You know what's toxic? When girls complain to the nice guys about their relationship fails.

You konw what's toxic? When girls complain to the nice guys about their relationship fails.

I personally have no real issue with girls who fall for bad boys, some people lack basic common sense and simply have to learn life lessons the hard way. But to me the most annoying thing a girl can do is complain about bad boys to their nice guy friends who they friendzoned.

We told you that it was a bad idea to fall for him, we told you he was a player, we told you that he didn't give a damn about your personal life, we told you he simply wanted to ejaculate all over your facial features, but you ignored our warnings and now YOU complain to US "Why are all guys the same ? Why can't i find a nice guy ?" when you have your friendzoned guys, who have your interests at heart, standing in the sidelines loosing faith in humanity.

Ladies you can be with all the bad boys you want and endure all the heart breaks in the world, but for the love of God and all that is holy stop coming back to the nice guys you friendzoned and saying "I wish I could find a guy like you ?" and then go back into a relationship with a similar douche that broke your heart. This shouldn't even be happening, it's like complaining about how you hate the cold and then traveling to antartica to spend your summer. Basic common sense tells you that if you truly don't want a guy that treats you like shit then stop going for those guys. I seriously cannot fathom this at all, but it makes sense because again some people lack common sense. But just remember, each time you tell your guy friend "I wish I could find a guy like you" or "Why aren't more guys like you" you have him waiting and caring about you but you aren't falling for him, the very guy you're wishing you could find.

"You don't know what you have until it's to late" - After have your heart torn to pieces numerous times by these guys you simply kept falling for, you finally realize that there was a guy right in the friendzone that was willing to treat you like a women ... but now he's already settled down with a nice women that recognized him for the kind guy he was a long time ago while you were having you were being penetrated by some "hot" bad boy.

Moral Of The Story: Be with all the bad boys you want, but don't complain that you can't find nice guys when you've friendzoned all you know.


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  • I would hate to have a friend like you.

    "Don't talk to me about your problems if you won't fuck me!"

    If a girl you're interested in doesn't want to date you, just... don't be her friend either. It's that simple.

    • "Don't talk to me about your problems if you won't fuck me!"

      WHEN DID I EVER SAY THAT THAT THEY CAN ONLY COMPLAIN TO ME ABOUT THEIR PROBLEMS IF THEY WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH ME? When, when, when in this mytake did I say that or even say anything similar to this?

      "If a girl you're interested in doesn't want to date you, just... don't be her friend either. It's that simple."


    • I also like how girls are the only one's to upvote these opinions that are so irrelevant to the mytake, lmao.

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  • You aren't nice ass wipe. When someone is your friend you can complain to them and they will be supportive. But you aren't being her freind, you're just presenting yourself as such for sex. Obviously you don't value women enough for a relationship, or you'd be capable of friendship and empathy with them so you want to get your dick wet and probably want her for a status symbol but you don't even have the balls to run game to get that. If I found out you had dug yourself into the 'freindzone' with a girl I care about I'd break your face you little creep.

    • If you cared about them as freinds you might be concerned about the self destructive nature of their choices but yoty wouldn't be annoyed and publish this passive aggressive shit here. Maybe you should go and work out what you want man. If you want freinds then go and learn how to be a freind if yoy want something else go and find that but stop bitching passive aggressively and hypocriticaly online about your 'freind's' choice of partner. The freindzone doesn't exist, your freinds for the sake of friendship or you aren't.

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    • "The only "nice guys" who complain about being friendzoned are the ones who feel as if it is their right to have women."

      I'm not complaining about the friendzone in this mytake, try again @janaina.

      I'm simply stating that these women need to stop complaining when an asshole breaks there heart and claiming "there are no good men" when they've either friendzoned ALL GOOD MEN THEY KNOW or they're simply refusing to acknowledge the good men and go for the assholes.

    • "a parasite would be offended and make it about themself"

      I never said I'm offended personally by what they do you imbecile.

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  • Funny thing is that every guy I've dated who saw themselves as "nice guys" were the most obsessive, short tempered and jealous guys I've ever been around. Not saying everyone is this way though. My boyfriend is a NICE guy, difference is that he doesn't say it, he shows it. And that is really what makes a nice guy.

  • You know what's toxic? When nice guys complain about girls complaining about their relationship fails.
    If you don't want to listen to these girls complain, tell them. Tell them you're not interested in hearing what they have to say. Walk away. Have some backbone and tell the truth to their faces for once, instead of whining about it behind their backs. Nobody is forcing you to listen to them complaining. If it's that godawful, simply TELL THEM.

