plain offensive.

    Gay men do NOT have it easier. We're conditioned to love women from a young age, and society encourages straight relationships. We're not given those same opportunities to date around in high school, for example, since it's just not as accepted as straight relationships.

    And to answer some other people's thoughts down here, online dating SUCKS for gay men. Sure, hook-ups are easy to find. You'll find a guy who wants to fuck you in 10 seconds after signing up. But the popular "dating apps" like Grindr are hardly for dating. Hook-ups are plentiful on there, but if you want to satisfy your desire to have a real relationship, you might as well go straight.

    That's just a few things I think about this topic. Feel free to ask me any questions or debate my opinions.
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    • Anonymous

      Thanks for your input! That is pretty much what I hoped to get as a response.

  • Katebfun
    Look there's some strange evolution going on here on a deeper level that no one understands! 1st off everyone is rejected don't take it personally. In today's society at least in America so many are lonely and frustrated over the dating scene, apps are a waste of time swiping and dead end conversations. No one talks on the phone any more. I've honestly met more men our in public on meetups or at a bar than dating apps. Your not alone in this, were all connected more so than the anaylitcal mind can comprehend. A relationship is not going to make you happy!! 🤣 nope when you fall in love it's an experience to transform and become a better person, to evolve and change. No rush only divine timing. We are all puppets on a string stuck in the waiting room for love. ❤
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  • HomoFuge
    I think it's even harder to be gay and find someone who wants a serious relationship. You have less options because more people are straight than gay and the people who you do know that are gay, often like to sleep around and don't want relationships.

    I am struggling with the same issue. I've had lots of offers from men for sex but no one who wants a serious relationship with me. I try to just ignore it. If I am single, it means I have more time to focus on myself.

    If women constantly reject you, maybe it's time to take a break from trying to date and focus on yourself. Constant rejections are not good for your confidence. Try to change things about yourself that you do not like.
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  • Argyro00
    Even as a gay woman go through lot of the same stuff.
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    • Anonymous


    • Argyro00

      Yea just like straight people. Especially with women not sure about gay men.

    • Anonymous

      That's news to me.

  • scholastic_vibez
    I feel embarrassed somewhat to say it, but before my current relationship, sometimes I thought it would almost be easier to be gay because at least they have bars, and venues to go to. As a sapiosexual, I can be around a lot of beautiful women, but feel zero sexual attraction if none of them have an interest an an intellectual conversation. With European women, especially from France, central, Eastern Europe they appreciate art history, and philosophy subjects I studied at university. But, there aren’t bars for sapiosexuals, there isn’t a dating infrastructure for us in the U. S. really.
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  • Furuok
    As I try to tell people! Location is where your at. To much spam out there to trust the internet. People on dating sites are looking for hook ups. Poor people get a hobby, go to church, join in on charity events. Join or membership up. Hobbies find other people interested in things you like to do.
    Number one thing don't look desperate. And find someone before your forty cause? Damn my choices are many but very few want someone taken seriously.
  • LilLaoGirlTori
    I’ve actually been on both sides of the fence, as a bisexual trans female I can say it’s excruciating from both sides we all have our hangups, unrealistic expectations, misconception about each other’s challenges, strengths and limitations. We’ve been mislead to think that someone perfect is out there waiting for us but to be honest it’s more just what your willing to put up with. Can you take it, or can you not?
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  • Hariss
    You are not alone bro, I feel you, you can text me and we can share our experiences.
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  • pizzalovershouse
    gays an straight people still jave a hard time dating cuz it depends on how much you bitch about what you dont like about each other or how polite you are
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  • cunnilinguist
    Why get stuck in the monogamy paradigm? It's not even natural for humans. Have you read or heard of the book Sex at Dawn? Anyway, why can't everyone just be pansexual and polyamorous? :D
    • Wowgirl30q

      Nice name

    • @Wowgirl30q Thanks, came to me about a week ago, I do not recall how. I quite like it too. It is meant to reflect more of a fantasy than current or past reality. Only been with one girl and I quite enjoyed cunnilingus. So much so that I decided it will be my personal "avenue of service". Now just waiting for my Donna Juanita to come into my life to claim the prize. ;)

  • FatherJack
    Don't beat yourself up !! Being a young male , the deck is stacked against you , there are more men than women , esp in younger age groups , your female counterparts are inundated with male attention and have numerous options if they choose , and more women than men choose to stay permanently single , as they have closer friendships , much better support networks , and are less attracted to men , than vice versa , & typically have much lower sex drives than males. My advice is forget the ladies and work and focus on yourself , otherwise the constant rejection will cause greater self esteem damage.

    TBH I am glad I no longer am bothered about women in a sexual and esp relationship way , the marriage I ended chipped away at me to a great extent that I have no desire to date , FT working single dad , so that also makes me undesirable to women anyway.
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  • Lman3000
    For other people, yeah I can see why, me hell no, not to be offensive who are gay but I would not even wish to ever be gay it's not my thing
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  • JohnAlaska43
    Im sorry dont agree with your mytake. Ty for sharing your opinion. Just dont agree.
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  • TechUser93
    Being straight is not a choice. Being gay is not a choice. Even being bisexual is not a choice. Your heart falls in love with who you are attracted to.
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  • JDavid25
    I feel you.. I think it's just that people (especially women) have too much choice.. Many cry for the guys who want show them any type of attention.. Probably the ones every girl is goin after.. But ignore the dudes who may actually like them.. Guys ain't no better.. Some could already have a girlfriend, or wife, and still go after women like they are single.. It's this type of "disposable attitude" that's becomin toxic for datin.. It's all about havin a "cute" relationship, that you can post on Snapchat, or instagram rather than buildin somethin real wit a person you found attractive, and want to bond with..
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  • CasaNorba
    i agree with you bro, except that i wish i was asexual instead
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  • IeatChickenandFish
    If you take a step back and take a look at what has been forgotten, its not just women, its the entire world.

    The entire world has forgotten what romance is, and what it means. People just want to be happy and contented, and what they see in front of them everyday is a 5 inch screen showing them that, but its not them, so they try their best to be like them.

    When it doesn't work, they push down reality even farther until they're completely out of touch. And through all of this, they forget their first goal of being happy.

    This social construct of being "connected" has made us numb down to the last nerve that lets us remind ourselves where we come from.

    A guy in my group therapy told me this because of his addiction, and holy shit was this true.
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  • DonCachondo
    Supply and demand is what makes things difficult in life. Dating is competitive because the most desirable partners are limited. I've heard gay guys are way pickier just 'cause they can be
  • skeetskeetskeet
    Go suck a dick then... see how gay you really want to be
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  • sean1234
    The strange thing is if there are guys like me that can never seem to find a girlfriend/wife, THEN you would think as for people wanting to be with the same sex, they would never ever meet. I naturally don't see anyone as same sex couple anything. For people same sexed to meet, there has to be a heck of a lot of people who think its normal especially ones who are not even into it. Them thinking at that time, "did that same sexed person just check me out", even though you aren't into it?

    If people werent soo brainwashed with things, more people would be married today. Wanting to have sex instead of a relationship/marriage, ugh!
  • AHughMongous
    If you wanna suck a dik you dont need to make an excuse to stuck one just do ir.
  • MarketData
    The grass is greener on the other side, is it not?
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    • Anonymous


  • IloveFood702
    Turn gay then.
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