Saying goodbye

So there I was, June 19th, 2008.

The day my best friend Scott and I had been looking forward to our entire senior year. The day we finally got to go to Hawaii by ourselves, with no rules, and no parents. We had graduated the week before and I was, at the time, in a relationship with a girl named Diana. We had dated several times before and at one point we were in love. Call it what you will, maybe it was just a high school romance type of thing, or maybe it was real, but in reality I knew that I just wasn't happy in that relationship.

Diana was a fine girlfriend. She cared about me, put up with my stubbornness, and we did have sex every now and then. But the thing with her was, she just was not what I was looking for. I wanted more. I wanted a girl who was as tall as me, a girl who was classier, but mostly I just wanted to try someone new.

So the day we left for the airport, my dad asked Diana to come along so he wouldn't have to drive home all alone. She agreed and little did I know this was the last time that I would ever see her again.
"I wanted more....but mostly, I just wanted to try someone new."

We drove alone the Interstate 5 to LAX. It was a nice day, the sun was setting and we got to the airport in with an hour left to spare before our plane departed. The four of us walked to get our tickets and as we got near the security checkpoint I realized that I forgot the credit card back in the car. So as frustrated as everyone was, we walked back to the car to get it.

As I finally got it, I came back out of the car and reassured everyone that I had it in my possession, and my dad said that it wouldn't be necessary for he and Diana to walk all the way back to our security checkpoint just to walk all the way back to the car.

We said our goodbyes, and I gave Diana one final hug, and one final kiss. As they began to walk away Scott and I were waiting for our elevator to come up. And I watched her walk away with my Dad. That was the last time I would ever see her again (in person anyway.)

Scott and I made our flight and were off to Hawaii. Our trip was to last 17 nights and 18 days. We arrived and made our stay as memorable as possible. When it got dark out and we were inside, I would try to text Diana's brother to see if I could talk to her. (You see, her phone was broken and her only way of communication was through her little brother's phone) And we rarely talked. I was always so busy and the times were 3 hours apart so it was a bit hard trying to communicate.

One day, she said she had big news and didn't want to tell me till I was to come home so that she would not ruin my trip. And almost immediately I thought she was pregnant. I thought to myself, was this true? I had to know. I begged her to tell me what it was, what she had to tell me, but she would not tell me. She reassured me that she would let me know when I got back and that it would change our lives forever. So what was I to think.

The day before I had left for Hawaii, she had come over to my house just to help me pack and spend the last day with me. Later that night we got into it and we tried having sex without a condom for about the first two minutes. Then we realized that we should put one on just to be safe.

As I read the text, she kept refusing to tell me what this "big news" was. I began to get angry because it was so aggravating not knowing what this big news was. So then she stopped texting for about a week and I had almost forgotten all about it.

The final week that Scott and I were in a hotel, I was on MySpace just looking around trying to find someone new to talk to. I was browsing through Scott's friends list when I found this very attractive looking girl who Scott had talked to only to get to another girl.

I messaged her telling her this: "Hey you're Scott's friend right? If you don't know who I'm talking about, I think he said that you were the way that he talked to Maggie? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I was just bein' nosy and wow. You are really pretty! I know "creeeeper" right, but just puttin' that out there!"

And as fate may have it, she replied in a very positive way saying things like "you're cute" and that Scott had mentioned me to her. I got her number and we hit it off instantly. We were on the same page on most things. Basically we just... clicked.

As we were texting and talking to one another I realized that my status on my Myspace said that I was "in a relationship." I didn't think Diana would notice so I put "single" just to make sure that the girl I was now talking to didn't get the wrong impression.
"Do I tell Diana about Marissa and break up with her, or do I keep Diana and face whatever she had to tell me?"

Then as I got so soaked up into my own little world with this new girl named Marissa, I had almost forgotten about all of my problems back on the mainland when I got the text. Apparently Diana had seen the "single" status on my MySpace and was upset with it. I tried to explain that I was mad at her because she didn't tell me what was going on, but she still refused to tell me what was going on. So once again the ignoring began.

