Why Guys Can't (WONT) Get A Girl Anymore


This is kind of response to my friend @Wowgirl30q 's article

Why Guys Can't Get a Girl Anymore

After I wrote this, i realized how long this was, but its a captivating read (i hope).
Disclaimer: I know there is going to be some blow-back. So i'm going to state upfront to the women, that I wrote this FOR THE GUYS. The ones that actually go through the shit, this is OUR perspective, and its well known knowledge that it is a perspective most women DON'T care for or about. If, as a woman, you see some of this happen (or do it), then im glad we still have some of you with sense around, because i know this does not apply to ALL girls/women. As for those that dont understand it or want to belittle...Let me make it easy for you, cuz i already know what you are going to say. its always the same untrue bullshit because i never included my stories in this. So here goes:

Yes, im bitter, yes, someone broke my heart, yes i hate women,oooh, yes I've been rejected by every girl on the planet...and... yes i (insert whatever accusation/assumption you have here), then please happily click another link. ✌😁😒

Whoo this is long.


Men like nice cars, not because men like nice cars but because Women like nice cars -Dave Chapelle
Men like nice cars, not because men like nice cars but because Women like nice cars -Dave Chapelle

The requirements are sometimes overwhelming. Its fine to want an Independent person that owns their own stuff, but if you dont own your own stuff as well, take that out of your greedy requirement list. The requirements are getting outrageous, even to where height and eye color is now a factor. I once stumbled unto some girl talk where a girl wanted all these material things, he had to have his own house/place, not just a car but a NEWER nice car, and either made a lot of money or owned a business. Funny fact...i was at a burger king and she was behind the register, as the story went on, turns out, she stayed with her mom, had 2 kids her mom was helping her take care of, and she used the bus. As i walked away after getting my order, i gave her the biggest smile i could muster and said "honey, if you ever run into that man...dollars to donuts, he will not want YOU". If you ain't got it, be quiet. It may seem like im harping on the material things, that's because its true, and they forget that those things come with a Person...with feelings and emotions. Requirements first lol.

Halfway thinking/ignorance

We all miss the big picture sometimes dont we?
We all miss the big picture sometimes dont we?

This is another HUGE problem in the dating world. and this encompasses everything. Many, if not all women dont seem to think things through when dating or about to date him. They seem (seem) to only think in the NOW...which is fine if you just want to do things now. As i mentioned earlier about requirements, I personally noticed a few things missing. For example, what is his personality like? he could be a psycho (like me 😈 ). what about his family, his friends? Is his money legit/legal? ecetera, ecetera, ecetera. Thats why in most relationships its WOMEN that try to "change" the man AFTER the fact. Because at the beginning, they didn't think it through (the men dont either lol but thats ok, at least we admit we are dumb). Women tend to ignore negatives hoping to "fix" it later. They only see what they want At That Moment and sometimes, if not most times, it comes to bite them in the butt later. So he has the requirements, but he is always verbally and sometimes physically good are those requirements now. Women, you can see material/surface shit quickly, but personality is where you want to be at.

Oh she still won't date him, I dont see a car or cash anywhere... do you?
Oh she still won't date him, I dont see a car or cash anywhere... do you?

You were attracted to the surface shit, and when the underside showed, now you want to "change" him. Meanwhile you had a nice guy approach you, you had a nice time in the few moments you spent together, before he left but because his clothes were not designer and he took the bus, no chance, you decided to go for the one that turned out to be an abusive heroin addict/dealer lol. (not always, but true story)


Men can ALWAYS tell when a woman is just a gold digger (even if she doesn't think she is),

Gold Digger: Definition: A woman who associates with a man for material gain. (sometimes even if she has her own, them are the worst)

Money WAS one of the requirements....
Money WAS one of the requirements....

But what can you do if damn near all the women you meet have material "requirements". I can understand her wanting an independent man, but are YOU an independent woman?. when i heard the requirement "...must have a lot of money" mind went, to spend on you..right? Its one thing to want security, and another to just be a gold digger. One of the worst things i ever heard was..."i ain't dating no man that can't pay my rent"...oh another harsh one "aint dating no man that can't take care of me and my kids"...omg...i fell out laughing on that second one. And HER kids...i want to see the moron that bites this bullet.
Im not saying its bad to have some requirements or standards, im saying dont let it be some deciding factor, especially if you can't produce the same. If he doesn't have his own place, and you dont either, you can both come together and get one. Once you make it one sided only, dont get mad that you are assumed to be a gold digger.

Hmm..I've always wondered what it would be called if its the man that associates with the woman for material gain...hmm.

Hmm..I've always wondered what it would be called if its the man that associates with the woman for material gain...hmm.


There was a while when i heard it was men that were...what was that word...Thirsty? Well, now it seems to have changed. This is something I've been itching to say since the beginning of this article, it goes back to the "Halfway Thinking/Ignorance" part. Women, when you make that list of requirements, do you think YOU are the only one who has that list of requirements? In Diggers, i said "...when damn near all the women you meet.."...meaning its NOT just you. So if you want it, guess what? so do other women..INCLUDING people you know.

Leaving this....
Leaving this....
For this....
For this....

Now you just made yourself an option and in order to keep this fine gentleman that has all your requirements, you are going to have to work a Lot harder to keep that focus on you. Because one slip, and he's going on to the next one. You wondered why men leave? there you have it. He fulfilled ALL your requirements and you fulfilled what? one or two of his? sometimes none? (do women even ask? oh wait..they dont care). I believe that is Sugar Daddy status lol. Why satisfy you, and you can't do the same?, someone else may.


Notice how i say
Notice how i say "most" men. Cuz some men like this.

This is something most men can't stand and today's women tend to do it a lot. Belittling a man until when she needs a man. So he doesn't have all the requirements you want in a man, doesn't mean you should shit on him either. It first of all started with women not wanting to stroke a man's ego, now they just shit on guys. But Yet, they want things from him. A real woman builds a man up, and when he feels like a man, he acts like a man in every way. If you belittle and shit on him all the time over some requirement that he can STILL attain...well...fault is on you.

