Is having an intense make out session the same as "giving it up too early" if you first start dating?

I'm curious about this, I have been out of a very long term relationship for a couple years now and am almost ready to date.
One thing I've always known is it's not a good idea to have sex so early on, as the guy will lose interest. This actually is not hard for me because I would only have sex if deep feelings were there, which comes with time. And I do have a high sex drive actually.

But what about making out or just intensely making out? I feel like I could easily do that with someone as I find that more lustful. But not touching sexually yet.

Does this have the same effect like would a guy lose interest and feel he's already "had you" just from making out? And I mean like intensely can't get enough of eachother making out.


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  • Neither are true. Of course anything when it comes to dating is "depending on the person".
    I actually had sex with my ex wife before our first official date. we met, basically made out for 2 days, got a hotel room the 3rd day, went on a date the 4th. that relationship lasted 25 yrs. I was 20 at the time.

    I just started dating after my divorce in January. I have gone out with about 7 or 8 women. in the last almost 3 months. 3 of them were special. 2 of those had intense makeout sessions on the 2nd date.
    the one I am currently in, which is the best relationship I have been in since I started dating...we had 'first date sex" and by that I mean we met online (tinder), we chatted for several days since we started talking on a Tuesday but due to obligations could not meet until Sunday. By the time Sunday came around she just invited me directly to her house. Literally within 90 seconds of walking in the door I was naked and she was on her knees doing her thing. It was an incredible night on many levels. we connected well.
    I just slept over last night for the first time. So things are going great.
    You never know how your going to connect with someone. yOu have to trust your gut.
    I never had first date sex before. She states neither did she. I have no reason not to believe her. We both just felt a connection.

    Now, that does not guarentee the relationship will last. But there are no guarentee's anyway.
    In an adult relationship sex should be on the table from the 3rd date on normally. but that should not meant it isn't an option if both people feel a connection.

    Guys don't like games. playing hard to get will usually have the guy just say "screw it". but the right woman is worth waiting for.
    I had one other woman I really had hoped would last. we had 6 dates and nothing happened but kissing. so it isn't like I have to have sex to stay with it. I would have waited several more for her.


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  • no making out and having sex on the first date are not the same

  • if your making out and its hot and you two are hands all over each other 9 times out of ten you will be in bed with him making love even if its early in a relationship

  • I don't think it's the same, but then I also don't agree with the idea that if you give it up early a guy loses interest.


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  • First date with a guy we didn't make it through the movie. I think about halfway through we began to make out.

  • I don't know how it is nowadays but on my last first date we made out intensely and were all over each other and whatnot and now it's 3 years later and the guy hasn't lost interest yet :p