Relearning the "Masculine Love Language": A Guide to Honour Codes

See that shit?! Buckle up and *LEARN* kiddlywinks!
See that shit?! Buckle up and *LEARN* kiddlywinks!

The Love Language is a term I've borrowed from ancient Vedic and Buddhist occult understandings of the Masculine and Feminine. Although I'm a European who loves his own people's culture, this same knowledge can be found in all creeds the world over, its universal forms of knowledge which I wish to apply, in practice, down below...


I write this as someone who's pretty confident in saying that I'm fairly qualified to talk about the dating-and-mating experience, however when it comes to long term, committed relationships, there are many more guys out there much my senior in years and experience. If I were in a position to offer solid advice on marriage and parenting, I would, but lets not rise above that proverbial station just yet!

You see, I've already... experimented... with a wide range of personality flavours when it comes to the opposite sex; and this is not because I have ever *aspired* to be a number-crunching man-whore, a puzzaaay slayer or 12" Thundercock... no... I was just always a little different from the other boys, and as I am now, young "men" - I tend use that term reservedly these days.

************In fact, Chad Thundercock is even a thing of the past these days!**************

It would seem even the "Progressives" have a giggle at their masterful creation!

Pre-teen years, I was a chubby little McMuffin, with well-meaning but somewhat overprotective parents. This, in part, led to me being picked on at a very young age, it destroyed my ability to see just what I was capable of - and that despite my flaws as a child, it was what the jealous little kids could see in my potential that made them try and assert themselves over me... It took me a long time to realise this! And its exactly the same in the "Adult World" - another term I use even more reservedly!

Relearning the


When those T Levels rise!
When those T Levels rise!

Boy it hit me EARLY and HARD, like I'd been kicked in the gut by a Testosterone-inducing Leonidas himself!

I was ten years old, in a scorching hot Majorca, where I remember my voice beginning to crack heavily, and my little baby nuts beginning to make their quick descent to the floor - GGGGRRRRR!

Nah fuck that, these days I've got a
Nah fuck that, these days I've got a "Viking" Beard!

From then on the adult faculties of the human mind and sexuality took over, women (an insatiable desire at that), politics and the quest to understand the history of man (and woman) took hold. I took up martial arts, boxing, started smashing weights and got pretty massive. I didn't concern myself with getting too lean in my early teens, but when you weigh a good 210lbs at 15 and shaving regularly... People really do notice... Especially when you come from very rough parts as I do.

School bullies were a thing of the past, in the physical domain at least (I'll touch on this later), by this point I'd already delivered a few cack-handed busted faces to my fellow acne-ridden peers who wanted to try it. By this point I'd already had grown ass men start on me in bars, because their wahmenzzz were eyeing me up, little did they know I was underage anyway ;). By this point I'd had sexual advances made by grown-ass women, and grown-ass homosexuals who... needless to say... regretted ever doing so a few seconds on from admiring my underage cock in a public urinal. No time for sexual deviants of any "creed".

Much to the dismay of the modern institutions known as "school", I became increasingly aware and immune to the rampant misandric emasculation of my male peers, and the equal ruining of the girls through propagated hypergamy. We live in a time where Masculinity *AND* Femininity are under attack from ideologically hegemonic forces that, for the sake of not deviating in this little take, I shall simply refer to as "Progressives"... Never the less I've muddled through onto postgraduate study, despite the systems best efforts to get rid of "undesirables" like me! Mwahahahah!

Don't sell your children!
Don't sell your children!

***** You're probably wondering WTF all this has to do with attracting, seducing, and being rightfully admired and respected by decent women? ****


My time at College (University) massively broadened my experience and knowledge on what it means to deal with the modern woman, what makes her tick, what her flaws are; and more importantly, how they have been starved of the masculine virtues in men that, ironically, many of them don't deserve to cradle either!

