Dating with autism is not fun!

Dating with autism is not fun!

I don't wanna whine or get sympathy or anything. But on another question someone wrote about having fun with dating and that made me think about that it hasn't been fun for me. I wanted to share some of the reasons why and if you have some constructie feedback I'll gladly accept it.

#1 Very Limited Resources

This is not directly about dating but more of a topic that defines my whole life. A normal human gets about 40 impressions per second sent to their brain, that includes what they see, hear, smell, taste and feel. Someone with autism can have up to 140 per second. So they have a more intense experience of the world but it also comes with a big cost. All this data has to be processed and sadly autistic brains have not evolved to the point where the additional data can be processed in real time. This leads to brain lag, slow reaction time especially when something unexpected happens. And the worst part is the additional energy it takes to proess all the data. When I go to work 8 hours I'm tired like I worked 12 hours. And it gets worse the next day by Friday I can hardly stay awake at work and I have to sleep a whole day sometimes to even be able to function again. This makes it hard to take care of my responsibilities outside of work and leaves barely any time or energy to do stuff I want to do or work on goals.

#2 Communication Issues

This is one of the main things that makes dating not fun. Reading between the lines, the back and forth of not being too interested, it's not something that I'm good at or understand very well. A lot of people say they don't like games but most of the time they're lying but personally I don't like to do something unless I see the point in it. I like to get to the result as fast and efficiently as possible. I like efficiency in general but there's also point #1 which hangs over my head and kinda forces me into this. So if I could skip the beginning part I would do it every time. I don't enjoy it at all. I don't care about the rejection although it's not great I can live with that. But someone with autism always has that doubt if they've read a social situation correctly or if they missed something and that's especially true with girls since men and women already have difficulties communicating even without the extra obstacle. And unfamiliar situations with unfamiliar people add a lot of extra stress because there's less references I can use. When I've been in a situation many times I know more what I can expect, what can go wrong what range of behaviour is normal for this situation etc. But when I meet a girl for the first time I have no idea what she's going to do next and that makes it hard to relax.

There have been quite a few girls that have been into me usually when I wasn't into them or just not thinking about anything sexual or dating related because we were talking about a topic I was really interested in or soing some activity that I was focusing on. Most of the time I didn't even notic it or realise it until later but even if I do I

My autism is not this strong but this image does a good job of showing why communication is hard for people with ASD
My autism is not this strong but this image does a good job of showing why communication is hard for people with ASD

#3 Too much socialising required

Because of my limited energy and because interacting with people uses a lot of energy for me I don't socialise that much expecially after a whole day at work with the women at my office. But girls are usually not interested in a guy if they think that they're the only girl he's interested in. That's been my experience at least. This makes it hard for me because socialising enough to where I have a buch of girls as options that I'm actually interested in would take up all my free time.

This video explains some of the things that I experience as well.

#4 Out of control

Even though I try really hard and fight every day I still have difficulty just working and taking care of things at home like paying bills cleaning etc. When I take on these responsibilities I'm constantly stressed out and lose to my limit. That's why I don't feel like I even have space in my life for someone else and I don't want to date when I don't have my own life under control it doen't feel good.

These are just some of the main reasons why dating isn't fun for me and I don't know if it will change anytime soon. I'm fine with being alone. Right now I'm making some changes in my life changing my job and maybe getting some help with my responsibilities at home maybe that will help. But I'm not really optimistic about my dating life in the future lol.

Does anyone have a similar experience? Or have you dated someone with autism?

Please share! :D

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Dating with autism is not fun!
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  • sejla
    This is an extremely well written post. You really should start a blog/vlog on this. I think even people who do not have autism could benefit from your writing.

    I used to be introverted and now am an ambivert and I've always found dating tedious and a lot of work. I'm not good at doing what would be consider date socializing and I definitely don't want to play any kind of games. It still surprises me that I actually was able to get married at all and keep it going for almost 2 decades before it ended.

    I think the key is finding someone who at least attempts to understand our quirks and I definitely have some quirks.
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    • Lynx122

      Thanks :) I always write a little bit but I haven't made it something more yet. I have a bunch of things that I wish I could invest more time into and writing is not #1 on the list. But I still like to do it cause I can clear my head a bit and process the topic I'm writing about more thoroughly. I've talked to some girls online who listened to me and understood me, but they weren't attracted to me. I feel like once I share too much of my thoughts and struggles girls are usually turned off by that. I hope I'll find someone some day like you did :).