Two days later I got a message on Myspace from Diana wishing me a good time in Hawaii and that she was waiting for me with open arms. Of course I had a big decision on my hands. Do I tell Diana about Marissa and break up with her, or do I keep Diana and face whatever she had to tell me? I couldn't decide, so I just ignored everything she tried sending me.

When she texted me I didn't reply. When she messaged me I didn't reply. And it worked. She eventually stopped writing me. I was content and kept on talking to Marissa. When I got back home, Scott's father was waiting for us. And I got a bunch of texts from friends seeing if I had landed safely, and if I was home yet, but no sign of Diana anywhere.

"Although it was one of the most mean things to do to another person, it had worked and I was not guilty at all."
Although it was one of the most mean things to do to another person, it had worked and I was not guilty at all. I had come home on a Monday, and that Thursday and Friday of that week Marissa and I met for the first time and on the Friday of that week we made-out in my car. Then, that Sunday she left to Oregon for two weeks on vacation with family.

Life was looking great, I had gotten Diana off of my chest and my birthday had past on Saturday. Then one day of the two weeks, one of Diana's best friends texted me. She said she needed to give me a letter from Diana.

I was shocked. A letter. I thought to myself,'if she was pregnant, I don't think she would tell me through paper.' So I agreed to receive the letter at a get together of some friends. She gave me the letter, and that night I got home not knowing whether or not I should read it. I decided to put it on hold for awhile until I was ready to read it.

About a week later, after Marissa had gotten back and I asked her to be my girlfriend (which she happily accepted), I decided it was time to open the letter and read what she had to say. It was hand written very neatly on about 4 pieces of paper. She mentioned that I was the best thing to ever happen to her and that I was a very smart and great person, and she mentioned things that we used to do as an early couple and things like that.

Then I read the "big news."

Apparently her family wasn't doing so well financially and could no longer afford to live in the United States because of all the debt and instability of their lives. So she and her family had no choice but to move to Mexico where they used to live 12 years ago. She said it was the last letter that she would ever write.
"She and her family had no choice but to move to Mexico. It was the last letter that she would ever write."

It was the last time I would ever hear from her again. I will cherish that letter for as long as I live.

Now I am currently doing just fine with Marissa and we seem to like each other a whole lot, but I will always wonder, was it right to do what I did? Was it right to just leave her hanging for the sake of my happiness? After all, a person must look out for themselves before they can care for others right?

Maybe someday, just maybe, Diana and I will reunite and I will explain to her what really happened. As for Marissa, I don't think I'll ever tell her that I just left Diana in the blue like that. I'll just keep it to myself, and all who read this.

Saying goodbye is always a hard thing to do.


Most Helpful Girl

  • something that my ex did to me for some other girl...i hate him to the core..i wrote him a good email something what diana wrote thinking that he would come back to me..but never heard from him ever again...

    what if your current girlfriend marissa do the same thing to you and leave you for another man? you are just too selfish!


Most Helpful Guy

  • Ok. cool story bro. There is no message in this story, only a bunch of crap about some mediocre mistakes you made. The punchline was nearly as boring as the buildup. not sure why I continued to read, I thought you might have some profound conclusion, but I guess I was wrong.


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What Girls Said 4

  • Diana was too good for you. she was a much bigger person in all this, and I hope she meets someone who won't d*** her around and cheat and treat her like she's an annoyance rather than a girlfriend.

  • Wow...that's harsh that you just blew her off...I think you at least owed it to her to tell her that you were not you cheated.

  • Yeah, I agree with both of these people. I hope noone would ever do anything like that to me. wow, you are sucha doosh

  • not impressed


What Guys Said 2

  • It is kind of a douche move on your part. Not as bad as writing this book, though. But I must say I was sucked in.

    To the girls complaining about you, I find it very, very hard to believe they've never ignored a guy as a way to get rid of him, at 18, or even much older. Most girls under 25 are too immature to tell a guy they're not interested, so they just hope he gets the hint by putting him on ice. Annoying to read the girls below acting as if they can do it but you can't.

  • Well, you cheated on Diana and you were as cruel to her as she was to you. Congratulations. To make things worse you had been stringing her along, and it was only good fortune on your part that she moved away without saying goodbye.


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