Confessions of a Ladies Man: Seeking a "Relationship" was worse than asking for friends with benefits


Love is not impunity it is accountability. For a modern man, dating women is a landmine. Women have all of the advantages of emotional validation, free meals, free drinks...without the accountability.

I used online dating and decided after a tough breakup that I would seek something honorable and decent. I wanted true love. I wanted to find wifey material. I changed my status as wanting a relationship.

I have heard that women complain that men only want sex on online dating apps. Women have told me for years they want a good man who seeks something real. a Nice guy. A good Man. When a man indicates this on dating apps he realizes women don't want a relationship or a nice guy. Just attention.

The past two weeks online dating I have found that basically women lie. When I switched my profile indicating that I was seeking a relationship and standards and something real? I got less of a replies. I wound up with just 1 date in person. The rest were women who either stated they weren't seeking anything serious or women who had confused utterings of wanting only friends.

This is not a situation where I chased them. THis test was done on bumble. Women would match with me and message me first. It quickly became clear that the ladies only wanted validation and attention. They didn't really want to meet in person.

Amazing how many women match with you on a dating site and when you ask what brings them to the dating app...they say "friendship". Why did they match with me in the first place? THEY chose to swipe right on ME.

Guys, dont list on your profile that you want a "relationship". Just don't. While online and chatting never tell her that you want a relationship. Always say you are unsure or just want to have fun and see where it goes.

Confessions of a Ladies Man: Seeking a Relationship was worse than asking for friends with benefits
Confessions of a Ladies Man: Seeking a "Relationship" was worse than asking for friends with benefits
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  • Avicenna
    This was also my experience when I last used online dating apps. It was easy to get hookups and flings, but the women weren't interested in something serious.
  • Gwenhwyfar
    Interesting. Some guys I know agree 100% with you, others say the exact opposite (women gravitate more toward men who want a relationship).
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  • Justneedtokno
    It sounds like a bunch of games to me
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    • Apope16

      That is because women on these dating apps play games. As a matter of fact. Women in general play games. You know about this in my private convos with you.

    • This is why I don’t like don’t like using them. Im still traditional in that sense.

    • NMMan

      This. The reason the dating world is a minefield because of everyone out there playing games, either due to fear of getting hurt, fear of intimacy or both. It's exhausting. Just be real about yourself and your intentions and eventually, someone who wants the same thing will notice.