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Reasons why I want to find a gamer girl

Reasons why I want to find a gamer girl

I use gamer girl because it sounds better but specifically a gamer woman my age to hopefully date and then marry.

I have seen a couple of questions pop up from girls on here recently so I wanted to do a mytake letting those asking questions to know they are not alone in this.

well lets get started!

1. Because it's fun

Reasons why I want to find a gamer girl
Reasons why I want to find a gamer girl

I want to girl who wants to do a little more than just Netflix when she gets home from work. Unwinding with a little racing or fighting is quick yet could be a great change up to simply just watching stuff. You get to engage with it! and it gives you energy instead of simply laying there lazy on the couch. Given you can be lazy on the couch with video games but I have found myself more often than not needing to be at a more attentive stance to be more alert rather than not. Either way, it is simply a fun way to spend time with someone that I would not want to see going away.

2. It fights against being older

Reasons why I want to find a gamer girl

I don't just want to watch John Wayne or Audrey Hepburn movies and the news. I want to still have some action as I get older. I want to be on the battlefront or fighting zombies. And I don't want to hear you are too old to play video games....

Reasons why I want to find a gamer girl
Reasons why I want to find a gamer girl

and let's be honest... do old people play video games?

Reasons why I want to find a gamer girl

Wait you're right i'm sorry there are no older people that play video games

But I don't want to be one that simply goes home with wine and cheese to watch the latest Oscar winning film

Reasons why I want to find a gamer girl

Why is this point for girls as it seems to be only for a point for gaming? Because girls don't have to let age dictate what they can enjoy and it is attractive for girls that never lose their gaming desire. There is plenty of ways that gaming can still be enjoyable for both even into old age

3. A more focused girl

Reasons why I want to find a gamer girl
Reasons why I want to find a gamer girl

Funny enough, I would think that a girl that plays video games could be more energetic and attentive. Going back to my first point, playing video games can make you more engaged and alert while playfully interacting with each other. I feel its more physical than simply watching a movie.

4. It makes you more playful

Reasons why I want to find a gamer girl
Reasons why I want to find a gamer girl

I am using cosplay as an example but I feel like video games could cause you to be more energetic and playful in life rather than just settling into it. Imagine this, going to a furniture or craft expo vs going to comic con or E3. Into older years it would keep us young and not letting us accept our age and letting it define us but letting us define our age.

5. It simply gives you more entertainment options

Reasons why I want to find a gamer girl
Reasons why I want to find a gamer girl

So that girl above is linked with the picture above her because that is her collection of video games. Where this point specifically links to girls is that it gives you more options of things to do together as a couple. Imagine all the movies out there... well there are quite a few games out there now was well... to simply stop playing video games cuts you off from a great supply of entertainment. There are so many genres and so many types that it allows variety and ways to mix up a day of simply watching something when you can watch a movie then play a few games. Even jackbox games is a trivia based party game and that could be played at any time with only two people. To do an jackbox trivia episode a night could be something to look forward to.

Those are basically my points and while they are loosely also arguments to play games they are also arguments on why I want to find a gamer girlfriend and hopefully a gamer wife someday :)

Reasons why I want to find a gamer girl
Reasons why I want to find a gamer girl
Reasons why I want to find a gamer girl
Reasons why I want to find a gamer girl

I threw those final pictures in there for fun :) but I know there are girls that are going to see this and go oh he** no! and come up with 20 reasons why your girlfriend will dump you if all you do is play video games or why your relationship is better without video games and what i have to say is this

Reasons why I want to find a gamer girl

Girls do like to game. Now you could probably give me a chart and show me stats about how many girls dump a gamer guy and it could be 9 out of 10 girls dump a gamer guy but I will always love and play video games and I hope she likes to share with me one day so we can play together.

Reasons why I want to find a gamer girl
Reasons why I want to find a gamer girl
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  • Cynicaldreamer
    As a gamer girl, I approve of this mytake and agree with pretty much everything you said. Great job here!

    You also forgot to mention that if you date a gamer girl, you'll always have someone to game with- need a partner to heal, tank, or cover you? Gamer girl to the rescue.

