How to get girls to fall in love with you and get out of the friendzone! PROVEN METHOD!

Just kidding,

Okay, maybe not so, but I'll actually be talking about something else. There are tons of opinions and takes posted up every day. We read a whole ton of them, oftentimes coming across random half thought out opinions or incomplete experiences interpreted in certain ways.

This internet world has enabled us to be so connected to so many ideas and thoughts with just the click of a button that we have a new problem that was never before faced in the past; information overload.

We constantly devour information, quickly sorting and deciding almost arbitrarily whether or not to accept or discard any information that comes our way, judged upon almost instantaneously from just a glance at the title. Mundane titles describing the crux of life's difficulties are often ignored despite their much higher value conversion to such things as 'dating success', or 'getting beautiful girls to like me' etc etc, as compared to just stating it's outcome outright.

Titles like "HARD WORK WILL GET YOU PLACES" vs "COME FIND OUT HOW TO GET THE GIRL!" demonstrate a clear distinction between how we judge at the surface rather than the content. The latter is more likely to receive attention than the former, and here, my GaGers, is the crux of the matter.

It may seem like I have deceived you with the whole buncha stuff you had to go through to reach this point, but the truth is, no, I've merely put the 'end result' in the title, rather than the 'solution to relationship success' in the title.

How to get girls to fall in love with you and get out of the friendzone! PROVEN METHOD!

So what therefore, apart from potentially misleading covers, is the 'method to get girls to fall in love with you'? The answer is this; to stop worrying so much about everything in life, and to start living with calmness, strength, and confidence. Stuff you've heard before, read about before, come across many times before.


These are the same old things you hear and haven't bothered to try. But, without your knowledge, they are actually working in silent influence. I know whatever I type here won't cause your life to IMMEDIATELY change, however, I do know that you just reading this is like eating a meal, you have to eat every day, and today, just eating this one is going to help you tide over to tomorrow.

Hot/Beautiful Girls

Getting the attention of a hot/beautiful girl is the 'holy-grail' for most guys. Many of you are clueless as to how things work. They seem elusive and occasionally 'cold'. That is a good thing, it demonstrates good social exposure. Here's what you need to get.

How to get girls to fall in love with you and get out of the friendzone! PROVEN METHOD!

Beautiful girls receive tons of attention from a young age. They are treated well by their uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparents, teachers etc. Usually because of this, they are very nice people.

They don't have the concept of friendzone, or 'leading people on' or that 'some people act nice to gain favours from you, especially that relating to your good looks'.

However, once people start treating them nice and expecting 'payment' whether it be 'sexual attention', social favours, or misinterpreting their nice behaviour as 'she's interested', these beautiful girls start experiencing the dark side of ugly people who have skewed opinions about how this world should work.

How to get girls to fall in love with you and get out of the friendzone! PROVEN METHOD!

Just a quick search of the MyTakes section would show you TONS OF TAKES on topics like

1. Friendzone - why girls don't feel its fair
2. Hot girls who ignore texts and messages - they are not cold hearted bitches
3. Sluts vs Prudes - Hot girls who 'abuse' their power.
4. How to get a hot/beautiful girl to like you.

All bullshit really. But once you realise that, half the battle is won.

Girls are people, with slight variations in tendencies for liking certain behaviours, foods, sights, sounds, etc. Some are born in bodies that are viewed by guys as "Beautiful!". However, their minds are the same.

If I transplanted a plain looking girl's brain into a body of a hot 10/10 girl, within 6 months, through exposure to this world we live in, she will transform into the 'cold-hearted think she's better than everybody *bitch*'.

But if I did NOT expose her to this world, and kept her in some closed environment without any significant contact with people, she would just be her normal self, just in a more beautiful body.

The point is this, a girl with a beautiful body is just a girl. The world around her advertises all sorts of crap that she has to deal with. It is the world that turns her into the 'monster'.

She develops all these walls and self defence mechanisms BECAUSE of idiots out there. The solution isn't to say "THROW AWAY YOUR DEFENSES YOU BITCH!". Why? Because having these defenses IS A GREAT THING! I love it when girls are all cold and judgmental and difficult to deal with. It means that they reject tons of other randoms and arn't sleeping around with everyone. It shows that they have a health(ier) mind. It demonstrates that they clearly have dreams and ideals that they hold on to and haven't given up!

