Warning signs to watch for when you are online dating


I will discuss 3 warning signs to look out for when you are in an online relationship. If you are careful, you can see them coming. In no way it is a guarantee the person has malicious intentions but you do need to take notice.

Constant Sweet Name Talk Early On

If you have opened up a dating account and finally connected with a person, you might see them say baby, honey or sweetheart on the first day you and them chat. That's a constant sign that the person may not be legit and not after love but after just a feel good time chatting and nothing serious. Even after 3 or 4 months of this talk, you will many times see no progress in the relationship and you must question if they are legit. This is an unstable sign and you need to find a new love online.

Warning signs to watch for when you are online dating

Asking For Money, Gift Cards Or Bank Information A Lot

If you visit dating sites, some of the users with look like scammers who only wants your money. They'll use pictures that looks very fake and will try to win you over and they'll start out nice at first but later ask you for a $50 gift card or $100 or $1000 to get them out of their country. This is almost always a scam. If you witness this early on, take no chances and call out the relationship. No matter how much you trust them, it is not worth it. Even if they are legit and would use it wisely, you wouldn't want to live with risking that.

Warning signs to watch for when you are online dating

Constant Delaying On Agreed Upon Plans To Meet

Sometimes you may encounter a moment when you plan to meet in a week but you'll get him or her saying things like a family funeral or their friend is getting married and it will have to wait a few more days. This can be dragged on for weeks until they finally meet and it is a subtle meeting with few words and they may call it off after 30 minutes even when planning to spend hours together. While this is not a guarantee they are up to something, you ought to be aware that these delays will hinder the relationship and if it seems to keep happening, you may need to question the person you are with.

Warning signs to watch for when you are online dating


These are dating signs that a relationship is not stable and unbalanced. While it is in no way a guarantee they are up to malicious plans, you do need to look at them carefully. Thanks for reading and please share your views!

Warning signs to watch for when you are online dating
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  • silvermoon84

    Good take. The last two are definitely catfish warnings, as is the first. I personally hate pet names though so once the guy starts that right away, I tell him to stop and if he doesn’t, I’m gone.

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  • Xoxocutekitty

    These are all legit. I have never even heard of people trying to solicit banking information from a dating site.

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  • Hepy82

    Constantly asking for photos of yourself, sending them ones which aren't particularly flattering and they reply with "oooh you look so handsome today" normally after a couple of days of flattering you, they'll start to get to your point Number 2, also if they have a profile pic of a girl who you know, deep down is out of your league, screenshot it, reverse image search in Google and you'll probably find its been ripped from some innocent girls profile, failing that, ask them to take a photo with a piece of paper held up to their face with your name on it, if they are a scammer you won't hear from them again, if they can do it, you can then drop your guard and make most of trying to get to know them, it's horrible having to be this paranoid, but unfortunately it is the world of today.

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    • True and she might tell me that her number is an app number like a text mail subscriber and can't take pictures.

  • Adam1978

    That how they get photos by using pictures taken by women they get on the hook. That's why live streams and real life meetings should happen early so you don't waste less time with these people.

  • theguy783

    Would like to add "sugar mama/Daddy" offering you an allowance is almost always a scam. They will send a check for much more than what was agreed upon and ask you to pay them the difference in usually gift cards then the check bounces

  • Secret6620

    Loveeeeeeee this Mytake!!!

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