    Or the fact that we won't fuss or get upset if you want to game or want to hang out with your gaming buddies.
    I cannot date a non-gamer because they don't understand about raids or playing with my fellow gamer buddies. It rarely works, lol. The last guy I liked thought I was weird for gaming... needless to say that didn't work out.

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    • I agree with you, i need a gamer girl to date too. So they understand why i game.

    • @COMMODOREII Yes! My boss is a gamer and he made the mistake of marrying a non-gamer.
      He complains to me about how he can never play his game in peace because his wife hates him gaming, LOL. Poor guy, I feel for him; I really do.

    • Then i better marry a gamer then. Lol just like my sister. 😎

  • Smoke-n-Growls
    I don't consider myself a "gamer girl" but I think I really ought to - I play a ton. XD

    I agree with what you've said and those are all reasons I love my partner for playing! Though admittedly I don't like how he's sucked into some shitty mobile games - he seems unable to see he's fallen for their skinner boxes.

    We have some fun times and we can be a bit competitive with each other in a fun way. I strongly agree on the focus and the keeps you from getting older parts.

    There's some awesome TED talks on the benefits of gaming. Not those TEDx ones, either. OG TED Talks.
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  • Aysen
    I'm happy to see you wanting to date someone with a hobby you're very passionate about! When you're able to relate, connect and bond with your partner with the same activities together, it makes the relationship all the more worthwhile to be in. Plus, it opens new windows of opportunity for various other activities that relate to this hobby as you stated!

    As a dedicated video gamer who's been dating an equally devoted girl gamer for almost 10 years now, everything you've mentioned is accurate, along with the fact that video gaming together is a fantastic bonding activity that increases levels of cooperation, synergy and motivation when goals/achievements are accomplished as a team! Co-op games are a blast to play, even single player games that can be switched between you and your partner, or you can simply praise and assist each other depending on who's playing. While finding a dedicated girl gamer who shares your ideology of life isn't the easiest thing, it'll be worth every moment to find someone like that because while being passionate about gaming is nice, finding someone who shares that passion with you is an amazing experience and feeling you'll never want to lose! Life with player two on board; you won't regret it! Just make sure gaming doesn't overtake either of your lives and everything is good to go! Although let's face it, binge playing for hours will always be a gamer paradise, no matter how old we get!

    I wish you the best of luck in finding someone like that :)
  • MzAsh
    You and your lady can have whatever hobby you want. Just don’t end up being over 25 with no job and still living with your relatives or anyone else who supports you. Get your own job, your own car, pay your own bills first and then you can do your hobbies.
    • Jjpayne

      Currently that's where I'm at but it's a different type of situation. I've got plenty of friends that can afford the new video game systems with the latest games and that's where I want to be at. I'm hoping for a job by the end of this year co vid may make that difficult but I'm getting my bachelors degree in a few months and planning to move forward from there. I don't expect the moment my income gets greater that my interest in video games with disappear with It or that stereotypically people that like video games are living in their parents basements when I can go to an event like E3 and I could find hundreds of people women included that have good paying jobs and live on their own with a genuine interest in video games

    • Jjpayne

      *like that

    • Jjpayne

      I appreciate your encouragement and support. I am stuck in a bit of a tight spot but I'm hoping that will change soon.. It's less about not doing something as waiting for the timing on it. Basically, I finished my associates then tried applying for mid range jobs with no success. I started working a lower level job but realized there was no possiblity of advancement as I was hoping I might work in a corporate office at some point. So I went back to school in hopes that this second time around I will get a greater response with a higher degree

  • PBandJ_Nerd
    I'm sort of like this. I would really like a partner who can just play in general. What I mean is this (it'll sound kiddish, but i don't care): Blowing bubbles, taking chalk and drawing some colorful artwork, doing coloring books together, playing with water guns, water balloons, nerf guns, fun sport games similar to tennis, and a whole bunch of other stuff. But it also includes video games too none the less. But for me playing is a way to enjoy my life and be happier and I really don't like it when people tell me I'm too old to do it. It pretty much does then restrict me to a dull lifestyle where i sit all day everyday (I thought that was considered unhealthy in society). Why? Because I'm a creative person being told I cannot do any of the fun ideas I can come up with. And I think it's crappy how I would have to do what somebody else says I should be doing. Maybe most adults do grow out of playing but not everybody does. So why should we restrict those interests as we get older? What about actually living life and not just working for it everyday? This is something I always want to ask but never do.
    • That sounds adorable AF, I would totally date you just for the water gun fights ^_^

    • @SomeGuyCalledTom how is it cute though?

