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The minimum Standard for Women/ what Men should expect from a women.


1) Intelligent

2) Attractive

3) Open to Therapy

4) Feminine

5) Sexually generous

6) Invested in you

7) High quality friends

8) Want to know you

9) Correct relationship with parents

10) Not materialistic

I came across this video and wanted to know what other people this about it. Do you agree with it? I watched quite a few of this guys videos and I usually agree with most of what he says. However I think he sometimes overgeneralizes. Not ever person can be labled or put in a box.

In this case I'd mostly agree. The point I have an issue with is number 10. Not everyone is blessed with perfect or even somewhat decent parents. Of course if they are rude to their parents without any reason that's very telling of their personality but not having a good relationship with your parents is sometimes justified.

Most of theses characteristics would fit an ideal men too in my opinion.

The minimum Standard for Women/ what Men should expect from a women.
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  • startingfitness
    Yes this is very good for starters, but there are a few things to add too:
    One is self awareness. Being self aware is unfortunately not something that is a universal given for all people today. Another thing is being accountable for her actions, and its related to self awareness too.
    And the last thing would be discipline. A woman without discipline is not only fickle and disloyal, but she can also never be a good wife or mother in any way.
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  • Barbaric
    I wouldn't take any advice from that dweeb.

    Some of it is true, some I disagree with. The most important thing is to look at behaviour, not to tick off a checklist. People make these checklists but often you might find someone who ticks every box, but they're still no good as partners. You might find someone who doesn't tick off every box but makes a great partner.
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    • mindNsoul

      well said 👌

    • why do you call him a dweeb? he is intelligent and well-spoken. Does that not sit right with you?

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  • ronaldo75
    Guys need to stop dating for this generation at least. The internet has inflated millennial women's egos to the point of nausea. Adopt children and pay for surrogate pregnancy. No way I'm living up to these insane standards from women who largely are nothing much to offer themselves.
  • Unit1
    I disagree with those:

    Open to Therapy - That's her decision to make and her business.

    Feminine - Do not box yourself into the view society of what women do or don't do. Ask any female mechanic or female oil rig worker.

    High quality friends - We live in a society, where friendship is rare and many people have malicious intend, so it's normal to be a loner or having just 1 or 2 real friends.

    Correct relationship with parents - Many parents aren't even worthy of the title parent. Many kids aren't blessed with loving parents.
  • DeltaCharlieEcho
    The issue I take with this dude is that he works on the assumption that women have any level of self awareness that isn't inflated and ready to pop at any moment. Women believe they are more than they are in almost every category listed but the one I take most issue with is intelligence. Most women WAY WAY WAY OVERCONFIDENT in their intelligence and grossly underestimate their man's intelligence. I'm not saying this to boast or anything, but I've got an IQ that qualifies me for Mensa and I've never had a girlfriend that listens to me when I speak.
    While this dude is pretty good on the basics of what he's saying and all this shit works well in a society that isn't collapsing, but right now, he's wrong on most things in the modern age.
  • Liam_Hayden
    Too many rules. Just don't be obese or a drama queen and it can work.
  • jestergent
    No deal. Keep shopping.
  • Sabretooth
    okay, we'll change 9. 9: mature... enough.
  • Anonymous
    Men need higher standards, we have basically allowed women to be worthless and still get male attention.