Truths from a one-time manipulative player


I often sit with a tumbler of bourbon, reflecting on the young ladies whose lives I hurt about 25 years ago. I was the type of guy who knew how to use his looks and modicum of charm to ensure very few lonely nights.

It was an easy matter of not trying to give them any attention until they were forced to approach me. Once I realized that women didn't really care about the details of my life and that I was just a piece of meat that they wanted to ride...just assuming that I was their dream guy, I knew that I had the power and used it with glee.

Truths from a one-time manipulative player

The best part was that there is always another looking to replace her if she complains

So, as a tiny bit of karma-cleansing, here are a few bits of advice

1. Get to know him before you decide he is perfect.

I never would volunteer too much about myself because it's hard to know if she picks up on lies well

2. If your friends have concerns, hear them out.

They are your friends for a reason.

3. No, you can't change him.

Why would he change if he can steadily get lusting women that will try to?

4. Violence is NEVER a one-time thing.

If he hit you, you mean that little to him

If this attracts likes and constructive discussion, I will do more.

Truths from a one-time manipulative player
Truths from a one-time manipulative player
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  • Optymistyk
    So your brilliant strategy was to ignore women and wait to be approached?

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