    • talloak

      I think the blog idea is an excellent suggestion.

    • sejla

      I'm divorced now so I have to start all over again. I dread it and one reason I haven't started dating after my divorce.

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  • arabgoddess
    My husband has undiagnosed autism--we never had a date and I was practically the male in the relationship from day 1 😣😣😣
    My 6yr old son had diagnosed autism level 2... he doesn't understand personal space so if he sees a girl he likes, he'll start touching her every where and would want to play every minute with her..
    It's complicated having relationships with autistic people but with the right training, anything is possible ☺
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    • Lynx122

      Wow sounds tough. My autism is not that strong it's weak enough that I notice that I'm different and can ompensate it a bit but strong enough to make a lot of simple things very difficult and exhausting. But you sound like you're patient and take care of them really well :)

    • Well I'm truly exhausted from running around doing everything for them. I'm mainly in depression and find that I always pull myself out of that environment to have a breather from it all.
      Sure I can be patient but I've turned into this frustrated person which I hate

    • Interesting that there appears to be a genetic component to it. I know a lady who got divorced 2 years ago, and the way she was describing her ex husband sounded like autism to the letter. I told her that, and she kind of blew it off. Now, her 12 year old son has been diagnosed as being on the spectrum and she is totally on board with her ex being autistic.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Of course you don’t have to date if you choose not to. Have you considered online socializing? I don’t mean online dating since that’s intended to lead to in person dating. I’m thinking more like pen pals. You communicate well in writing. And it would slow the flow of interaction to a manageable level. I would think that you should be forthcoming about your condition and encourage others to learn more about it, as you have in this take.
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    • Lynx122

      I have talked to a bunch of girls online over the years. I have male friends in real life, I've managed that much :). Sometimes it works out well girls cn be very understanding which is nice but in the long term I feel like it doesn't work out. I was always thinking about my problems because I was trying to fix them and so I was talking about my problems all the time. And also I feel like the sexual dynamic is inescapable. Sometimes I started developing feelings for a girl even though I was not into her from the start and it took over a year probably just beause I was lonely. It's not that I don't want to date, it's just very hard for me. I think I'll still chat with people sometimes but I don't know if that's really a substitute.

    • talloak

      There are no easy solutions here. Your natural tendency to try to continuously fix problems will get in the way both online and in person. Once a girl gets to know you well enough, you don't have to worry that any mistake is going to break things. You can let down your guard and be yourself. Mistakes and awkwardness are not going be a big turn off for the right girl. Usually, these will come off as charming. The focus on fixing problems means that you are not being yourself and that you are not trusting the other person to like you as yourself. That will drive people away or pull you away.

      Your condition necessarily requires you to adapt to have meaningful relationships. It does not require you to become someone else. You don't need to be someone else. You have a lot more to offer than many non-autistic men. Generally speaking, the kind of women who would appreciate your intelligence and sensitivity are also the ones most likely to look past your atypical qualities.

    • Lynx122

      Thanks you seem very wise :)

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  • Very well written and explained.
  • Crizoo
    It's not often I see a picture that shows my entire everyday thought pattern but when I do, I upvote. I try not to think I have autism or aspergers etc. Never been tested but I realise I have life problems like this. I keep to myself most of the time and try to only open up to those I know well.
  • Dyrunn
    For me dating (well, having a relationship, never really dated for long and just went straight to the relationship part) is the easy part, it's work that's hard. Most of the jobs I tried were so exhausting I had to quit within three months because I started to fail at everything, got panic attacks and could do nothing (no cooking, cleaning, hobbies, anything) other than work and sleep. But I'm now in the process for a job at a testing company where all the testers have a form of autism and they've changed the environment and social rules and expectations a bit so that people with autism can have real, paying, fulfilling jobs without being exhausted afterwards. According to interviews with their employees, this enables many of them to both live independently and still have energy for seeing friends and having romantic relationships, and there have even been born some babies.