As I say, pictures and videos speak a thousand words, and if I could sum up my last few years in the "Dating Game", it would be this (Ref: Advice for the True (Non-PC) Men out there: How to Handle Crazy Women!

But lets hold that thought for a moment longer...

What you should take from my little life story above is that the first step towards becoming desirable to women is to become "A More Complete Beast" (Ref: Jack Donovan); and what do I mean by this you ask?

Well let me paraphrase from Mr Donovan's "The Way of Men":

I've got a few bones to pick with this guy myself, but I wouldn't endorse it if I didn't find it of worth!
I've got a few bones to pick with this guy myself, but I wouldn't endorse it if I didn't find it of worth!

It is imperative for a man to become a 'More Complete Version of Himself' (ala "Beast") before he can even begin to provide what is necessary for the demands of having any kind of woman in his life; the good, bad and ugly all the same. We can break this down into four main categories:
- Strength: Both physical and stoic forms of strength; fortitude and aptitude.
- Courage: Do I really need to explain?
- Mastery: This is where it gets interesting, mastery of the self requires a life-long, non-stop grind of failure and success, anger, despair and then prevailing victory. Do you have what it takes to take on life's challenges? Are you prepared to grind away at the things your not only good at, but not so good at?
- Honour: The most fundamental and rudimentary aspect of manhood in all it's glory. Without honour there is no self-respect, and without self-respect, there is no respect for others, and where there is no respect for anyone or anything, your tribe breaks down into decadent nihilism and all manner of pervasive degeneracy is allowed to seep in and poison the well of your people, culture and spirituality.

This process of continual self-improvement is not new, or even revolutionary (well, unless your a "Progressive"), it is a universal form of ancient esoteric practice that is found in all races, cultures and creeds the world over. Our ancestors were always testing each other, upholding strict moral and honour codes, for thousands of years we held ourselves in high regard, for what we were already capable of, but what we knew we were still capable of achieving ever more. We held annual 7 year cycles of occult initiations, designed to be a test of character, skill and spirit - an entrance into manhood. Literal and symbolic tests of our worth to see if we could live up to the names we had inherited from our ancestors!

Note to self - I would also mention certain mystery schools that have perverted such ancient forms of wisdom and practice, but I might get labelled a Tin Foil-Hatter!!!!

The modern man is NOT this...
The modern man is NOT this...

You see, in some defense of the modern man, the modern world has done everything to fucking destroy and annihilate those ancient ways... I mean... What is a man's or indeed a woman's entrance into adulthood now? Buying a car? Getting married to an equally deracinated person of the opposite gender? Least not the promotion of all forms of sexuality that are the antithesis to what a Healthy Society requires... Maybe its all about becoming the Debt Slave an Elite Clique made you and the rest of us into...?

I SAY **FUCK THAT**!!!!!

Suck it!
Suck it!

I often hear a lot these new-age false-priesthoods that go by such acronyms as "MGTOW" and "Incel" whining on. They correctly identify the symptoms of the problem, for sure many modern women are flawed to fuck, they cheat, lie and steal as much as many man ever did, but fail oh so hard to see the same weak degeneracy in themselves. They are the internet Knights Templar of our era, the elite e-warriors who are sworn to an oath of celibacy and reactionary bitterness from those EEEEEEBBBIIIIILLLEEEE WAAAHHMENNZZZ THAT STEAL 50% OF OUR INCOMES AND BLEED OUR BALLS DRY OF ALL ENERGY! (Ref: Butthurt Betas who use skewed claims to backup their own desperate naivety)

I feel your pain little man!
I feel your pain little man!

This is what 2,000 years of Messianic Judeo-Christianity has done to us, our ancestors didn't hate or fear their women, if anything they paid reverence to them, especially our Priestesses, and in rarer cases, warrior queens:

Feminism - Eat your wretched little heart out!
Feminism - Eat your wretched little heart out!

But as I say that, you’re probably screaming at your screen: “BUT DUUUUUDE, MUH WUUUHHMAANNZZZ AIN’T LIKE THAT ANYMORE, YOU CUCK!”