No give:

Why Guys Can't (WONT) Get A Girl Anymore

This is mostly felt on the guy side of things, most guys can attest to the fact that today's women, just want to take take take take take. At some point, we get tired of giving. Today's women attest that they give a lot as yet to see what. I've heard they give love...i said, them are words. They say they give attention...I say AFTER the guy asks for it or if they want something. The list goes on. Women tend to want material stuff(oh and emotional stuff) but tend to give only emotions back... Luckily...i know very many women who spoil their men materialistically too, so thank Heavens that those exist, because its tiresome to pay for everything, just to get words back. Goes back to why i said, dont have requirements if you can't produce the same. Thought we were all equal.

Fasten your seat belts...
Fasten your seat belts...

During the Actual Dates : Women have harped about this so many times and absolutely hate men (like me) who refuse to pay for dates and prefer to go half and half.According Wowgirl30q 's article, makes them seem cheap right? I say it makes them smart. Goes back to my Halfway thinking topic. Do you think YOU are the only one he has gone on a date with? So when a guy says he would prefer to see cheap, but he probably has had a couple of dates already and believe me, the stuff piles up because each girl wants that First date to be like spectacular, i mean why not, its not coming out of your fucking pocket. Reminds me of that one girl that said "I always say yes to dates, i get to enjoy myself and eat for free", im glad she got cussed out BY other females. To put it simply, he isn't a fucking walking bank.

Now, I've heard women say:


"if he asked her out, he should pay for it"... agreed, thats why i personally dont "ask out" anymore lol, i suggest or go somewhere money ain't involved.
"If he won't pay for me, he is not worth my time"...agreed, now go back to the street corner where you can find one that will
"I agree that she should pay her half, so she owes him nothing"... agreed, but are you admitting that if he pays she DOES owe him something? 😁😒 (i found this one especially funny, it is when you look how entitled many women act)
I dont pay for dates if there is no label. I'd pay for my gf/wife, but im not paying for some Random, i'd rather give it to the homeless. I'd be doing some good that way. After its official..i do what every man WANTS to for his woman.

If you made it this far...
If you made it this far...


Im going to say this again just to rile the women up lol..(personal pleasure 😎 ).. I once said

"All women (recent events have made me change that to 'most') most women are prostitutes, the only difference between those who are actual prostitutes and the average woman is Time."

That's when i get asked/told "why do you think that, Diesel?". Its simple, if you got this far in this boring article...all you have seen is women making demands and having requirements. To add to that, just to spend time with her, you still gotta shell out ( and over a period of time)even after satisfying ALL the previous what other situation does that happen?

🤔🤔🤔🤔 hmm
🤔🤔🤔🤔 hmm

Men go through all that for sex, and this ain't news to women, so they pile on the payments, "no sex until the 10th date, but you must pay for every date" lol. And then when he disappears after the sex, she goes "oh he just wanted sex". No honey, YOU made it about sex. He wanted YOU. Then you put parameter on it. I once told women to flip the script, if you think your date wants sex, then fucking do it. maybe not on the first date, but soon. And if he keeps coming are good. If not, then good riddance.


But when men hear all the requirements just to achieve 30 mins of what we want...its a fucking turn off and he either doesn't want to do it, hence the reason why he walks away or won't even ask her out, OR he'll do it, get his, then find someone else that just...isn'

Just a little tidbit on my side, a saying i kinda questioned. They say women can tell within the first few seconds if she will have sex with a guy...that's fine and dandy. BUT their mistake is that,

you can't tell if a guy is date worthy, wants you for real, and is a good guy,etc, within the first few seconds. Even with female intuition, you still can't. Gotta get to know them first.

Guys would run after a girl with a cute face and a sexy body, but what happens when they find out she is just an assuming greedy woman? they leave. So maybe it ain't your perfect guy up front...but don't forget, looks and materials fade, but that personality and character is forever.

Why Guys Can't (WONT) Get A Girl Anymore

My Side
Now to personalize, I see things like this happen around me all the time and it makes me (and possibly other guys) very skeptical about dating. Can i just jump in anyway?...Yes (and i have, and regretted it...met pretty much all of them except that mythical "good girl" lol). But I don't think i can handle the headache of noticing all this happening to me. Women would say that maybe just because a man doesn't want to put up with it, it makes him less of a man. didn't bother me at all because SHE isn't a man, all she can do is "belittle". But a man WOULD do something about it...So I rewrote this bullshit dating requirements and system and absolutely refuse to date anyone that won't go with (or at least try) the new system because it bring equality to Both parties. Yup, equality (yes, its tested,it works fine) . I hope to write an article on it one day. So its not like Guys can't get girls...sometimes, we just dont want to. And those that do "get" girls, have made a conscientious decision to put up with all the above shit because of some agenda their devious minds have.
May God help their souls. lol.

Thanks for Reading.

Guys please point out areas where i may have been wrong or much as i'd like to say i dont give a fuck about your opinions...i actually do, because i may be misinterpreting or exaggerating some (a lot of) stuff. So if you have reasons as to why some women do these things happen, please, share with the class.

P.S. I reread this article so many times before i posted, I never went through most of this stuff..and with the DDS, i'll probably never go through it...but i see it around me, my brother, my buddies, coworkers, strangers ...and it hurts me (you know, for my fellow men that can't stick up for themselves).

Why Guys Can't (WONT) Get A Girl Anymore
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  • BigJake
    A big part of the problem stems from the differences in how boys and girls are raised. Girls are raised to believe they are of high value solely by virtue of existing, without having to produce anything of merit. By contrast, boys are raised to believe that we must contribute something of high value in order for us to be considered valuable by society. This leads girls to believe that they are entitled to a broad slate of valuable attributes in a mate, even when they themselves bring little to the table. Thus the reason girls have long lists of "musts" for the guy they want, while guys mostly are happy to have a somewhat attractive girl who isn't an asshole.
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    Is this still revelant?
    • Tdieseler

      i dont even think i could have phrased this any better myself... i mean, there is more to it... but this is the introduction... and well put at that.

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  • coachTanthony
    Good read my man! The expectations are high in 2019.

    Theyr'e called the six 6's!

    1) At least a six-figure salary.
    2) At least six-feet tall.
    3) Drives a 600 horsepower car.
    4) Has a six-pack abdomen.
    5) At least six months since his last relationship. At a minimum.
    6) At least six inches below the belt.
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    • Anthony, any guy who lives his life to meet requirements just for women just is pathetic in my opinion. I hate girls and I'm lucky because of that.

