Why is our generation so unhappy?


Well, teenagers are perfectly happy until they open their Instagram and see this:

Why is our generation so unhappy?
Why is our generation so unhappy?
Why is our generation so unhappy?
Why is our generation so unhappy?

After seeing cute couple photos on the internet, they want to have a boyfriend/girlfriend too, but if you look at all the pictures above, literally EVERYONE in EVERY picture is attractive, which leads teenagers to believe that they have to be drop-dead gorgeous to get into a relationship and get girls/guys to love them.

That’s when teenagers start to become self-obsessed and insecure about the way they look and they get depressed at the idea of being alone forever, not realising that they have their entire lives ahead of them to chase their dreams, accomplish their goals, and maybe one day, run into someone that will love them for THEM and will not judge them by a fake standard of beauty found on the internet.

Not only that, but I’ve noticed that students at school actually ENFORCE the stereotypes because they’re so quick to judge:

“She’s fat”

“He’s ugly”

“She ain’t even thick”

“He’s not even tall.”

Yep, I’ve heard it all.

When people stop imposing these stereotypes, I’m certain that this perfect-Instagram-relationship-trend will die because nobody will be following them and so, people will have no choice but see past the looks, into the soul.

I know you know this, but I’ll say it again: Looks aren’t everything.

If you’re a stressed teen and think that you’re HELLA ugly, I promise, it’s just you analysing your skin through a microscope.

And besides, why stress when you can be busy becoming a millionaire?

Don’t stress, stay happy (:

Why is our generation so unhappy?
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  • Anonymous
    Because people literally don't know what actually makes them happy. They think they do, but they really don't. All the freedom and equality everyone has been fighting for has in a lot of ways done more harm than good.
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  • jamesgoldman
    You hit the nail on the head... I got into 2 relationships more by chance than aim... think my realistically ambitious long term plan with an active don't give a f**k attitude was a plus at the time
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  • AaronKrieger
    Technology, caring too much of what others think, not exposed to enough situations where you learn how to deal with stress, confrontation, or just being uncomfortable as a whole.

    People aren't taught how to cope with life in a healthy manner and push forward.
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  • jenn11161986
    Because based on my observation, younger people nowadays are more concern over their image on their socmed accounts than living their own life. Some of those i know get mad if they don't reach a certain amount of "likes" on their socmed accounts
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    • Recently a 19 year old girl in England killed herself because she didn't get enough "likes" on her Instagram photos.

    • @Dchrls78104 Too bad she didn't love herself enough. Something else was missing though. Probably for a long while...

    • mrsingle

      @Screenwriter How can someone love them self if others don’t show them love first? That girl probably had a bad upbringing and was reaching out for attention and love from others and never found it. A lot of people aren’t happy with themselves, most of us aren't in some way nobody ever has a perfect life, but reaching out for love of others isn’t wrong.

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  • winterfox10
    Like someone else said; people literally don't know what makes them happy, and don't want to risk being hurt by something that isn't a sure bet. They are chasing an unattainable ideal, instead of making the best of what they have.
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    • Well said. Happiness is about peace-of-mind IMHO. You may not obtain peace-of-mind with a high-pressure, high paying job, a trophy wife, and expensive house on the hill.

    • @KrakenAttackin I think my generation is especially bad about it because we were raised with the belief that we can have it all. Anything less than having it all is compromising, and that would be unacceptable for many of us. We want that dream job, and the perfect spouse, and the 2.4 kids and a white picket fence.

    • My generation was fed the same load of bullshit. Some of the happiest people I have known are guys who work in "dumb" jobs and have outside interests that are their real life. Their work isn't their identity which such a liberating thing for a man.

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  • Meropatrick
    Teenagers are really just obnoxious train wrecks nowadays. That is why we need to have wars back. The battlefield front and the trenches are the best place for those whiny teenagers. Not a computer screen.
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  • Aakash_Hangargi
    Now days with technology everybody's life has changed to Big Brother's Show everybody is watching you. And you yourself give access to people to judge you and there is race and pressure to be happy on social media now
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  • mrsingle
    That girl in the first pic is hot!

    Honestly, things like Instagram and Facebook are fake lives. Most only show the good times but hide the bad. What may appear perfect is usually far from it, hence why they are so obsessed at showing people they are happy, but really it shows if you must brag you aren’t that happy with life.
  • shimmeryns
    When I look at the photos above, I smile at how happy they look. They don't make me feel insecure or unhappy tough, the first photo is cute and I wonder if I could do similar pose with mine lol!
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    • @shimmeryns I bet you have never gone more than 15 minutes without a boyfriend or friends with benefits. Life is a lot easier for a pretty girl.

    • Chase7777

      Great, this isn't about you

    • @Chase7777 and I am not part of the generation now? Well then great.

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  • Rob19777
    I don't know what instagram or other social media you been looking at but I've never seen any such thing with the exception of that narcassist nikki bella from wwe (but in all fairness I can think of a worse narcassist IJustine)
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  • Obdntboytoy
    Feminazies, social media, dangerious sexist laws against males the list goes on and on and i domt have time to post on here for long i have to drive 3 hours to my home where i live a lone by my self and are happier for it..
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  • mojo0
    Its comes down to loneliness and insecurity in life. Any way who is the old man in your picture?
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    • Laozi

      That's Laozi (aka Lao Tzu, Lao Tze). He was an ancient Chinese philosopher and writer. He is the reputed author of the Tao Te Ching, the founder of philosophical Taoism, and a deity in religious Taoism and traditional Chinese religions.

  • kamalravi25
    They are young and compare their life, themselves and their partner with those people who live better life than them.
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    • Used to be called keeping up with the Joneses... when neighbors compared themselves... Now we have hundreds of thousands of people to compare ourselves with and find ourselves wanting!!! Terrible...

  • sixxx
    Because we lack social life due to technology and social media
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  • Lman3000
    People are just clueless fucks who don't know how easy life is now and just want to over complicate things cause some dumb fuck just had to make the little things such a big fucking deal, Fuck society specifically dating I hate it.
  • Chill_Meta
    Too much instant gratification and things being readily available with ease of access vs putting in some amount of work to earn the reward
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  • Browneye57
    Basically they've been fed a line of bullshit by their parents since day one. IT's all lies to pump them up. The problem is that creates unrealistic expectations. Like somehow they deserve everything, a good job, a nice romance, success. In reality they are not entitled to anything, they deserve nothing, they get what they get for the effort and work they put in, just like everybody else.
    Unrealized unrealistic expectations create unhappiness. And that's it in a nutshell.
    Mostly they're focused on all the wrong things - like that yearning for their five minutes of fame on social media, instead of making themselves into something that actually IS great.
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  • Biancatsumi1991
    Because we’re not contented. We always see something to envy, social media makes it worse.
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  • Gsm24diecast
    https://youtu.be/fdWtIboYLEg listen to the whole song
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  • Pejtu
    You know why?
    Because of Social media
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  • zagor
    It's not just teenagers. Shallow lasts a long time.
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  • beechman2129
    They think they are missing out and get a "i need that in my life" feeling.
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