    • EXACTLY!
      If you don't like it, grow a pair and tell her!

    • Yeah because telling a girl "Shut the fuck up, you asked for it" when she's at her worst will always work... infact it'll make you look like even more of an asshole than the guy that heartbroke her.

    • When did I tell you that you should tell them to "shut the fuck up" because they "asked for it"? That's right, I didn't. You did. Not me. If you don't want to listen to her, simply say that you don't have the time or that you can't do it. That you don't want to be her emotional handkerchief. There are nicer ways to tell them no. And if you think that you can't tell them no because you're afraid of hurting their feelings, then quit whining and accept the consequences.

  • Ok... This is my whole take on the post and the comments/opinions that have been left. Yes everyone has a valid point.

    For the person who made the original post: Dude, if you're posting this for a friend or yourself what needs to happen is if you're sick of hearing about it? Tell the girl. But if you're truly a friend tell them if they don't want to take your advice not to ask for it. Plain and simple. You can still be there for them as a friend and support them. But you do need to draw the boundary lines otherwise you're just being a doormat. Makes do the same thing to females. It's all a matter of how you let others treat you. Wether it's a concious decision or subconscious one. But you're not being a friend if you go on a rant about it on some social network site. Wether you meant it as such, how everyone else who has left their comments/opinions on here took it and understood your post is all due to how you wrote it and presented it. No one should be friends with someone just for the hopes of a relationship.

    And from experience? Those who go for those who are bad for them is usually because of how they initially present themselves to them only to show their true colors later on. It becomes an addiction and codependency after a point. They have to be ready to break the cycle themselves. It's not easy either because once you have strong feelings for someone they never go away.

    And the supposed "nice guys" and "nice girls" that complain about being on the friendzone either need to step up and show confidence, let the object of their affection go and move on, or just shut the fuck up. Playing the friend and actually being a friend are two very different things. Plus, in a relationship (wether it's realized it not) we all want someone who's going to be our PARTNER, our FRIEND, and our LOVER. That's not including all the other things that go into it, just the basics.

    Everyone on this post has made very valid points. So either take it as it is or let it go.

  • i see ur angle, hence y i never do this with my friends. anything that happens, ill usually keep to myself. my friends will actually be the ones asking 'so hows this guy?'
    ill give them a short response and that's bout it. i hate whining. i like to take care of things myself.

    BUT... I'm just one girl.

    if you really are a nice guy, you wouldn't actually mind hearing her out when she has a problem. some girls like to vent, that's just who they are, and it isn't a bad thing. if ur really her friend and can separate between how u feel and ur duty as a friend, then this becomes ur problem. it's almost as if there's now this condition of, 'dont talk to me unless ur gonna get in my pants', similar to what Connie said.

    u have to learn that while being nice is great, talking ill of women isn't.

    • "you wouldn't actually mind hearing her out when she has a problem"

      I don't mind hearing what they have to say, I have a sense of empathy. It's the fact that they ignore the warnings I give and go chase another similar asshole and then have the audacity to come back to me and begin complaining again - Yes I care that you're hurt, but you're ignoring my goddamn advice and I'm nothing more then emotional support to you so why should I care at this point.

      After 2 heart breaks, yes we all make mistakes.

      After 4, ok maybe you should think more about who your pursuing.

      After 8, you really need to stop going for the same type of guys.

      After 16, sigh.

    • ok, well i get that after awhile it would get annoying. I'm not sure how many heartbreaks this girl has been through tho. it was never mentioned.
      nevertheless, i guess she still wants reassurance that someone, anyone still cares. while this may seem unfair to u, and i get how it can be hard, but if u care for her, you'll still b there for here even after 101 heartbreaks

  • You know what's really toxic? Blaming the fact that you're a "nice guy" on the fact of why your'e single. It's not always the fact that we as women prefer bad guys like honestly I'm pretty sure it's because we go after who we assume are nice guys and they turn out to be bad guys in the end and even with warnings we know we have to find out for ourselves if it's really worth going down the path again. So please all you guys on this website don't take it so personally it's just not time for you yet. Let us make our mistakes and just stop being the shoulder to cry on when we need you all the time it's good to know you're there but, when girls know they can depend on you they don't want to do anything to jeporadize the friendship they have with you because honestly drifting through all those bad guys who break our hearts wears down our self-esteem and makes us think that we're whats really wrong in relationships.