    • @Alfie_Solomons I agree but doesn't mean you have to hate girls!

    • No I do hate girls. I just gotta accept it.

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  • ChronicThinker
    Sounds like a bunch of excuses made by somebody who can't accept that maybe they may have some roll to play in why women don't want them. Total avoidance and self delusion is pretty typically for this type of stuff.
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    • mayur955

      It's not excuse.
      It's reality that you all don't accept.

    • @mayur955 YOu can sit around, lament and hope every female on the planet changes or you can look to change yourself. I guarantee the latter will bring better results

    • mayur955

      I don't need to change.
      I know how i m.

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  • MrOracle
    There's some truth in what you've written, but a lot of your issues are a lack of confidence and directness.

    1. Don't plan early dates where you spend money, or beyond what you consider "minimal" money. Go for a walk, or a bike ride, or walk around a mall, or see some free show or exhibit or event in your area. Early dates are for talking and getting to know a girl, not about spending money to entertain her. Not only will she probably enjoy this type of date as much or more as the others, but you are setting a precedent that you aren't trying to use money to get her. You also easily identify gold diggers this way.

    2. Don't be afraid to say "no" to a girl. You don't need to get into some huge drama about it or make it about every bad thing you've ever experienced, just say "no." Most women will actually respect you more if you say "no" to them, because most guys won't.

    3. Stop worrying about "what you need" financially, and win over girls with your personality. Once a girl likes you, most of that other crap won't matter to her.

    I understand the bitterness, but you need to accept that much of it is your own responsibility. You can try to play the game by BS rules, or you can understand that it is YOU who is choosing to apply those rules to yourself. Simply choose differently, and most of the crap you are wound up about goes away. Sure, there will be some crappy girls who want a Ferrari lifestyle when they barely deserve a scooter lifestyle, but you simply pass on those girls and move on (and, maybe, fish in better bodies of water, where you're more likely to catch the kinds of fish you are after). Don't get all bent out of shape and bitter, because that's not attractive on anyone.
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  • Chikky
    Hey hun, really a great view and point. I read half of it tho but it's really great
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  • AuroraRoseat
    This isn’t applicable to the majority of women. I wouldn’t ever project my limited reality onto the majority of men. Even if all I’ve experienced are assholes, it doesn’t make most men assholes. Just those I HAVE MET. I think it’s unrealistic and heavily biased as well as irrational to think otherwise.

    Take each person as an individual is what I do. I’ll say you’re right but not about the majority of women.
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    • Tdieseler

      Leave it to you to just break the shit down... but you repeated what i said... it doesn't apply to ALL women. (really? all of them were "assholes".. did you ever think that maybe YOU just misjudged?) Women love their labels... i mean, im known as a dick, asshole, hater, bitter... ugh... list goes on... BUT all i do is just say things as they are just like im dong now.
      You say unrealistic... what is realistic... where he pays for everything and you guys can ride into the sunset on a unicorn? When women understand that "its not just you".. i think we will be able to start fixing this dumbass mentality... because men already understand it (as dumb as we are... wait... doesn't that mean women are dumber if they dont get it... Shhhh... you NEVER call a woman dumb... or anything she doesn't like... absolutely intelligent) men understand that it ain't just us... women seem to think it is, and forget there are other women. Guys as a collective would see a woman, and if they want her, they'd admit so as a collective group...
      Again... not all women are like this... dont be like this... im just starting to be a fan.

    • I said “if”. It could be a matter of perception but their actions do not leave a lot of room. Still I would be judging them based on my subjective belief.

      What’s unrealistic is projecting your views onto the majority of women. It only applies to the women you’ve dealt with. You don’t know how many women are similar.

      And sorry not all guys want women nor do the same things. Whenever I hear someone say something from a guys perspective, it makes me think of a hive mind as if men are a slave to their base instincts essentially making men seem boorish and animal-like.

    • Tdieseler

      When i dealt with these kind of women im talking about... i broke a lot more than hearts... i wasn't talking about me. i dont tolerate women that have no respect but demand it. I dont tolerate assuming bitches.. i dont tolerate women that want to hold sex...(MY 90%) hostage, while wanting me to do everything they want (THEIR 90%)... the list is long. That is why my stories and how i handled these situations are not in this particular article.

      Women (offline) for the most part dont fuck with me... i dont play their game.
      Im sorry if it seems im including most women... but i only stay in a certain vicinity... but i hear news around the world as well... and i feel sorry for the guys because they just can't be like me.
      Some either cry, some quit, some bend, some break... im titanium... i only bend when she bends, and nothing before. Im past "pussy" control... if she won't give... someone else will... i ain't worried.
      She can either get with or get out. because i dont mistreat anyone. doesn't mean i would stand to be mistreated.

  • Cdubs27
    Ok, i know you said 'guys don't respond', but i'm going to anyways because this pisses me off.

    You write this as if its "the guys perspective". But the reality is that it is your perspective, not the consensus guys perspective. Now i'm sure some guys share your opinion on some of this, that's inevitable. But don't paint this off as if it's the consensus. It makes the rest of us look like assholes.
    Now I don't disagree with everything you said. Picking up bills is a great point. In a society that values equality, the guy should not be EXPECTED to pick up the bill. That being said, it's a classy act if he offers to do so.

    As for the majority of the rest of what you wrote... From what I'm reading a lot of what you've experienced is a result of your own actions. You constantly seem to circle around and bring sex into your argument. Having a relationship is unrelated to sex. Sex is great and it's often a perk but it is not a requirement. If you pressure a girl into having sex with you, than you're creating a power dynamic where she ends up having unwanted sex. To be clear another name for unwanted sex is rape.
    If sex is in fact a requirement for YOU, than you need to stop looking for a relationship. What you need to do is go on craigslist and hire a prostitute.
    Personal experience, I had a girlfriend for 2 years. She was a hardcore Christian and wanted to wait till marriage to have sex. So for over 2 years I didn't have sex. Why? Because I had an emotional connection with her that exceeded the physical pleasure.

