My experience as the unattractive guy with the great personality


I'd like to start by saying, nice guys don't finish last or at least, guys that are nice don't finish last. What a lot of "nice guys" don't realize is that most of the time they're either boring or creepy and that's why they scare off women. Now, I see myself, at the risk of sounding vain, as the less than desirable looking guy with the golden personality.

Lazily taken photo to capture my purest essence
Lazily taken photo to capture my purest essence

I'm not the guy that girls crush on. At least not anymore, and I'll explain what I mean by that later. When girls meet me, a lot of them seem a little bit evasive until they hear me speak and lower their guard (I also have a pretty nice voice, my coworkers call me Mufasa because I apparently sound like James Earl Jones). I assume they at first think I'll end up being a creep of some sort but I'm a very kind and friendly guy. I then seem to be the guy that every girl wants as their best friend and almost immediately trusts and opens up to. Now for most, they'd see this as the friend zone. A frustrating place that they're paranoid of getting sent to. The friend zone is a non-issue for me. I cannot tell you how many times a girl has seen me as just a friend and then I turned it around. A good personality goes a long way. Older women especially seem to love me, a soothing voice and a calming personality. Now in reference to what I said before about crushes. At one point in my life, I was considered a good looking guy. I was seen as cute. Girls would crush on me a lot, that's no longer something I experience often and when I say crushes, I mean more the unwarranted, spontaneous ones. Unfortunately I really damaged my metabolism by starving myself while doing intensive exercise to lose weight. It worked well. I lost 40lbs in less than a month, however I put that weight back on and then some. Now I can't seem to take the weight back off without special diets and spending an hour in the gym every day. I simply just don't have the time for that. Anyway, what I'm saying is, while looks do definitely help, (which makes sense, our subconscious minds try to alert us to potential threats and see those that we find attractive as more trust worthy) when you have other important facets of your being in check, good looks become almost arbitrary. In a sense, if you don't deserve to be in the friend zone, you won't end up there. If you find yourself constantly stuck there wondering why no one wants you, well take a good assessment of who exactly you are. Would you date you if you were the opposite sex? (And yes, this applies to women as well) Most of us are inclined to say yes and that's why we can't see what the problem is, otherwise it would have been changed immediately. All it takes is a little bit of pride swallowing, and an ounce of insight and everything will be fine.

My experience as the unattractive guy with the great personality
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  • TonyBologna25
    You look average, not unattractive by any means. What you lack is testicular fortitude to just go for it. Stop befriending women and showcase that you’re sexually attracted to this without any shame. Be proud of your sexuality. Sometimes girls like it when you just fucking go for it. Develop some confidence, and get out of your head. The next time you see a girl you want to have sex with, tell her she’s sexy instead of pretty. Let her know you’re sexually attracted to her with your body language, escalations, and words. They want a man, not another girlfriend to gossip with.

    It’s so incredibly easy to get laid this day n age, and some guys simply just don’t get it. It’s not an algorithm. It’s confidence, self assurance, and being able to speak whats on your mind and what you want in a tasteful way. Stop playing things so safe.

    You also seem like you’re kind of effeminate. Your caption on your picture made me laugh. I honestly think you need to hit the gym and get some more tail. Stop searching for love and stop acting like a victim. Just do your thing and have fun with women.
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    • Anonymous

      Again another person that didn't actually read the mytake.

    • Anonymous

      Like seriously, of all the people who commented I think you missed the mark the most

  • Hunter7754
    I get that 'Nice Guys' can be cringy but some of them do have a point. The old adage 'no good deed goes unpunished' certainly is true and its definitely no exception especially when it comes to dating.

    That doesn't necessarily mean be a huge asshole to everyone you meet. But its better to be distant and emotionally unavailable than to be kind.
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Anonymous
    Uh you're not unattractive but you also dont seem to have a great personality. You're pretty average all around. If you eat healthy and exercise you should be good bro, drink more water
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    • Anonymous

      I don't see how you can make a statement about my personality without having spoken to me before but okay

  • tiajoka
    But you like not even low-key cute tho, just like regular cute I'd crush
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    • Anonymous

      Thanks 😊 glad to see I still got it apparently lmao

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  • IcyStar
    Going by that picture, I'd say you're attractive, not unattractive. But yeah, it's a good take and I understand your message. Good personality means much more to me than looks.
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    • Anonymous

      Thank you for actually reading it 😂. Too many people were quick to assume that I was some whining "nice guy" or something

  • perhapspeace
    You just need to hit the gym and go for girls more often. Dont befriend them, otherwise will never be more then a friend.
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    • Anonymous

      You should read the mytake again, I explicitly said I have no problems getting out of the friend zone

  • ohayoo
    Your looks aren't bad, just read the first lines about nice guys and i bet what comes after are some complaints, if so then work on your personality first, learn how to have an abundance mindset, develop your charisma and improve your game, as they say "looks just get your foot on the door" so focus on them but not more than you should
  • Lucky1974
    You are very attractive looking, plus I love your skin colour; I’m surprised that you’re not getting laid 20 times a day.
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  • asteroid4769
    Is this what’s unattractive nowadays?
    because you look good to me
    Just keep working out and eat healthy
  • edwilliams580
    You're right, you are a nice guy... you're also boring
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    • Anonymous

      It's a mytake, they aren't intended to be funny or anything

  • Curabyron
    You dont look unatttactive