    • In this post... I never said I'm blaming the fact I'm a "nice guy" that I'm single.

    • I don't know how to explain this to you in a way that you'll understand but you should really stop with this entitlement thing. You don't have any right to tell women what opinions they can voice all I can suggest to you is that you don't surround yourself with women you want or would want a relationship with. We aren't leading you on you're just waiting for way more stuff to happen than what is actually happening and you're getting upset that women turn to who they assume is their friend in a time of hurt and pain. get over yourself lol

  • we put you in the friend zone because you are our friends. Girls don't owe you shit for being nice. Reality check: when you are nice to people you don't get a cookie for doing something that you should be doing anyways. "friend zone" is a term created by guys due to their lack of game and decide to put the blame on girls. Expecting to be rewarded based on you not acting like an asshole makes you an asshole.

    i remember in my sophomore year of high school i remember a guy asked me out but I said no because i only saw him as a friend nothing more. Soon after that, his friends tried to pressure me into dating him because he is so nice to me. Only now I realize, I don't owe him shit for his kindness to me damn I should have said that to his friends. Looking back i am glad i rejected him because he did not respect my decision

  • Not all guys who say they are "nice guys" are actually that. I have dated nothing, but what would be considered a "nice guy". Most of them turned out to be jerks. Thanks to this I no longer believe in labeling people either "nice guy/nice girl" anymore.

    • Good labels are stupid. just find someone who treats you right. I wouldn't consider myself either of these things. I just have had bad luck and pursue girls that have no interest in me. I'm not a nice guy or bad boy I'm just a random dude. good for you labels are stupid.

    • I agree lables are stupid. People are a lot of things. You can't be all one or the other.

  • Says he's nice guy, yet gets mean when his niceness doesn't get him sex or a relationships

    • Are you just stupid or did you not read the mytake at all?

      "Yet gets mean when his niceness doesn't get him sex or a relationships"

      This mytake isn't even about sex nor is it about how nice guys can't get into relationships, try again.

      Reading and comprehending is hard, I know.

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    • Our obviously bitter. If you weren't you wouldn't have felt the need to waste your time making a whole mytake about it. It bothered you so much you had to voice your opinion about it

    • You don't have to be bitter to voice your opinion about something that is bothering you or someone else.

      What about people that protest daily about Global Warming? Are they bitter simply for voicing their opinion on an annoying and dangerous thing occuring? No.


  • Girls like nice guys, just not pushover/weird dudes that pretend to be nice.

    • Nop, he's spot on right. For most girls a nice guy=loser.

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    • lol, get it off your chest*** not chance.

    • "Then... tell her it's dumb? That you don't really care tbh? That you don't feel like hearing it?"

      The question is do you really tell someone this when they're crying? When they're torn apart? When they feel like they don't want to live anymore? No, you try to make them feel better.

  • Completely disagree. Just because you have a "nice guy" friend does not mean that the women are compatible with THAT guy.

    Haven't you heard the phrase "I wish I could have a guy like you" that plenty of women say to their guy friends? Many of us say that because we want a guy that either LOOKS like the nice guy or has the personality of the nice guy... but the nice guy himself is LACKING something.

    Also, you can't blame all women who are with bad boys. Some search for them. Yes, I think that will mostly end in failure. But there are "men" who pretend to be nice guys (who are actually bad boys) just to get women. They show their true colors later on.

    I don't think it's difficult to say that you want an ATTRACTIVE GUY with a NICE personality. Plenty of men want the same things in a woman.

    Finally, friends--imo--are there to help friends through their problems and give them a lending ear. I see no reason why any woman should refrain from asking where all the nice guys are to her guy friends... especially when I'm 90 percent sure she means "Where are all the nice ATTRACTIVE guys?"

    How many guy friends would like to know that their gal friend doesn't consider him attractive?

    • We'll hey, it's like evolution, the stupid rabbit that trots about the open field without a care in the world is devoured and shat out.

  • You know what's even worse? When guys complain even though they NEVER TRIED. I'm always complaining about how much of a douchbag guys are to my friends who are guys but they never once say any of this shit. I have only ever friendzoned one guy and that's because it was actually a mutual friendzoning thing.