    So maybe you'd feel better if you found a job that wouldn't take almost 90% of your total energy, which seems to be the current situation. And when I look at my boyfriend (who is currently working full-time), it also helps a lot to focus on being productive and functional at your job, without worrying too much about whether you're social enough (but do apologize a lot, any time you think you might need to, to prevent people from getting angry at you), and make sure you get enough sleep (which might be more than 10 hours rather than 7 or 8).

    And meeting girls is probably easier when you just try to meet them casually rather than date them. Just try to have fun, play video games, talk, walk, etc. Eventually, there might be one who'd also like to be in a relationship with you. This would be someone who appreciates your honesty, way of looking at the world, etc, so you would not need to play silly games like dating multiple girls at once and your dates could be highly predictive, by just asking her what she plans on doing next and explain to her that surprises or sudden changes aren't fun to you at all. You should probably look for a girl who is honest, well organized, who shares at least some hobbies or interests with you, and who is a bit more introverted than most people (because introverts generally have no trouble being in the same room as a loved one without constant talk and communication and spending time alone or on their own).
    • Lynx122

      Wow so much advice. Could you tell me more about this testing company? The Name etc? Apologizing hmm. I'll think about your girl advice, atm I don't see anything happening I need to figure out my life better first. Figuring out my job would definitely help. I'm gonna finish my apprenticeship that I started but after that thee's a lot of options. The way so many people responded to this I might try to do some youtube videos to talk about autism and help people understand it more.

    • anube

      Lazy would be the reason

  • Dystopian
    First up, let me begin by stating I was diagnosed with an ASD/PDDNOS only a few years ago.
    I've lived most of my adult life with difficulty getting along with people, finding social situations exhausting and suffering from such intense experiences of most things I could barely cope.
    So... Yeah, I can relate. I've also copied that meme because I found it quite informative.

    Dating with autism... I dunno... I keep trying real life dating and am not unsuccessful at picking up a girl here and there but somehow all my long relationships have originated online. I think communication is just easier there.

    All i can really recommend is to be confident. That's the most important thing. I go to concerts all by my lonesome and still have a good time, usually meet people, sometimes get lucky... Just because I'm not a timid studdering mess, but still just act like I'm the one they should be glad to know.
    Self confidence goes a long way, trust me. And not just in dating either.

    Good luck mate.
  • NYCstreetPhotog
    I never thought about that. I've never dated someone with autism, but one of my close friends has a form of it, and I've always been very proud of her accomplishments in her life. Having read this, it's really opened my eyes to the factors I never took into consideration.
  • NatalieKeller95
    most autists are slated to die alone so just stop resisting and accept the path the universe has drawn for you, I'm not going to lie and say it's going to happen and all that fluff the truth is most women and men do not want anyone with limitations of any kind, truth may be cold but so is the world we live in
    • Lynx122

      I'd be ok with that too I'm not gonna force anything. I'm not scared of being alone.

    • sociopath weirdo

    • Guffrus

      Hey Nat, go kill yourself.

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  • ArrowheadSW
    Wow that is a cool video. I used to hang out with a lady who I now realize was on the spectrum. It took me over a year and a lot of frustration before I figured it out. It is a long story but I had to take a break from her for about a year but after I figured out what the issue was I was more accepting. This was not a woman I was dating but we shared a common hobby. A lot of what these women describe was "her".
    • Anyway very interesting video. There are a couple of women in that who I'd find interesting enough to date if I met them in real life. They seem to have a good grasp on their issues and would be fun to hang out with.

  • torrahallo
    What's not fun is dating my autistic boyfriend. I don't have any disabilities and hate how dumb he is. He is obsessed with video games, can't focus on life goals like getting own place and so on, can't cook, can't read emotion, sucks at sex , throw tantrums and doesn't look at me when I talk.
    • Lynx122

      Then leave him instead of resenting him for something he can't control.

    • break up with his ass then

    • Wow... reading this honestly broke my heart /:

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  • kespethdude
    Don't worry, bro. Things might get better. Also, pay no attention to certain ableist bully terrorist scum like a certain punk ass pretending to be a 24 year old woman I just blocked and reported. You should do that same, get that scum off the Internet. Scroll down to that "24 year old woman" that is posting ableist shit, report that post, then go to ITS profile and report it and block it. It's about time ISP enforced their terms of use, which explcitly prohibits use of their services to commit hate crimes. Don't worry, that scumbag can't reply to this, this thread is safe. I wish it were legal to dox bullies online.
    • Lynx122

      Don't worry it doesn't bother me. Letting people like that get to you is what they want. And it is fatually true that autistic people have less relationships get married less often etc. It doesn't mean everyone is going to "die alone" like that person said (from my perspective we all die alone anyway) but the odds are against us. I won't give up but I won't deny reality either.