    Footnote: I would carry on, but i've got sleep insomnia and it's now 6am so i'm having trouble putting my thoughts onto paper. Will continue/revise this later when i'm actually sane.
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    • Tdieseler

      If you can be this clear while sleepy, i dont think i want to face you when not sleepy... Or maybe i do. I mean you got my note of not being Expected to do something but you bottled down on my sex aspect... tit for tat... if he pays well... her turn.
      then the world goes "she doesn't have to"... well... i went a step back... i just dont fucking pay... end of story.
      If sex ain't a requirement for you (had this talk with a buddy)... thats great... but according to the 90-10 theory... its a requirement for us. Its not smart, but its real.
      Because i know one thing... women always want it all... all the good shit... but without the bad shit. Men know that good shit COMES with some bad shit...

    • Cdubs27

      I "bottled down" on the sex aspect because it seems like every single point you made always seems to not just elude to but revolves around sex. If you don't think you can have a relationship with a girl because for some reason or another she's not willing to have sex than fine, I can't say I agree but fine. However, you seem to make sex THE priority of a relationship. That is fundamentally wrong to the purpose of a relationship. If you don't want to pay a prostitute than that's fine, but don't pretend that what you're doing is searching for a relationship.
      Admittedly I didn't know what the 90-10 theory is and after looking it up I still don't. I found 2 things about the 90-10 theory. One of them is related to dieting and the other is related to things that we can and cannot control. Neither of these seems to relate to what you said. Please attach a link so I can see exactly what you are referencing.
      Lastly, "women always want it all... all the good shit... but without the bad shit. Men know that good shit COMES with some bad shit..." Face it, everybody is like that, you included. Example, you want to have sex aka "the good shit" but you don't want to pay for it aka "the bad shit". I get what your referencing when you say that, but it's not something that is gender exclusive.

    • Tdieseler

      If you googled the 90-10 theory sir... you won't find anything because it only exists HERE... on MY takes and opinions... but because you are an avid (and focused) debater... i will explain it.. again.
      In male-female relationships, or feminine male - mascu... oh, you get the fucking idea... in any relationship, dating relationship, one person has what they want and what they do for the other person.
      For straight males and straight females... i came up with the 90-10. You think guys want to pay for some girl all the time? go out to places they dont wanna go..."spend time", when they could be gaming or watching a game? most hate that shit, that is our 10%... thats "for her"... but the 90% is when we want her sexy or having sex...
      Now reverse it... she wants to do all that spend time stuff... but sex is mostly never a big issue to them... that is their 10%...
      Anyone that breaks those rules...(and I've met a few) i say good luck to them... I've met women who would do "it" wherever they can get it, and I've met guys who would go to a museum on Sunday evening... but for the most part, people have what they want, and what they give to get what they want. 90... meet 10.

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  • stardust101
    Wow... so much bitter. It’s come to my conclusion that women use men they don’t respect or like in a romantic way. Some people who don’t even like the person will still try and use that person to their own benefit. I know it’s so easy to start stereotyping people and the opposite sex based on your own life experiences with them. I’ve also noticed that life experiences are stemmed from emotional trauma which people will manifest more of if they don’t heal themselves. I know it sucks, but ever since I healed a lot of my emotional trauma, I don’t attract certain things in my life anymore and it’s changed my whole perspective on those things. For example, every guy I’ve ever been with has been controlling. Always trying to control me. It finally occurred to me that most everyone can be controlling but which part of that man am I feeding? We all have a good side and a bad side. My fear used to be about being controlled and I would fight tooth and nail for my independence which made the guys more controlling. I’m still working on this issue. Not so much my fear anymore, but changing my behavior. Most men don’t heal themselves though, but I encourage you to. I hope you face your dark side and heal yourself
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  • Pamina
    Interesting definiton of "guys" that you're using here. Usually "guys" refers to "grown up male humans", but your definition quite apparently translates to "misogynistic bitter incels with zero real life experience with women other than their own mom and what other misogynistic bitter incels on reddit told them about them." You incels are the most delusional losers on the planet, and your circle jerk mentality will ensure that you won't ever improve.
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  • SarahsSummer
    The overwhelmingly vast amount of women just want a partner they can love and be loved by. You clearly spent some time on this blame game You may want to spend some time looking inward. You’ll actually get better results.
    After reading (most of) this diatribe, I realize it could all be summed up in what I said on @Wowgirl30q’s take. ...
    Why Guys Can't (WONT) Get A Girl Anymore
    LikeDisagree 12 People
    Well written. All of it was accurate for a good amount of women and women who want to believe that's how it should be. I too leave women who do those things to me. Luckily i did have a few girls who were better than that. I'm still friends with my first girlfriend who is one of them. It would be nice to just enjoy a night out and with a good person. When you write that article hit me up, id love to read it. I too have changed how i look at women and it's necessary.
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    • Tdieseler

      Oh shit... that makes like 11 people now that want to read it. Im going to have to write a pre-article first though, because its a system, not a manual.

    • It should be a manual. Maybe helping us guys to do good in finding the right woman. Yeah. 😀

    • Tdieseler

      As much as I would love, LOVE to write a manual, i realize everyone and every gender, and every relationship is different and i can only base a manual off myself. I DO have a manual, for me. But the DDS (Diesel Dating System) is just a system that makes all this bullshit equal and no one feels used or left out or cheated etc...
      I still have a few kinks to work out because i didn't find holes in it, but a couple women did. you know how they like to ruin anything that doesn't go their way ONLY.

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  • Ninjazzed
    Men don’t respect boundaries anymore, simple as that. They feel the urge to control.

    Women should have the right to feel safe walking the streets at night without the need to carry protection.. There are condescending men who can’t accept “no” for an answer and go out on a rampage.
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    • DWornock

      If that were true women wouldn't dress and act like sluts.

    • Ninjazzed

      @DWornock But yet it still acceptable for men to be whores? You don’t get it.

    • Ninjazzed

      And what do you mean by ‘dressing’?

      Slightly revealing or decked out in fishnets and thong?

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  • R_Cakes91
    Dude, this article was cool! I feel the same way about dating. Women who are like this are fucking crazy. If you can’t please them with your money there’s no way in hell you’ll please them with anything else.

    I always go Dutch unless the guy absolutely insists on paying. I’ve also paid for dates too.

    Your section on sex requirements made me laughing so hard because you’re paying out the ass just to bang. I personally don’t wait that long to bang, the time between meeting and banging depends on how I feel about him and to make sure he’s not a psycho.

