What lies, bad habits, deceptions, rude behavior do you hate from men or women when you're just starting to date or trying to date you?

What lies, bad habits, deceptions, rude behavior do you hate from men or women when you're just starting to date or trying to date you?

I'm a guy here are my top 5

1. Lying about their age. Really ladies? Stop this shit. It's sad and pathetic.

What makes this especially lame is that if you look a bit older and you tell the truth, it makes you look better. For example of you look like a cute 28 year old and you're really 31, then it's better to say you're a young looking 31 year old. If you lie and say you're 24 but you look 28 then I'm going to think you're a badly aging 24 year old. Also, grow up. Stop lying. This type of women will become belligerent and aggressive if you start pushing for her real age.

2. Talking up your job/projects to be more than they really are.

Please don't say you're "Traveling for modeling projects" when in reality you work a boring old office job and you max your credit cards once a year to fly to some island to take selfies and post them on Instagram. I've noticed girls who do this also seem to "compete" with or try to 1-up everything you say during the entire date. This is also the person that just goes "oh...yeah thats cool" and changes the subject when you mention one of your accomplishments.

3. Checking your social media on your cell phone non-stop while I'm talking to you.

This gives me signs you're an easily distracted arrogant self-absorbed child. Doesn't need much explaining. Anyone who does this is a social media addicted zombie and has no business even dating. This is also the bitch that is on her cell phone 24/7 but for some reason doesn't answer text messages or leaves you on read fro a week.

4. Literally from the minute you show up you act like you have somewhere more important to be. (usually also accompanied with non-stop talking about other things you have to do/people to see tonight)

This is one of the DUMBEST tactics I see both men and women play on dates. You're not special and I don't need to hang without you if I can't be a priority at least during the time it takes to eat dinner. This REALLY doesn't make you look cool and in reality just makes you look like an asshole with delusions of grandeur. These people also tend to be the ones that love to show up late and later on run off in a hurry. If you manage to get into a relationship with this type of trash *everything* they do will be more important than you

5. Yammering about ex's and recent dates they've been on. (Usually accompanied with non-stop banter about dating in general.

No explanation but we've all been there. It starts off with "No this starbucks was easy to find, I think me and my ex stopped in here a few times", progresses into "Oh, you like caramel swirl? God he used to swear by caramel", "So how many dates have you been on in the past month?" ....."Oh I get tons of responses on [insert lame ass dating site here]". "Yeah my ex was from [same dating site]". " We broke up a year ago", "I mean, we hooked up 6 months ago at this party thing but yea we're really done". This person *will* cheat on you, mark my words - and chances are they're using you as a rebound. This same type of girl also in reality has texted the ex 3 times in the past 10 minutes while sitting right in front of you.

What lies, bad habits, deceptions, rude behavior do you hate from men or women when you're just starting to date or trying to date you?
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  • SufiStorm
    To me it's a bad question what do we hate in our new date. No one is 100% honest why should they? don't even know if date would work out or not. We hate everything including ourselves. left alone depression takes control. Left in happiness this question will be mute. Starting to date go with everything you know... you know nothing and discover them overtime. If you start being opinionated from first date God help u. You will end up with hundreds where you know no one.
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    • ronaldo75

      Dude, I haven't been in a close loving relationship in 3 years and my life has gotten 100 times better. Yes, I go on a lot of "coffee dates" and cut them afterwards over small shit, you know why? Because it snowballs. It snowballs EVERY TIME. So i'm not letting it happen anymore. If I die alone that's fine. I'll have finished my education, worked a good career and traveled the world.

    • ronaldo75

      For example take #2, #3, and #4. ALL THREE of those are letting know fast and hard that if you keep going out with that person or God-forbid get into a relationship with them then you will NEVER be a priority to that person and your life and your experiences will always take a backseat to their's.

    • SufiStorm

      You have to understand it only got better coz maybe you ended up with wrong date. I married mine so my first and last date was through different perceptions. Then I got divorced too 15, years later. But don't worry about all that. Maybe I got your question wrong but it was starting a date question and I asked u not to be judgmental. I'm absolutely happy single. but then she also was my high school sweetheart so I'll be disrespectful to myself if I tell you she isn't missed. like I said life's complicated. You have a canvas paint your life. u be the judge.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Sciencegirl2015
    I don’t like it when guys don’t like a girl because of her looks, it’s personality that matters! Another thing I don’t like is when men act conceited.
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  • Dongtai
    A combination of four and three made me stop dating a girl after the second date.

    She had my complete undivided attention and I was doing my best to show interests, maintain conversation and overall have a good time. She would check her phone every other minute and go to restroom (making sure she took her phone).

    Very huge turn off. After the date ended I wished her a good night, thanked her for coming out and never spoke to her again.

    Fast forward a few months later and she has the impression that I ghosted her😑.

    Here’s some advice ladies/gentlemen. If you’re interested in someone SHOW INTEREST. I’m not going to explain to you that I stopped talking to you because you were rude and incredibly distracted during the second date. On top of that she was barely able to add to the conversation.

    Boring+Rude= Nexted

    I had my phone put away the entire night. Didn’t even check it when she went to the restroom over and over. If she had some sort of emergency she could’ve told me and we would have rescheduled but as far as I know she just isn’t a good date.
  • MannySimms
    Had a young lady that would continue a conversation when she took a shit and left the bathroom door open. For me, it's a deal breaker.What lies, bad habits, deceptions, rude behavior do you hate from men or women when you're just starting to date or trying to date you?
  • Therisinghero12
    Well I get a little bothered when someone is unwilling to stand up and improve their situation, and still complains all the time about how hard they have it. Negativity in general is also pretty tiring, I love to see people happy and smiling
  • IMainHanzo
    #1 and worst per peeve is talking about an ex. Also if they're actually dating someone at the time. Pretty bad deal breaker... sometimes 😏
  • Liam_Hayden
    What lies, deceptions, rude behavior: All.

    Bad habits: smoking, excessive alcohol consumption,
  • MadWorld111
    Men date women still?
    That's insane
    • ronaldo75

      Some guys yeah but it's slowing down. Y'all have become impossible to deal with.

    • rose_xoxo

      Omg honestly, guys are so weird now days. So hard to find that guy..

    • Dongtai

      I was under the impression girls didn’t care about “dates”. Thanks for keeping hope alive 😂

  • Avicenna
    #5 on particular.

    #1 is just dumb
  • Lizzy3469
    Any kind of lies
  • Anonymous
    pretty much everything about women mentally I hate

    the only thing left is their looks
  • Anonymous
    Women lie about their age because there are too many men who aren't interested in a woman unless she's young (or rich, or preferably both).