      But I got so much positive feedback on this mytake it was really amazing. I didn't expect to have this many comments from people who feel the same way or people who learned something from the mytake. I want to keep going and try and help autistic people or other people who want to understand autistic people better. My communiation is pretty deent for an autistic person and I also kind of understand neurotypical people at least a bit. I'm sort of between both worlds so I feel like I can be a kind of bridge.

      I've wanted to make a youtube channel for a long time but I haven't managed it. Right now my life is a mess as well so it might take years before I actually get to it but some day I'll do it. So this one negative comment doesn't matter at all. You can't let stuff like that bother you or you an never really enjoy the good stuff in life because there will always be some douche, troll, hater or someone who just had a really bad day that's gonna ruin it for you.

  • thomam111
    I have finally found someone with autism who I can relate with. Every single example you bring up, I do or struggle with as well.

    I am going to culinary school and it is one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life on a daily basis. I have 6-7 hour classes, combined with being in a kitchen/classroom as well as socializing with others is exhausting. I get home from class and I just go to bed.

    #1 I look back on my day and notice social cues or things that I said that I never realized sounded really stupid. I also find just the act of socializing or going in to high traffic areas overwhelming.

    One of the hardest things I find with my disability and relationships is flirting. I find it extremely difficult to decipher whether she is complimenting me or she’s hitting on me.

    #4 I also find just doing tasks are difficult or daunting. If I have a class project due, I will wait until the last few days until it’s due. When the final week rolls around my anxiety spikes, which means that rather then concentrating on my project I am concentrating on what my grade is going to be or how I’m going to explain to my parents that I failed the class because I didn’t do the project.

    I know that you were specifically orbiting around dating/relationships but I thought that I would put in some extra stuff about my struggles with autism. I would love to continue communicating with you on this topic or just tips too help each other out.
  • SirRexington
    I have autism too, high functioning but not functional enough for societies standards. Dating jad always been extraordinarily difficult. Women aren't really attracted to me it seems. The ones I have had cheated on me or left even when I thought things were going well.

    I fear I won't be a good husband or boyfriend because of my issues. Another issue is my sensitivity to touch. I have a lot of affection in my heart and no one worthy or willing for me to show it to.
    • crazy8000

      No need to be worried about that. some are just shitty individuals that uses others.

      Could give the tip that. how you believe you are and how you believe how others sees you makes humans attractive or not. if it isn't true or not with reality doesn't matter since it works in that funny way.

  • Randomawkwardness
    I don't have autism however I have to brothers who do. My oldest can function by himself but anything social is just too overwhelming for him and he gets stressed out. My younger brother however, loves social interaction. He will go up on a stage and scream if it means he gets an audience because he just loves it. Sometimes he can't handle it very well though and he is very prone to emotional outburst and is very very behind in basic academic standards for his grade. I think to be autistic and to be able to write your ideas and experiences so well is truly a gift, you go through adversity and come out even stronger.
    • Lynx122

      Thanks I never thought of it that way. I've been fighting hard to try and be productive and get a grip on my life but maybe this is a new path fo me to go down. If people actually find it useful when I write about autism I'd be glad to help out.

    • Yes of course they will, I can't think of anything more helpful for my brothers than to just know that there are other people like them who are dealing with the same thing

  • MysteriousDarkness
    I have what was high functioning autism or Asperger's Syndrome. Now it is Level 1 autism. I have been in a relationship for 6 years 2 months 1 week 2 days. I do get how it can be hard dating since you might have a hard time reading body language.
    • Lynx122

      Did you just come here to brag?

    • I was just making a point that I understand what you are going through but that I also managed to find someone so it is possible for someone on the autism spectrum depending on where they are on it.

    • Lynx122

      Ok :)

  • Insomnia72
    I'm just curious... have you dated others with autism? How did that go if you ever did?

