How to hold her hand during a movie?

Hi people :) I need some advices for my second date. We are going on our second date to a movie in next couple days. I wasn't prepared to hold her hand on the first date. So two questions, first one, i wanna ask girls that is it okay for me to hold her hand on second date? (I am sure that she likes me, but she is shy)

Second question, if it is okay, how?

thank you so much guys and i do really want to have a chance to hold her hand on second date, haha :)


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  • First of all, if you're not sure whether it would be okay or not to hold her hand, you couls ask her. But if you think you'll feel awkward or a bit shy for asking, then you could wait until the movie.

    Once you're watching the movie together, if you didn't hold her hand before because you were not sure, then now's the time. How you hold her hand depends on the type of film you're going to watch together. For example: if it's a Romantic film, hold her hand softly and every now and then move your thumb on top of her hand as if caressing her (is that how you spell it?).
    Anyways, don't think too much about: is it the right time to hold her hand? Or should I wait until ______? Or what if she rejects it? (She won't, at least, I wouldn't be dating a guy and reject holding hands with him or I don't know, if you're on a date with someone, its because you like that person, right?)

    My best advice is: whenever you feel like WANTING to hold her hand, don't think it twice. Do it softly so she can see that you care for her, and so it feels as an act of love and caring, and not as a 'you're coming with me wether you like it or not' thing..

    Hope I helped (did my best... x)

    oh and good luck!!!:)

    • Thank you !

    • Thanks so much!!:) @divamonae answer was also good, thought se would have the most helpful..
      But anyway you're welcome, and thank you ☺️😋

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  • Aww that's sweet.

    Yes, holding her hand is just fine. There's nothing wrong with a little touch and affection.

    There's a couple of ways you could do it:

    1. If you are kinda scared make sure you reach for the popcorn as the same time as her so you can break the touch barrier. That can result of one if two ways if she's as shy as you said she is she might move her hand but at least it's progress and doesn't seem like you're moving to quickly. Or she may keep her hand there and if she does just intertwine your fingers with hers and watch the movie together.

    2. If it's late or even day after holding the door open for her and while you're walking together just grab her hand. It's cute sweet and classic.

    3. If you're bold enough you could even try the Yawn wrap your arm around her during the film every guy does this. And even if she's uncomfortable I don't think she would move and make it more awkward. But we usually like it and will lean our head on your shoulder or sonething like that.

    Anyway I hope this helps and good luck =)

  • If you see her hand kind of open then that's because she wants you to grab it. You just grab it and play cool!!! Don't say anything, the softly caress her hand <3

  • It should be ok. You could either:

    1. ask her

    2. lay your arm palm up on the arm rest and maybe nudge her gently and smile at her and she should get the hint

    3. or if her hand is near you, you could just take it

  • Its okay. And cute. Just don't overthink it... Just grab her hand.


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  • When you feel it is right and when you think it is right and depending on what's going on during the movie you casually grab her hand and don't look hesitant about your decision too. Just keep looking forward like this is first nature to you and maybe a few minutes later or whenever the movie has some silence or nothing going on you can say something about what's going on in the movie. Just play it cool and be yourself. After all, you two are already going on a second date together! Good luck! :)

  • Stop being a wuss. You want to hold her hand? Reach out and grab it. Or hold your hand out and tell her to give you hers.

    Her appreciation for you deftly taking her hand at the "perfect moment" won't last a month. Showing that you will assertively go after what you want without being mean about it can pay dividends for much longer than that.

  • wait for the right moment and then suddenly grab it. its okay only if the mood is settling

    • thank you Bert ! can you please be more specific about "the right moment"?

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    • haha that's the way to be bro! one you master confidence you master the game.

    • @JustChris haha I know, actually I already have watched it, i gotta pretend that I haven't lol

  • Pretend you got something on your hand (assure her it's nothing scary) and ask her, "can you hold this for a second?", once she reaches out her hand, grab it and continue walking ha! It's cute and it will definitely surprise the girl.

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