I know right? *Most* (not all) wahmenz today are usually more like this:

 I concur, it is gross...
I concur, it is gross...

***But here's the kicker...

On the rare occasion you happen across one of the modern worlds rarer kinds of *ACTUAL* women, tell me; what in the FUCK makes you think you deserve a piece of her? What have you got to offer a solid, wholehearted woman? And before you do, or some of you at least, don't be telling me about the latest million dollar Porsche you wanna drive your "hoes" around in, or how you bank $125k+ a year and chill with millionaires... I'm sure some of you do!

And whilst I ain't no rich man, I've hung with millionaire bankers and lawyers and the like, and I've also stolen a fair share of their little "hoes" away from them. Wanna know why? They were attracted to me because I represented the ANTITHESIS to what their little sugar daddies did. Those decrepit, weak little mutts may have a lot of buying power in this civilisation of theirs, but they ain't got BALLS.

We have vipers dressed up as sheep pretending to be wolves... Even the men with "power" are nothing more than this:


Going back to why I said I had stopped encountering bullies in the physical domain earlier on; the one thing I have noticed is that the more confident I've become as a man in recent years, the stronger the reviled kickbacks I get from the very weak, pathetic modern "men" and indeed, modern "women". Where brute force is not on their side, I have certainly had many people in artificial positions of socially prescribed power try and "bully" me, undermine me, trying to box me back in for getting too big for my own boots. Jealous and very toxic "friends" whom, no matter how much I positively encouraged against their own percieved flaws, could only hate me for the fact that I apparently outshone them - normally revolving around attracting women, and other superficiality's like the size of my muscles, or my beard - PATHETIC. Heck, I've even had to take former roommates to court for trying to steal money from me, whilst simultaneously trying to get me to fuck them in drug-fuelled threesomes! Worse yet these harlots were not only a few too many grams of cocaine-gone-in-the-head, but they were fat as fuck!

Then again, flies actually serve a purpose!
Then again, flies actually serve a purpose!


As you can probably tell, this post isn't even about women so much, I need not highlight their flaws, plenty other weak men are already doing that. But what I want you to understand is this:

The human race is built on this:

Love Language, DUH!
Love Language, DUH!

But now, is more like this:

Very... Productive.
Very... Productive.

So surely by now, you can understand why I'm talking about men so much? If not, then let me spell it out in laymens terms for you;

Men lead, women follow. Men act, women advise. In order for a man to respect an upright woman, he must have self-respect, and if he doesn't have self-respect, then how can any woman, even a low-quality one, respect let alone admire him, as a man? We live in a generation of men too scared, too confused, too dumbed down to assert themselves, and let me tell you now...

For all the chanting and screaming in the world about the evil effects of feminism (make no mistake, it is an enemy to healthy societal procreation), most of the bullshit the modern "man" has to deal with when it comes to the modern "woman", such as this:

Can simply be solved, by this:

With a little context:

Most shit the modern "man" deals with (not really) is simply a cry for attention from women; "WHERE'S MUH MANLY MEN AT?!" And he fails to deliver almost everytime...

For the record, even I still live by the "Old Skool" values, if I see a man beating or harming a decent woman for no good reason at all, I, and men like me, would make him pay for being such a coward. But a message for any of you future women out there that cross my path, as Mr Connery aptly puts it (to paraphrase); don't go out of your way to push my buttons, to shit-test me, because not only are guys like us perceptive fuckers, but we will promptly remind you of what it means to be a woman...

I *urge* more and more young men (and women) to brake the shackles of all this modern bullshit and learn the long but rewarding process of returning to quintessential masculinity and femininity, for one cannot survive without the other!

Women need a little more of this:

There's a reason many of the best looking Anglo-Saxon women went back with the
There's a reason many of the best looking Anglo-Saxon women went back with the "evil barbarians" during the Viking era...