    A lot of nice guys just don't try and they expect their subtle hints that we may see as friendship to be huge and super noticeable. The guy I friendzoned had liked me for two and a half years but I didn't know about the half of a year because I thought he was just being friendly. He never made a move until our school dance. And then that summer he was busy drooling over other girls and talking to me about it that I thought he was over me. Well he asked me to our other school dance and I said no because it wasn't a dance you go with a date to. And then I moved schools and I wasn't in a situation to date. Then that summer he would tell me about all the hot girls he met at a summer program and I thought he was over me. No I was wrong. Then April of our Junior year of high school I finally went on a date with him to give him a chance and we said that we were better off as friends. But he made the move, he let see he was interested.

    Most guys don't do that. Stop blaming women, stop accepting the friendzone. If you're into a girl, then let her know. Tell her 'hey I like you' it's not hard! And if she says 'no I only like you as a friend' then that means she doesn't like you back. She isn't friendzoning you, she doesn't have feelings for you.

    I'm sorry to tell you this but guys aren't entitled to dates with every girl, have sex with every girl, or anything with every girl.

    If she doesn't like you then that's the equivalent of when a guy doesn't like a girl. But you don't hear girls saying that every guy is a jerk just because he won't date her.

    Hey you only want to date her and not be frends with her? Don't be her friend. She says no? Walk away & stop hanging our.

  • That's the problem with you "nice guys", you want the same thing as players do, you're just more patient and calculating about it. You're like "if i listen to enough bs and pretend i care enough maybe she'll give me some finally" NOT gonna happen!

    • Your comment about the difference between players and actual nice guys isn't right! They do not want the same thing at all! The TRUTH is that actual nice guys want to love and be loved! Players want to hump and dump! Try not to mix them up!

  • If you're complaining and degrading a girl behind her back just because she wouldn't go out with you, news flash, you're not a nice guy. That's just being two faced and maybe that's why you got put in the "friendzone". Plus there may be other things about you that make you not her type. The reason girls go after bad boys is because they want to save them from themselves in hopes of them being eternally greatful, change them basically. That's a sign that those girls aren't as good as they put themselves out to be if they want to control someone that much. It goes both ways.

  • If you brag about how "nice" of a guy you are, are only friends with someone because you want to pursue a relationship with them, or bitch about how your friend (if you're even truly friends with them) chose someone else over you, chances are, you're not really a nice guy.

    When someone says, "I wish I could find someone like you", they mean they want someone similar to you--not you. They may only want to be friends with you because they aren't attracted to you.

    Being "nice" does not entitle you to a relationship with someone who just wants to be friends.

    • " If you brag about how "nice" of a guy you are, are only friends with someone because you want to pursue a relationship with them, or bitch about how your friend (if you're even truly friends with them) chose someone else over you, chances are, you're not really a nice guy."

      This mytake isn't even about that, or referring to this topic, rendering this opinion irrelevent beyond belief lmao.

      "When someone says, "I wish I could find someone like you", they mean they want someone similar to you--not you. They may only want to be friends with you because they aren't attracted to you."

      True, but the fact still remains that the girls who say this ultimately end up falling for a guy who is the exact opposite of what they wish they could find.

      "Being "nice" does not entitle you to a relationship with someone who just wants to be friends.

      Never said it does entitle me anyway, learn to read.

      Is this opinion suppose to mean anything?

    • You're complaining that girls don't like you despite the fact that you're "nice". You're acting like being nice is the only thing that matters in a relationship when, in reality, it's only a fraction of what matters.

      Is this take supposed to mean anything? Or is it just to show others that you're a sad little boy who's been rejected too much?

    • I don't agree with guys being friends with a woman to hope something more happens later on, I don't do that since I don't agree it, but that means nearly all guys (specifically young ones) are assholes then because even most of the social, player guys, etc. want something more from the beginning most of the time.

  • It' s NOT just the girls Guys do it to. How do I know? Me , myself, and I. GUYS go for the sluts, GUYS, for for the girl that can't keep her legs closed.

    I cook well, bake, bring you soup when you're sick, make sure you study, help you when you don't understand, send nudes, and try not be clingy, makes lunch every single day for you and your favorite treat just because. You know what I've gotten? DUMPED. For who? The slut. Don't you dare give me that it's girls. Guys are just as bad. You know why I get dumped? Can't be shown off because I choose not to wear make up and I like dressing in jeans and graphic tshirts. The ONLY time I ever left the friend zone was to get shitted on by a jerk. DONT you dare give me that crap. Men are visual creatures that judge based on looks FIRST and personality SECOND.