    Again, I'm just curious. I mean no disrespect.
    • Lynx122

      I was just diagnosed a few months ago and I've been way to stressed by my job till now but I definitely wanna try and go to a group or something. Just to meet some people who can fully understand how life is for me. So I'll give it a try I don't know yet if it helps.

    • I was just curious because as someone who suffers from insomnia and other related syndromes as a result, I don't necessarily get along with anyone, nor would I with someone with my condition as well. it's like dealing with someone who is troubled and so annoying to me. One would think I'd be as compassionate, though yes... but wanting to spend time with them, date them? Whoa!

      Thanks for answering honestly :) I was just wondering. If someone with the same condition as mine, coming at me and would I be just as tolerate and compassationate? I would like to think so YES... but I might be overwhelmed. I don't know if I could tolerate it. So thanks for sharing. May the universe bless you :D

  • YHL6965
    Great, now I think I have autism based on what you just said because my experience is very similar. I never got diagnosed but I always felt "different" to most people.
    • Lynx122

      Maybe you should see someone it can help but it's up to you :). Yeah I do too ever since I was a kid. Sometimes I feel really connected with people but sometimes I feel like I was born in the wrong world and I ask myself if I'm even human or from another species :P.

    • YHL6965

      Dude, stop reading my mind :D

    • Lynx122

      Sorry I'm a mutant it's my gift :)

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  • Titanic1912
    Take it from a guy who has been rejected and cheated on because he’s autistic. I’m on the high functioning level of autism. I have trouble processing words. It’s a mental processing disorder but I have completed high school, I have a college degree and I have a job. I’m still looking for a paraprofessional job, but I make a decent amount of money. I’m still single and looking for love. I’m on eharmony and looking for a woman who will love me for who I am.
  • Twalli
    Welcome to my life. I am lucky that I have a great support system and my girlfriend knows I am on the spectrum, she did when we started dating. To make matters worse I am a genius and have a medical condition giving me fatigue. I am someone who got some of the best awards on my way to graduation, but probably cannot hold a full-time job. I had to takec8 week classes, because 16 weeks was too long. q1
  • Historylover18
    I agree 100%. I'm on the autism spectrum with Asperger's Syndrome and ADHD and it makes it a lot harder to find someone compatible because I find a lot of people aren't willing to go through the amount of effort that it would require to be in a relationship with someone on the spectrum.

    I can easily say it's a big factor in my lack of dating experience
  • Bismarck_96
    My nephew has autism but I don't know about him dating he’s like 6yo I think yes he’s a trouble maker at school and school officials said to take him to see a doctor and when my sister takes him to see a doc the reception desk says “sorry not enough doctors for this treatment” like wtf
  • crazy8000
    It becomes as hard as you make it.

    You can learn non verbal communication. It's only attitude that will determine if you will learn or not.
    If you haven't realized it yet those within autism spectrum and ADHD spectrum are oversensitive with non verbal communication just like HSP/empath. use that as your superpower. and look into others eyes when you're interested is a good thing, usually creates sparks especially if you think and feel you are into that person.
  • RolandCuthbert
    Wow, it seems like your post hit a nerve. That's incredible seeing that this doesn't seem to be a relationship forum. The posts that attract attention are mostly political.
  • GreenGold1992
    I'm also autistic so I can relate to this so much. I think my problem is I don't get out enough cuz I don't always have a way to get around. But even when I do get out, I don't always know what to say when approaching women and reading whether they're interested or not.
  • cyclopspanda
    I like this post. It still is difficult to date on the spectrum but people have become more understanding so I've found that things get better when i share the fact that im on the spectrum early in the relationship. It help me to filter who will be beneficial in my life from who will drain my energy and contribute to my anxiety. there's always someone out there that will fit perfectly in your life. I've been with my girlfriend for going on 2 years now and to her in just a guy with little quirks. She know where to fit in my life. She compliments my life.
    • Lynx122

      That's great :) I think I still have some figuring out of my life to do before I can get there. Maybe when I'm 119 I'll be ready ;)

    • I used to say the same thing😂. No rush though, you know yourself and you'll know when the right person comes around. It'll seem random as hell, at least it did for me.

    • why not just hide it

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  • TheLawAroundHere
    I mean this with absolutely all due respect. Please excuse me and my... almost total ignorance of this topic.

    Would it be easier to date another autistic person, and have a "helper" come along? I dont mean "helper", exactly. Maybe someone who could make this process easier for the both of you?

