7 Things Women Should Know if They Want to Be Approached by a Man


7 Things Women Should Know if They Want to Be Approached by a Man

Remember actions speak louder than words!

1. Facial Expressions

It can be easy for anyone to have a frown or scowl on their face at times especially when they are having a bad day. However, the problem is when a girl looks at a guy with a scowl or frown on her face he automatically thinks she has a poor attitude and decides to stay well away from her. This means it is very important to be aware of your facial expressions towards the guy you like. Give him a smile instead.

2. Sitting or Standing with Folded Arms

This is a habit for many people. However, girls you should know that if you are doing this it sends the message to a guy that you are a closed type of person and do not want to talk to anyone. Sitting or standing with your arms folded will make it less likely for the guy you like to approach you.

3. Having Ear Buds in Your Ears

If you want the guy you like to approach you then take your ear phones out. If a guy likes a girl but sees she has ear phones in her ears he will think twice about making an approach because he feels that by approaching you that he will be hassling you.

4. Your Female Friends

Yes it is good to hang out with your female friends but if you want the guy you like to approach you you may want to consider how a guy feels about approaching a girl that has to many of her friends around. The more female friends you have around at the time the more likely he will feel intimated at the thought of making an approach. So the best thing to do is have as few female friends around as possible if you want the guy you like to make an approach.

5. Your Behavior

Remember guys hate drama. They will be turned off you if you start drama, are mean or nasty or have a bad attitude in any way. If you treat a guy like this then you can't blame him for being turned off you. However, did you also know that guys are watching you to see how you treat everyone else around you to. The are looking to see if you help that elderly man or women get onto the bus or if you just ignore them, they are looking to see if you hold the door open for someone or if you let it slam in their face etc etc. So if you want to attract the guy you like you also need to be aware of your actions to other people to.

6. Stereotyping and Generalizing

Be careful you do not stereotype of generalize us or anyone else. We get sick of the "all mean are... and "all men are..." just as much are you women get sick of us guys doing it to you. Stereotyping and generalizing is a massive turn off.

7. The Duck Face

Most men do not find the duck face cute. For many men it is a turn off. We would much rather see your beautiful smile than the duck face.

7 Things Women Should Know if They Want to Be Approached by a Man

7 Things Women Should Know if They Want to Be Approached by a Man
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Most Helpful Guy

  • zorro8888
    Good take! Very accurate
    For the amount of friends they should have I think 3 is the perfect number if the guy is going up by himself. You can talk to the girl you like and the other girls can still talk to each other
    Versus having 2 girls together and the other gets lonely and pulls for attention
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Rcjh1987
    Interesting things to know!! Thanks!!! Nice read!!!
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  • rihannanavy
    I'm always smiling and I rarely have drama. Seriously I never fold my arms. Its like the guys I know who like me, their ego wants me walk up to them. I hate that. I even walk by myself. I'm a fast walker though because I get nervous by myself.
    • Applefan1

      Hmmm... seriously these are the most common reasons why guys do not approach girls. This is why I listed them... They will not all apply to everyone but some will apply to many people. The fast walking may make guys not approach you and they may think you don't want to be talked to.

    • Ha! OK I will calm my tits and walk normal. thanks

    • Applefan1

      Lol! are you mad?

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  • bryanda2
    I've always wondered why guys at school don't really approach me, and never really thought about the earbuds thing. I guess it is closing myself off. Thanks for the advice!
    • Applefan1

      No problem, I am pleased it helped.

  • Tdieseler
    On point all the way... i don't see why you added number 7 but the explanation wasn't off at all.. that shit is annoying.
    • Applefan1

      That was why I added it because I thought most guys find the duck face annoying and it almost seems like some girls think they are looking cute when they do it.

    • Tdieseler

      thanks for putting it out there... the shit ain't cute... looks like they gotta go number 2 really bad.

  • molan
    I agree with all you said, the most interesting part you had (completely true however, rinse this is the way I see it) is the part about being aware of your actions to other people to.
    It's properly the most overlook part by many women.
  • Kalinda
    . , Id rather walk fast, fold my arms, listen to music, look stern bc im thinking, talk to as many peope as I want -- just be myself, and do the approaching myself.

    I Just don't think its healthy to put my life on hold to be approached.