    I didn't choose to be in the friend zone, I don't mind a less attractive guy, but you know what they do? Leave me when a more attractive girls shows interest out of jealousy of our honest happiness. Then I'm left picking up the pieces of my broken heart again. And it's always the same things, they want me back but fuck you and them. I'm pretty sure you deserve to be in the friend zone just like I deserve to be here because I can't tell when a guys is actually a jerk playing super nice friend.

    • ""Men are visual creatures that judge based on looks FIRST and personality SECOND.""

      I'm honestly certain that's true of females as well. That's why the friend zone exists in the first place: someone you kinda like as a person, but you just aren't attracted! It's mostly based on looks. Such fatal personality flaws aren't that common in people you keep as `friends`.

    • Wrong. I'm pan sexual. I don't see a personas face I see their attitude and demeanor in all honesty. The most aive judged based on looks is when someone had on a cool graphic tshirt and I started a conversation with them. My entire life I have been judged because of how I look, I'm not doing that bull to anyone else. And no I never put guys in the friend zone unless they want to be there. I tell peop, e upfront whether I'm interested. I don't like a lot of people in my social life so my circle is SMALL. I have very few people I call friends and the males I do call friends with the exception of one who has been dating this girl since middle school are all gay.

      I am the one that's placed in the friend zone by guys. So to say that females are the main purportraitors is bull. There as PLENTY of girls and women just like me who guys love to hang around because we are actually nerdy, read comics, and love video games but we rarely get dates. Why? We can't be shown off like a daffodil.

    • "She wears short skirts I wear T-shirts she's cheer captain and I'm on the bleachers waiting for the day when you wake up and find that what you're looking for has been here the whole time." Guys friendzone girls ALL THE TIME. It's so mainstream that TAYLOR SWIFT WROTE A SONG ABOUT IT!!

  • If you have a female friend and your feelings take too much abuse for the situation, then don't be there for her to lean on and use. Go find someone who is into you. You don't have to be mean, simply move on, or you're part of the problem.

  • Lol "nice guys" aren't "perfect" ether... we all make mistakes so i think they need to stop acting like they behave good 24/7... no they don't lol nobody does, everyone does the same by complaining to others, guys even complain to girls they are friends with (IF they actually have any girls as friends because guys seem intent on only seeing girls for dating lol). Or they complain to some random girl they meet on the internet.

  • Oh, you're under 18. Nvm.

    Once you reach adulthood, this shiz will stop applying.

  • Enough about "nice guys", please. You're not always that.

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  • I learned a long time ago to take pity on these women that choose to date those kind of guys that do treat them like shit and are not in anyway concerned with her feelings. They CHOOSE to date them and they are CHOOSING to deal with the shit this guy continues to dish out to them. Chances are they have self esteem and co dependency issues that are keeping them from getting with a guy that will actually treat them with respect and dignity, that’s not your’s or any other guys issue, they need to overcome that themselves to realize they deserve better. You also need to understand that there is more to it then just being a "nice guy” and being the nice guy does not entitle you to anything. You want these girls to possibly take an interest in you as more than a friend then act like a man that has an interest in her and not one of her girlfriends, grow some balls and stop letting her use you as a doormat and being afraid to disagree with her or speak your mind on what you really think about something. It’s not being an asshole, it’s being a man with his own opinion s and beliefs that isn’t afraid to speak his mind, thats called confidence and thats what is attractive.

    • "You also need to understand that there is more to it then just being a "nice guy” and being the nice guy does not entitle you to anything."

      I know this, I never said being nice entitles me to a relationship instead of this mytake.

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    • Yeah I know, I feel the same way. you’ll figure it out one day when your older and more mature. I can already tell you are going to learn the hard way when it comes to this. You really should save yourself some frustration and heartache though.

    • I'm sighing at the fact that you can't comprehend what I'm even saying in this mytake bro.

  • You know what is really toxic?
    People who claim to be nice guys, then bitch and moan about women... just shows what a lying cunt nugget they are

  • And let the complaints that you're a whiner come pouring in...
    (I'm not necessarily calling you a whiner, but I'll wager my life you will be called that and worse)

    You know, you could just walk away, right? I get you're frustrated at being rejected, but there's little point in hanging around if you're just going to be hurt and upset. You want out of the friend zone? Leave.

    • Except in this entire post I never once said that I personally am frustrated at being rejected.

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    • Based on the language in your take, I have difficulty believing you.