I'm not here to bash through her walls and defences. I'm here to let her see who I am, and be willing to deal with me appropriately, willingly. Her choice.

The solution

How to get girls to fall in love with you and get out of the friendzone! PROVEN METHOD!

Being calm about everything, being sensible, being mature, being kind, and being understanding is the first step. When do people reach this stage? If you're lucky, with the right home environment and right people etc, you'd probably be there at about age 21 or so, when you've gotten a job and a good social circle, and never had a criminal record, nor drugs, nor been in any failed romantic relationships.

If not, it may take some extra years. I only recently got here myself, and I'm almost 27.

When you're this way, you would act normally towards a beautiful girl, both in your outward appearance, and in your inward spirit. You would not attempt any 'tactics' or 'pick-up strategies' with her. You'll just be you. Your compliments would be genuine, your conversations would be deep and inspirational, you'd be properly curious about her experiences and what makes her to be herself.

It's like a fresh face from all those horrible people out there, a guy who actually doesn't mind being friendzoned. He respects that I have a dream to be with some handsome guy who's great for me, and yet is also realistic about things that I may want something else more than just looks. And he doesn't skimp on trying to be his best either (including the looks department) despite knowing that.

He's himself, and gives his best in everything, and he's willing to recognise that if things are not going to be compatible between us, it is normal and okay for us to still remain friends. He flirts without expectation of reciprocation, he does it to compliment and make me feel good and happy. He would be happy for me even if I were to go with another guy, not in a 'loser's' "i'm happy for you =(" way. I wouldn't mind being rejected by a guy like him!

How to get girls to fall in love with you and get out of the friendzone! PROVEN METHOD!

Soon and surely enough, you'll start receiving tons of attention from hot/beautiful girls, and guys, and everyone else, and their moms and dads will love you etc etc.

Why? Because that is the fundamental principle that all social interactions are built on. To be social. To friggin be relatable to. They can relate to you, and they can feel related to when they are with you.

There isn't all this weird psycho-social walls constructed to 'keep bitches away from me', 'drop them like they're hot iron', 'is she another of those sluts whose confidence I have to break?' or some crap like that.

The secret to being cool and calm about everything is this.

How to get girls to fall in love with you and get out of the friendzone! PROVEN METHOD!

Every day, you will be exposed to new topics, new ideas, new opinions. You read them, but they sink into your subconscious, like how eating a meal is, you eat, and then you forget about it. It tides you over to the next day, and changes you a little bit. This is just another such idea. It will just sink to the depths of your mind, BUT it will help you tide over to the next day with having to read less garbage because your brain is 'full'.

Because everyday is going to help you grow, there isn't anything to fear. If you're not good enough today, you'll be a bit better by tomorrow. So is it for everyone else.

You'll slowly understand that that beautiful girls are like this too. She'll be hard and difficult at first, but tomorrow, she'll tide over and be a little better each day. There isn't a need to stick to her, because ALL girls can be the one. ALL girls can fall for me, because I know the secret that they want someone they can relate to. I don't have to 'seize the day!' with her or what crap, I'll seize the day with or without her. She isn't my last chance.

You'll lose the clingy desperation. You'll slowly lose your bitterness. You'll be more understanding, and more able to keep going.

Ultimately, we all have our choices, and destiny leads the rest. However, where do our choices end, and destiny begin? We can never know. Therefore, just live making the best choices we can, and destiny takes care of the rest. Don't fear it, just be willing to say no to what you don't want confidently, and believe that there will be a next time. As long as your yes is a true and proper yes, everything will be fine.

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  • You still kind of sound like a PUA.

    • Lol, would you be so kind as to provide some details?

      I've never been in the pickup scene before, but I have read some of their materials.

      I do hope you get something positive from this, guys are not the only clueless ones afterall. (Yes I've also read The Rules).

      There is a fundamental philosophy in life, we look for solutions to our problems, we don't assume "Solutions" are true and attempt to find "Problems" to fit them.

      We don't always know everything, and sometimes, we assume we know something that we don't.

      This take merely fleshes out the crux of things. We worry too much about not knowing enough. We worry too much about 'doing the wrong thing'.

      That is in and of itself, the 'wrong thing'.

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