    Is something like that reasonable?
    • Lynx122

      I just got diagnosed recently so I'm still figuring a lot of stuff out and I haven't gone to meet other autistic people yet but I'll definitely try that.

  • bamesjond0069
    Why don't you date another autistic? This seems like the obvious solution.
    • Lynx122

      I will try that. I was only diagnosed recently so I didn't even know why I was having problems before then. I knew I was different in some way but I didn't know why. I still need to figure out my life a bit better before I date but I will definitely give it a try :).

  • Piteka5
    Yeah it's true, my little brother has autism and he struggles in some of those things, he hasn't worried with dating at all yet, so he's cool on that front, but sooner or later he will find interest in someone
  • Lemia
    Dating is hard in general without disorders. You just need to find a girl that will listen and not act like your broken
  • WalterRadio
    Hopefully someday there will be a fetal test for autism and it can be eradicated.
  • V12NI
    Wow, it's so strange to see someone with exactly the same feelings as I do.. I have aspergers and not just dating, but overall any social interactions are so hard. I can't hold eye contact, I can't have small talks, I get tired so quickly when I'm around people or have to work with others. If I could, I would stay quiet the whole day. For me communicating is a complicated process that I have to analyze on the spot and make decisions, it's not coming naturally. And sadly my brain lacks of communication emotions, I look at everything as logical and not. Like I don't understand romance, I don't understand why people like holding hands, or what's so special about watching a movie together or feeding each other on picnic. I just don't understand that emotional connection. And there's a big difference between just introvert person and a person with autism. There's just too much that I would like to add to this, so I'll just say I fully understand you.
    • Lynx122

      I think your autism is stronger than mine. I can look people in the eyes although I had to train myself to do so. In highschool I often couldn't look people in the eyes. I also see things logically but I do have emotions they're just hard to understand and it takes a lot of time for me to process them when something complicated is happening. Like I only understand how I feel about something the day after it happened.

      And even though I have emotional and social needs my rational autistic side kinda pushes them into the background. I'm stuck in between. I can understand normal people pretty well and I have the same needs although they're weaker. But I can't fully connect with people I often feel like I'm in the wrong world or something.

      And it's exhausting so I try to limit my social interactions and spend a lot of time in my room alone. It's a bit easier when I know the person I can kind of read them and I have like a profile of them in my head so once I know them a bit I feel more comfortable around them cause they're more predictable and I don't have to worry they're gonna do something I never expected.

      Sometimes I wish my autism was strnger and I didn't have to think about other people at all, but other times I feel lucky that I can still interact with others pretty well. I joined a volleyball team recently and it's amazing I've never been part of a brotherhood like this. The best team I've ever been a part of. It feels really good to work hard together and everyone puts in their best effort and in the end we succeed together. It's a great feeling.

      Good luck to you on your journey :)

  • lovedejj_xo
    My close friend is on the spectrum he has a hard time but he’s capable. The girl he’s talking to now is on the spectrum as well.
  • sheepdip
    I work with autistic kids and this is accurate in every way. I'm on the spectrum myself so I've experienced a lot of what you've said here.

    Good post.
  • lillyLilith
    This post was very insightful! Learned a few things, thank you.
  • CaptainSmartass
    I've found that the main issue for me is that I don't have the balls to approach a woman I fancy, so I've basically give up on relationships and dating. Having read your take, I think it might be worth you considering doing the same.

    • Lynx122

      This isn't the problem for me I do feel nervous sometimes approaching women but I can overcome it. Everything after that though can be problematic.

  • wiksss
    Autism shouldn't be things which one decide about persone which we meet. People with autism are really cool! They are always true and trust me, they are good people to have
  • Omar5881
    This is really well written I enjoyed your writing style, anyways i currently suffer from depression and loneliness and things are hard for me on the dating scene
  • dragoblack
    Mine isn't super bad but my communication issues is definitely a big limiter, same with being a major introvert.
  • KaiserXVI
    No, I have not. I have not even bothered to date until this very year. I had too many underlying traumas that I did not want to bring to a partner.

    As a person diagnosed with ASD, I have a couple of pieces of advice.

