My boyfriend ditched me for his friends?

About a week ago, I made plans to hang out with my boyfriend, first asking if he was busy the day I wanted to hang out. He said that he wasn't busy, so he told me we could hang out. Then, a few days before we were supposed to hang out, he told me that, before I even asked him to hang out, he'd made plans to play football with his friends. I was a little upset but was completely okay with it because he said we could spend time together in the evening. He said that he would text me when he wanted me to go to his place. He never texted me, so I tried contacting him, only to receive a response from his mother telling me that he was still out with friends. (She answered me around ten pm which is after the time I normally leave his place.) I'm not upset that he was with his friends, but that he didn't even bother to cancel our plans before making some with other people. Is it okay to be upset at this? Also, I just want to say that Friday is the only day of the week that we hang out because he's normally with his friends.

snowangle: I know it's okay that he was with his friends; I'm perfectly okay with the fact that he was. I'm just upset that he didn't cancel our plans before making others. If being needy is wanting to see him once a week, I guess I'm the neediest.


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  • Yes you have a right to be upset because he treating you as lesser. You should be his priority. The other side is that he knows you'll stick with him, but he doesn't think his friends will. So he gets pressured into blowing you off.


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  • Yeah you have every right to be upset. He fulfilled his arrangements with his friends, he should have fulfilled the arrangements with you and if he couldn't he should have called. If he really is into he should be making time for you. If he is putting his friends before you he's not looking for a relationship and you should talk to him and let him no how you feel.


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  • It's fine that he was with his friends, but still that was kind of a jerk move not telling you first. Definitely bring it up later and make sure he knows what he could've done better. Otherwise he'll misunderstand and think you're being needy.