    • Although I'm wondering, is the poster's profile picture a character from Paranormal or Despicable Me? I can't figure out which one or if it's neither.

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  • KaylaJoy
    If that’s your type then go for it. All the more power to you. I’m sure you’ll find the perfect gamer girl for you!
    I personally don’t play video games except a couple times a year with friends, it doesn’t have much appeal to me. I prefer to read, listen to music, and go outside for walks and to appreciate the scenery.
  • SomeGuyCalledTom
    Just date a normal girl and get her into video games after, that's what i did with my ex and she got addicted to dark souls and bloodborne coz of my inputs lol
    • Jjpayne

      That's awesome!! I'd hope to be able to do that one self one day :)

  • Yes, gaming is a lot of fun, I would be a gamer girl too, if I didn't have eye issues. Oddly, gamer guy is a huge turn-off for me. I mean, I don't have anything against gaming, but when I see a guy sitting all fay playing video games, my will of having sex woth him just fades away.
    • So assuming I was you type... if I worked 12 hours a day 6-7 days a week I couldn’t enjoy my day off playing games without turning you off?

      Well congrats on being 90% of the female population.

    • Why are you so offended? and did I say that workaholics turn me on?

    • So people who game too much bother you as well as people that work too much? Well aren’t you trash :)

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  • louvrey
    I played games from elementary school until now but when I was close to someone, he said I was very childish and we ended up moving away from each other 😅😅
  • hikerunbeer
    Stick to your values man. Maybe you are in smaller pool of people but if gaming is what you like then that's where you should stand. Unlike a lot of us out here at least you know what you want.

    I want a woman that's a runner and likes outdoor adventures.

    Happy journey.
  • irrationally97
    Yeah I agree. I'd love someone who also enjoys video games because not only would we have something in common, it's more likely we'd be compatible because people who play games have a certain personality type that I think would click better with mine.
  • TomBham
    I'm even in more extreme narrowing my search possibility.

    I would like her to be in to fitness an martial arts too...

    I was lucky once I found all in one, but she moved 200 miles away after her job...
  • WadeDanielSmith2
    I need someone who can beat me in Starcraft.

    Well, not really, but I wouldn't mind that. But as long as the sex is good I'll take whatever I can get!
  • Shark_61695
    Sounds great to me... as an additional point, my gran played videogames until she died in '98. If I ever got stuck on an adventure game, I'd be able to ask her a she wrote everything down.
  • Aakash_Hangargi
    A couple that plays together stays together, but apparently they were playing different games and also you can pick up real sports why only stick to video games you can play squash, badminton paint ball etc if you like look into those as well like it will also keep you more physically fit and I also agree with gaming girls sonething to do in common feels good
  • SjE78
    i actually wish to find a gamer girlfriend like this too, as they understand the life, but also not so stressful as some women out there
  • zagor
    You seem to have weird ideas about getting older. I almost ran over a 50-something guy flying down a hill on a skateboard last week. One of the Math profs I had in college was 67 and surfed nearly every day. I was on a chairlift with an 81 year old two ski seasons ago. So sitting on your ass gaming isn't the only alternative to sitting on your ass sipping wine when you get older.
  • Aliceinwonderland22
    As a gamer girl, I admit it is such a great way to chill out and so fun.
    Plus the research for gaming suggests all sorts of benefits, e. g increased cognitive skills and self regulatory skills, plus it is super fun... it helps focus, but also there is so many options that there is something for everyone.
    My parent was always confused why I loved games, but these days my dad loves racing games, my mum loves mystery click and find games... and when I visit we play together.