    A) Prepare yourself psychosomatically. Tell yourself, day by day, "I do not have autism. Do not define me by my diagnosis" and let the anger of those who look down upon you, drive you to further success. I was antisocial and terrified of socialization like you, but then I became a YouTuber and went from an introvert to an ambivert. Let the desire for success and spite drive you.
    B) Go for the 12 hours instead of the 8. Taking the 8 is the easy way out. If you constantly take the 12 hour day instead, you'll eventually build a tolerance and a body clock that will adjust soon after. Find a job that manages your time better and according to your convenience.

    Hopefully this advice helps you. These are fundamentals that will help you with dating as well.
  • unluckygal22
    I dated a guy with autism. I didn't have a great experience but I can say the same about guys without it. My ex always used autism as the reason why he cheated. He was a horrible person.
  • oldoldold
    Well done.. i only got diagnosed this year. Its been wonderful understanding myself.. but yes the same issue.. plus im faceblind..
  • Gstacy703
    Are people with autism slow to react and learn things?
    • that's basically mentally retarded

    • Not all, that's mainly the down syndrome part of the spectrum the more functional hard to notice part of the spectrum is aspergers. Myself have slight aspergers, and the main issue is communicating the point/intention across without getting misinterpreted and not knowing what to say at the right time

    • @dragoblack I thought down syndrome was a separate condition, but then again, I'm not a doctor...

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  • kill_joy69
    If you go watch the good doctor
    He is facing most of the same problems in S3 I have no clue on autism so maybe that will help
  • Zealashton
    At least if your a woman its still bettern then being a male that's a product of a slut / whore
  • LordSnuggles
    If your autism is thst bad you shouldn't be dating. Relationships aren't a right.
    • cmagnet67

      I hate name calling. I will try to make this as objective as possible. I feel your statement is completely ignorant. You should put more thought into your response before you say such an incompassionate statement. Relationships are between two consenting individuals. You have no RIGHT to tell the individual they shouldn't be dating.

    • No different than telling two toxic people they shouldn't be together. They lack the qualities to have a healthy relationship, they shouldn't be together. A relationship can be tough enough even for someone who isn't autistic, let alone someone who has as many issues. Not fair to the other person and the other person shouldn't whine because no one wants to deal with it.

    • cmagnet67

      I couldn't disagree more. Toxic relationships are different than having Autism. Abusive, toxic people are violating the rights of their partner. It is not the same with two consenting adults in a relationship that has challenges. Next you are going to tell me that others do not have the right to a relationship? How about gay people? Handicap people? Developmentally handicapped? Tell us, where do you draw the line. Maybe the ugly should not be in relationships. Fat people? Tell us, where is that line?

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  • harryowell
    I could not answer that because I have never been in that situation unless you are then you can not answer it.
  • jackdaniel312
    Look bro don’t let your mental problems affect your life you seem to be doing great for yourself
  • ZeussLightningBolt
    Pewnie że tak
    I don't understand why people think I'm an asshole when I tell autistic people, their autism is the reason they can't get a partner
    • crazy8000

      Because it is a ignorant statement. in many countries.

    • @crazy8000 Why though? No no normal girl is gonna date an autistic person. this is simply fact

    • crazy8000

      Actually more than you realize.
      The funny thing is that most people has something but tries to hide it and ends up being the worst version of themselves 😉

      It depends more on your personality. and no you aren't your diagnose. no one really are unless they tries to be it and use it as an title just like some people still tries to do with job titles.

      You have dating communities and sites for those in autism spectrum there you have those that join that is seen as normal from society point of view just because they are in to people that are like that because of their qualities.

      The best thing is to not say you are until they ask since descent people doesn't care about thing's like diagnoses when it comes to it. only if they like their company. the same goes with love and sex.

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  • anube
    Autism is a pit of inferences, find your hidden talent and then your a geninus
  • Juterque
    This is well thought out. As someone with autism, I can say that dating is extremely difficult, and so is having a crush to begin with. Having only successfully dated two girls, I would say dating for me at least is not fun, as it takes so much effort to be with the person I am wanting to be with, and the feelings I have for the other person tend to be intense and strong. I don't necessarily know how to handle them very well. But I concur with everything said here. You really should start a blog.
  • Big-A
    Some people WITHOUT Autism die alone and miserable.

    So, look on that bright side.
  • Magician27
    This is one of the most interesting post I've seen in a while.