And men need a little more of this:

Feels too damn right!
Feels too damn right!


Fuck this, too much blue screen for me today!

Relearning the "Masculine Love Language": A Guide to Honour Codes
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  • MolluscanOverlord
    Good Mytake, albeit lengthy lol. I agree with your points, some of which we've discussed already: courage, strength, mastery, honor... all important masculine characteristics that are rarely seen in the modern man. I don't know if this is what you'd included, but I think that it goes along with your point on constant self-improvement and mastery: I feel it's important for men to have other hobbies that they're passionate about and committed to outside the relationship; I'd say the same is important for women, too. I think in terms of a longterm relationship it's more likely to work out and be enriching when both partners have lives outside of each other.

    I agree that men need to take a stand when the woman is getting out of hand, though I disagree with how to go about that (other than if it's something sexual, than a more "hands on" approach would be welcome ;) In general men should be doing the leading. I think as much as we modern women say we want more control, when it comes down to it, we think lesser of, and come to see the male as a pushover if we do have it in a relationship. I've seen it personally and while it's worked out, I don't personally want that for myself. That said, our voice should be taken into account, but as you already stated here, that all comes down to balance.

    On a separate note, that woman on the plane was ridiculous, lol. I was having second-hand embarrassment FOR her xD Poor flight attendants.

    Is this still revelant?
    • Aye, I wanted to push the boat out on the word count, I could go on about topics such as this for hours tbh! I know there's always the risk of waffling on (my bad if so!) but it's like how I've been to 5 hour long lectures/seminars on hideously in depth topics about all sorts of things... Sometimes there's just too much to be said!

      That is certainly an aspect of relationships that I think people should consider more too. It's like we've talked about before, how I've said that men and women could never be friends because of sexual chemistry and how different we are socially/at a platonic level; but with that aside, in the case of those who are together, I do think men and women both continuing to improve themselves and have separate interests is what maintains a healthy relationship. If anything it makes for conversation over dinner right? It's like how I'm into boxing, and I might be with an active woman too, but she might be into crossfit. Physical fitness therefore is a shared interest, but what we do within that is something we can split some spaghetti over, right? ;) Besides, the gym is a place where I focus my energies on fighting - its muh man space!

    • Hehe... I know *exactly* where that's going ;) That's exactly where I'm coming from, in essence! I can't stand bullies, least not men that pick on women, it's one of the worst ways a man can go about getting his head stomped by more traditional guys. As you say yourself, women adore leadership qualities in men, and as Sean Connery alluded to, the only times we do raise a hand is for the women that really try and push those buttons.

      I will concede there are guys similar to myself that take a male-centric view of things and treat women like they literally need to be held on a leash (controlling). That's not my bag, and one of the things I as a man *LOVE* about women is their nurturing nature, women are meant to advise, and temper the emotions of men - I'm a fiery guy and the thought of having a good woman to console is what we live for...

    • Thanks for mho hun ;)

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  • coachTanthony
    So basically what you are saying is:

    You never own your woman, its just your turn.

    That would of been much easier to read.
    • Damn all these comments I didn't know were here.

      Lol cmon now, you know that is the complete opposite to what I was getting at.

  • SueShe
    Sorry, but this myTake is way too long to read. I skipped to the end paragraph and by just reading the last lines starting by "I urge more and more young men..." and I can only agree with that statement.

    We live in an oversexualized, stereotyped world where sex is a predominant factor and where so called "alpha males" and "bad guys" are the thing to go by.

    That is of course total hogwash and crap to say it politely.

    So, based on your last paragraph, I fully agree with your statement.

    Give me an hour or so to digest you novel :-)
    • "Novel"? Haha. Whether or not we use the term "alpha" and "beta" to describe the quality of a man, or not, there is truth to those words. But I agree that society is on the one hand, hypersexualised, and on the other, actually very repressive of the expression of healthy sexuality. Glad you otherwise agree.