    Thanks for your perspective. Just find a chick whose chill. It’s kinda like meeting a cat that acts like a dog. It’s rare but when you find them, you’re like “holy fuck, you’re cool!”
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  • ObscuredBeyond
    If I weren't such a lousy hunter, maybe I could live in the woods with a wife who doesn't expect much, like one of those families you see in Far Cry 5. A WiFi connection for when you really badly need to contact the outside world; but otherwise, just a dirt road away from the nearest trade post, and to Hell with the rest of society. I wouldn't be rich by society's material standards, but you can bet I'd be feeling like a king. And I'd make her feel like queen of the castle... even if its a repurposed abandoned Super 8. To be that self-sufficient. That free. And to still have a companion.

    Instead, I've lost women to:
    - alcoholism
    - defeatism
    - drugs (she OD'd)
    - infidelity (theirs)
    - abuse (hers)
    - possible clinical insanity (hers)
    - Huntington's disease (hers)
    - The Chinese government (long story)
    - depression (mine)

    So forget demanding material girls. It's hard to strike up the courage to date *anyone*. Even when women notice me; I feel like I don't deserve another chance. Or like it's doomed to fail.
    • Tdieseler

      Wow... Umm... dont feel that way sir... there are a lot of "hers" in this story... i need to start hearing some him. Dont bow to women... ever. Next girl... YOU tell her what YOU want... and tell her if she's not game... she can fuck off. Obviously you are a man that respects women (a little too much in my opinion)... so you know you will respect her... but speak up... she gotta respect you FIRST.

    • The point is, when she suddenly dies, is suddenly cut off from you by a third party in a forceful manner, or is revealed to have a terminal illness, or suddenly goes off the deep end, it's easy to feel like you have no control.

      Yes, I told the alcoholic defeatist enough was enough. If she wouldn't respect me, I wasn't going to waste any more emotional energy on her. Yes, I ran away from the cheaters and scammers, especially the really abusive ones. And I ended things quickly with the loony that wanted to start a revolution in Slovakia. Because I don't have time for that crap. And the drug addict took herself out of the equation by overdosing to death.

      However, losing the one girl to a terminal illness and the other to global politics? Just not fair. It's like being trapped in a bad Nicholas Sparks novel.

    • Tdieseler

      I just think you should whore out... hold no ties to anyone...

  • Alfie_Solomons
    I don't think I'd ever agree with a black dude when it comes to dating. But yet, just by skimming your take, I agree with you. I feel sorry for you and I know you do for most guys, as do I. The reason I mentioned your race is because you're black, girls will have sex with you just because girls want the "big dick". Gorgeous, middle class and rich white, Asian and latina girls will worship the black guys in their school. Being a middle class or rich black man means you own all the girls at your school.

    It's good to see a black guy having problems with dating, and I don't mean I'm glad you got hurt and stuff, but it just makes me feel better is all. Please don't get offended.

    Now, in regards to your take. I agree. Girls want guys who are 6ft tall, have a good body, good job, money, nice car etc. and they do not put the same requirements on themselves. Girls are party girls now. They have no respect for relationships or anything but getting drunk, spending money, hooking up with random guys and just living the "wild and young" lifestyle. Girls don't have morals, that's why men kept women down for so long. They are selfish by nature and just care about themselves. They're very hypocritical.

    It's sad because almost every other generation of men before us saw marriage as a goal in life, something to look forward to. getting married and having kids. Our generation of guys doesn't have that, no wonder why we are all so depressed and have the highest suicide rate in the history of humans. Because even though life was much harder than now, men always had their family and wives to go home to. Now we don't.

    I think I hate women. It's sad because I used to love them but honestly, just seeing what other guys go through and stuff, I just don't see anything good about girls at all.
    Disagree 3 People
    • Cdubs27

      i'm not going to touch your opinion on girls, not worth my time. That being said, your opinion on black guys is an accurate portrayal of daytime TV, but not an accurate portrayal of real life. But you're only 17, you're still just a kid. You still have time to not become like Tdiesler. I'm not pointing out that you're 17 to be patronizing or to say that you're unintelligent. Only to point out the indisputable fact that you have less life experience. Spend some time in a low income black community than come back and tell me if you have the same opinion. Hopefully you don't get the shit beat out of you for having a racist opinion.

    • Tdieseler

      @Cdubs27 whoooooaaaaaa... pump the brakes there... WHAT? "... not to become like Diesel?" the fuck you think i am? some woman hater?
      Brah... I am a curse to women... i studied these fuckers since i was 11 years old. and have broken more hearts than i can count. Im the worst thing any woman wants to come across... im the catalyst... im not like regular men, and i dont tolerate female Bullshit either.

      As for the rest of your shit... i dont care about his racism... i called him a moron on that and left it, (honestly though... thats just his way of thinking... the real truth is that blacks just put more effort into pleasing her. most guys just wanna get a nut off. the size is just a perk)
      Im looking at his points about the topic, and the kid actually is on point... he knows what used to happen and what is happening now... but a little confused.
      "... why men have kept women down..."... umm.. I don't know... maybe for fucking global security? women are fucking nuts little boy... im not saying put em on a leash... im saying watch them.
      They will convince you to do shit... then coil back around to bite you in the ass FOR doing it... like snakes... just my advice kid... i love women too... but i always keep an eye out.

      Hey kid solomon, I know how you feel, these hoes, i mean, girls, ain't shit these days, but that is what should make you have a stronger attitude towards being a man and making an honest woman out of one of them. If you need more tips, my profile is open... please... feel free.
      Cdubs said you may turn into me... I think you ARE me already (sometimes i hate em too) but I have a fuck ton of hurting em behind me., I dont know if you do.

    • Wait how is my opinion racist when I'm complimenting black men?

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  • Liam_Hayden
    The truth is that a lot of women will test your boundaries to see how much crap you will put up with to be with her. I have a low tolerance for the games, let them know ASAP, and if they take off I do not care.
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    • Tdieseler

      YES!!! MY MAN!!! Let it be known upfront what you can tolerate and what you won't tolerate. I used to do that. Then i came out with the DDS (Diesel Dating System)... kind of does it for me, with Waaaay less aggression lol. Cuz if you give a woman an inch... she's gonna keep pulling to see how much more she can get... and your last part, thats a very important factor... be willing to let go. Most men bend to their will because they are afraid of the loss... if you ain't afraid... you can't be controlled.