      And even if you aren't personally frustrated (which I have my doubts), QueenofArcticFoxes is quite right. You sound like someone who is.

    • Ok my language is strong and seems irritated, but again nothing in this post indicates that i'm frusterated at being rejected.

      "Rejected" is not even in this mytake to begin with... have you ever stopped and think a person doesn't have to be frusterated to speak their mind or something that annoys them to no end?

  • I'm a Gentleman ( and a nice guy ) and I've never been friend zoned ever lol, even If I was friend-zoned I wouldn't blame it on the women in question nor would I talk ill of them. That is something only a spiteful person or a child would do.

    A gentleman has his eyes on all those present; he is tender toward the bashful, gentle toward the distant, and merciful toward the absent.
    Lawrence G. Lovasik

    If the gentleman has ability, he is magnanimous, generous, tolerant, and straightforward, through which he opens the way to instruct others.
    Xun Zi

  • Being nice doesn't entitled you to a relationship. Being nice is the bare minimum that even the "bad boys" can pull it off as well.

    Also, if you get tired of listening to her complaining, tell it to her face. If you are really a nice guy, i'm sure you find a nice way to do it.

    The problem "nice guy" have is that they stick around a girl that is not interested in them, when they should have just move on immediately to the next girl.

    • When in this post did I say that being nice entitles me or anyone to a relationship, when?

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    • You are not getting it.

    • "What I said is still true of course, being nice to a girl and expecting her to like you is hilarious to me. Beautiful girl have people being nice to her 24/7, including the so called "bad boys". That the bare minimum, my friend. Nothing special here. "

      Yes this is 100% true, being nice is the bare minimum. The fact still remains that a majority of young women don't understand that at this age most guys will walk to the end of Pluto to sleep with them, and that includes faking nice - Fake nice guys are normally popular assholes, that only be nice to girls they find attractive. The REAL nice guys are the ones they always friendzone and then complain about how they can't find any real nice guys... that's what I'm pointing out which is 100% true. The friendzoned guys always have to hear their homegirl's story about how this next asshole broke her heart, and we want to say "STOP GOING FOR THEM, IT'S NOT GOOD. I DON'T WANT TO HEAR ANYMORE OF THIS" but it will only make them feel worse.

  • Tips from a "Nice Guy"
    1- Be confident and show confidence
    2- Don't be a pushover
    3- Continue being a nice guy

    You can be as nice as you want but if you're weak or at least come off that way, women just might not wanna be with you because I'm pretty sure the last thing she wants is another pussy.

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    • But a lot of those guys are the type that proclaim, "I'm a nice guy!"

    • I agree with your comment. In high school, there was a guy who was into me…REALLY nice guy, but to a fault. He has no self-confidence and he wouldn't let me do anything for myself! It was so annoying. I think it is these types of "nice guys" women don't want to date.

      I am now dating a man who I consider to be a nice guy. He's nice and respectful, but confident and lets me do things for myself! He doesn't coddle me the way the other guy tried to.

  • This is myTAKE on your "take" while it was well written AND made sense.

    How about this, maybe just maybe you guys should QUIT ACCEPTING THE FREINDZONE THEN? -_-

    y'all be messing me up when y'all decide to blame women for FRIENDZONING y'all sad asses. When y'all have the power to simply QUIT being friends with them, right?

    Now you would have never been in this predicament IF you simply made it clear from the very beginning that you liked her AND that you weren't going to accept the Friends zone (direct/bluntly honest approach).

    But nope you/yall decided to stay friends with her/them, right? ON TOP of hearing about her/them complain about how ___did this or that to me/them right? IF SO, DON'T BLAME IT ON THEM, OH NOO blame it on ya on damn self for being such a fucking IDIOT ^^ DONE

    • ON TOP of hearing her/them *

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    • @Ulyss I might fuck around and make a question/take FOR THESE FUCKING IDIOTS MAN lol


      Bruh it couldn't be me because I'll tell a girl right off the bat "A you know you way to damn cute to just be friends with right?:" and if she doesn't give me the response that I'm looking FOR I'M GONE LOL simple as that

    • very true I don't know why guys go through the pain in watching the chick they like in the arms of another guy and continue wasting their time on them if they arnt interested go to the next cute chick xD

  • I'm sure this rant will endear you to the female users of this site.