      So have you digested my "novel" by now? ;)

    • SueShe

      I had to read your myTake a few times and I cannot help but to come to the conclusion that you have a personal vendetta, a rant against a number of things and facts of life. Society is by far not perfect. You curse incels and MGTOW yet to me, those are the only groups of men, together with gay that leave me in peace. I would tend to like them, just because of that fact.

      Of course, it is your prerogative. If you wanted more replies you should probably abbreviated the entire myTake. But one thing for sure. It is grammatically well presented.

      What a welcome change to the mediocrity of phrasing of most questions here. The only reproach is the abundance of cursing words that I totally abhor.

    • @SueShe
      Haha! "Vendetta"? Well I think what I've shone loud and clear is my loathing of the very things I deem to be subversive to men and women. That being MGTOW, Incel, Feminism etc... Look up Cultural Marxism...

      As I said to another guy on here, I didn't care all too much about getting lots of replies. Because I know what people are like - they don't tend to directly address things which they either do not fully understand, or just simply feel out of their depth.

      Swear words can be as articulate as any other other form of verbal demagoguery...

  • NearlyNapping
    OK, I'm gonna spin this in a bit different direction. Just to point out a couple of things.

    I'm older than my profile says. I grew up in the 60s, and entered adulthood in the 70s. I can only observe young people today as an outsider, not as one of them. But from what I've seen, things today are waaay more complicated for people.

    When I was in school, boys and girls had different graduation requirements. Boys took shop, and girls took home ec. Shop was wood working, metal working, drafting, etc. Home ec was cooking, sewing etc. These classes were required for graduation.

    Nobody thought anything of it. Not boys. Not girls. Not their male or female parents. Virtually every family where I lived were traditional families (probably half still are). Divorce was almost unheard of.

    I still know some of the parents of kids I grew up with. Those women might have had a traditional role in life, but they are **strong women**. They just went through a fucking world war before getting married!

    I wanted to get to a different point though. The above is just setting up the time.

    We had hippies then. I was one of them. Hippies were not what a lot of younger people today think they were. But the point I want to make is that there was a common line of thought among the hippies "If it feels good do it." It was an attitude that people can do wtf they want and it was OK.

    As the hippie era ended, it evolved into all kinds of pop psychology. It evolved into all kinds of micromanaging children and society. Parents became overly protective. People became downright paranoid and afraid to face life, because there was one in a million chance they might get killed that day. The children were even more over protected and kept away from anything resembling danger. There were all kinds of nasty horrible things in the local creek, so can't have children playing with frogs and catching minnows. Put them in a sterile envirnoment.

    ***** It was a time of vastly over thinking everything. *****

    What all this did, was confuse the shit out of people. They didn't know who they were any more. There were too many choices to make. After all you can do wtf you want and it's OK.

    Boys growing up today are confused as hell. They don't know if they should hold the door open for their date, or let her do it herself. He's stuck between a rock and a hard place and doesn't know wtf to do. He's too fucking confused to take the lead, because he might be demonized and have his head bitten off if he chooses wrong.

    Seriously. How the hell is he supposed to take the lead in a society that has confused the hell out of him?

    Things used to be simple. In most cases we KNEW wtf to do, because we didn't have all those damn choices to make. We didn't have to do a deep analysis of each option to test for social acceptance. Whether we were a shy guy, or a womanizer, at least we knew what was expected of us.
    • Dongtai

      I love this and we

    • Dongtai


    • Thanks for commenting.

      I think what you've described above supplements the brunt of what my point is in this take.

      As you say, things were far more clear cut and simple (I prefer the term *normal*) during your youth. These days western society is infected down to the bone, with an offshoot form of Marxism known as Critical Theory/Cultural Marxism. It was formulated in a Jewish-led institute known as the Frankfurt Institute of Social Research in Germany, they had to flee from Hitler pre-WWII, and spread throughout predominantly America and Britain. This was a given considering it was the Anglosphere that provided refuge for the Jews during the war.

