Dear crush, you're missed

Could be me and you.
Could be me and you.

Dear Crush,

I miss you! I want you to come back NOW! You've ruined dating for me, in a good and bad way. Good because I did not have much of a standard before, but now I do. Bad because now nobody meets the standard. I refuse to accept anything less than how you treated me. You were so sweet, kind, respectful. I felt comfortable with you, and you were with me, I think. Truthfully, I tried dating since our time apart, it's not working out. I can't help but compare the guys to you and nobody gives me the same feeling. Some were as kind as you but there was a lack of connection and comfort.

Truthfully, I sort of hate you. We've talked a few times since you left, and you mentioned seeing each other again when you come back. That gets my hopes up, but then you go distant and I wonder if you still feel the same as you did before. I like to think it's because you're busy working but who really knows. I just know it's hard not to think of you, and I hate it. I'm trying to move on and forget you but it's tough.

You came into my life after a painful time in my life and it was healing. It's okay if we're not meant for each other after all, I still appreciate the temporary happiness and showing me good guys exist.

Wishing you the best. (me)

Dear crush, you're missed
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  • Soporific-san
    Tanaka-kun is my lord and savor. He thought me all the good things in life about being listless and becoming one with slothfulness.

    And truly sorry this has happened to you. Please do recover and try to find someone who will treat you right. Everyone deserves a peace of mind. Don't let it drag you down. Keep your chin up. Eventually, everything will get better. Time heals very slowly, but surely it will. Everyone takes a different effect from it. Some faster than others. Don't look back, look forward with new approach on life. Best advice I could give, even if I can't seem to listen to my own advice.
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    • cirno

      Uh is this the church of tanaka kun?

  • DWornock
    The most common advise is to hold on to your standards; don't settle for less. The problem is, even if you are a very pretty 9 (cheerleader, etc.), if your standard is a movie star, and you are not going to settle, you will grow old and die single.

    You can only have what you can attract. That is, if you are a 9 it is what your competition that are 10's will allow you to have. They will allow you have 9's because they don't want them. As a 9 girl, for a one-night-stand, you can attract a 10. If a guy is a 10, he will fuck a 9, he will fuck an 8, he will even fuck a cute 7, but he will marry a 10.
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Most Helpful Girls

  • SpacedCharr
    I came in here all ready for the cringe, but instead I feel so much love and maturity here.

    Good on you, SnowDrake. Whoever your crush is, I get a feeling you helped them as much as they helped you.

    Keep your standards high, and let others rise to surprise you.<3
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  • MelnTx
    I’d like to co sign this. It sucks when a crush leaves and moves on; especially when they never knew how you felt.
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  • jason96
    My head an chest are still recovering for the emotional demolition derby of an experience I had with my crush.
  • Taylor_C
    Very well put. I could put my name under this one too.
  • Annie12234
    Awww so sweet and love your myTake💜 be strong girl and happy💪🏼🤗🌸
  • RogueCrystal
    I love your post!
  • glittergal3710
    Damn... I can relate to this!!!🙌
  • Aww 😒
    Woohoo is he available? 😉
  • vincan
    Wen es not interested to come back ten y to force
  • Anonymous
    You're not alone. Just gotta find a way to move on. I am.