    • Wowgirl30q

      I do that

    • Tdieseler

      @Wowgirl30q Dont you bend them?

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  • emmily2396
    First off, you don't need all of that to be attractive to a woman, maybe just a gold digger. Sure, it is a plus when you do have them, but they are not requirements. However, simply showing that you are constantly working on yourself is attractive.
    Also, how is she making it about sex if she doesn't feel comfortable sleeping with a stranger? That is what you are until she gets to know you better. I personally don't feel comfortable sleeping, hugging, kissing and so on with someone I just met. If I don't feel like doing those naturally then why would I force it? And I wouldn't demand a guy pays for the date. A walk in the park is fine to me if the weather is good for it.
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    • NatashaJ

      That doesn't make sense gold diggers go after rich ugly or hot they want the money and do anything for it.

    • But you do? I mean its scientifically proven as well as anecdotal, so why lie about it? Women want men with money, this is a cold hard fact:
      You want a man who has more money, this is just reality please be honest about it (women always make excuses for this even though every woman does this, every man knows women do this and every study confirms it. Why lie about something that we all know to be true?).

    • emmily2396

      Of course want someone financially stable. That doesn't mean rich though

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  • Wowgirl30q
    That was great your sarcasm cracks me up well done Sir👍🙂❤️
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  • Optymistyk
    You're a dummy.
    Women don't want your frickin money. You could be the richest guy in the world and yeah, you'd likely find a gold digger who's gonna sleep with you. But even then she's gonna find herself a side guy she actually wants and only sleep with you as her "job".

    Going on expensive dates is dumb dumb dumb. She can see you're trying to impress her and it's needy af. She feels like you're trying to buy her and she's gonna resent you for that. I usually just invite girls to a coffee or to hang out and I've never had a bad reaction.

    Even if you invite her out to a coffee you don't actually have to pay for her. I used to want to split the bill and the girls were always fine with that, I slept with some of them. Nowadays I do usually buy her the first coffee but that's because I want to. If you do buy her coffee she usually feels more comfortable and safe with you and I like that more than 3$
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    • Tdieseler

      Thank you for your opinion sir. Good to know you missed the "19" part, but thanks anyway.
      Poland huh... come to USA sometime and try that.

    • Optymistyk

      I don't know what you're refering to.

      Women are women no matter if you're in the USA or Poland or whenever.

    • Tdieseler

      Its the environment boo boo... and the level of entitlement... and over here... These bitches would eat you alive... and not in a good way.

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  • RegularTK421
    I kind of agree with it sadly. I think both men and women can be full of shit, but once you see through it you just do. Both genders can become disenfranchised with each other. Girls can be annoying to deal with, entitled, strategically emotional, etc. Men tend to be liars, cheaters, or bums. My only advice to most people, is to always have separate accounts, and to hold off on marriage unless you have lived with someone first and you know them 100 percent and for many years. I dated a girl who was sexy as hell, always talked about how she's a hustler and gets her own money and doesn't need a man or his money. She had 4 kids at the time, and then threw out hints that she was struggling financially. She even told our mutual friend, that if I "cared" about her I would not only help her out, I would want to. We haven't even dated for a month. Why in the fuck am I going to throw out money to a girl I barely know? I got my own bills to pay and I love money. Needless to say, she ghosted on me quick. Couldn't even tell me directly that she was good and wanted to look elsewhere. That same chick, fucked an old man for money and he even put her in a cabin for a vacation. Which I didn't know about at the time. Even my current girlfriend tries to be manipulative. She always wants to go out, and gets mad if I tell her no, I don't have money for
    LikeDisagree 2 People
    • bars or restaurants. Then she starts trying to calculate my money to spend it for me, so I reverse it and ask her where is your money at? People definitely try you and probe for weakness. I have helped her out, but it's amazing that once it's done, they are happy for a minute, only to have their hand right back out again. When you say no, they act like you have never done anything for them, because they are not getting what they want at that moment. I don't mind being single, it's less bullshit, and you can really stack money and do so in peace and without having a woman whining and pulling on you to do what they want for their entertainment, or because they need "help."

  • Juxtapose
    I 100% agree with this. A lot of women only think in the moment and are only concerned with themselves.

    If you are worth my time, I don't have to pay for your time. I don't pay my friends to meet them, so what is different with a date? Sex.

    A lot of women are just prostitutes who cost more and don't even deliver.
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    • Tdieseler

      The good thing, is that its not all of them.
      I love that line "the difference is just sex". I've gotta use that.
      Weird how they dont "deliver"/give anything huh... my new thing when i said i dont pay for dates.. is "the only thing we are going to spend, is time". If that makes me come off cheap... so be it. im not going broke cuz of some moron, then when you are broke, what happens? she moves on to the next schmuck.
      Again, though, not all women are like that, but those that aren't, are like myths. You hear about them, but never come across them. And if you do, they are usually with someone else, usually someone who mistreats them.

  • Unit1
    Very unsurprising to see a certain number of the pinks not giving this perspective any real thought beyond their "cheap bitter misogynistic virgin loser neckbeard, who can't get a girlfriend" rather than taking a learning opportunity from it and upping themselves. Duh? What girlfriend with females like those in your list? You could add those types of females in that list as well while we're at it. Seriously: Are they mad, that they didn't get what they wanted from you and shame you for it? This is why MGTOW exists.

    But of course it seems that feelings matter a lot more than being respectful and having a clever approach to life and it's shenanigans. Then we wonder why the divorce rates are sky high and why love is vanishing.
    This is why.

    If they were to write the same article as you did they would say stuff like "men are cheaters, men are abusive and violent, men are never listening, men want only one thing, men don't dress good". I would read through it and gain some value and insight to up myself for the ladies rather than calling her a "bitter feminist cock carousel riding slut, who got pumped and dumped by yet another Chad Rammer alpha swagboss"

    On the bright side some ladies do see the value here, which is good because that is providing hope for relationships between good men and good women.
  • 2os4ngeles
    You would be better off studying evolutionary psychology. View mating as a market, basically. Women are trying to get the best deal they can, and so are men. And in human mating, women are pickier than men for evolutionary reasons (sex is "expensive" for women and "cheap" for men).
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  • Passinggas
    Great take 22 to one compression ratio dude. Your masterpiece about sums it up.