      It's funny you should mention the hippie movement, despite my age I am becoming gradually (but increasingly) involved in biker culture - and many a greaser/MC were heavily involved in the hippie communes back then.

      What I've come to understand is that the hippies themselves were a genuine, grass roots form of radicalism that me being me, would've supported myself if I were around back then. But unfortunately many an intellectual from the Frankfurt School by the 60's, had reached the highest ranks of academia in the Anglosphere, and begun subverting the hippie movement and indeed, Western society as a whole.

      I mention all this because the Frankfurtian ideology dictates that in order to revolutionise a society without direct overthrow of the status quo, you must seek to subvert the fundamental aspects of what makes a healthy society...

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  • Dongtai
    You have a couple of good points but a lot of this is very misguided.

    Abuse is never ok. Not sexual or physical. I really hope you don’t believe this is what separates the boys from the men. I haven’t watched any of those movies but it’s heavily implied that the men rape those women. And slapping a woman because she’s “arguing” with you? Dude. Just no.

    One thing I liked about this article is when you say the world works on balance. Very true.

    Men need to be gentle yet strong. Confident yet humble. Serious yet funny. Hardworking yet laid back. Nice yet firm. The list is long but basically most people (not just men) fail because they can’t balance their emotion.

    People don’t know how to be nice without being doormats. People don’t know how to be firm without being violent. The key absolutely is balance but you have to know exactly what balance is.

    Balance is not slapping or doing worse to a woman because she’s having “a tantrum”. That’s excessive force and aggravated assault by law.

    Balance would be saying, “Listen to me. I will not sit here and scream with you. Either we sit down and talk like adults or not at all.” Don’t sugarcoat it and don’t say it in a soft tone. Match her tone. If she keeps it up, walk away and ignore her.

    Stick to your guns. A lot of guys let girls walk over them because they’re afraid the girl will leave or her feelings will be hurt. Don’t put anyone on a pedestal. Either you respect me or I can find someone who will.

    You don’t need to slap or rape anyone. Teach people the ways you’re willing to be treated and that you won’t put up with anything else. You’ll attract the people who respect that and repel the ones that don’t.
    • Thanks for replying.

      "Men need to be gentle yet strong. Confident yet humble. Serious yet funny. Hardworking yet laid back. Nice yet firm.". I believe that what I view as correct ways to treat women, is the definition of this. I don't have an inbuilt desire to hit and hurt women, all I want to do is make love to them. But sometimes, a woman can get out of hand, and sometimes she needs to have her ego deflated a little to restore some balance to her own emotional state of being.

      Slapping being compared to the rape of a woman is a false equivalnce. And if you have read correctly you'll also see I said that if I or guys like me see a *GOOD* woman getting treated like shit by a coward bully of a man, we'd sure as shit hurt him.

    • ... Which is about protecting the woman's honour, not just her physical safety.

    • Dongtai

      No. Read what I wrote. In one clip the guy drags a woman into a barn and pins her down in a secluded area. The he drags a woman to a bedroom as she cries for him to stop and even calling out for the other men to stop him.

      We’re not animals. We’re human. Though we have separate gender using terms like alpha and beta denounces what separates us from the other animals.

      The ability to choose whether or not we obey our primal instincts. Women are humans first. Regardless of if her ego is inflated gives no one the authority to deflate it with physical means. It’s cowardly if you ask me. Most women are shorter and weigh much less than men. I won’t even get into the average differences in strength.

      If you wouldn’t do it to a man, you shouldn’t be doing it to a woman. Both are human. You are not a wild animal. Don’t think or act like one.

      That’s the only problem I saw in this article. Comparing humans to animals. Alpha is used to describe the top male in a group of animals. The beta is the lower. But remember. We aren’t in the wild. We’ve evolved past the need to solve our problems in barbaric ways.