    I love gaming :)
  • xButterflyKisses87x
    Agree, I am mildly into video games, it is fun and more reason to spend time with your partner :)
  • Lman3000
    Yeah good luck with that shit, cause it's fuckin rare you'll find one close to you let alone one that like super model quality, pull your head out of your ass and maybe try finding someone who you could get to like video games or accept your hobby of playing video games.
  • LburgGuyUsasg
    All those pics... Beautiful, sexy cum dripping bitches. So why not post pics of real gamer girls? (Not the YouTube and Twitch girls you watch, those are models) The real gamer girls are the ones you never look at. The ones who can't get a date and have to walk because nobody wants to give them a ride. Hahaha, you can have a gamer girl... But do you really want one? The answer is no.
  • Scotty821
    Because, I am a geek too, but don't game very much, Altho I do know more about the technology than most and can talk for hours about games. also most serious gamer girls I have met are intelligent, and brains are attractive x
  • NamerOfStars
    Sounds like you definitely know what you want. Good luck finding her!
  • PetiteTaylor
    I love to play video games. I have never cosplayed cuz, i have never had a reason to, I liked your reasons as well
  • buckyboy
    Dude. When you find a gamer girl, hook me up with another gamer girl.
    I love gamer girls.
    Lol 🤣
  • Travis_Skyles
    Find a girl and turn her into a gamer girl girlfriend
  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    Best wishes on finding that Gamer Girl and thanks for sharing your MyTake with us very well written :)
  • Guanfei
    A gamer girlfriend is the dream of every guy. Me included. That would be the ultimate goal.
  • korey182
    geez that was a lot lol yea me too that would be great
  • Tiffylove
    Because you are both still children when she has children of her own she will not be thinking about games
    • Jjpayne

      I saw a mom taking her son to learn magic the gathering which was a game she clearly liked to play. And I've seen plenty of fathers that have still played video games and taught their sons to do it too

    • Tiffylove

      Life does not revolve around games thou... must people who like games when they were younger then grow out if it when they grow older

    • Tiffylove


  • yucychan
    Video games are the best
  • bratgirlfriend
    Nice mytake and I agree ! 🕹️🎮
    • myhaiva

      I also agree. A good couple share interests.

  • ultimega
    Good reasons you got there.
  • 666llLillith666
    Gamer girl here
    I agree with you
  • Kayla45
    Hmm, I guess if that's what you're interested in.
    Amen brother!!! Me too!!! 😂😂😂Yeah!!!
  • That woyld be fun and a cosplayer as well
  • Nachowedgie
    Same dude, same
  • Anonymous
    And I want to find a gamer boy! mmmmmmmm before too long we'll be roleplaying Mario and sonic and I'll be buttering that plumber's crack of yours and collecting your golden ring mmmmmmmm
  • Anonymous
    You just sound immature and not wanting to accept being a responsible adult.

    There’s nothing wrong with playing video games, but making that the focus of your life is just lame and all gamers out there that would immerse themselves in a fake world rather than taking control of your own life and leading your life somewhere are generally losers in life.
    • What’s the difference between gaming and someone that fishes every chance they get? My brother bbqs and drinks the same 6 beers on his days off... what about the people like me that watch movies when I get off work...

      There’s nothing wrong with people having hobbies they enjoy especially when I work 12 hours a day 6-7 days a week... And who’s the real loser the person that does what they enjoy or the bitch that judges people based off their hobbies?

    • MzAsh

      I have seen the damage that gaming can take on some of these people. I have a loved one who is ruining her life and she’s always coming to others for rescue whenever adult situations come up and we’re not doing it anymore.

    • That's not what they mean. They don't mean never having a job of some sort and just playing games all day. I personally think it's all about management between work, chores, and fun stuff. I don't work because of COVID and pandemic messing things up for me (my parents aren't happy with pandemic either). But I guess I've got some time at least to think about what I want to do.

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  • Anonymous
    would be awesome if it happened for me as well