    I think it cut short of calling narcissism to the mat; and how the modern world has amplified and promoted the worst of the female human nature although that wasn’t your intent.

    I would say that those women that criticize this havn’t been through the great 30+ enlightenment.

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    • Passinggas

      Plus, these women live the feminist ideals by indoctrination while seeking the traditional man biologically and that is one broken dichotomy.

  • Texaskid1
    I think your Mytake is excellent and anyone that disagrees with what you said is a salty blue pilled liberal who believes in unicorns and Walt Disney fairy tales and that shit.

    All women are atracted to alpha bad boys for sex and doofus beta boys to pay their bills.

    Sad but true.
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    • mateynine


    • Funny story, I know two guys. Conservative and liberal guy. The conservative seems to have a family pretty torn apart and with shaky familial situations. His older bro seems pretty red pilled and may not even know it. (Hes recommended me the show "ozarks") The liberal one has been burned by women before (one caused a car wreck and but left him cause of it) ofc, his older bro also i think is a bit red pilled. (single, self made rich) No joke one of the latest quotes from BOTH of them after BOTH have dated a girl a relatively short amnt of time is this: "I know she's gotta be the one to be with forever!" The quotes are that or VERY alike. Now, the liberal one I last heard/remember ofc... cheated on by "the one he knew was for real this time." The conservative one already wants me at his wedding already. Beleive me I'm just as alert as any dude on this and as a friend believe me Imma try to do what I can to get him to re think and REALLY consider his decisions... So seems to be, politics dont matter for shit. Guys are guys. Positives to note are both are willing to do what it takes to earn cash whether a bit of criminality in the past, doing high school while walking a half mile for a job at mcdonalds, or a local grocery labor while in college. Oh and get this! Liberal one is from Fort Worth. Conservative one? Los Angeles. Oh the ironies right? Yet... when ya consider sooo many similarities... does the political side matter much? I think not honestly. Both dudes are chill guys and honestly until politics get put forth I can see both of them as best buds, no joke. IMHO politics are worthless with men vs women situations. The common thinking often remains the same. I also think the take is phenomenal. But many would consider me a super lib. Hell my exs nickname was Sae. So after the breakup and elevation to swallowing the honk pill my personal joke is "sae made me gae" :)

    • Texaskid1

      @satankicksgodsass Interesting. Thank you.

  • Bananaman177
    Women don't want to build up a winning team.

    They want to team up with a winner.

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    • Tdieseler

      shortcut... we all know that shit. and if she is a winner... oh lord

  • yourfavperson
    Should change the title to 'why i can't get girls because im a loser who thinks women r 1 dimensional'
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    • mayur955

      No. They are 6 dimensional😂😂

  • PinkMichae
    I would love to think what you say is wrong because it's not my experience with how I am and the women I know. But maybe it's our age. I don't know. I know there are gold diggers but I'd like to think they are a minority. Notice how I said "I'd like to think."

    But men are the ones dating women today so they probably have a better understanding of how women are.

    Regardless I hope you find a good woman that will change your perspective. It was a good my take. I might not agree with everything. I think you're correct with most of it.😎
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  • little_bird1
    I couldn't read all of it because it's full of "all women care about is money" bullshit. Although it's true that some (read ATTRACTIVE) women care about money/status, it downright disrespectful for us who are not like that to read this MyTake.
    It all comes down to one thing: regardless of gender, we all go through same shit. Men blame women, women blame men. It's a never-ending story. We are ALL superficial. We get drawn to "pretty" people and those people are usually poop. I know quite few females that can fit into this MyTake, and guess what? Those girls are beautiful and hot and charming. So no wonder men complain about "women" when all they do is develop crushes on beauty. Women too.

    Next time, before setting an eye on a women, ask yourself if you would go out with her after taking her looks out of the equation? If you could name at least 3 things that are better then her looks, then go for it.
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  • Doodabeat
    The United States is notorious for generating controlling/manipulative women. The women don't have healthy outlets so men and children get used and abused no matter what they do. Men have to reject women like they're leaches or else succubi will attach themselves. At that point any woman can take advantage because the man now perceives himself as the sucker. You either take the easy route that was built on research and laid before you or you learn the hard way.
  • michael45
    I'm so happy to have a good girlfriend and not have to worry about this nonsense.
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    • Tdieseler

      Either she ain't stomped (or attempted to) on you yet... or you know how to keep your bitch in line. Either way... seems fine. Let me guess... younger?
      Sorry, i dont need to come off negative... there are good girls out there who just know how be a woman and hereby earning the respect of their man...(you). and it seems like you respect back. If thats the case... i 1000% wish its a success story. cuz the ones i see? whoo...

  • SomeGuyCalledTom
    It's very simple:

    Once a man stops rewarding bad behaviour, the bad girls will either change their ways, or (more likely) not change, and he can then cut them off completely-- leaving only the good ones left standing when all is said and done.

    People generally will regress to the minimum standard of behaviour they feel they can get away with. If you communicate in some way that you have a low standard of behaviour, then you'll get trampled over and your heart ripped apart by mean-spirited bitches and hoes. But if you communicate a HIGH standard of behaviour, and are willing to walk away from any girl who fails those standards... then you won't have to deal with all the problematic behaviour you mentioned, because the girls acting that way will be ejected from your life so fast they won't know what hit em lol
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    • Tdieseler

      ... then they try to fire back... like its supposed to hurt.

    • Of course they will, because emotionally they are reactive, and don't know how to deal with a proactive man telling them what's what. But if the man gets reactive to her every whim and demand, then he's lost right out the gate.

    • Tdieseler

      isn't that what happens anyway? which is why a woman can get "upset" over anything... for any reason, and "punish" the guy... those words dont even exist in my vocabulary if its not legit. Like if i happened to look at another woman and she gets "upset"... most guys would start scrambling, trying to apologize and "fix" a problem that never actually existed.
      No... i'd tell the bitch to kiss my ass. Id give her MORE of a reason to be "upset"... im not solving a crime that was never committed. she wants to be mad, she can stay mad, then she tries to Punish for a crime you never committed, No Pussy, lol... thats fine... there are other bitches out there. I just have to pick up my phone.