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  • HungLikeAHorsefly
    Damn, dude. I agree with a lot of this but you could have said it in like, 10% the number of words.
    • It's good to read my man. Complex ideas cannot be spelt out at the level of a children's textbook, but glad you agree never the less. Let me know if there's anything you disgree with.

    • Yes, and being succinct in writing is an invaluable skill that is more art than science. It's a necessity in the business world. If readers lose interest before you're done conveying what it is you have to say, they'll stop reading. Doesn't matter how good your ideas are at that point.

      Even though I agree, your post reads like a masturbatory pat on your own back. It's not just an exposé on what you think masculinity means; it reads "Here's what masculinity means and here's how I fit it. I really need you to know how much of a Real Man™ I am." I don't know if this is what you meant, but it's how it reads.

    • @HungLikeAHorsefly
      For sure, succinct written communication is important. I've re-read it myself a couple times now and unless I were looking to receive academic marks for the writing here, I'd say it was succinct *enough*. Yes it's a long take, but this isn't a subject that can be easily understood very easily by "laymen", to boot.

      When it comes to writing, they say you can't please everyone, and that is very true. Had I not given the meat on the bone, people such as yourself would've responded saying that you didn't understand what I was putting across at all... I don't ever really expect takes like this to get many replies, but don't kid yourself, people do read these things - normally people don't feel like they've got much to say to it, despite digesting it.

      When reading, sometimes you need to use analytical skills to "read between the lines". If you think the literal writing is long, then bless you, you really haven't grasped the underlying points I've made.

      I feel that you've offered a backhanded compliment, saying that you agree in large part, but now in your reply to me, I sense a defensive passive aggression. Using my own background as a descriptor, I tried to convey the point of how a person's struggle is what makes them a bigger, better, badder and bolder man. Which was the brunt of my point - today's men, by and large, do not understand nor share this persuit.

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  • yoshi_wanna_ask
    I'm guessing there's very few down here in the comments that read all of the above. I want to take this moment to say two things:
    1. "LOVE" "LANGUAGE" is a term that's used and known because of a Christian couple teaching millions to stop, listen, learn and respect the ways people around them give and receive affection & how to respond to that in a way that pulls us closer together aka a 'language' of love.

    2. There are many out there with strange, off the wall or mislead opinions & ideas & while it's great if you try to find a middle ground or help them see something they didn't before, it's also okay to get up and walk away and never think about them again. Because, not everyone is going to agree & not every conversation is going to end well. You don't always have to engage especially if it's in anger.
    • yoshi_wanna_ask
      It's interesting what you say about this Christian couple apparently spreading the word on the "Love Language". Could you tell me more about this?

      Christianity and Islam are nothing more than the ideological offspring of Judaism. Judaism being the root messianic (organised) religion, is in turn nothing more than a rip off and conglomeration of even more ancient pagan knowledge and traditions - the entirety of Jewish, Christian and Muslim scriptures are almost identical to the stories and information found on Sumerian tablets.

      I mention this because I do not believe that a Christian couple nor the religion has ever been good at promoting healthy sexual relationships between men and women.

      Erm... I don't know what your angling at on your second point there?

    • The phrase, Love Language, being used a lot more often is. You can google it and find the information you're looking for.

  • nerms123
    Wish it was an autobiography instead
  • Jennifer_32
    I understand where ya coming from Fresh, but I ain't going back on the plantation.
    • Haha at least your open about not wanting the responsibility!

  • ZeQueer
    Wao I was afraid but finally I like your post. And I agree
    • Cool. What made you worry you wouldn't like it at first?

  • TonyBologna25
    You aware bro?
  • Anonymous
    Im fat and I ate and ate and didn’t stop 😫
    🎤 Oooooohhhhhhhh I can’t stop eatinggggggg 🎶 make it stop!! make it stop!!! IS IT EVER gonna stop? 🎤 Oooooohhhhhhhh I can’t stop eatinggggggg 🎶😫