The Law of Sexual Market Place

The Law of Sexual Market Place

Men and women hard wired to have sex even we don't want to admit it sometimes. Men and women are very sexual creatures and how men and women play the sexual game is different.

Men and women typically want certain type of person to have sex.

Women want to have sex with physically strong (tall, good looking, muscular) and masculine type of males. Of course these males are not that many. Roughly 30% of men in this category. (you don't have to have all specialities to be in this category but you have to have enough of them.)

And typically men want to have sex with feminine, curvy, healthy and enough good looking females. We can say minimum 60% of women can count as in this category.

So roughly 60% of above average standart women compete for top 30% of men. That explains why women don't like each other that much and compete each other all the time because there are far less men out there to compete for. So women always try to stand out and get attention from these men to out compete other women. This explains why women obsessed with attention and being desired.

These 60% of women only focused on these top guys and try to keep other men away from them and this explains so many things also.

What about the other ones?

Roughly 30% of men are not enough for physically. Either they are too short or too thin or overweight or too ugly. These people are having difficult time to attract women. These are what called the incels.

Also there are bottom 20% of women and they are having difficult time to attract males. I don't need to detail them.

And there are mid or below mid section.

These are average or below average folks. They have average or below average face, average height, average body and most importantly they have low amount of masculinity which women hate about them the most.

Below average or average women who roughly 20% try to compete for the best of these average males. They can go for top 30% but they know they don't have that much chance.

So this is how the sexual market works. You can deny it, you can hate it, you can argue with it but you can't change it. When you look at the world you will see this is truth.

Ps: Of course life is more complex than this sometimes it can get mixed but majority won't change.

Also i excluded the things like status or money etc. These can have major impact but the law is still the same.

The Law of Sexual Market Place
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  • Inneedofusername
    Well, yes. That's true. There are far, faaar more attractive women around than attractive men. And this fact creates many problems
    • I don't think there is too big a difference. It's just that our society celebrates female beauty obsessively, and shows pictures of them wherever possible, so we are used to see them and compare them to everything else. The gals I meet on the street have about the same range of attractiveness as the guys.

  • CT_CD
    I agree