Why A NOT Gamer Girl Makes the Best Girlfriend

The hot and skimpy clothed girls seen making duck faces and kissing their controllers aren't real gamer girls, anyhow
The hot and skimpy clothed girls seen making duck faces and kissing their controllers aren't real gamer girls, anyhow

A lot of guys are out here thinking a gamer girl is the best type of girlfriend to go for, when it's absolutely the contrary. My ex-girlfriend had no previous gaming exposure, so when I dated her, I got to introduce her into my passion for video games, and I got her to play all my favorite games, and it's a joy helping your girl through a game, especially one you love, for her first time.

Gamer girls will probably feel patronized if you try to teach them a game of yours, as if they don't know how to play a game. Or it's a game they'll already know, and if you're playing it together, that's when it becomes competitive for her, and it's not as rewarding because whenever you play, it's a competition now rather than enjoying the game and your time together.

The last few times playing video games, it often ended up with me wishing she would focus on the game, as she kept looking over at me with pleading eyes and eventually led into makeout sessions. Granted, not much game progress got done during the last few times, but still, it's a perk of dating a girl whose NOT a gamer.

So gentlemen, who are gamers, it's best to get a girl who's not one. So you can share such a new experience with her.

Why A NOT Gamer Girl Makes the Best Girlfriend
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  • D_Bone_Steak
    I'm still reading this but I have to blurt out my thoughts... a gamer girl as far as I know is either really, really not like other girls and awkward to the point of looking like a beta dude... and usually subdued already in a relationship. OR... let me say it again, OR... she's doing it for attention, money, and using her sexuality to get it. Okay... I'm going to keep reading now.

    Alright... I read the entire thing now... dude, she just wanted to fuck and is doing what she has to in order to get you to fall in love with her pussy...

    ... you must not have much xp in the pussy department.
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  • MrNameless
    The problem with people thinking this is that they are just love the idea/romanticize of sharing the hobby, but not the actual person that has their own thoughts, feelings, values level of maturity, etc. Having one hobby in common doesn't make them perfect relationship material.
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Most Helpful Girls

  • hidethealiens420
    Hm im not much for very competitive games mostly because I suuuuck at them. Im more into the ones your supposed to take your time one, solving the puzles and being pulled in by the story.

    But, honestly the biggest downfall I can see in having a gamer boy/girlfriend is that you'll be fighting over who gets to play (if its a one player game) or even what game your playing.
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    • Snakeyes7

      I'd say introduce single player games to your partner and give hints on how to complete certain tasks in the game.

    • @Snakeyes7 That's what I did

  • CocoBat
    Playing games with your partner is fun though, games are also fun, so why not?
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    • CocoBat

      Yes yes I know the girls that pretend to like "guy hobbies" are generally very incensere and annoying, but I genuinely just like games

    • Snakeyes7

      I feel like I have read studies that playing games together forms strong bonds, especially co-op because you get a feel on what its like to work together as a team.

    • @Snakeyes7 That's extremely true!

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  • Tiiired
    But on the contrary girls with exposure to gaming understand your passion and it's enjoyable to play games with someone who knows how to play.

    competition makes games fun and leads to enjoyment, also you can help each other improve etc.
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  • Cuppo_Mode
    WTF u talking about boi gamer girls are epic bruv I would drink their bath water *drinks bell Delphine bath water* *dies*
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  • gijoemn
    love gamer girls. They don't bitch at you for playing games all night
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  • Clearblueskye
    Men who don’t play video games make the best partners.
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  • El_Heffe
    I am looking forward to some gamer folks to show us how to play. We are not totally lost as we are pucasing a PS4 with Rad Red controlers.
  • -Asca-
    So what you actually want to say: A gamer girl makes the best girlfriend, but I want to turn her into a gamer girl yourself.
    • No, because you see, a real not gamer girl won't instantly get better. It takes years of practice to get on a better skill level. My ex never actually got better at any video game, but we enjoyed the time together.

  • Nadim171
    What if it's the opposite and the game girl shows me how to play?
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  • incelposting
    Females do not enjoy video games.

    They do it for money or attention from chad
    • CocoBat

      I agree with my husband

    • nemo22525

      I do though. I am not a gamer but I do enjoy a good video game time to time

    • CocoBat

      yOu MeAN yOU lIKe CaNDY cRush

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  • PrincetonKing
  • Anonymous
    gamer girls all think they are the shit tbh and are very conceited and bitchy from my experience
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