If a girl doesn't offer to during a date, is that a red flag?

If a girl doesn't offer to during a date, is that a red flag

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Offer to pay
offer to pay offer to pay


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  • Are you really so lazy that you copy and pasted your title instead of retyping it into the details box? Lol

    Not necessarily a red flag. She's either just old fashioned...or a spoiler bitch lol


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  • Offer what? Money? Punch? Puppies? Vagina? Caca? Ride...

    • Pay oops

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    • Caca...:,)

    • Lol you like that

  • If a guys asks me out on a first date...

    and I offer to pay..

    That is the red flag of, let me out of here, I never want to see you again.

    I believe whoever asks, should pay on first date. After that, I'm good with split or switch.

    • I mean offering to pay just out of politeness even though the guy will still be the one to pay

    • For me, not on a first date.. and when I've asked a guy out, I don't want him to offer..

  • Offer what?

    • pay i forgot to put pay in

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    • By splitting the bill do you mean each person pays for themself? That goes against etiquette. I would be like saying "I want to date you but you have to pay for yourself"

    • @asker, yes that is what he means. I already gave you my reply

  • No she just expect you to pay, it's not red flag at all..


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  • If she doesn't offer, then she expects you to always pay for everything. If she offers, but makes no move to actually pull money out and pay then she's just trying to mask her intentions so that you don't think she's a gold digger. If she actually happy to split it, lucky you. If she's looking for the exit pays her half forcefully, she wants you to think she owes you nothing.