    Seriously though, yes chicks fall for d*ckheads all the time, just like dudes chase after inane bimbos until their arms fall off. Why is this? Because those people have traits that are attractive to the opposite sex. The d*ckheads have all the self-confidence in the world, is very driven by his own wants and life, and is quite obviously the alpha male in the room, (though I hate the term, it's accurate). The bimbos are normally hot and have great physical assets they drive guys insane.

    While I'll concede that more good girls put up with a lot more sh*t from d*ckheads than guys do with bimbos, this whining is so overdone that it's become BEYOND annoying. Yes people can be stupid sometimes, so what?

  • Never say the N G words on GaG. You'll immediately get all sorts of memes, stories and insults thrown your way.

    That said, afaik, girls complain about their relationships all the time. Sometimes they like to have a guy there to vent to. The trick is: if you feel used, tell her. Or leave.

  • I agree with the common sense, everyone should apply it instead of making senseless fucking decisions based off nothing hahaa.

  • Couldn't agree more! That's why it is the best if a man completely severs all links with women who friendzone him, and walks of of the friendzone AND her life with his head held high.

  • Players, bad boys, nice guys, and bitches the way we tend to generalize people don't actually exist. People tend to have reasons behind their actions.

    That also goes for the girl who claims it'd be nice if a guy she was actually interested in had your *positive* qualities rather than was a complete tool.

    Basically, just because you're interested in her, doesn't mean she is obligated to see you as a romantic interest. And considering how you believe in this "I am a nice guy and every girl is interested only in `bad boys` who are bad boys because they are not me and therefore are definitely terrible people" nonsense, I'm not surprised they'd rather look elsewhere for a partner who's less judgmental, and less implicitly sexist - lost in the realm of conceptuality and stereotyping..

  • I don't mind when girls, talk about their relationships to me. If there's something I can do, even if its just listen, then I'm going to do it. Its a good thing that I'm okay with it because that gave me the perfect opportunity to tell her that I like her
    She said, "I pity the fool who marries me"
    I said, "What if that fool is me?"

  • Reality: you have to be somewhat attractive. There are billions of "nice" guys.

  • Man so many friendshipzone posts. I must admit, I hated it when my chick friends always complained to me about guys and the worst was when they said "i wish he were more like you". I never got that, I do now, but not then. It is toxic, women should have guy friends to confide to but when the guy confides in her (especially about his women problems) and she mentions you are good or all those other white lies, it does more harm than good.

  • The number one thing to say when you're a 'nice guy' and stuck in the friend zone:

    "Look. I really don't want to hear about your boyfriends, (insert name)."

    It's not mean. It's not even rude. It's just letting her know you're not interested in being a relationship confidant.

    If she's actually a friend and considerate of your feelings, she'll try to stop. And who knows? It might actually make her wake up and see you as a dateable option. I can testify to that.

    • Try saying that to young girl in highschool when she's literally tearing a Pacific Ocean... she'll take that as you being rude or inconsiderate and view you as just as bad as the guy who broke her heart.

      Almost every guy in this situation knows this, they know that if they simply tell the girl "I don't really want to hear about what happened" or anything that could even indicate they don't care or that they think they are foolish for falling for him will make the girl view him as an asshole. Everyone is like this when they're at their worse of make a mistake because no one wants to be told they make a mistake or that they're wrong... but women are worse because most guys are ready to admit they fucked up but women will stay in denial and be like "It's because guys do this!" or "it's because guys do that" when guys are like "I fucked up, ok?".

    • And that my friend is why you're getting stuck in the friend zone. You are being overly-considerate of her irrationality and thus playing a role in its continuation.

      To get out of the friend zone, you have to be a little selfish and force her to stop thinking of you as a shoulder to cry on. You can still be there for her, but you have to make it clear that her relationship problems aren't yours.

      If your friendship isn't strong enough to survive that, you aren't actually close friends.

  • If you don't like it... stare at her breasts lol she will get the point your not a nice guy anymore... unfriend you and maybe she will go out with you then hahaha

  • Very good take. Some guys go for the bad girls too though. :')
    Me, I'm just sitting at the sideline watching it all kick off.

    As soon as I see a single girl I like and she likes me I'll swoop in and steal her.

  • But it's not logical sense :/ everyone can pick on things if they are not in the situation but emotions can mess up your common sense.

  • Women go for bad guys because bad guys are better than nice guys at being nice. I'm pretty sure women is not just go for a bad guy if she saw his true colors from the beginning. He had to be nice to her at some point. Either that or she sees him being super attractive. You're welcome.

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