Don't Wait To Be Good With Girls

This probably applies to everything, but since getting with tons of hot girls are what's most important/out of guys reach for a young male, I thought I'd make this specific to this.

Don't Wait To Be Good With Girls

What I'm telling you will probably revolutionize and get you so much further along the path to getting better with girls than all the pickup advice in the world could tell you. I realized that being successfull, being physically fit, having a great personality are all things that women find attractive, but because we can find plenty of examples of guys with those things who still aren't good with girls at least to the degree many guys wish their were, we can only ascribe success with those traits as strong correlation, but correlation doesn't imply causation and there are plenty of guys who are broke, never been to the gym, shitty depressed personalities who do for some reason have an irresistable quality to women. In fact, the one thing you can do when you're broke, beat down, and down on your luck is go around and date women. It's one of the few things that is free given the one major deciding factor in today's social climate.

Don't Wait To Be Good With Girls

You cannot be afraid

So many of your insecurities, feelings of hopleness, inadequacy, and depression stem from your fear of putting yourself out there and actually going for girls. From the fear of doing this, stem feelings of hopelesness because you can't seem to do something that scary and from that insecurities arise that support your decision not to go for girls such as you're not that interesting, you're not the right eye color, race, height, you're not a football player whatever. From that your insecurities, which allow you to feel better about not going for girls also punish you by giving you this feeling of general inadequacy where you assume a girl doesn't like you or that going for her might result in a brutal rejection which causes you to try to set things up where the girls come to you. This can even take the form of working above them, or in close proximity to them, or waiting for friends to set you up even with girls who may not be as attractive as you yourself are. I've heard from even my friends who get the most girls that they won't initiate something with a girl unless they can pull a good vibe (which is easier to believe you're getting after you've already succeeded.) For some you, by some fluke, meet a girl here and there and even if she's not totally what you want, you have a girlfriend and you stick with it. For others, they do the same, but then they see the perfect girl with the little frame and the long hair and they think "that should be mine...i should be with her" yet this ambition simply sits there in your head day after day and year after year. What then is the single greatest causation for why some guys get with lots of girls and most guys get with very few?

Some guys just go for it

You have to learn to go for it. The guys who do go for it either find out woah this was so easy why do other guys worry about it so much? Or they eventually tune themselves into very attractive guys by the fact that they have just experienced what girls really do and don't respond to for themselves it's not longer dumb pick up advice that they see girls through, it's actual experience. This is what makes the game more or less even. Sure, there probably are a good group of girls you could never date because you're not in bracket or whatever but you probably won't come into contact with these girls unless you go out of your way to. It not only is much easier than you think (in terms of being scary) but it's also how you get really confident at your sense of worth relative to girls. You won't need to pump yourself up or try to act like you aren't worried that you aren't good enough or that some guys better. You will just be so relaxed and so convinced that you're the coolest thing ever that you won't need to brag or articulate it. It will flow. It is a snap in your brain that, unfortunatly, no pick up advice can give you. It is simply a matter of seeing is believing. You will believe you are good with girls as you believe the sky is blue and obviously that will not only make things easier it will bring you peace in this area which in my opinion is an even greater reward given the massive, massive amounts of mediocrity I see guys feeling in this area. How do you just go for it though?

The plane analogy

Don't Wait To Be Good With Girls

You and your mind are best friends. You are inextricably linked and, because of this, you tend to think you're one. But, you're not. Your mind is a tool that you use to solve problems you don't understand based on an ability to think about a situation in a vareity of ways. The irony is that the stronger your mind becomes the more capable it is of overtaking you. This is true even with talking to girls. Your mind may not want to think of great things to say and fun ways to act because it recognizes that you are scared and so it will shut down anything that may cause you to become embarresed, which causes you to be stiff and the girl miss out on all the fun interesting qualities you have. Instead of reasoning with your mind through thought, which you obviously can't, you can think of getting with girls as flying an airplane with you as the pilot and your mind as the copilot giving you instructions (obviously this analogy isn't entirely perfect but bear with me.) You look at the plane and the sky and become afraid and your mind stands behind you holding the manual on how to fly it and you look at him and he shakes his head no. Instead of getting discouraged, you start walking towards the plane and your mind is like no, no! What do you think you're doing?! And you're like i'm flying this plane! And your mind's like no! You'll die! You don't even know how to fly this plane without me! I have the manual! And you're like I don't care I'm flying this thing! And you get into the plane and your mind gets in the copilot seat and you take off and you start saying give me the manual! And he's like no! And he's like we're going to go down if you don't give me that manual! And he's like no just parashoot out! And you're like no! I'm not getting out of this plane until its landed safely and we've flown! And then you start to nose dive and as you're about to hit the ground, your mind is like fine here's the manual and then you figure out how to pull up and start flying smooth. Everytime you fly your mind keeps taking the manual from you, until you don't give him a choice until finally you yourself are no longer afraid (or as afraid) and your mind starts recognizing your excitement and confidence and starts giving you great thing after great thing to say and allows you to just have fun and feel like you can fly any plane anytime better than anyone even when you're just messing around and you get out of the plane sometimes and you're like woah...I flew like that?! How did I do that?! Because your mind recognizes your excitment to get with girls even more than you do an is just looking at parts of the manual you didn't even know were there.

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