A Man's Timely Apology and Why It is So Sexy in Early Dating

A Mans Timely Apology and Why It is So Sexy in Early Dating

This my take is about apologies in early stages of dating. Early on it is important for men to appear bold and confident in the initial interactions with women online or in person. But it is important to realize that no woman is the same. A comment, a joke, flirtation, or a date invitation may be okay for many women but to that one woman you might be offensive. What do you do?

Often times pickup game is about cutting your losses and moving on to the next girl. However, if you are a man that is truly interested you might be able to remedy the situation.

In your initial meeting, it is important to know that accidentally offending a girl or making them upset is not an 'ending' in your relationship with them, rather, it is an opportunity to bond closer than ever before.

1. Apologize. That's right. Be the bigger man and dont make excuse or accuse them. If you are talking online or if you just met a girl, simply say, "Hey, I think I may offended offended you. I just want you to know I am really sorry."

2. Women Enjoy Fixing Problematic Men. Women are more attracted to flawed men who are beautiful disasters. They are turned on by a man who confronts a flaw and is working to improve. Its romantic.

3. Empathize. After you apologize. Wait for her response. Then acknowledge her feelings in a way that helps her to open up about herself in an intimate way. "Thanks for letting me know you are upset. What I said must have really made you feel disrespected. Tell me more about how what I did made you feel."

Let me give you an example. I am talking to a girl online for the first time and I ask her out on a virtual date. She says that she is not ready. So I say pissed off, "Virtual talking is rushing???" She opened up about some stuff in her past and I said, "Tough Stuff. My heart goes out to you. Tell me more about that." Now she has been video chatting me and texting me non stop. I had created intimacy and bonding with her. By doing that it intensifies sexual attraction.

A Man's Timely Apology and Why It is So Sexy in Early Dating
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  • rvarela
    love this!
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  • genericname85
    well i'm more of a fan of doing nothing wrong to begin with xD i certainly won't apologize if i did nothing wrong. but if i did something wrong, i will apologize... i don't care if that is sexy or not, because i think that is just a general quality of a "good human being", which i try to be.
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  • captain_voidwalker
    Never apologize it's a sign of weakness
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    • Apope16

      Or confidence in who you are as a man. Apologize but dont beg.

  • thomasblake
    You said it all... very important
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  • hillshillsbombz
    I'm losing in interests.
    • Apope16

      let me know if you need help with a certain situation. just message me.

    • Apope16

      I can also give you some profile or conversational advice.

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