    I do agree for both women and men, the part about being aware of your action to other people. That always important but not just bc you're trying to attract someone. But bc it's the decent thing to do. if you do it just to be attractive they'll find out anyhow when they get to know you and realize you're a jerk:)

    Oh and the duck face. absolutely annoyng:)
    • Applefan1

      Well I am not saying you can't do that and I am not meaning putting your life on hold. I am not saying never listen to music and stuff. Yeah of course everyone should be aware of their actions. Yeah I know it is not just because a person is dating. When you say jerk I hope you are not personally talking about me? The duck face is very annoying.

    • Kalinda

      Oh no of course I'm not taking about you:) I just meant peopel in general. Some people do kind acts exclusively in front of whoever they are tying to impress. To appear nice. Then turn out not to be.

      And I wasn't saying your suggestions are bad for people who want to be approached. I was just adding my opinion. Bc I don't know bc I have one:-)

  • Calla_Lilly
    I love your Take, I noticed it in someone's question/concern and I used to do this a lot but it never worked out for me. I wouldn't be clingy, desperate, annoying, insert all negative traits imaginable here (lol), and after exchanging numbers, after two texts, I'd be ghosted/rejected. It hurts so I don't do it anymore. I wouldn't go overboard with the texts either like they were novels, just genuine "how are you's" and when it was a good time to get together and poof, nada. :(
    • Applefan1

      Yeah I hate it when girls write novels and sends a lot of messages fast it just does my brain in.

    • Yeah, I'd never do that because I wouldn't want the same done to me either, lol! :)

    • Applefan1

      Yeah. A good rule for women which is true is to send no more than 2 texts before a guy replies. If she does she runs the risk of the guy thinking she is clingy.

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  • dreamer810
    This is one of the best articles I have read about how a woman should act if she wants a guy to come up to her. The points were right on point and written in a intelligent yet simple enough way that I actually understood what you were trying to describe!! Thank you :)
    • Applefan1

      Awww thank you :) I am pleased it helped you. I did my best to wright it in a way that would explain to you women what would be running though a man's mind and when it would running through his mind. :)

    • dreamer810

      Yea, it's sad how everyone now expects the other person to be a mind reader and guess what they are thinking!! So its nice to have a little inside information when wondering what that man is thinking :) again thanks :)

    • Applefan1

      Yeah I agree, people need to learn, your partner is not a mind reader. Someone that expects someone to automatically know and get mad when their partner does not know only has themselves to blame in my opinion. If you want someone to understand something tell them. That is what I believe. :)

  • AleDeEurope
    Great Take. I hope many women read this, because it's all true.
    • Especially the ear buds one. Many times I've seen a beautiful girl I want to approach, but because of the ear buds I don't. So yes, if you want to be approach, no ear buds.

    • Applefan1

      Thank you and yeah I get that feeling a bit of I might hassling a girl that has her ear buds in.

  • StickStickity13
    Good article, a lot of girls have no idea that they need to play a role in the dating process as well. Guys don't just approach anyone,
    • Applefan1

      You are correct. Girls have a role to play to and yes guys select girls that they approach. I know I glance at a girl and know instantly what her attitude is like. Girls don't realise it is written all over their faces and us guys can read it.

  • Solaayy
    So i just read the article and the othwr comments, so walking fast lets say through the halls sends what kind of message to guys that makes the girl unapproachable
    • Applefan1

      It could make him think she is busy or does not want to be talked to.

  • HeatherJoanGaG
    I hate "The duck face", but even I knew about a few of those tips, I need to start to make some changes. Thank you!
    • Applefan1

      Your welcome, what were the new ones you learnt about?

    • Number two. Well, I'm not an "approachable girl". I'm really serious when people get to know me they are thrilled but at the beginning its challenging for me.

    • Applefan1

      Ahhh ok well glad it was of some help to you. :)

  • cowsert101
    this is a pretty good take. pretty much everything you said is spot on
  • myanswerishalp
    Thanks, helpful :):)
  • NateInAk
    I honestly can't find a problem in this take :)
  • Nerdvana
    Usually for me is Hello. You had me at hello
  • Anonymous
    1 thing women should know if they want to be approached by a man:

    Be attractive.