Taller Women For the Win

Taller Women For the Win

Tall Women. The goddesses of Earth. This is a Mytake for all of the girls who wonder if men like tall women or are self conscious about their height. Why I like them.

For some reason, I’ve always had this everlasting attraction towards taller women. Yes. Taller as in taller than me(2-10 inches).I’m about 5’5 so most women are my height or shorter so it’s not like my options have ever been limited. I’m pretty attractive overall physically/internally and I’ve never had a problem with getting a date.

However since maybe senior year of college I have always sought out taller girls. I like them from tall and lanky to tall and athletic. I’ve never been attracted to overweight women. But if she’s tall and healthy she probably has my eye.

I’ve dated a few taller women. My ex was about 5’7 and the tallest I’ve dated was maybe 5’10. She claimed 6 foot but she didn’t look “big” enough to be that tall. And yes I’ve slept with these women and taken them out on dates. Why Dongtai? Why are you so into these taller women? Don’t you know most girls want a taller man?

Listen I’m not like most men and I’m not into the “average” woman. Most of the women I date stick out from most people. Like my recent ex was incredibly nerdy and wasn’t very prissy. She did girly stuff but she wasn’t the type to be bothered by height. And once we were going steady I don’t think our height registered much to each other in terms of “judgment”. But her height turned me on before and after we got together.

I guess I haven’t answered why. Here we go.

God-like Beauty.

Taller Women For the Win

I can’t describe it but there’s something supernatural about the raw level of physical attractiveness taller women have. From what I’ve observed, most taller women have overall “bigger” bodies. Not necessarily with weight but bone structure. The result is usually wider hips, bigger butts and obviously longer legs. All of this is sexy to me.

When a taller woman takes care of herself she doesn’t really have to “dress” to impress. I’ve seen plain clothed taller women that made my heart stop. Their base physical attractiveness is already high. Once they doll up they do in fact look godly. Like those Greek goddesses I read books about when I was a kid.

And if she has a good personality? That’s the ball game. A tall girl who’s also charming, smart and or funny will make me melt. My ex was a borderline geek and I think that’s what hooked me in. She knew all of these random fun facts, wore the glasses, had that long brown hair and. Damn. She was just damn.


Taller Women For the Win

I’m not going to lie. It does take balls to approach a woman who’s both taller AND attractive. I’ve done it so many times that I’m comfortable with it but there’s still something thrilling about charming over a taller woman. I’m one of those guys who needs a woman who challenges him in some way. I feel like approaching a girl that I’m so attracted to puts my on my A-game and in turn brings out my best side. And then being beside her out on dates, I don't know, makes me feel pretty good to have this goddess-like woman going out with me and ignoring the world in the presence of “my”’company.

You definitely need to have a shiny personality. When I loosen up I’m naturally pretty goofy. People think I’m “funny” but I couldn’t make anyone laugh on purpose to save my life. When I do I’m corny. But when I’m just being myself I do things that make people smile and laugh. I still don’t get it but I won’t fix what’s not broken. It might be my wit. Im very smart so a lot of what I say are quips. I can be sarcastic at times but I usually do it in a comical way.

Customer,”Sir what flavor is your vanilla?”

Me, “Uh..the one that says vanilla?”

Other customers laugh and snicker. Just an example but I was being dead serious. Someone asked this question at work and I didn’t know how to respond to it. Our flavors are labeled. I thought it was a trick question and just answered it.

The guy was looking at me like ‘that wasn’t funny’ and I’m like, no it’s not funny. They’re laughing. I’m being serious 😭😂

But anyway yeah. Challenging. When a tall girl rejects me it makes me step my game up for the next one that catches my eye.

Sex Appeal.

Taller Women For the Win

I guess this one sorta ties in with my first point about god-like beauty. Tall girls have a naturally very attractive presence. At least that’s how I see it. I rarely see taller girls who aren’t attractive. Even when they aren’t very well endowed, the height and frame alone is enough to get my attention.

I’m not sure why some tall girls are insecure about their height but I’m telling you, there are guys out here who literally would worship you. If you know how to appreciate that sorta thing. I’m definitely not a doormat. Any girl regardless of her looks gets curved fast if she tries to take advantage of my admiration of her. But for the ones who don’t take it for granted I give them the world.

Disclaimer: This was not a knock on short or average height girls. I’m girl crazy and have a thing for nearly every type of girl. Be in shape, treat me nice and I’ll be hooked. I’ll write my takes on my other type of girls.

If you’re a short guy who loves tall women, I say just start going up to them, start conversations, flirt a bit and make them laugh. You’ll run into a few who are into you. Here’s a secret to getting a date/girlfriend. Looks attract and are important, this is true, but the soul is what keeps a partner. So while you’re out there getting buff or buying fancy cars/clothing, make sure your personality matches your physical life. Do that and you’ll be able to attract any “type” of woman. Maybe not “every” woman (because they’re all different and have different taste) but if you have a type, meet girls who fit your ideal and inevitably you’ll meet the ones that are into you.

Tall girls, you’re a blessing. Have a really good week.

Taller Women For the Win
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