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  • Exorcist_Rampage
    Men shouldn't want girls. He should want women. If a man is too much of a wuss not to see that women are using him for money glory, then it is his fault. Men who are wise will stand up to women and make them pay. If you aren't married, then the others shouldn't get any money glory in the deal.
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  • lucas262
    Being mgtow. Me personally i believe in marriage and i believe in relationships under narrow circumstances. I tend to else very careful. I mean if I have no intention of taking it seriously i could play the game, but if I am serious om playing the long game and that requires tact.
  • mateynine
    I've straight up stopped caring about girls. The barrier for entry and risk versus reward is so high that it's just pointless to put any effort into forming a relationship anymore.
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    • mateynine

      Lmao... reading all the girls responses on here just solidifies why I don't bother to date them. They're all using shaming language instead of logic and reason to explain their position. Who wants to be stuck communicating with someone like that? I don't!

  • Darknut
    Goodness gracious. Didn't realize people go through all this...
    Disagree 1 Person
    • They don't, at least not often. Bitter men pretend they do.

    • Tdieseler

      Guys do... and the moronic women dont even know they do it... they just call the men bitter and BELITTLE them... attacking their ego so they can turn around and serve them (females) like they want.
      You have to actually be actively searching to go through it. I've never actually gone through it myself... but I've watched a TON of my guys go through it. I have 2 philosophies... probably why i never got hurt..(or bitter like this moron is implying).
      Women say they want honesty, so im honest, but i dont jump through their hoops.. and if that ain't good enough... fuck her.. more in the sea
      2. if i HAVE to jump through their hoops... i know damn well im not staying. thats a stupid bitch and i want nothing to do with that.
      I should have said "HAD 2..." philosophies... now i have the DDS... and as far as I've seen... its unbeatable.

  • smartrider
    I have travelled a lot, met a lot of people, so I will say this. Most women that have a "new" mindset (they do not care so much about family and staff) usually they stay solo or have a boyfriend for "fun". That is also true to guys! The other prospective nowadays is more rare in women than in men.
  • pikuroy
    You are absolutely right Bro!
    1. These days most girls are so shallow!. They have nothing to discuss except clothes, movie gossip, restaurant and all pointless useless stuff.

    2. Most girls are like trophies. They never support in your struggle but wait at the finish line of your struggle.

    3. No matter how deep your relationship is with a girl, she is not going to settle with you until she is past her prime time waiting for some better deal.

    4. Most girls are giving in to their hormones and comfort. They are not willing to struggle to improve themselves. They have so much option that can't spend their energy and effort on just one.

    5. Except for sex, most girls have nothing to offer.
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  • fXXkKlownzgetmoney
    This is like the farthest thing from the truth possible, based on my experience.
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  • devilish-cutie
    I think you should give up on women and be alone
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  • TonyBologna25
    Honestly you sound bitter my man. What woman doesn’t want someone who’s successful? What woman doesn’t want a man who can provide a great life? Also, you don’t need to have a lavish lifestyle, money, and all these weird requirements you set to get a girl. Fun fact, I got laid more when I was broke more than I do now and I have a lot more money now. You have claimed to be a player on this website for many years, and I’m calling bullshit. You don’t seem to understand women at all and you seem to get rejected by them a lot considering your post.
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  • meowmeow05
    Maybe you have met with some of the wrong kind of girls. There are ladies out there who are actually looking for real relationship built on love, respect, communication, honesty.

    Sometimes, is not wrong for a man to pay. It just shows that she is respected. How do you feel if u were on a date, and he expects u to go dutch in front of the server? Or if a woman pays, she is made to feel like she is some sugar mummy who is sponsoring this kid.

    If u are looking for unrealistic expectations of a girl like vavavoom supermodel like, of course, u gonna get this kind of thing. Even then, nowadays, women are working to sponsor our own self. Pls don't forget that.

    I just feel nowadays both men and women are equal. Sometimes, it depends on etiquette of a gentleman.
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    • Rangers

      Of the five girls who are like that, they're always taken. So they're still out of luck

  • Josiee143
    I don't mind what a guy has as long as he treats and loves me right. Plus, loyalty
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    • mayur955

      Plus too much requirements which can't be fulfilled by everyone.
      Everyone is not rich.

    • Josiee143


  • Kdude010
    Dating is all a big game. If you want to waste your life chasing after every women you find attractive the rest of your life, then feel free.

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  • DWornock
    Men can get women about the age of 27 after they have lost their bloom and become desperate.

    However, it very difficult for guys to get young women from ages 17 to 25+ because, (1) the guys have a feel for girls that are within their league and don't want to settle for less. And (2) young women want the hottest guy they can fuck and reject guys within their league. The girls either don't know or refuse to accept the fact that men date down for sex, but they don't marry down.

    The girls want to marry the hottest guys they can fuck, but the hottest guy they can fuck will not marry them because for marriage the guys can do much better than the easy pieces they fuck.
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    • I agree men date down for sex but not for marriage. So you say you won't marry her because she is the one that believes you're the hottest guy she could fuck. But maybe you should marry her. If she is really attracted to you you're not gonna end up in a sexless marriage. So many guys complain that wives stop wanting sex. Maybe that's because they don't pick the girl that wants to f'ck him cuz she thinks he's hot.

    • DWornock

      @PinkMichae You may be right because there are wives that after marriage appear to be less interested in sex. However, I'm not certain that marrying a girl below a guy's league is the answer. It may be that to catch the guy the girl will fuck like a mink. However, that doesn't necessarily imply that she is naturally all that into sex. It could just be acting and after marriage, she might start finding excuses.

    • I just don't really by that there are leagues anyway. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What you think is hot your friend might not think so.

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  • UncleJessieRabbit
    Some points I'll actually be able to put up with in dating, but I understand your skepticism. I don't want to swear off dating as a whole though.
  • Likes2drive
    Phew 😅, what a long read but really good mytake, I like it
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  • Cherokeehp
    This is just sad.
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  • grega239
    In short. Men increasingly can't be bothered with women's ever changing demands and expectations.
  • PrinceOfAlj
    Well written and yes all the things you said is 100% true.
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  • ariadneR
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